PriPara – 84

prad5 8441

I feel horrible.
Laala is hugging me while she stole my role all this time.
I finally got to be the main character of my own arc, but it only lasted one episode.
The staff took 82 episodes to make me a song.
I hate this show so much.
I wish I was at home playing Gyakuten Saiban with my parents.

prad5 8401

Oh so it was Green Wind. Finally the start of her confrontation with Hibiki.

prad5 8402 prad5 8403

Too lazy to google Ajimi joke.

prad5 8404

I want to play Rockman.Exe with Akaii Meganee.

prad5 8405 prad5 8406

They’re all remembering how Hibiki always prepared what they like for them and has always been nice before the staff switched off her brain.

prad5 8407

Shion censoring Mireille was so funny.

prad5 8408

Dorothy is so funny when they actually try. It’s hilarious when she goes MAHOU CHAAN on Hibiki with her super mocking tone.

prad5 8409 prad5 8410

Laala the murderer hypocritical speech “I can understand you Hibiki san, but even if I was betrayed countless times I’d still believe in people”.

prad5 8411 prad5 8412 prad5 8413 prad5 8414

Shion censoring Mireille’s puri and following her around so she can keep doing it was so funny. Someone should make a webm.
Shion should keep doing it forever. Shion once again proves she’s the best character.

prad5 8415 prad5 8416

Mireille will train to become top idol as Hibiki promised them she’ll do the last tournament and will fight them if one of them becomes top idol. They’re planning to win so they can do the Dream Parade center themselves so Hibiki can’t wish to become Vocal Doll. Basically typical Laala plan: they’re going to crush Hibiki’s dream mercilessly  since they can’t convince her. Maybe Mireille played Final Fantasy Tactics Advance when she was 5-6.

prad5 8417 prad5 8418

Staff A: Oh no!! We wasted so many episodes on idiotic plot that now that we need to spend time to show Mireille training and stuff, there’s no time anymore!! What are we gonna do?
Staff B: Just do some slideshow fast forward thing. We did it in s1 too when we wasted tons of episodes on non plot, non funny, unsubstantial things, remember?
Boss Staff: That’s right!! Brillant! That’s why you were promoted in the first place! Sasuga B kun.

prad5 8419 prad5 8420

Faruru and Hibiki spending the night together as always.

prad5 8421

Aaah I finally get why they did all those stupid developments, like not making Mireille the main character even thought she’s Hibiki’s main opposition. They didn’t finish her song until now.

prad5 8422 prad5 8423

So yeah, they finally fixed one of this arc’s flaws, the fact that Mireille should be the most focused on. It’s too late though. There’s like 5 or 6 episodes left before s2 ends. But I guess however retarded the genius vs hard work arc is, at least Mireille finally got to be the main character of her own arc for one episode.

prad5 8424

It took them 82 episodes to give Mireille her own song because they needed all that time to teach Serizawa Yuu how to actually sing. That’s mean. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t criticize when I didn’t even listen to the song.

prad5 8425

Not that there was anything to listen to besides puripuripuripuripuri

prad5 8426

Her clothes are actually nice.

prad5 8427 prad5 8428 prad5 8429 prad5 8430

Return of DONUTS MACARON RAINBOW LOOPING KARTING! One of the few things I enjoyed about s1. It’s also one of the only Making Drama with that crazy lame ridiculous but funny and awesome feel that Prism Jumps have. S2 Making Dramas are all boring or never go far into the crazy lame ridiculous funny.

prad5 8431



Hibiki and Faruru playing survival horror games before going to sleep together.

prad5 8435


prad5 8436

QUALITYest Mireille.

prad5 8437


prad5 8438 prad5 8439

Nice smile.

prad5 8440


prad5 8442

So ShikaPara is literally underground in the real world? But PriPara world is in a virtual space, how can it be in the real town’s sewers?
I should stop trying to make sense out of this.

prad5 8443 prad5 8444 prad5 8445 prad5 8446

Hibiki is nice to Mireille, because she’s a nice girl. Hibiki: ” Congratulations ranking up to Top idol with handicaps in Shika Para. It’s one of my principles to acknowledge merit regardless of the situation etc”

prad5 8447

There isn’t enough episodes left so Hibiki changed the rules. At the start of s2 in episode 39, they explained that they would choose the 5 person team who will get to be the center of the Dream Parade and will get to ring the Hajimari no Charm Belll and get a wish granted, among the 4 teams who won each of the 4 season Granprix.

prad5 8448

Hibiki now said that the last tournament, the Spring Idol Granprix will decide who the Dream Parade center is. The girl who rings the Spring Bell during the tournament will automatically become the 四季/Shiki no princess/four seasons princess, and the team she’s in will automatically become the Dream Parade’s center team. And the girl who rings the bell during the tournament will be the only one to be allowed to ring the Hajimari no Charm Bell during the Dream Parade and ask for a wish. So while they’ll still have teams, it’ll be a single battle at the same time.

I’m grateful for this, because at least it’ll mean that universe wise, Shion, Sophie and Faruru will do their best. I’m saying universe wise because they’ll obviously loose anyway cuz of Laala’s plot armor. But anyway, if not for that rule, I could’ve bitched about how they’ll loose because Shion etc were unconsciously limiting themselves and lost on purpose to prevent Hibiki from becoming a Vocal Doll.

prad5 8453

Obviously this means Laala will win and then will wish to become Hibiki’s friend. The correct logical choice would be to make Fuwari win, or Faruru, or Leona, or even Mireille, and make them do the same wish, but that’ll never happen. Can’t let Laala the murderer idol out of the spotlight as main character.

prad5 8449 prad5 8450 prad5 8451 prad5 8452

Everyone is fired up and wants to be the one to win and save Hibiki. Mikan says she wants to eat fruits of all four seasons. Really nice scene. Too bad they’ll just make Laala win anyway. If any character other than Laala actually wins, or if Laala actually joins Hibiki like she should have from the start, I’ll praise s2 for at least doing that.

prad5 8454

Apparently because of Hibiki changing the rules forcefully like that again, PriPara’s system is starting to bug. Kind of late to introduce a new plot element now. It’ll probably be some kind of “PriPara world is in danger of disappearing” thing. I guess they put that kind of thing in to use it as a catalyst so Laala and co will be able to persuade Hibiki and reach her heart, by saving her from this. And they want a “everyone cooperating to save PriPara world” ending. Something like that.

prad5 8455 prad5 8456

Faruru tells Laala that she’s happy about Hibiki wanting to become a Vocal Doll, so she’ll be able to spend nights with her lover forever. I agree with Faruru. I really hope Hibiki manages to do it. They introduce another element here, how Laala now hesitate about crushing Hibiki’s chance to be able to move in with her wife Faruru.

prad5 8457 prad5 8458

Then, Shion feels like she lost to Mireille because she and Sophie did Golden Airy after being inspired (without really trying) while Mireille did it with hard wok and guts. Sophie thinks that when she chose to go with Hibiki to do Golden Airy, she was being selfish and not thinking about her friend Mireille. That’s not true at all, and not the impression you get if you rewatch the episodes, but whatever. I guess they want to put in a bit more spice for the final episodes. What I usually call forced drama.

prad5 8459

Hibiki wants to recruit Leona and will certainly will. So yeah for the first time the twins will perform separately. So that way they can put in artificial drama.

Was a good episode.

prad5 8460



Oh Celebrity 4 are coming back, I honestly thought they never would. Dorothy “eh? they’re coming back” comment was fun. Celebrity Four are voiced by the Milky Holmes girls, because same director as PP so they get along. I don’t watch Milky Holmes. Not interested.

And we’ll finally get more flashbacks about Leona and Dorothy beings kids. I forgot when was the last time.

Now that I think about it, basically everything in PriPara is delayed. Whenever they do something good, it’s never the right timing. Like how I keep saying Mireille being unable to keep up with Sophie should have happened long ago. Those Dorothy Leona flashbacks should have been long ago too. To flesh them out as characters. Everything good like character development, flashbacks, backgrounds, etc, is always delayed in PP. You could sum PriPara’s problems, both s1 and s2, as a “delay show”. Everything feels too late.

1 thought on “PriPara – 84

  1. Kade

    Mireille’s song sounds a lot like Ez Do Dance from Rainbow Live. It has the same tempo and beat, etc. It’s basically disguised by a bunch of “pri pri pri pri pri.”


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