New FMP anime announced

fmp new anime happy gatou shouji

I’m pretty happy. I think I’m more happy about the fact that it’s happening rather than the anime itself.  Just seeing Gatou Shouji this happy makes me smile. I dunno anything about anime production but it was probably difficult getting an anime of something dead end dead with no source material still ongoing. I guess there’s Another but still.

But yeah I don’t really care about the anime itself. It’s like hearing that a new Haruhi season got announced,  just don’t care anymore. I actually love FMP. In Haruhi’s case, it’s that Endless Eight made me so mad it permanently killed my interest in the franchise. And I found the movie disappointing.
For FMP, It’s just that my FMP hype has already been 100% satisfied. I read Sigma a while ago and it’s excellent, and then SRW Z3 happened. I don’t think this anime will top Sousuke calling Ranka a slut and making Gundam jokes and hanging out with Hibiki and using Chirico’s Armor Magnun and etc etc. I’d honestly rather pick a spinoff adaptation or more random fumoffu stuff than a sequel. I don’t think it’ll top Z3 story-wise unless Gatou Shouji completely rewrote the story and made it even better, with Kudan Mira marrying Sousuke at the end. Or add more Ren.

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