PriPara – 78-83

prad5 ed laala sd

SD Laala dancing in the new ED is currently the most entertaining thing in PP. And even then it’s not even half as good as the ones in Mondaiji’s ED. Or RL ED3.

I’m even more irritated that s2 turned out so bad because it was so much better than s1. There’s so much wasted potential. It’s been a while I saw a show with such a good story and ideas wasted in such a horribly bad manner.

Remainder of everything currently wrong with PP s2 so far:

1/ The fact that the hard work vs talent arc shouldn’t have existed in the first place. It’s completely stupid that Laala, who got Main Character powers, wasn’t in the genius team. It’s completely stupid that Mireille suddenly can’t keep up with Sophie, because “Sophie’s a genius” while they never brought up this problem for 70 episodes. It’s stupid that Mireille never noticed this until now, even though she’s supposed to have a brain, unlike everyone else in PP.

2/ Removing Fuwari and Ajimi for a few episode for no reason. They’re actually the two characters who are linked to Hibiki, so they did that to stall resolving Hibiki’s story, until episode 83 when they come back. Fuwari is literately the only character who interacted with Hibiki for at least 10 episodes during the start of s2. And yet when the focus finally switches to Hibiki, because of Hibiki revealing she’s a girl, she literally gets “Maybe I’m actually gay” cancer, is bedridden for two episodes, then decides to leave the show. Then, Ajimi who’s revealed to have some connection with Hibiki, suddenly leaves for literally no reason. She just comes see everyone and says “I’m going back to Versailles”, and we have to wait until episode 81 for that connection to be revealed.

3/ Making it seem as if it’s impossible to be friends and rivals at the same time. Concepts like moderation don’t exist in PriPara.  No wonder there’s people as nuts as Ajimi. This is especially stupid as for example, in episode 80 Mireille spend most her time home. Normally her parents should have asked her what’s wrong. Then, as Mireille’s parents fight at court every day, they could explain it to her and Laala and co.

4/In episode 78, Hibiki takes power and changes the catchphrase to everyone is a rival blabla. However, as I feared, the staff forced really hard to make Hibiki into an imbecile tyrant. Making her do stuff like cancelling tournaments or prohibit other people from doing lives unless they’re at least top idol class. Where the other idols prohibited from doing live back in the “golden era” with Saints? How are you supposed to have rivals if there’s no one competing in the first place? How are you supposed to have rivals if there’s no tournaments? Why is suddenly Hibiki so stupid and do things that will obviously alienate Shion and Sophie ?

5/Episode 82, which is probably the worst thing I watched in a while. Who in their right mind thought this episode was a good idea?

Upcoming s3 doesn’t seem any better with the introduction of a stupid magic baby that cries and make things happen.

I genuinely like the show and always hoped it gets better, so I bothered pointing out its flaws until now, but I’m really fed up with it for now.

prad5 7923 akaii meganee live

I’ll keep watching, but I’ll tone down the episodic blogging, making smaller posts. Taking time to blog this isn’t really worth it. It’s actually not the 1st time I felt like that with PP, s1 was especially severe. One of the reason I kept writing “logical” posts instead of just complaining of how bad the show is, was because the show don’t have subs, so new readers may think I think it’s bad because I don’t actually get the story. Same reason why sometimes I randomly translate dialogue. But I don’t care anymore. I don’t even care anymore that people may think it’s actually true when I write stuff like “Hibiki and Faruru love each other and spend every night together”.

I feel like an idiot for overanalysing Hibiki in previous posts, about whether she represents the flaw of PP or not, and whether she represents PR fans or not, because in the end the staff didn’t care, as usual.

New OP

prad5 op starting ep 78 full chibinorida

Stitch stolen from twitter.

I don’t know what OP number it is. I stopped counting. I stopped overnalysing the OP animation sequences too. I don’t really care either whether it follows the old PR rule of (almost) no CG for odd numbered OPs and (a bit of) CG sequence for even numbered OPs.

Maybe Laala will finally join genius team and become Hibiki’s princess or something.

For two or three OPs now it’s always the same thing. Laala walking/running. A slideshow of the characters, etc. Tons of recycled shots too. They even went full lazy with this one and just put in footage from past eps.

Episode 78

prad5 7801

I’m not sure about my theory of Andou being a girl anymore, because at 8:30 Hibiki tells Andou to take a rest too as it’ll up his/her manly side. As in, more handsome etc. In Japanese Hibiki uses the expression  男前が上がる.  It doesn’t definitely mean Ando is a guy though, as a woman too can improve her handsomeness.

prad5 7802

Hibiki doing the narration during the transformation was a nice touch.

prad5 7803

This scene at the end with the girls going “sorry I don’t share purichike with girls lower rank than me” made me angry again about all this. As if there wasn’t already bitches girls like these before Hibiki took power.
This is even more infuriating as I bet even a stupid Japanese little girl getting brainwashed everyday can still tell this scene is stupid and isn’t Hibiki’s fault. When you think about how popular PP is in real life, there’s probably little girls that already experienced that. Being refused Purichike share because “you’re ugly/fat/not Japanese/whatever”.

prad5 7804

Even Meganii being a hobo isn’t funny because I predicted it’ll happen.

Episode 79

prad5 7901

Only top class can do lives, but there’s noone in the characters list and this plot is stupid so let’s make Hibiki act stupid and invite random girls.

prad5 7902

I like their designs and I’d rather watch a show about them right now.
At least they put in black girls.

prad5 7903

Hahaha oh wow so it’s really supposed to be Beyonce. They called her Piyonce. I laughed. I needed that laugh.

prad5 7904

I really disliked this scene, because they want to give the impression Hibiki isn’t written like a stupid boring villain and actually listen to others, while it’s the complete opposite.

prad5 7905

I’m tired of repeating myself so not gonna comment on this scene. In a sense, Laala’s counterargument: “No Hibiki you’re wrong! Because I definitely think you’re wrong so you’re definitely wrong” is stupid but fits, since the whole story is stupid anyway.

prad5 7906 prad5 79066

And this is Padonna.

prad5 7907

And I’m disappointed in Ajimi, I didn’t think she was genuinely stupid with life affairs as well. She got her planes mixed up and ended in Pegypt instead of Puriparis.

I was wondering if they’d ever make Akaii Meganee perform, and what kind of reason they’d use. This is disappointing. She just does a live in Padonna’s place because Padonna couldn’t come in time. Even though I wasn’t expecting anything they managed to make me disappointed.

At the end they didn’t even do a lazy twist like “akaii meganee is actually a kami aidoru” or whatever. They could have used the fact that she can do a live to say that there’s a loophole in Hibiki’s prohibition of non top idols, but nope.

prad5 7921 akaii meganee live prad5 7920 akaii meganee live

I still have my headcanon anyway. Akaii Meganee will always be Prism Decade destroyer of worlds and true final boss who already conquered PP universe hence why there’s billions of her in it. And the only one able to oppose her is Cosmo, the dimensional slider using the power of the galaxy in her left eye.

prad5 7922 akaii meganee live prad5 7923 akaii meganee live

You could say I’m taking PriPara too seriously, and that it’s funny that even Akaii Meganee herself says in her song’s lyrics there’s no reason whatsoever for her to do this debut live except “systemu desu kara”. But at this point it feels more like they’re taking the audience for idiots rather than a joke. Being stupid and being self aware of it doesn’t excuse you from it.

Sure, they also did this beacuse they added her in the arcade game, Garuru too. But I’m worried about the true reason why they did this. Maybe they gave Kanae Itou one last chance to sing in PR/PP? Because I think after s3 with the baby, they’ll reboot the show and Lalaa and co won’t be in anymore. Maybe they’ll actually remove Akaii Meganee as well? I really hope not. This sucks even more because if they made her do a live now, she probably won’t have a live again in season 3. I’m not sure I’ll watch a new show without Akaii Meganee.

prad5 7955 random girls probably voiced by serena and kanon

I’m sure these two random girls were voiced by Serena and Kanon. They weren’t listed in the credits but they spoke with the exact same kansai accent and tone.

prad5 79088 vestiaries in pp laala mireille sophie

Taken for worldbuilding reference. They have lockers.

prad5 7908prad5 7909prad5 7910prad5 7911

This would have been one of the best moments in PriPara ever if not for the absurdity of it all. I did like how they copied City Hunter’s end of episodes though with the ED starting playing. They should have made her take an airplane.

Episode 80

prad5 8001

Remember when Mireille’s parents existed and wouldn’t let their daughter depress alone at home all day?

prad5 8002 prad5 8003

Got back from being a hobo.

prad5 8004prad5 8005prad5 8006 prad5 8007

“This is the underground PriPara, ShikaPara. A long time ago, tons of big idols would produce there. We just need to do some maintenance and it’ll work. It’s using a older version of the system too, so Hibiki doesn’t have control over it, it’s independent. There’s no TV cameras though, so you barely get iinee, as it’s only from the persons directly in the audience. So while you can rank up, “ranking up” here literally means getting better with your efforts.”

Another good idea wasted in this sea of stupidity.

prad5 8008 edel rose uniform prad5 8009 penguin sensei yamada

Nice looking shoes Laala. Also Edel Rose uniform wearing mob and penguin sensei and yamada.

prad5 8010 visitor band

Screenshot taken for reference of worldbuilding of PriPara. They have “visitor” bands and you can get in without transforming. Maybe you can get in even if you didn’t get your first purichike yet too.
Mireille told Shion and Sophie to stay in Hibiki’s team so they’ll beat them fair. Of course they’ll beat them, since Shion and Sophie won’t be trying anymore subconsciously since they don’t support Hibiki anymore thanks to her being written dumbly.

prad5 8012 dezaki postacard crayon

ED playing before the episode ends like in City Hunter+Dezaki postcard+ tryhard emotional scene= I feel nothing because of how everything around is stupid.

Too bad Mireille didn’t come back as prosecutor/attorney idol.

Episode 81

prad5 81 01

“Yeah let’s invite other top class idols. This is totally what I wanted and said some episodes ago, only top should perform etc”. I’m really pissed at the staff for distorting Hibiki’s words into justifying her current stupidity. They distorted Hibiki’s character. It’s like I’m watching one of those debates on TV with lying people who want to incite cultural hate and say stuff like islam=terrorist.

prad5 81 02 cosmo prad5 81 03 cosmo

Only thing interesting this episode.

prad5 81 hibiki loli

Second only thing interesting this episode.

prad5 81 10

Seeing how bad the writing is right now, I swear they actually forgot about Aroma and Garuru having a showdown on who will distribute the most fliers. So they forgot to draw a scene with them announcing the result, so they just put it on text and called it a day.

prad5 81 11

Bad Tumblr parody: Why didn’t she get CG? Is it because she’s fat?!? Why anime is so racist against America?! I’m so sick of this!! Anime is so bad and so racist!!!

prad5 81 iroha

I like Iroha.

prad5 81 greenwind


prad5 81 05 greenwind heidi grandfather goat

If that actually happened in Heidi it would have been censored here. Speaking of that there’s a new Heidi series now in 3DCG. Probably French made only. Saw some of it on tv the other day. It seemed ok.

prad5 81 00

Greenwind’s grandfather is voiced by Genda Tesshou, one of my favorite seiyuu, who often voices old or manly men like Umibozu in City Hunter, Luna’s dad in Seto no Hanayome, or the narrator in Shin Mazinger. Currently I hear him in PSO2’s anime as SORO.

prad5 81 hibiki faruru

The scene with Fuwari sorting out when Hibiki was lying and when she was telling the truth was pretty good. When Greenwind says “I want to know more about Hibiki san”, and acts accordingly, it made me feel again how stupid she didn’t do that immediatly. She was supposed to confront Hibiki much sooner. But the staff had to remove Fuwari so they could force in their stupid hard work vs talent arc.

Episode 82

prad5 82 01

Around 20 eps ago they explicitly said men can’t get in PriPara except Leona, so if Andou is a man, it doesn’t make sense that he can get in PP world, even with the goat suit. Because back when Fuwari did her goat team, only the female goats got in PriPara, and Dad Goat stayed behind. There’s a hole in their worldbuilding. And that’s not a female goat suit, else the real goat wouldn’t like Ando. Unless that’s a gay goat, but they don’t exist.

prad5 82 06 andou goat

And it’s common for girls to give choco to each other so I can still cling to my Andou is a woman theory.

prad5 82 02prad5 mikan vaccuming in strawberies gif stolen from kyupikon site

They’re even recycling Mikan eating shots now. Left is ep 82. Right is ep 47 or 48.

prad5 82 03 eyecatch


prad5 82 04 faruru

Hibiki giving chocolate to her lover Faruru.

prad5 82 05 faruru shion hibiki chocoprad5 82 06

Just as Hibiki gets back her brain and acts like herself again, giving present to Shion etc, now it’s Aroma and the others who lost it. In this episode, Hibiki decides to play it fair and square, instead of destroying ChikaPara despite knowing about it’s growing influence, she even agrees to reinstate tournaments if someone in Chikapara gets to Top idol class.

But then Aroma Mikan and Garuru sabotage the valentine party and eat all the choco Hibiki wanted to give. They outdid themselves there, managing to make me hate Aroma and Mikan. “lol we’re the main characters it’s ok to steal and ruin’s people’s live for no reason” Really hated this episode on every aspect.

prad5 82 07

Laala’s parents and Non are only alive for stills.

prad5 82 08

Garuru isn’t even in CG, and then they lazily put her in the Making Drama by recycling it and adding her model.

Piyonce leaves, and Hibiki mentions Lady Papa as one of Piyonce potential replacements, then thinks about Leona. If even popular internationally singers like Madonna and Lady Gaga are PP idols, it seems like there’s no “normal” singing in PriPara and that every female singer is a PriPara idol. Too bad they’ll never make anything out of this like all the other worldbuilding ideas.

Similar to the lol emotional dezaki poastcard scene at the end of 80, and the end of episode 81, this would be a really great scene if not for the surrounding elements being rotten.  I really hated this scene. Not even because I hate Ajimi and her noises. But because the fact that I don’t like seeing characters literally getting tortured for no reason.

This whole episode is like those Tom & Jerry episodes where Tom doesn’t do anything bad and just wants to rest, and Jerry still makes his life miserable and ruins everything he tries to do.

And with that, they made a reason to make Hibiki even more than a retard and stop being nice Saying she’ll crush the revolution etc. Great.

prad5 82 09

“Is that punishment for eating other people’s stuff?”
They deserved much more.

That was one of the worst PP episodes ever. I’d rather see a stupid catchphrases only, no plot, no substance episode from season 1. This was pure stupidity, immorality, laziness on the CG and character assassination.

Episode 83

prad5 83 01

Not gonna say “wow a muslim guy in PP” cuz nothing indicates he is. Contrary to some people think there’s no “muslim attire” or something. Just rules that you need to follow. Judging people by their appearance is bad. That guy’s religion could be anything.

prad5 83 02

Ajimi genuinely likes Hibiki but it doesn’t change the fact she’s making her life miserable.

prad5 83 03

They only needed her to revive Worst Mireille so now that they have no more use of her she gets thrown away.

prad5 83 04

Mireille says she filtered out Ajimi’s words and made her story into something comprehensible but couldn’t remove da vinci so they’re all upset.

prad5 83 05

Hibiki’s childhood flashback scene was bad for many reasons. First, there’s how they all tell Ajimi “wow are you crazy?! it’s bad to randomly trespass and steal stuff”, while Aroma Mikan and Garuru literally did that just one episode ago and no one cared.

prad5 83 06 prad5 83 08

Secondly: Hibiki took a good minute to pull back up the other kid and no adult (or another kid) intervened to help. Sometimes they really take the audience for retards.

prad5 83 09

Hibiki parentss boat got in trouble.

prad5 83 10 prad5 83 011

Third: it doesn’t make sense that Ajimi know Hibiki’s story so well, while she’s not in most of the scenes. Even the gardener couldn’t have told her everything in such detail.

prad5 83 001

Fourth: They tried way too hard to make Hibiki miserable. I really hate things like this. Not the plot itself, rich girl becoming poor etc is the exact plot of Princess Sarah and it’s one my favorite anime ever. The way this was presented was horrible.
As if people would immediately leave a little girl alone like that even if she turns poor. Reminds me of Kotoura san episode 1 when they try really hard to make you feel bad for Koutoura while you simply feel nothing and it’s just stupid to watch and one of the worst opening scenes ever.

prad5 83 012

Literally stolen from Princess Sarah.

prad5 83 013

“They’re so mean! Real friends should actually help each other when they need help!” Says the one who once killed Faruru. Pot calling the kettle black is Laala the murderer’s specialty.

prad5 83 014

Then turns out Hibiki’s parents didn’t die and everyone came back so Hibiki saw how fickle they are and how they only care about her money, so she snapped at them and stopped trusting people. I hope Hibiki found back that blond twintails fat girl and made her pay for betraying her after she saved her life.

prad5 83 015prad5 83 016 prad5 83 017prad5 83 018 prad5 83 019 prad5 83 021

Ajimi wanted to help Hibiki but only made things worse.  Before this episode I only hated her because of her sounds, but I genuinely hate Ajimi as a person now. A big part of how screwed up Hibiki turned out is her fault and she doesn’t even realize it herself. Ajimi should die.

prad5 83 023 prad5 83 022

I couldn’t listen to Ajimi’s voice anymore so I cut the sound. She literally says gibberish at some points anyway.

prad5 83 020

This episode explains why Hibiki doesn’t like catchphrases and started to doubt everyone, thinking that everyone is acting and thus she should just act as well, even up to her gender. It was kind of disappointing. From everything that was said so far since her introduction, it was obvious she was betrayed after seeing people only cared about her money, but it’s disappointing her story turned out to be literally just that. How unoriginal.

prad5 83 027

I was waiting for this. The moment they go “Hibiki had such a hard life, but it doesn’t justify what she did”. Yeah yeah. As if what’s happening right now’s what she really wanted to do. Stupid staff and stupid plot.

prad5 83 025prad5 83 024 prad5 83 026 prad5 83 028

Oh so Hibiki wants to become a Vocal Doll and stay in PP world forever. She wants to ring the Dream Parade bell and ask that as her wish. Ok. That makes sense for once. That’s pretty interesting, too bad they’ll find a way to ruin it like they always do.

I can’t wait for Laala and co to be all hypocrite and tell Hibiki still like “you can’t run away from reality”. Obviously they’ll make Hibiki realize the real world isn’t that bad. Even so I hope Hibiki does it anyway. That way she could stay with Faruru till death.
I guess they’ll just do “lol the bell is fake and doesn’t grant wishes, the end”.

prad5 83 029

Someone appearing as Kaitou Genius was a pretty interesting twist too. I think it’s a phenomenon similar to Faruru and Vocal Dolls, something like the thoughts of people thinking about Hibiki, or Hibiki’s fears, registered as data and taking form. But again I know it’ll be ruined by the staff, so I’m definitely not getting my hopes up anymore. I’m done with this.

S3 stuff.

Go on Crunchyroll for news

prad5 junon

The only thing I like about s3 from what they showed so far is Junon’s dress. It’s by far the best dress in PriPara yet. Would like to make it IRL.

Besides that, everything about s3 seem bad. I just complimented Junon’s dress, but it’s made of recycled ideas. She basically seems like a recycled Mia. The dress has butterflies which makes me think of Symphonia stuff, and she claims to be the number one idol when meeting the others, just like Mia at the start of DMF. Mia’s my favorite PR heroine so I’m bound to be disappointed as I can’t help but compare them.

prad5 s3 visual 1

Laala and co’s “new” outfits are just lazy recolors and more stickers just like when season 2 started. They outdid themselves this time by making them particularly ugly with the yellow parts.

On the edge there’s things that look like a mix between the charms and prism stone. I guess they’ll make their charms evolve into whatever they need for the new game mode they’ll put in the arcade game. Similar to how they put in the charms cuz of Dream Theater.

Baby will probably be super annoying. An annoying baby is the last thing the show needed.

I think S3 will be the last season with Laala and co. the Arcade update for it is called kami idol or whatever, meaning they’ll probably reach it and end their story.

For PriPara season 4, my theory is the new characters will have different nationalities and they’ll try to do something similar to DMF. There will be one Jp girl, one indonesian girl, one korean girl, etc. And it’ll be about them visiting different PriPara servers in the world. PriPara got released in Korea recently. It would work very well if they also release it in other countries until then.


Okawara Kunio is listed in the 3rd PriPara movie as mechanical designer so there’s going to be some sort of mecha in it. Hopefully it’s not the Eifel Tower turned into a mech because Japanese little girls have enough delusional ideas about France as it is. And Sakura Taisen already did that kind of thing better anyway.

prad5 third movie eiko nao car

Or maybe he just designed those cars.

prad5 pripara dream song collection dx winter

Cover of the dream song collection dx winter. Just posting it because I like it.

prad5 78 storyboard cover hiro pose by hibiki

Hiro’s pose.

prad5 hibiki fuwari cosplay ひびき NAMIさん ふわり 古瀬 2 prad5 hibiki fuwari cosplay ひびき NAMIさん ふわり 古瀬 1


prad5 loli hibiki cosplay 2 ‏@ayk_prpr327 prad5 loli hibiki cosplay ‏@ayk_prpr327

Loli Hibiki: ‏@ayk_prpr327
Photo: 蒼月

prad5 my chara game smug ‏@ayk_prpr327

The same Hibiki’s cosplayer smug mychara.

Same cosplayer but as Fuwari if I got it right and someone else as Hibiki, too lazy to check

prad5 aroma dress by a_ya_0420

Someone made Aroma’s dress

prad5 swimsuit figures whown wonder festival 2016

They’re going to release figures of the girls in swimsuits.

In the musical, like I already said previous post there’s a Aoi Meganii, but there’s also a Aoi Meganee, played by Takayanagi Akane, a member of SKE48.

prad5 movie 3 ske48

SKE48 is also going to sing the third movie’s ED. If they do remove Laala and co in 2017 when s3 is over, maybe they’ll ask SKE48 girls to do the new characters for s4, and they’re testing the waters right now.

prad5 cg director aoi meganee

CG Director posted this. He just recolored Akaii Meganee’s CG model. Maybe Aoi Meganee will appear in the show.

prad5 akaii meganee official garuru gameprad5 akaii meganee official valentine 2016 deco choco 2prad5 akaii meganee official valentine 2016 deco choco

I realized the same Akaii Meganee cosplayer you often see in PP events or at Prism Stone shops is actually Akaii Meganee’s official cosplayer. She’s called Ousugi Reimi and she’s Miss International Japan 2014.

Even the toys agree Puri Mireille is worst Mireille. That was funny.

prad5 iris wake up girls wug valentine 14th february 2016 liveprad5 iris wake up girls wug valentine 14th february 2016 live 2

Not that I care but the Iris x Wake Up Girls concert happened, was the 14th. That way; producers can show to the fans their idols weren’t dating someone on Valentines. Sigh idol business.

prad5 laala scarf nice hair sadako0725

Laala with super cute hair by this person.

prad5 shion kingdan leona dorothy ashura tauros mazinger z

Shion Dorothy and Leona as Kingdan X 10,  Tauros D 7 and Baron Ashura by this person.

prad5 dorothy leona 2016 bday synsophia official

The 5th was Dorothy and Leona’s birthday. That’s the official pic from Synsophia’s twitter.

The iris girls voicing them did a short kinda fun vid.

prad5 dorothy leona 2016 bday cake from animesugar prad5 dorothy leona 2016 bday cake from animesugar 2

Cakes sold at for around 4000 yen each.

prad5 mcdonalds 19 february 2016 happy meal faruru eating non halal nuggets

The 19th February was the start of yet another period where kids can get PP toys in Happy Meals.

The other day I saw that there’s a tag on Twitter for taking picture of your PP character’s thighs… Some people really have free time.

prad5 how to do various characters hairstylse either from ciao or puchigumi

Pages on how to do various characters hairstyles, I guess it’s either from ciao or puchigumi.

prad5 manga laala date PP manga in Ciao or Puchigumi etcprad5 manga laala date PP manga in Ciao or Puchigumi etc 2

From one of the PP manga in Ciao or Puchigumi etc. Basically Laala got a date and everyone wonder who it is, then turns out it’s a baby. Or who knows, I don’t even know if these two pages are from the same chapter. Just found them on Twitter or whatever.

prad5 aroma mikan fuwari seiyuu cosplay

From some magazine. Like Iris the other character’s seiyuu often cosplay into them too.

There’s a Bluray box for PP s1 that will be released. S1 isn’t what I consider a good show so even if I was rich I wouldn’t buy it.

7 thoughts on “PriPara – 78-83

  1. Peppermint_music

    Thanks for writing these! They’re very enjoyable to read, and I agree, a baby is the last thing this show needed. After all the catchphrases and lazy plot? Ugh. Im hoping it’ll improve. Though I don’t have my hopes up.

  2. Seigi

    I read you don’t find the choice for ajimi’s voice, enjoyable,,

    I do agree she’s tonedeaf,

    But most fans of j-pop are use to that kind of voice,
    and most girls around the age 20 to 26 have some difficulties doing voices which sound young and hyper,

    also of course you do like aya who does haruhi right?

    But the hare hare yukai song was addictive and aya was young and talented so uena who does ajimi did her best,

    I don’t watch this anime but I usually watch all the magical girl anime series,

    You said you don’t like this series that much after watching so stupid episodes?

    But If you do like a season over all the seasons,

    what season do you recommend for me to watch?

    1. Ophelia Lovibond

      Te recomiendo Pretty Rhythm Dear my Future (PRDMF) ;pero lastimosamente para ello ;vas a tener que mirar primero pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream ;que tambien es una exelente temparada ;creo que al igual que la persona que hace estos bloggs Ageha Mia es el mejor personaje.

  3. Ophelia Lovibond

    Te recomiendo Pretty Rhythm Dear my Future (PRDMF) ;pero lastimosamente para ello ;vas a tener que mirar primero pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream ;que tambien es una exelente temparada ;creo que al igual que la persona que hace estos bloggs Ageha Mia es el mejor personaje.


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