Heart skipped a beat (PR Kinpri news)

prad6 schwartz rose team jin alexander louis from animage january 2016 released december 10 2015

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Kinda busy to write a proper full news post but there was this poster above in Animage January 2016 released the 10th December which made me stop breathing a bit upon seeing it. Though I guess this happens whenever I see some PR related news. Pic is from a japanese fan on twitter. Why is Jin so awesome? And the poster is titled as “Black Rose Team”, as Schwarz means black in German.

prad3 new years 2016 illustration naru animage january 2016 released december 10 2015

The same magazine also had an interview of PR director, and in the happy new years illustrations there was a picture of Naru by Matsuura Mai.

megazone 23 bluray eve poster trimmed from animage january 2016 released december 10 2015

By the way in the same Animage there’s a really cool looking Eve poster, for the release of the Megazone Two Three blurays the 27th November. It was the OVA’s 30th anniversary this year. Couldn’t find a full pic of it though.

prad6 kanrinin 2 prad6 kanrinin

Official site got updated with a new character, the manager of the Edel Rose boys dorm, voiced by Namikawa Daisuke. They didn’t say his actual name, just “Kanrinin”/manager/whatever you wanna translate it. His description says “He always spends his time washing the baths. He sometimes makes midnight snacks. He takes baths late at night”
Notice how he has red glasses in his breast pocket and how he kinda looks like Meganii. I’m sure it’s actually him in disguise.

They also added voice samples for the characters. Most are pretty long allowing us to know more about the movie. There isn’t one for Hiro Kouji and Kazuki yet though. There isn’t one for Jin either which made me extremely disappointed. None for Manager either.
Louis sounds much less masculine than I imagined. Must be because I kept imagining him with Kaoru’s voice.
Alec hates Kazuki for some reason. Maybe they’ll make Kazuki job and loose to him at the beginning of the movie, to give way for development and training or something.
I’m happy I don’t find Leo’s voice annoying as opposed to most characters his type. Must be because he’s voiced by a guy and usually his type are voiced by girls. For example I rewatched some of Ouran anime recently (to cope with stress I randomly rewatch favorite shows like City Hunter and I rewatched some of Ouran too) and Honey senpai’s usual voice is still horrible.

Also they’re currently doing the dubbing for Kinpri and they said it’s one hour long.

(PR sure is dangerous and makes me loose track of time, I wanted to only write a short post for now and still wrote a lot and spent like 30 minutes fanboying and writing things on it.And yeah I know what happened with Hibiki in PP.)

3 thoughts on “Heart skipped a beat (PR Kinpri news)

  1. ran

    did you watch the live broadcast for kinpri they held on nico? it was blocked in my country (SUCKS) so i couldn’t watch it (EVEN THOUGH I WAS THERE) but there’s a lot of stuff about it on twitter and i was wondering if you planned on searching n translating abt it..unless you watched it…UNLESS.. YOU ARE ALREADY WORKING ON IT LOL…

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Sadly I only heard about the event when it was over. Was blocked in my country too but could have used a VPN.

      However there’s parts of the events that are getting uploaded on Niconico. I found around 15 minutes in total for now. I’m also going through what people said of it on twitter.

      In this video especially http://nico.ms/sm27856460 you can see a preview of the movie, random scenes that don’t spoil too much. It’s extremely promising. While I never joked when I said Kinpri is going to be movie of the decade, I’m even more convinced of it now.


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