King Of Prism by Pretty Rhythm is out in Japan

prad6 one of the first screenings

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One of the fist screening booking at some theater. I think Someone on 2ch checked with his phone for buying a ticket before it started, so by the time it started it probably got even more full.

prad6 sold out goods some theater

Goods sold at one of the theater the day of the movie’s release, 9th January. Photo from 2ch. Time and theater is unspecified.

kinpri premiere goods sold out

Another photo by this twitter person. Was taken at 10:00 at the Baruto9 theater in Shinjuku. The earliest screenings were at 8:30. Unless my sleepiness and cold is making me retarded, it’s definitely not the same theater as the 1st photo. The sold out goods are different, regardless of whether you consider this photo was taken before or after.

I went through the 2ch thread of the movie

Overall impressions:

Everyone has very good impressions about the movie, including posters who said there were initially scared because of all the new characters, or how it’s fujoshi oriented. The movie is also very funny. One poster said he never laughed that much at the movies before.

Jin’s scenes are all really funny. Some people would like the movie just by seeing him too, he’s really popular.

A lot of people liked Alexander.

One poster said he was the only guy at the screening he went at, but multiple posters said at their screenings it was always around half men half women.

A poster who hasn’t seen any PR season before said it was really good and funny and cool. He went to a Baruto 9 evening screening, it was half men half women. A lot of them were friends and he felt envious of people chatting about the movie. He said it was really funny, especially the Kazuki Vs Alec battle. He really wants to see the sequel, and is worried about whether the sequel will be made, so he’ll go see the movie again.

Another person who haven’t seen any PR before said he really liked it. He wants to watch Rainbow Live now, but is daunted by how it’s “4 times longer than midnight anime these days”. So for now he’ll just go watch the movie again. (Tch. Kids these days who can’t handle a 50 ep series.)

PR director Hishida Masakazu will direct Jewelpet’s successor Riruriru Fairilu. According to this person, Nabeshin directly said in a magazine recently that “Hishida Masakazu is the director”.
PR director is using the pen name 五城桜. Apparently it’s the name of a middle school in his hometown in Sendai. And Aoba Jo(Aoba Castle in sendai) is another of his pen names.  So people on twitter and 2ch figured it out. I’m too lazy and have a cold so don’t wanna to double check if I got the explanation right, but yeah he’s Riruiru Fairyru director 100% sure.
Anyway, some posters on the 2ch thread are saying that since he’s gonna work on Rirurilu, the sequel movie really isn’t planned for now. if Kinpri sequel happens he’ll work on it and Riruriru at the same time.

Spoilers from the 2ch thread to be taken with a grain of salt:

Among the girls the one with the most lines is Juné. Happy Rain and Bell Rose appear but have few or no lines. Rinne doesn’t appear except in a flashback.

Seems like Juné is important to the plot and will also play a big role in the sequel if it’s ever made. This makes sense. I guess even if she can’t do Prism Shows anymore and lost her memories she’s still part of the adult generation with Hijiri Rei Jin.

Bell is the current Prism Queen so she does stuff related to that. She’s still in Edel Rose and the ace of the female Prism Show Club.

Naru sings in a children tv show along with being Dear Crown’s manager.

Wakana and An are in a duo. They got super popular and there’s now an anime about them made outside Japan, so they got popular outside Japan. Their story is very inspired from how Puffy AmiYumi got popular outside Japan with their Cartoon Network anime.

Edel Rose’s crisis is how they have a debt of 13.4 billion yen.

There’s some Hiro x Beru. Apparently there’s a scene with them riding a bicycle.

Jin literally says he wants to kill Hiro.

Apparently Kouji decides to leave for Hollywood. There’s a part where he goes say goodbye to Ito, but they don’t show the scene itself. But it’s not like they broke up or anything.

There’s 3 CG prism shows in total: OTR at the beginning, Alec Vs Kazuki, and lastly Kouji Vs Shin. Dunno why Kouji and Shin end up fighting. Either training or maybe Shin did it because he wants Kouji to stay.

The new guys don’t do a Prism Show, at least not in CG. I think the new guy who wins the Prism King Cup fan election will get one before the sequel.

Kouji does Hachimitsu Kiss.

Apparently there’s a scene with a train and a bicycle that’s really funny. Possibly the Hiro x Beru scene.

Louis is a Prism Messenger. All those hints weren’t a red herring.

Coo and Momo got a kid penguin.

Yukinojou got family issues bigger than the ones Bell had.

prad3 TANAKA DESUprad6 kanrinin

Tanaka(Yamada in RL universe) is the son of the Edel Rose dorm manager.

Schwartz Rose students have a scene with them training with a Callings song. Seems there’s boys there that are RL’s universe Shou Hibiki and Wataru.

tokimeki memorial 1 tatebayashi miharu

Tatebayashi Miharu from Tokimeki Memorial 1.

This is what An’s hair look like now, except blond of course. She now has double handles.
(I actually own the Saturn remake, Tokimeki Memorial Forever With You. I never played it though since back then I couldn’t get any Japanese, even with voices. I feel like playing it now. And it’s been a while since I got a dose of 90 generic chara design, I’m a sucker for that. And man Konami are idiots, they could make billions with a new HD Tokimemo full of pandering.)

3 thoughts on “King Of Prism by Pretty Rhythm is out in Japan

  1. Magy

    It’s more like Ito goes with Kouji. There’s a part about they were in the taxi after Kouji left the stage, and Ito’s brother said that Kouji takes responsibility for Ito, so i guess Ito went abroad with Kouji.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Sorry for the late reply
      Actually they already said Ito stayed and didn’t go with him.
      For example during the event on September 11 2016 when they announced Pride the Hero, they showed a short message Ito sent to Kouji while he’s in Hollywood.


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