Pretty Rhythm news November 2015 KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm edition

prad6 kinpri announcement poster

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The thing that hypes me the most on this picture are the skates.

Edit 2 (19 November): They revealed the designs and seiyuus for the Schwartz Rose new characters.

prad6 design Jin

Jin’s new look. Hopefully he’ll also wear the mask again at some point in the movie, maybe it’ll be his stage outfit. Knowing Pretty Rhythm there will surely be an overdramatic hilarious scene with him using that baton. He’ll have some funny gimmick with it for sure. And then like Hiro’s glasses they’ll give out a reason for his obsession with roses, saying his mom would beat him up with roses or whatever. Still voiced by Shinichiro Miki of course.

prad6 design kisaragi louis

Kisaragi Louis

Oh wow so his name is supposed to be Louis. This is more French than Russian, so maybe the thing about him being Russian is wrong. Or maybe Alexander is the Russian one. The earring he wears is a blue pearl like jewel, inside a golden ring.
Louis is voiced by Aoi Shouta, a relatively new seiyuu, though not as new as most of the new characters’. He’s one of the guys in Utapri, and he’s also an actor, he plays the MC in the Persona 3 stage plays.

prad6 design yamato alexander

Yamato Alexander 

Gotta admit he doesn’t look bad. It’s not written in the picture itself, but the description on the official site adds that he’s in 1st year of high school, meaning Alexander is younger than Hiro Kazuki and Kouji. I guess it ramps up the chances that he and Louis will be Shin and co rivals, while Jin will be OTR’s rival. Hopefully yes, I want Jin to do a Prism Show.They really did a good job with the new characters designs. Now wait&see for how the actual movie will turn out.
Alexander is voiced by Takeuchi Shunsuke. Just like Shouta Aoi he’s very popular but relatively new, though not as most as the other’ new characters’ seiyuus, and already did main roles before like the producer in Idolxm@s Cinderella Girls,the anime adaptation of the popular wota money mobage milking machine.

Notice that you can see the emblem of Schwartz Rose in the background and on Alec’s uniform:  a black rose with wings and thorns.

prad6 road to over the rainbow dvd cover they're holding hands otr

Cover for the ROAD to Over The Rainbow ~デビュー2周年記念DVD~. Details related to it are in the post. Notice how they’re holding hands. You couldn’t see it in the poster for the movie.

prad6 over the rainbow special fan disc cover hiro kouji kazuki tuxedo roses otr

Cover for the Over The Rainbow Special Fan Disc. Details related to it are in the post. Embarrassed Kazuki is fun.

They also launched a twitter campaign called 【次世代のスターは私だ!プリズム☆フォトコンテスト】 which can be translated as “I’m the next generation’s Prism Star! Prism Photo Contest”. You need to take a picture of the advance tickets for the movie you bought, or other things I think, and post it on twitter using the #キンプリフォト hashtag. The picture needs to “show the feelings of Pretty Rhythm as much as possible”. They’ll choose 3 winning pictures, and the persons who posted them will each get the illustrations used for the tickets in full. (as in like if you got 5 tickets with each of the characters and glued them together)
Campaign starts today the 19th, ends December 20 midnight Japanese time.

They published a new 3minute trailer with nothing new except the narration by Hiro. It’s for newcomers who haven’t seen PR before. They summarize the story of the boys in RL, without spoiling much, so it makes you want to watch the show. The joke with Hiro freaking out at the end is how the video is titled “get everything about OTR in 90 seconds”, and Hiro realizes he went well over that time limit.
The official twitter also tweeted the links to buy the PRRL DVDs after that. I think they want to sell as much dvd as they can before they announce the BD boxes.

prad6 shin dengeki girls MY★STAR vol.4 magazine released 19 november 2015 sample

Lastly, the magazine MY★STAR vol.4 released 19 November 2015 has Kinpri stuff in it. The same info for the Schwartz Rose character they published on the main site the 19th, with a bit more details.

Edit 1 (13 November)

prad6 director interview animage photo by canamaji

A bit of PR director’s interview in Animage, photo took by Canamaji. Director says “After the end of RL, Jin went to Russia to look for silver haired buff guys to help him carry his revenge against Hiro and co. Nah I’m joking, half of this is true though.”
Judging from this it seems Ruwi is Russian. Weird since he got a Japanese name. Then again Kaname got a Japanese name too even though she’s Russian. Well she got adopted though. He says some other things too but I don’t have the context to understand, so I’d rather not try to translate.

Also they released a video showing a bit of the reveal event.  Notice the increase in cheers when people realize Ito’s brother Yuu is in, and right after when Jin appears.

King of  Prism by PrettyRhythm general info

(I tag Kinpri related pics as “prad6” for convenience.)

Movie official site
Movie official twitter

Movie release date is 9th January 2016. This means DVD/BD will come at around July 2016.

ANN already wrote some posts about it so not gonna repeat what they already said.

ANN article 1 (ANN didn’t mention that scriptwriter Aoba Jou and Pretty Rhythm director Hishida Masakazu are the same person.)

ANN article 2 (ANN doesn’t know PR always had ridiculous over the top boys. It’s true they never went that far though.)

The 10th of October, the official site got updated with a page to celebrate Hiro’s birthday. They also did some kind of Twitter contest which I’m too busy to read about. (Plus some of the info about it is in image form so I can’t just copypaste the kanjis I don’t know in a dictionary.)

The movie was announced October 4th at an event called the “Edel Rose entrance briefing”. The event was held at Akibahara’s convention hall, it was officially organized to promote Over The Rainbow Special Fan Disc to be released December 23rd 2015. The movie announcement was a surprise. Staff members present were Pretty Rhythm director Hishida Masakazu and Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live character designer & original character designer of the boys (Hiro Kouji Kazuki Hijiri Jin Rei) Matsuura Mai. Animate posted two articles about the event.

First animate article translation:

The Animate journalist comments on how the atmosphere of the event was a bit stiff, really making you feel like it was the entrance briefing of a prestigious school. Then Hishida Masakazu and Matsuura Mai appeared on stage. Hishida Masakazu jokingly introduced himself as PR’s director and supervisor/主催 of Edel Rose to soften up the atmosphere (Jin’s position until he got replaced by Hijiri at the end of RL)

prad6 reveal event 1

The first part of the event was a retrospective about Edel Rose, about how it’s a school in Pretty Rhythm’s Rainbow Live setting etc. They showed footage of the show along with some of Over The Rainbow and HiroxKouji’s performances in route 4 of the first PriPara movie.

prad6 reveal event 2prad6 reveal event 3

2nd part was an introduction of the various Prism Stars that graduated/attend Edel Rose. The list is Himuro Hijiri, Norizuki Jin, Kurokawa Rei, Renjouji Bell, Takanashi Otoha, Morizono Wakana, Mihama Kouji, Hayami Hiro, Nishina Kazuki.
(I didn’t know Rei was in Edel Rose. IIRC they never said it in the show. Maybe they talked about it in one of the Guidebooks interviews I haven’t translated yet.)

prad6 reveal event 5 prad6 reveal event 4

Then the event went on, until the 3rd part where they started displaying a video, the first PV for Kinpri.

The video starts with footage of the show and route 4 of the PriPara movie, so people though it would be just that. When people though the video was over, the part about the movie started, and the audience exploded in cheers.

From then on it was revealed that this event was actually to surprise announce the movie, so the topic switched to the movie. PR director, also directing the movie, started to describe the story saying, “it’s the intense hot battle of the boys aiming for the Prism King Cup”. He said that it’s been around a year and a half that Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live finished airing, that’s why the movie takes places around one year and a half after RL’s story. So Hiro, Kouji and Kazuki are now in third year of high school.

prad6 reveal event kazuki design

prad6 reveal event hiro design

prad6 reveal event kouji design

They have slightly different designs, their hairstyles changed too.

prad3 hiro magazine 46

(Note: there was this scene in the show with a magazine saying that Hiro is 18 years old, and thus Kouji and Kazuki as well since they’re the same age. However if you read my posts, you should already know it has been pointed out by the director during the show’s run that it was an error, and that it was corrected in the DVD version. The guidebooks also correctly describe them as being in 2nd year of high school during the show, not 18. If you’re 18 you should have graduated from High School.)

After that they showed some background art. There’s the shore of Tama river and the Edel Rose dorm. (Tama river is a real river flowing in Tokyo. Ever since Aurora Dream, almost all the backgrounds they show in Pretty Rhythm are actual real places.)

prad6 reveal event background art scenery

At the end, PR director commented on how this movie became a reality thanks to the fans’ support. They were considering making a sequel since when Rainbow Live ended but it only became possible thanks to the fans. Matsuura Mai said she’s very happy and thanked the fans on behalf of all the staff currently working on the movie.

PR Director Hishida Masakazu’s closing words at the event:
“It’s thanks to everyone spreading the Prism Sparkle that we’re able to make something new like this. There’s a lot of idol themed anime recently, so we honestly thought about whether there really is a meaning in making this movie, and I admit we couldn’t find an answer. However, we aren’t making idols, we’re making Prism Shows and Prism Stars, so in the end we’re just going back to the usual, and making this movie with the essence of Pretty Rhythm.”

prad6 reveal event 6

Second animate article contains an interview of Hishida Masakazu and Matsuurai Mai made right after the event:

Q: Please tell us your feelings right after making this movie announcement.

Hishida: Things have been moving smoothly since August, so I’m glad to finally be able to announce it. Only Matsuura san and I are present at this event, but all this wouldn’t have been possible without Avex’s Nishi Hiroko san and Yoda san. This is all thanks to us four not giving up even when we were told multiple times that it was impossible. Of course there’s also the fans’ tremendous support thanks to which we concluded the deal. This project started with the gathered feelings of us four wanting to do a sequel. Usually projects like these start with the business aspect, not because people want to do it.  I am moved we finally came all this way.

(Yoda san is a Tatsunoko producer who worked on RL. Nishi Hiroko is some producer or something from Avex. They say in the audio commentary of the PR movie that he had the highest authority when they were choosing the seiyuus for Hiro Kouji Kazuki. I haven’t listened to the movie’s audio commentary yet, that’s why I haven’t made a post about it. I actually read about this on a Japanese blog overanalysing each RL episode. It’s in the episode 18 post to be exact.)

Matsuura: I was thinking “wow we’re really doing it huh” lol. It was difficult setting it up.

Hishida: Also, PR ended and PriPara took over, so we had to plan carefully and in an unusual way to be sure we don’t give PriPara any kind of bad influence.

Q:What made you decide to make this movie?

Hishida: the fact that lots of people told us they want to see a sequel. I wanted to see it as well, and it’s pleasant seeing spectators cry and laugh together.

Q:How did you feel hearing the fans’ surprised shouts during the event?

Hishida: It was incredible. Probably because everyone was thinking it was just a video to promote the upcoming CD. Of course we had already seen the video, but seeing the audience’s reaction as well really moved us.

Matsuura: It was also surprising how excited the audience was even though we only showed the names of the new characters.

Q: The final episode of RL has that scene with Norizuki Jin, were you planning on making a sequel since then?

Hishida: Well, since the time when we made the CG for OTR in the final episode, we always thought it would be great to make a movie with them.

Q: I think it’s impressive it’s seems you’re moving away from aiming the show at little girls, where would you place this movie now target audience wise?

Hishida: It’s true this movie is for big girls. To a certain degree you could say it isn’t aimed at little girls.

Matsuura: Probably the only thing we’re changing is that is that the main target is now older girls. There was quite a lot of male fans when RL was airing.

Hishida: There’s a lot of males fans really into PR lol. During the event, when we showed Hiro there was a majority of females fans going waaaah, but the majority of cheers when we showed Kazuki were men.

Matsuura: A lot of guys shouted when we showed Kouji too.

Q: I think it became like this precisely because RL was a show both men and women can enjoy! Next, I would like Matsuura san to comment on the character’s new designs.

Matsuura:I wanted to give them more adult like expressions. Also I added more lines and density to their designs.

Hishida: That’s what we were conscious of the most during RL, as RL had that label designing it for little girls.

Matsuura: Right. For RL, their designs needed to be easy to grasp for the little girls, so this time I tried to give them a bit more complexity. For example compared to RL, the designs of the eyes changed a lot and have more volume.

Hishida: This time the target is older so it’s fine. And RL was a series that lasted a year, so if we didn’t simplify designs back then, there’s people or things who wouldn’t have lasted the year.

Q: Among the new characters, is there one we should pay particular attention to?

Hishida: There’s 2 new characters in the first key visual we released. The character at the bottom left is someone who haven’t done Prism Shows before and will get into it for the first time during the movie. People who will watch the movie and are unfamiliar with PR will be able to understand everything in one watch by looking at it through his perspective.

Q: For this movie, are you separating what you want women to focus on and what you want men to focus on?

Matsuura: Until now, PR was a series where men weren’t the main focus, so we didn’t show their daily life much. This time we will show it, so I want people to focus on this.

Hishida: And because the point of view is switching from women to men, I think it will make it actually easier for men to watch as well.

Q: Please tell us a message for the fans to wrap things up.

Matsuura: It’s been over a year that RL ended and yet fans are still supporting us and I’m very thankful. I want people to go see the movie.

Hishida: It’s thanks to the fans always showing us their warm support durings events that this is happening so I first want to thank everyone. I guess this means the Prism Sparkle isn’t disappearing. I want to keep spreading it with everyone.

prad3 hiro bday 2015 odeco matsuura mai

Tweetd by Matsuura Mai/Odeco for Hiro’s bday 2015.

First impressions about Kinpri

I always kept a small bit of hope that Rainbow Live would get a sequel. I knew it would be OTR related as that’s the only thing they keep advertising. I joked on previous posts about how I’d like to see a OTR OVA about them hanging out together, maybe bundled with the BD release of RL. Something fun and unrelated to the story. I would have never imagined we would get an actual story sequel movie focused on them.

When I saw the announcement for the movie, I hit the maximum amount of happy I can be regarding my hobbies. I guess I would be just as happy if Slayers or Baccano got good anime adaptations of the rest of their stories. Or if a SRW was announced will all of my favorite series, including stuff that could work with a bit of tweaking, like Pretty Rhythm. Or a Super Battleship Wars with EVERY BATTLE SHIP ANIME EVER from Ulysse 31 to Mouretsu Pirates. Then if I would be even happier than that, it would be about something really big IRL. Like someone I know getting married, or Palestine’s occupation stopping, persecution of Rohingyas stopping(Aung San Su Kyi got out of house arrest but she forget her humanity inside) etc. The list is long. Basically stuff that would make anyone really happy.

With this, almost all my recent favorite shows are getting sequels. Tiger & Bunny is getting a new movie, though it’s hollywood. Accel World is getting a sequel. Pretty Rhythm is getting a movie. The only thing left is an announcement of Mouretsu Pirates s2.

This feels like Dear My Future but with boys. And I think it makes perfect sense and is fine that way. One of the biggest themes of Pretty Rhythm is helping the past generation fulfill what they couldn’t, solve their problems, etc.

In AD, the “past generation” is made of women, Kyouko and Sonata. Then in DMF the focus switches to Kyouko only, which is why I often say Kyouko is the true heroine of AD and DMF. However in Rainbow Live, the past generation is made of men: Hijiri, Jin and Rei. And the sequel hook at the end of RL is Jin swearing revenge. So I think it’s 100% logical story wise that we’re getting a RL sequel focusing on the guys.

Of course, behind that movie there’s the fact that Avex is milking Over The Rainbow. And there’s a big chance the new guys from the movie will form a new group IRL. It also reminds me of how PR director once said Avex didn’t told him and the staff about the new song Flavor present in the 1st OTR album. In my opinion, they decided to milk a boys group for Rainbow Live, because they already tried milking a girls group with Lisp during AD and it didn’t work. For DMF, Prizmmy worked better but I guess they still didn’t print as much money as they wanted. PURETTY failed too if you count them. I always thought that’s the reason why they decided to go with marketing a male group instead for Rainbow Live. And it worked, as OTR is the biggest success yet.

prad2 op4 shou yunsu rose

I honestly don’t get people who are unhappy about the movie. I always loved every character in Pretty Rhythm be it the girls or the guys. The boys’ Prism Shows are always the funniest too. True, they never went that far before, but fujoshi pandering has always been present in PR too. Like with Shou and Yunsu in DMF, going from hating each other to being best bros ever, spending the night together at the beach. And don’t forget this is still Pretty Rhythm. Though I guess they won’t do something crazy to piss fujoshi off, like showing Kouji and Ito kiss. They probably won’t show what happened with the Kazuki Wakana An love triangle either.

At best, all the girls will appear in the movie as side characters and get screentime, just no Prism Show. At worst, either a voice only cameo if they don’t want to think up new designs for how they look like one year and a half later. Or a visual only cameo of how they look after the timeskip, if they don’t want to pay the seiyuus. The “worst case scenario” would be the guys only mentioning the girls, without showing them or making them talk, with the camera purposely avoiding their faces. In any case, I’m sure the girls will be present in some way. This is still Pretty Rhythm, not some 100% pandering anime where members of the same sex as the target audience got hit by Gemini’s Another Dimension.

Lastly, whether you share my opinions or not, the movie isn’t even out, so no one knows how it’ll actually turn out. People need to stop screaming stuff like “Pretty Rhythm is getting destroyed by the same people who made it”. That’s a genuine quote I saw on Twitter from a butthurt Japanese fan. There’s a lot of positive comments agreeing with my way of thinking too. Like this JP fan admitting that he first got into PR because the girls are cute, but it was so good, and he liked the world building and the Prism Shows so much, that now he doesn’t care whether it’s girls or boys, and just want to watch more PR.

That’s also how I got into PR, I was reading Random Curiosity’s Spring 2011 anime preview, and I thought the girls were cute. Mion and Rizumu’s original outfits especially, and I decided to watch AD when it airs.

New characters:

The official site posted on October 26th a list of characters and small descriptions without visuals. I translated that below.

The 7th of November, the official site got an overhaul, and added the profiles and pictures of almost all the new characters. You can see it here: ANN article 3.
I checked ANN’s translation of the profiles and there’s a few errors I pointed out below. This isn’t to be pretentious or anything. I like PR so I just want to check what I read about it is right.
ANN in general does a good job at reporting, but only if it’s something popular. If not, they may not even report news about it, which is one of the reasons why I started doing these posts as PR is not really popular. Then their translations sometimes have small errors, which happens to everyone, myself included of course.

Not counting Yuu since he’s not actually new, there’s 8 new characters in total:
(Remainder that I don’t really care about official name spellings)

prad6 profile shin

Ichijo Shin

Nothing in particular to say about the ANN translation.

Director said that Shin never did Prism Shows before. He’s in the first key visual so he’s the main character among the new guys. I guess one of the first scenes of the movie will be him deciding to join Edel Rose. He’s voiced by Terashima Junta, a pretty new seiyuu.

 prad6 profile yukinojou

Tachibana Yukinojo

ANN article says that Yukinojou “hides in the world of Prism Star activities, but he suffers inside a personal shell that won’t be torn away.”
I think the description actually says that “he is hiding the fact that he’s doing Prism Shows from the world. He started doing Prism Shows to try to break out from his shell.”

The character list on the official site adds “Yukinojou is a professional who acts women in Kabuki, so he’s very familiar with the differences between men and women”.

The fact that Yukinojou kinda look like Bell is probably intentional. He crossdresses when performing Kabuki. The most popular example these days is Alto in Macross Frontier. He’s voiced by Saitou Souma, a seiyuu that started recently but already got a lot of main roles. He also did Yuzuru in Tribe Cool Crew. I haven’t watched it and not planning to, but heard lots of good things about it. Apparently he already did some random background characters in PR, like one of Kazuki’s childhood friends in RL.

 prad6 profile taiga

Kogami Taiga

The ANN translation says that “He can’t control himself when he reaches out to girls and they reject him.”
I think it actually says that “whenever a girl touch him, he gets a rejection-like reaction, and becomes unable to control himself”.

The character list on the official site adds “he really loves festivals”.

Seems he has some kind of gynophobia. I really like Taiga’s design. He’s cool and got a simple not too flashy design. Plus he’s a street dancer so I can’t wait for him to breakdance without touching the floor like Kazuki and Rei and go full FREEDOM. His CG Prism Show will be ultra fun for sure. He’s voiced by Hatanaka Tasuku, his only big roles are Ushio in Ushio&Tora, and Yuuma in Yugioh Zexal. I stopped Yugioh temporarily after 5D’s and didn’t watch ZeXal but  Kamishiro Rio is cute though. Arc V has some cute girls too. And apparently Arc V alternate universe Crowe isn’t a jobber. I need to watch Arc V.

(Funny: when the seiyuus got announced, the different seiyuus with a twitter account tweeted about it as well, saying “I will be voicing character x in Kinpri, please look forward to it, yoroshiku oneigashimasu” blablabla etc. In his tweet, Hatanaka Tasuku got Taiga’s family name wrong, calling him 高賀美 instead of 香賀美/Kogami. Being Japanese and bound by the laws of NIPPON DAMASHI HONOR, he greatly apologized in another tweet.)

 prad6 profile kakeru

Juoin Kakeru

Nothing in particular to say about the ANN translation.

He’s voiced by Yashiro Taku, another seiyuu who never did a main character.

(Writing about new seiyuus like that is kind of exciting. Like, I wonder if they’ll become ultra popular in ten years or something. I sincerely hope no one among them ever becomes the next Matsuoka Yoshitsugu and end up voicing 3 or more MC per seasons of harem high school fantasy crap. I honestly wonder sometimes whether Matsuoka is actually in depression because he voices literally the same character in the same show multiple times every season. Like, maybe he acts all happy during seiyuu events and radios shows, but is actually sick of everything. You could say it’s impressive how Matsuoka remembers the names of every haremette and every random english word jargon of the various harem fantasy LNs he stars in. But I guess that’s the job of a seiyuu after all. Maybe he doesn’t care and simply enjoys all the money he gets.)

 prad6 profile minato

Takahashi Minato

ANN says ” He is put in charge of cooking for the dorm when Kōji is initiated.”
Reading it in Japanese, it means that Kouji is the one who taught him how to cook. I’m starting to think it’s more that the person who edited the article has bad English grammar, like me, rather than the actual translation being bad.

He is voiced by Higarashi Masashi. Seems like this is his very first role. I like how they’re giving chances to new seiyuus like that.

prad3 47 08 beef or chicken takahashi toriko

Otoha’s family name is Takanashi, not Takahashi. They shouldn’t be related. However, there’s Takahashi Toriko in PRRL, which is Chicken’s real name. They aren’t related either though, because “Takahashi” in Takahashi Toriko is written differently. Minato may also be related to a certain brother pair of street racers. He may also have a distant cousin who warps causality and has a really big magnum or another one who’s an ace fighter pilot with one of the best haircuts ever.

 prad6 profile leo

Saionji Leo

Nothing in particular to say about the ANN translation.

The character list on the official site adds: “another reason why he hangs out with Yukinojo is that he wants to learn how to be manly from him.”

When I saw the name “Leo” in the first PV, I thought he would be similar to Leona and I was right. I think they’ll hint Leo is Leona’s parallel self in the Rainbow Live world. There will probably be a scene in the movie showing he has a sister called Dorosomething. At the very least the resemblance definitely isn’t a coincidence, as his family name is written with the kanji for west.

He’s voiced by Nagatsuka Takuma, relatively new as well, only did one role in Seraph of the End which I didn’t watch. I don’t really know how seiyuu business work, but he’s affiliated with I’m Entreprise, a name I see often, so I think they’re one of the biggest in the seiyuu business. So maybe he’ll have a bright future I guess.

(I don’t think there’s any kind of theme or wordplay with the new characters’ family names. Well besides the fact they all have pompous family names using kanjis related to beauty or cool animals or ancient things etc. Sometimes family names have some sort of theme, for example the Prizmmy girls in DMF have butterflies themed family names, Ageha etc. Or in PriPara, there’s cardinal directions for s1 characters and colors for s2 characters.)

 prad6 profile yuu

Suzuno Yuu

ANN translation says “He is a tsundere who feigns coolness but yields to his older sister.”
The part about feigning cool is correct, but I think it actually says “He is a tsundere, he inherited it from his older sister”. Well technically speaking, knowing the two of them, it is probably true that he yields to Ito. She probably smacks him with a big sister love punch whenever he annoys her.

In RL, Yuu was voiced by Takayama Minami, one of the best seiyuus ever. She was also Yong Hwa in DMF. Needless to say they couldn’t ask her to voice Yuu again, both story wise and marketing wise. Starting Kinpri, Yuu is now voiced by Uchida Yuma, the little brother of Uchida Maaya, who voices Wakana.
This is pretty funny. Ito’s little brother is Wakana’s little brother IRL. He’s also the seiyuu with the most experience compared to the others.

I’m really looking forward to see what they do with Yuu. Also I hope they make something fun out of the fact he is a fan of Bell. Maybe say one of the reasons he joined Edel Rose is to see her. I also hope Ito taught him how to move the solar system.

prad6 kinpri announcement poster

Kisaragi Ruwi (mysterious bishonen)

“A mysterious bishonen. He guides Shin into Prism Shows.”

This is absolutely hilarious, not only he’s obviously a Kaworu clone, they even did the “write his name using a katakana no one uses” thing. Kaworu is written カヲル in Japanese, and you almost never see ヲ being used. Ruwi is written ルヰ in Japanese, and ヰ is rarely ever used. As I didn’t learn katakana using a table, this is actually the first time in my life I remember seeing ヰ.  I also laughed at how his description literally just says that he’s a mysterious bishonen.

They haven’t revealed who will voice Ruwi yet.

Yamato Alexander (no picture yet)

“A destroyer of Prism Shows, a tyrant from the streets”.

Nicknamed Alec. He seems to be one of the movie’s villain working with Jin. They haven’t revealed what he looks like or who will voice him yet.

Norizuki Jin (no picture yet of how he will look like in the movie)

“The supervisor of Schwarts Rose. He is using Ruwi and Alec to further his plans.”

The first PV does call “Schwarz Rose” a “force that acts in secret”, so it’s an organization, not an individual. Schwarz Rose isn’t the name of masked Jin,  it’s an organization that Jin made. Seems like a school inheriting his view that Prism Shows should be no fun allowed, only perfectness and no useless movements, everything for the highest score, even scarifying originality. It says Ruwi is working with him along with Alec but who knows what will really be. Also, I’m not sure if they mean that Alec is a street style Prism Star, or if he’s just a thug from the street. I don’t think it’s the former, as Jin despise street style, or any other styles besides the one he believes in. I don’t think he’d recruit a street style Prism Star.

Comments on the movie by Hiro Kouji and Kazuki’s seiyuus were also published on the official site. They don’t say anything particularly interesting besides how they’re very happy to be working on PR again and hope everyone will see the movie, etc, no matter how hard life can get, don’t forget to FREEDOM, etc etc.

prad6 2D☆STAR Vol.2 promo matsuura mai odeco kouji

The magazine 2D☆STAR vol.2, released October 26 had a Kinpri section and a poster:

2D☆STAR vol.2, released October 26 from canamaji

Picture is from Canamaji, who often posts photos of Pretty Rhythm and PriPara magazine pages. I think he took a bad picture of the poster in purpose to not hurt magazine sales.

2D☆STAR vol.2, released October 26 leo page from canamaji

He also took a picture of some of Leo’s page in the magazine.

prad6 otr hiro kouji kazuki


In conclusion all the designs are okay. They all look different. One thing I always disliked about 2D boys bands is they always have the same face and body build, with only the height and eye/hair color changing.  All the new guys’s seiyuus are relatively new, so that makes me happy. I guess it’s obvious they would pick new seiyuus though, they can’t pick popular ones who are already in some group. All of them aren’t part of an existing idol group. So my theory that Avex will start one with them is pretty plausible.

Plus they already gave all the characters distinct intricate backgrounds. Unless the movie is two hours long, I don’t think they will solve everything in the movie. There’s Yukinojou refusing what his parents decided for him, what kind of trauma caused Taiga’s rejection of women, etc. There’s a chance we will get another sequel after the movie.  A Drama CD for sure. Maybe even a 13 episodes TV series if the movie is a huge hit. That’s why I really feel like this is the Dear My Future of Rainbow Live, except the senpais are guys and the new characters are guys too.

Everything seems to point out that Ruwi is a male version of the Rinne program. The full moon referencing the Kaguya hime metaphor, his dark blue space themed clothes, his blue silver hair. Peacock Sensei did say however in RL that Rinnes and Prism World people in general are invisible for normal people, and that Rinne and Juné’s case was an exception. So I don’t know. Maybe Ruwi was sent by Prism Goddess to deal with Jin and is some kind of double agent. Like, after detecting Shin’s innate abilities, Ruwi purposely appears in front of Shin, to lure in him into Prism Shows, train with him then reveal he’s working with Jin, to shock Shin and push him to his limits so he can help Hiro and the other in defeating Jin.  Shin and Ruwi will duel and Shin will beat him. It will even mirror Eva that way. Then if it’s like DMF, there’s a chance the one who will beat Jin/whatever the final boss is will be Shin instead of OTR. I think the movie’s tagline 虹の先を越えてゆけ!/Go beyond the rainbow! is implying that as well. Maybe Hiro will shout that to Shin during the final battle. It’ll be like how Mia managed to surpass Aira for an undetermined period of time.
(I’m saying it this way as endgame power levels fluctuates in PR. Aira won Prism Queen Cup at the end of AD, but then Rizumu beat her, and then Mion beat them, and then Aira went deeper than End of Eva with Mugen Hug Eternal and won again right before the start of DMF.)

Or it could also be all a red herring, and Ruwi will turn out to be something completely different. I honestly would prefer this. I have faith the staff can make the story interesting anyway but I don’t want them to use the same plot again.

Everyone knows about Jin’s shady deals by the end of the RL. So they probably shouldn’t let him actually participate in the Prism King Cup. That’s probably why he made Schwarts Rose school so he can train people to participate in his place.  However, every Prism King/Queen championship in all PR seasons has some kind of preliminaries. For example in the RL flashbacks you can see the Power Hall Session that was a preliminary for the Prism King Cup. So I wonder if the new characters in the movie will actually even participate in the Prism King Cup. It will probably only be Hiro Kouji and Kazuki who participate.

prad3 32 jin winning prism king cup

Then again, Jin is the current Prism King, so I guess he’ll have the right to participate anyway as title holder.  I really really hope we get to see Jin do a Prism Show in CG. Hijiri and Rei will also appear in the movie for sure. Hijiri is the current supervisor of Edel Rose so it’s a given; Rei will probably train Kazuki and Taiga. In one of the interviews I translated, they said they really want Jin to do a Prism Dive, so we may get that too. Then this is Pretty Rhythm, so the movie will probably end with Jin realizing his faults and cry in Hijiri’s arms, finally making up with his half brother.

I don’t really care about the music, but of course there will be new songs in the movie. New songs mean new Prism Shows CG, and now that’s one of the things I’m the most hyped about. We’ll get at least one for OTR. Shin and the new characters will probably be a group, so one for all of them. They’ll probably do duo and triple jumps. I hope they recycle some of Callings’ old jumps and make them in CG. I’d love to see in CG that jump where Hibiki flies into the sun because “not even the sun can melt his feelings”. The ridiculous over the top jumps are the biggest thing I’m looking forward to, even more than settling the score with Jin. RL had Ito moving planets and Bell doing nice stuff, but RL’s finale still disappointed me in that aspect compared to DMF, so I hope they make up for it.

I really love how 2nd PV ends with Hiro switching to his evil sounding voice and mirroring his famous line from episode 18″ Did you see that Kouji?! The one who can sing your song the best… IS ME!”. In the PV he says “The ones who can make girls’s hearts throb the most… ARE US!!!” Just with this PV you can tell how much fun the staff is having making this movie. It’s really great.
If they go full fun, they could make Tanaka win the Prism King Cup. I hope he’s in the movie, since they showed multiple times in RL he’s in Edel Rose and friends with Kouji. And he’s actually in PV 2 too.

prad beef or chicken chronology by @natuna_SUBprad3 40 beef or chicken hell yeah 2smug4u

Lastly I really hope there will be a boys version of BEEF OR CHICKEN participating in Prism King Cup too. They were high level enough to get to the Prism Queen cup so they should make it so they have male counterparts participating in the Prism King Cup.

prad6 kinpri book cuts

This was tweeted by PR director.  Apparently the movie is 219 cuts. I’m still at episode 6 of Shirobako so I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. Also I think that’s not counting the CG.

prad6 scenaro script book number one print for PR director

He also tweeted this: The very first copy print of the scenario. It’s his copy. He referenced Mia saying that getting the ICHIIIBAN print is the privilege of the director.

Magazines,BD,DVD,CD releases

prad3 別冊JUNON 2D☆STAR otr interview june 12 2015 release

Bessatsu JUNON 2D☆STAR released June 12 2015 has an interview of OTR.

prad6 2D☆STAR Vol.2 posters the two at the bottom rightprad6 2D☆STAR Vol.2 director interview

2D☆STAR vol.2 released October 26th, also had interviews of PR director and the new characters’ seiyuus.

The Over The Rainbow Special Fan Disc is to be released December 23rd 2015. There’s no cover art yet. You can get different bonus illustrations depending on where you preorder the CD:

prad3 otr Over The Rainbow SPECIAL FAN DISC preorder bonus illustration animate


prad3 otr Over The Rainbow SPECIAL FAN DISC preorder bonus illustration tower records

Tower Records

prad3 otr Over The Rainbow SPECIAL FAN DISC preorder bonus illustration tsutaya


prad3 otr Over The Rainbow SPECIAL FAN DISC preorder bonus illustration animumo


prad3 otr Over The Rainbow SPECIAL FAN DISC preorder bonus illustration amazon


There will be a DVD released to celebrate OTR second anniversary, titled ROAD to Over The Rainbow ~デビュー2周年記念DVD~. It will be released February 12 2016. No cover art yet. It’s footage of all the boys CG Prism Shows in RL. There’s also a staff audio commentary by the seiyuus. Would love to hear what they have to say about Kazuki FREEDOM’ing Hiro. There will also be a video of the October 4th event where they revealed the Kinpri movie. Lastly, you will be able to buy the DVD in advance in cinemas during the Kinpri premiere the 9th January 2016, and get a special bonus cover.

prad6 animate girls festival 2016 flyer

Kinpri flyer distributed at the Animate Girls Festival the 7th and 8th of November.

prad2 bd box 1 cover

Cover of the DMF BD box 1 that got released October 16 2015. I don’t care about sales, but as everyone expected it didn’t sell much. It ranked 57th the week it was released. This is below the top 20 so you can’t even check how much it sold exactly without buying a subscription to Oricon. Rank 20 was Sailor Moon Crystal BD 13 which sold 284 copies that week, so the DMF BD box 1 sold less than 284 copies the week of it’s release.

The BD boxes also includes the Pretty Rhythm Studio parts with MC Kensaku and Prizmmy, and a staff audio commentary track for some of the episodes.

prad2 bd box 1 bonus cover hwong fa itsuki love mix 2 prad2 bd box 1 bonus cover hwong fa itsuki love mix 1

People who preodered it on Animage or Animumo shops also got bonus covers.

prad2 pr director bd bow seven net shopping bonus towel

And people who preordered the box on Seven Net Shopping got this towel almost as big as PR director.

prad2 bdbox 2 cover prizmmy puretty symphonia dresses

Cover of the DMF BD box 2 which will be released December 18 2015. It will have the same preorder bonuses at the same shops: bonuses covers and a towel. They haven’t revealed the illustrations yet. DMF BD box 2 will also have a talk show with Ookubo Rumi/Mia, Tsuda Minami/Karin, Takamori Natsumi/Reina and Sakura Ayane/Ayami, recorded back in April 2015.

prad2 Animage November 2015, released October 10 cover

prad2 Animage November 2015, released October 10 interview

Animage November 2015, released October 10 contains an interview of  PR director, Ookubo Rumi (Mia), Yonezawa Madoka (Serena,Jae Eun,Kouji’s mom Natsuko) and Hayamizu Risa(Kyouko,Rabicchi, An’s mom Yuriko). I think it’s the first time Yonezawa Madoka and Hayamizu Risa did a PR related interview. They weren’t interviewed in any of the guidebooks. This interview is for the release of the first DMF BD box. The interview was made at the time they gathered to record the BD box 1’s audio commentary.

prad6 Animage November 2015, released October 10

The same Animage also contained a summary of Kinpri’s annoucement info.


As of October 3rd 2015 all Pretty Rhythm seasons are now available on Japanese online VOD sites for buying or renting.

prad5 ann mireille 2015 bday cg director

CG Direcctor posted this for Mireille bday 2015. Posting it here because he also included An as Serizawa Yuu also voiced An.

When a new Komugi chan anime got announced in October, CG director tweeted about how he’s working on it and he’s happy to be working on modelling in CG Akio Watanabe designs again. It gives him nostalgic feelings from AD and he’ll be able to compare in a sense how much the CG modelling improved since then. I need to watch Soul Taker and Komugi chan one day.

Retweeted by PR director: A fan on pixiv did a pretty funny small doujin depicting the October 4th movie reveal event.

PR Director retweeted lots of articles with titles like “so they don’t need the little friends anymore?” commenting about Kinpri, the naked boys tickets, etc. So like he said in the animate interview, the staff themselves are aware of it and aren’t hiding how they switched the main target to older girls&fujoshi.

As of October 2015 it’s been ten years since Onmyou Taisenki ended. I haven’t seen it. It’s the first show PR director worked on as director. He said he wanted to do something for the fans but he’s really busy so he’s sorry.

prad3 otr flavor parody by PR director

A parody of Flavor made by PR director. It’s Kazuki going to see Kouji asking him what they’ll wear today, and Kouji shows him the prism stone with the outfits from Flavor. Kazuki is super embarrassed about it and how it looks like skirts etc, but Hiro tells him that it’ll be a waste even though Kouji made them, so he accepts it. Then when he gets on the rink, Kazuki realizes that below the robe is reflected on the ice, and Kouji flashs a evil smile and is like “so what?”. Tag at the ends jokingly says “this story is fiction”.

I saw the Flavor performance and Hiro x Kouji performance but haven’t seen the rest of the PriPara movie yet.

prad3 rinne new outfit from shimazey this got posted around the same time as ajimi pics from the new pripara official fanbook so I guess it's from there too 2 prad3 rinne new outfit from shimazey this got posted around the same time as ajimi pics from the new pripara official fanbook so I guess it's from there too

Naru and Rinne. It’s from one of the PriPara books, not sure which one is it. Maybe PriPara & Pretty Rhythm Perfect World.

prad5 magazine with prad3 stuff otr manga by nice guy on ai 2 prad5 magazine with prad3 stuff otr manga by nice guy on ai 1

Someone on /ai/ bought the same book and posted pics. It also had a OTR manga.

prad manga had a wakana looking girl

The same person also pointed out that one of the Aurora Dream manga had a girl that looks like Wakana.

prad3 boys mtk1600 fun

Made by this person.

prad3 hiro bday 2015 animate hiroshima

The animate shop at Hiroshima did this for Hiro’s bday.

A fan on twitter made a Hiro train IRL for his bday.

A Korean fangirl and her friends did a party and recreated Kazuki FREEDOM’ing Hiro with a bday cake for Hiro’s bday. Pretty Rhythm fans sure are crazy. I think I should start worrying about myself so I don’t become like that. Maybe it’s too late.

Someone literally did Hiro’s Prism Show IRL. It’s hilarious. Prepare yourself before watching.

prad3 kinpri reveal event jin cosplay from flower_zerippi twitter

Someone cosplaying Jin at the movie reveal event on October 4.

prad director sunrise cups 3prad director sunrise cups 2 prad director sunrise cups 1

Cup owned by PR director with various Sunrise shows.

Pretty Rhythm is still ultra popular in Korea, this is a video of a big event on August 2 2015 called Prism Stone Summer Festival. I can’t read Korean so I don’t really know anything about it though.

prad3 otr official mousepad or somethingprad3 korean goods floater

OTR mousepad and a RL float sold in Korea.

prad3 otoha bottle sold in korea

Korean Otoha bottle which is sold out.

prad3 korean only goods tweeted by iruaprad3 korean only goods tweeted by irua 2 prad3 korean only goods tweeted by irua 3 prad3 korean only goods tweeted by irua 4 rinne juné prad4 yukata bee outfits

Irua also posted these Korean only goods.

prad3 korean doujinshi goods tweeted by irua

And he posted doujinshi goods from a Korean fan event.

prad rizumu aira bday 2015 by kurokami_aoi 1prad rizumu aira bday 2015 by kurokami_aoi 2 prad rizumu aira bday 2015 by kurokami_aoi 3

Funny montage for Aira and Rizumu’s bday made by this person.

prad odeco creamy mami figure photo prad odeco patlabor photo

I forgot if I ever mentioned that Matsuura Mai/Odeco is a woman of good taste, being fan of Creamy Mami and Patlabor. Those are pics she took.

That doujinshi event on march will thrive for sure now. The Kinpri movie is the best thing that could happen for it.

prad3 prism jump 8 wakana 2015 bday doujin irua page

During the Prism Jump 8 held during puniket on May 31 2015, some people sold a doujin they made for Wakana’s bday which is June 5. They all drew a page or something. This page was drawn by Irua. As always if you’re interested you can find Prism Jump doujin events info here.

prad doujin event 3 may 2016 at super comic city 25 event otokodarake no prism show 4 pic by shima_haruka

There’s also a boys dedicated doujin event planned for May 3 2016.

There’s a popularity survey going on till the end of November by Akiba Shouten. It’s one of those inconsequential unofficial net surveys. You can vote for your favorite group in all of Pretty Rhythm and PriPara.

It seems Hyang Ri Kim, the seiyuu of Shi Yoon and Otoha’s mother Otogi, haven’t got any main character roles since Shi Yoon. I’m a bit sad for her.

prad3 365minto joke announcement shou ex prism stone designerprad6 pv1 parody shut up yunsu by oshamarasu

A few people on Twitter parodied the first Kinpri PV’s presentation of the new characters starring in the movie. The one at the left is for Shou saying “the previous designer of Prism Stone, Shou”. The one at the right was retweeted by PR Director and made by this user. It’s for Yunsu but instead of describing him, the line above says “Shut up”, so it becomes “Shut up Yunsu” and made me burst out laughing.
黙れユンス/Shut up Yunsu is a line Shou says to Yunsu in episode 29 of DMF. While the scene overall is great, it became kind of a meme among JP fans because of Shou’s overdramatic intonation. Just like some of Hiro’s lines.

Karin played Sailor Saturn in the latest Sailor Moon musical that ran in October. That’s cool for her. I don’t like prizmmy but I do care about them as fellow human beings. I saw them grow up during the 3D segments in PR so I can’t not care about them. Well technically they’re still kids though. Karin is 15 or something now. It’s the same with Puretty. I feel bad for them, how they all didn’t get in a new group after disbanding. Hye In became an actress though. So Min got in a new group called April but then they announced November 9 2015 she’s leaving. I hope they will all finish their studies, find something nice to do and have good lives.


3 thoughts on “Pretty Rhythm news November 2015 KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm edition

  1. Fleppensteyn

    Thanks for the PR update, it was a great read.
    The DMF BD box did actually rank in the extended rankings and sold 249 copies (excluding international sales, so my purchase made it at least 250 copies sold).
    Also that real life Hiro Prism Show is amazing.

  2. ran

    DAMN i would’ve died right there if i was at the event. I’M JUST SO EXCITED FOR THIS ive always imagined a heartwarming scene of jin finally apologizing to hiro or something like that.. if only i could fling myself to japan in january……..


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