PlagiaPara – 77

prad5 7760

I want a  SRW with PR PP Aikatsu Sakura Taisen etc.

prad5 7701 prad5 7702

YEEEES Ajimi is going back to Perusailles/Versailles. She will not be missed.

prad5 7703

They didn’t even check on a map. Perusailles is southwest of PuriParis, not southeast.

prad5 7704 prad5 7705 prad5 7706 prad5 7707

See Hibiki is a nice girl who doesn’t reject friends at all, she even did all this for them. Hibiki is the nicest.

prad5 7708

“Tensai team are probably doing even harder training now”

prad5 7709

Shion is actually dissatisfied for not training but the others don’t care.  It’s not like they didn’t train, they’re just training in their own way. Hibiki did everything she could to make them feel relaxed and comfortable and do things at their own pace.

prad5 7710

I wonder if Faruru can even taste food. I guess yes. Also it must be hard not getting her hair in the plate.

prad5 7711 prad5 7712

When they’re out of PP world Mireille calls Aroma by her surname “Kurosu san”

prad5 7713 prad5 7714

They should have made it so a staff person catches Sophie filming and tell her to stop and make you feel bad for Faruru not being able to watch the movie.

prad5 7715

I’m so accustomed to the show being unsubstantial, (while this changed a bit since s2 started) that this episode feels really weird.

prad5 7716 prad5 7717 prad5 7718 prad5 7719

They should have shown Mireille’s parents. Also the episode focuses on her as the leader of the team. I was wondering whether they’d do that or not. It’s a good decision. Even if I think Mireille not being able to keep up is totally retarded, it’s true she must be the one in center of the team instead of Laala. Plus Laala should even be in the other team because her main character powers should be classified as genius. Yet another thing tainting this otherwise good idea arc. It’s a real shame.

prad5 7720 prad5 7721 prad5 7722 prad5 7723prad5 7724 prad5 7725 prad5 7726 prad5 7727 prad5 7728

Meganii asks Meganee to do the main MC for him because he has a bad feeling, that Mireille’s team will probably loose. But “SYSUTEMU DESU KARA” so he’s forced to do it.

prad5 7729

Other teams retired since they don’t feel like they can win.

prad5 7730

I could swear this is the 1st time they actually use the word Vs. For the first time since PP started I feel slightly excited about a fight, because it’s pretty much the first actual fight.

prad5 7731 prad5 7732 prad5 7733 prad5 7734 prad5 7735 prad5 7736

Eh 2D transformation? Does this mean they didn’t even bother making 3D for them? There’s no doubt they’ll loose now.

prad5 7737

Cute Leona with disney alice cat.

prad5 7738

You’ve been hit by a smooth murderer called Laala.

prad5 7739 prad5 7740 prad5 7741 prad5 7743

Hahaha oh wow they really didn’t make CG or even a song for them. Seems the PP anime management is very harsh when it comes to business. Can’t waste time and money on a loosing team. And that’s Amamiya kun there.
Didn’t think there would be a Dream Theather live in 2D, completely embracing it’s legacy of Prism Acts being in 2D.

prad5 7742

One of the many good old American shows.

prad5 7744

I knew they’d loose so I didn’t feel particularly bad for them.

prad5 7745

Hibiki says they’ll just adapt to each other during the live, like competing while in the same team, which is a good idea and I hope they’ll develop that in the future episodes.

prad5 7746prad5 7747

These dresses aren’t bad. Also notice how Hibiki says they’re doing an “act”, referencing PR again. I still stick to my interpretation I posted previous post though.

 prad5 7748


prad5 7749


prad5 7750


prad5 7751 prad5 7752 prad5 7753 prad5 7754

Mikan’s dress in her movie was nice.

prad5 7755 prad5 7756 prad5 7757 prad5 7758

Shion’s was the best. Judging that the whole point of this performance was things that don’t fit together without beforehand preparation but still fit anyway because tensai powers, I think they made all these CG scenes from scratch. I doubt they recycled it from stuff they didn’t have the occasion to use.

Tfw there will never be a movie called  “Toudou Shion Vs Kamiya Shion, ultimate dekadorobou daikessen” with Shion and Shion fighting and kicking each other.

prad5 7759 prad5 7760 prad5 7761 prad5 7762

Uta no force they say

prad5 7763 prad5 7764

Notice how they chose what a lot of normalfags consider the most romantic movie ever for Faruru’s part, implicitly confirming that she and Hibiki are still seeing each other every night having an affair.

prad3 43 rinne juné leg lift rightprad5 77 faruru seventh coord juné rinne

Also Faruru is wearing a completely white version of Rinne and Juné’s seventh coord dress. Recognized it almost immediately as it’s my favorite Pretty Rhythm dress ever and one of the PR dresses I want to make IRL. I’m sure I already saw Mikan’s Shion’s and Sophie’s clothes before too but too busy to search.

prad3 tower records door ad ito oto

I guess Sophie’s is a recolor of this; It’s slightly different though. Shion’s looks like something Karen wore during Mirage JET time. Mikan’s I can’t remember.

prad5 7765


prad5 7766 prad5 7767


prad5 7768 prad5 7769 prad5 7770 prad5 7771

Hibiki’s laugh is so good.

prad5 7772 prad5 7773 prad5 7774 prad5 7775

Glowstick dresses were cute for once too.

prad5 7776


prad5 7777 prad5 7778 prad5 7779 prad5 7780 prad5 7781 prad5 7782

“Ring! The bell of revolution!!”

prad5 7783 prad5 7784

Sophie and Shion are excited because for the first time a PP’s performance was  genuinely intriguing and they did an exciting live with stakes at hand.

prad5 7785 prad5 7786prad5 7787prad5 7788

As already said Meganii was born to help idols, so as promised he can at least try giving Hibiki the reins and see how it goes, after seeing she got accepted by so many people.

prad5 7789 prad5 7790 prad5 7791 prad5 7792 prad5 7793 prad5 7794prad5 7795 prad5 7796

So Meganii gives her his glasses to show Hibiki is the new person in charge. Besides the various powers and comm and holograms etc, there’s probably an actual key device needed to access the admin rights in the glasses. Not that they ever worldbuilded that. Just making my own headcanon. Speaking of headcanon, the True Akaii Meganee didn’t take control of Hibiki after she put in the red glasses. Hibiki must be strong enough to resist her control.

prad5 7798

Hopefully after this heavy loss Mireille ditches this stupid style.

prad5 7799


They totally removed Ajimi for now thinking we’ll forget the “Ajimi knows Hibiki from somewhere” thing. As much as I hate her this is still very irritating. Can’t write a character? Just remove her! This is the worst.

Besides that it was a good ep. As I expected Hibiki won. Everything went just as as I imagined. For the first time I was genuinely hyped for a PP episode and it didn’t disappoint.

Now I just hope they will handle what comes next in a better way than what they did so far, and not make Hibiki’s reign a forced drama dictatorship “baaaw everyone isn’t friends anymore” and actually show you can be friends while striving to be better by facing each other, and then keep this idea in the show when Laala beats Hibiki in episode 88 etc, not gonna repeat what I wrote previous post.

I hope the fact that Hibiki bans catchphrasing will be exploited for jokes too and not be wasted potential.

If they handle things poorly in upcoming eps I’ll be pretty upset. Even if there’s a scene with Meganii now being a drunkard hobo, then making a comeback after being trained by his master the “True Akaii Meganee”, the one destroyer of worlds and controlling all the Meganee puppets.


prad5 shion as ito

January 5 is PP’s best character Shion’s birthday so there’s new pics of her on twitter pixiv etc. Twitter tag #東堂シオン生誕祭

prad5 shion 2016 bday 5 january his1059


prad5 shion 2016 bday 5 january itomaru0


prad5 shion official bday 2016

Official pic.

prad5 shion iroha cosplay Meisama_Q


Happy new year in Korean PriPara anime or something. I ilke it because this Mireille says less puri.

prad5 real mikan dress

Real Mikan dress. Source.

prad5 cg director happy new year laala the murderer komugi chan remake

Happpy new year from CG director. Left girl is new Komugi chan anime he’s working on.

prad5 some poster

Some poster.

prad5 some anime ranking in some magazine

Some anime ranking in some magazine, I think it’s a ranking about animation errors or something? They thought it’s a blunder that Akaii Meganee’s eyelashes stick to her glasses while it isn’t. Her glasses are the source of her power and connected to her via parallel universes.

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  1. ran

    And sophys kinda looks like what wakana and ann wear in cherry picking days? I can’t remember at all if i ever saw Mikan’s dress before though


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