SRW OG The Moon Dwellers Calvina Tenia Al Van

srw og md calvina

Didn’t notice it first with the magazine scans but now that we have a good look with the official site getting updated, Calvina’s face looks really weird. Even worse than Melua’s face. At least Melua’s face is just typical post 2010 kawaii face. Calvina’s face is just bad. Her face looks normal in the battle portraits too. It’s just her main art that they somehow screwed up.

Not gonna write a post for every update. I’m just really surprised at how weird her face is. Also I’m still betting on her being voiced by M.A.O

In terms of clothes all the character’s designs are better compared ot the original J designs. Tenia’s clothes didn’t change much; Katia got more detail. Melua’s dress is really nice. But her original J design with the pencil skirt was nice too. There isn’t that many pencil skirts.

Bellzelutte description says “one of Katia Tenia or Melua” so both Calvina and Touya will be able to switch between the girls like in J, that’s cool. I still hope they weren’t lazy and actually made in HD 3 different finisher animations for the mechs’s upgrades, depending on the girl, just like in J.

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