Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Anime Official Guide Book: Shishido Rumi Juné interview

prad3 artist irua juné hijiri wedding dress

Fanart by Irua

Remainder this book was released 31st of July 2014.

Juné’s official name spelling is June. But I don’t really care because there’s better things in life to do than being bothered by how an anime character’s name is spelled. I always wrote it Juné because it confuses my brain to say June, since there’s already the word June in English. While there’s no “Rinne” word in French/English, so I don’t have to spell Rinne’s name Rinné. Anyway I hope you’re not triggered by name spelling because I’m gonna Juné Juné Juné.And I’m not gonna Juné about whether you Juné or not.

prad3 juné figure shishido rumi

The 14th February 2016 Shishido Rumi posted on her blog a photo of her holding a doll of Juné she got from a fan. That’s currently her twitter avatar as well. She really likes Juné and Pretty Rhythm.

prad3 juné doll figure made by sekigucheap

It looks a lot like a figure made by this twitter user I posted a long time ago, so I think this person is the one who gave her the figure.

If you’re looking for a game to play you should try out Tales of Innocence on DS or Vita. Vita version is an enhanced port with 4 characters in battle instead of 3, and 2 new characters. The Vita version is Japanese only though. I’m talking about it now because there’s a character voiced by Shishido Rumi in the game whose story is a bit similar to Juné. It’s also one of the best Tales of games. There’s a pretty original story, and there’s one of the funniest and best “crazy I kill people for fun” archetype villain ever in it.

At the beginning Juné was very mysterious and a floating like existence, did you know about her story beforehand?

Shishido san: Not at all lol. Plus I had to record her lines for the game before the anime, I didn’t really understand the meaning behind her techniques’ names and stuff like that. I was only told that some of her techniques’ names got French in it because she’s part French. I’m actually studying French, so this made me very happy.

What was your first impression of Juné?

Shishido: I fell for her at first sight! She’s really refined, enigmatic, and her hairstyle is really impactful.

At the beginning how were you planning to voice her?

Shishido: I was planning on voicing her in a adult like voice, but the direction told me to make it cuter and cuter, so the first time she speaks she turns out to have a really loli voice. When she spoke, fans of the show on the net were talking about her voice, and I was like “is this really all right” lol. But as the story goes on, as I kept voicing while following the instructions of the director, I thought that in the end she makes up a really fascinating character. So thinking back about it now, rather than a loli voice I’d say that her voice became cute like that because of her feelings for Hijiri san and how she took care preciously of her love for him.
(I once already translated the director saying the same thing. Basically Juné has a ultra high voice when speaking because she wants to act cute for Hijiri, and since they’re together almost all the time, we spectators only hear that voice.)

Did anything ever happen during the recordings that left an impression on you ?

Shishido: The time when Seki san and I recorded our dialogue together. Normally we’d voice one at a time, but for the last scene with Juné and Hijiri we were told to “voice it together”, as if we were at the place the dialogue took place. And we managed to do it right in one shot too, so I think we were able to act very naturally.

(Toshihiko Seki=Hijiri’s seiyuu)

(She uses the expression “一発OK”. Anime related people use it to mean “getting a part recorded correctly the first try in anime dubbing”.
While googling about it I found this interview of Kamiya Hiroshi when dubbing Angel Beats. I hope Maeda Jun gets better. I’m not one of those who thinks the Angel Beats anime was rushed, but I would still like to know more about the side characters and play the game completed. He should have finished it while he could instead of fapping at pics of Sakura Ayane. That’s why current Japan with stuff like seiyuu worship culture is no good. Even for the seiyuus themselves too. Look at how Tamura Yukari is going crazy because of the role she was forced(and forced herself) to play. Hopefully things get better for them.)

What were you careful of when voicing Juné ?

Shishido: I was really conscious of portraying her elegance consistently. The show has girls around half my age voicing as well, when thinking about what I could bring, I thought that instead of just looking for a way to make my character cute, I should also voice in a way showing how Juné has more life experience in love and hate.

(Shishido Rumi is 42. While for example Sakura Ayane is 22)

What do you think about Juné’s relationship with Himuro Hijiri ?

Shishido: I think Juné fell in love for the first time, knew the feeling of love for the first time, and went in a dazed, dreaming state. Actually not long ago the director tweeted a lot about Hijiri san and Juné, and at the end he thanked me for my performance… it made me really happy. At first Juné wanted to protect Hijiri in a maternal way. And speaking of that I also voiced Hijiri’s mother. I think it was very rewarding to work on this show.

For a long time, Hijiri watched over Juné and had a relationship with her as a coach and his athlete, but also something more mysterious.

Shishido: The director talked about this too. Hijiri is an adult so he has a different view on love, he knows that he feels something for Juné, but doesn’t think it’s love. He also thinks he shouldn’t love her because he thinks they’re too far apart age-wise. But when Juné collapsed, he realized for the first time that those feelings were love.
(According to the books Juné is “12” when meeting Hijiri for the first time. Hijiri was 19. Jin was 21. In all of what I read of the books so far there’s no info on Coo/Rei’s age.
Then, it says Juné won the Prism Queen Cup at “13”. Prism Queen/King Cup is every 4 years in the Rainbow Live universe, so during the show Juné is “17”, Hijiri is 24 and Jin is 26. So, in Kinpri which takes place one year and a half later, Juné is 18-19(not under quotes anymore since she’s actually human now), Hijiri is 25-26 and Jin is 27-28.)

After a variety of dramatic events, Hijiri finally told Juné « I love you ». How did you feel then?

Shishido: Well… I was happy lol. I suddenly blurted out ” what did he say… ?”

How was the fight between Juné and her other self Rinne?

Shishido: Sakura Ayane chan who’s playing Rinne is around half my age, it was like a confrontation. My voice is as you can hear, I usually never raise my voice. That’s why during my fierce exchange with Rinne, my voice changes.So I think the episode has some kind of reality to it, I went to the point until I couldn’t bring out my voice anymore. Then when Juné starts loosing her powers, it also felt like I was fighting as well. When dubbing a Pretty Rhythm series, the sound director Nagasaki san is always there each time and explains to the seiyuus the current relationships between the characters and such, so we only knew about Juné loosing her powers when we were about to voice the episode about it. We were pretty surprised. Director Hishida is someone who makes the character’s relationships in real time, so I felt like I learned about Juné and Rinne’s relationship at the last minute.

Please tell us about the recording of “Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend” the song which Rinne and Juné sang when confronting each other.

Shishido: Rinne chan recorded the song first. She’s really good at singing, it was troubling lol.

But as her senpai, and as Juné you felt like you couldnt loose right ?

Shishido: That’s right. To tell the truth, Juné’s solo song which I recorded before, “nth color”, in all my experience so far it’s the song that took me the most time to record. Usually when doing a “character song” there isn’t that many steps to go through, these kind of songs take 1 hour to record at most, but “nth color” took me 5 hours! The direction was like if we were doing something for a musical or Takarazuka. I’m making songs myself, mostly whispering style or bosanova style. But Juné sings in a really high way right. So I was told “you’re wrong right from the vocalization!”  and got angered at, and was made to train vocalization from the basis. Even though I’m doing this for more than 20 years… so I was confused and embarrassed. There was also some stuff like vibrato which I don’t usually do. But as a pro and as an actress, I have to be able to sing a lot of different songs so I gave it my all. Thanks to that in the end the performance got really popular… I was relieved. Afterwards, I pondered about the meaning of singing and such, it was something I haven’t experienced until now.
(Seems the staff are sports shoujo anime demon coachs themselves hence why they can make characters like Kyouko’s mom)

So then what about “Sevendays Love, Sevendays Friend”?

Shishido: I switched back my heart to the way it was after recording « nth color » lol, I thought they will probably ask me something difficult again, so I prepared beforehand and trained a lot at home raising my voice like “aaaaah—“. Thanks to that, at the actual recording I was told “areee, this time it was pretty fast”  in a disappointed like way, and I thought to myself eeeh lol. I think I got the feeling and knack of it then. I think that singing with Rinne chan made us sing in a way that bring out each of our own good points.

The song you struggled with so much,  “nth color” was foreshadowed for the first time during the Heart Beat session, with the announcement of the 5 consecutive jumps and a prism live.

Shishido: At that time I didn’t know at all with what timing should I shout the techniques names when jumping. Everyone else was already accustomed of voicing the Prism Shows. During the Prism Shows, the character’s mouths wouldn’t move, as the footage we were shown during the recording session wasn’t over, so I couldn’t grasp the timing. Keep this between ourselves, but I actually watched the others’ previous Prism Shows and learned from them, it was a really big help lol. And usually I don’t shout, so this was hard as well.

How was their performances ?

Shishido: The CG is really great. To tell the truth, for Juné’s Prism Live, I wasn’t told what instrument she’d use so I was pondering about it… I was really surprised when she turned out to be a conductor lol.

Juné is the at the absolute top of the world of Prism Shows, and others are trying to catch up to her.

Shishido: I feel like it overlaps with how there’s an age difference between me and the 6 others playing the heroines. To me it feels like my life is already resolved, so seeing the young girls trying their best, the only feelings I have is to encourage them. I also felt like they’re the one who will take over one day.

(Reading “To me it feels like my life is already resolved” made me sad. I want to comfort her.)

Were you also happy at the end when Bell and the others surpassed Juné ?

Shishido: That’s right, though Juné-wise I think I was frustrated that I lost lol. Bell was amazing but I think Naru chan was amazing as well. I think Katou san’s awesomeness itself was getting out when she was voicing Naru. She really makes wherever she is really cheerful. I think she was a perfect fit for Naru chan.

What do you see in Juné thats so charming?

Shishido: It’s because she manages to mix and possess all the charming elements of a young girl and a mother.

There’s also how it feels no one will be able to equal her and she feels like a special existence.  Did you feel pressure when voicing such a character?

Shishido: Well she feels like a legend, and I had to sing very well, so of course. And she does super techniques from the previous seasons too. Since I didn’t know these techniques, I asked Kanae chan about them as she’s been voicing Akaii Meganee from the start lol. Even counting the arcade game, she was in everything, so she knows everything.

What was the thing that left the biggest impression on you after being involved with Rainbow Live for a year?

Shishido: I often get included in year long shows when they already started. As expected, getting in a show in the middle like that when the team work is already installed makes me nervous. Juné was shown from the start in the show, but she only gets involved in the story starting the second half. There was a lot of young girls, so everyone immediately accepted me and looked over me, how warm everyone was with me is the thing that left the biggest impression on me.

Did anything left an impression on you among the conversations you had with director Hishida ?

Shishido: When we finished recording all the show and the director talked to us, I received a lot of praise for Juné’s “ I love you” monologue. If you look at his twitter I think you’ll see he’s someone with a lot of human kindness.

I think Juné’s monologue was god like acting.

Shishido: That part has me speaking all the time, the first time I saw the script I was like “what’s up with that” lol. But I’m actually very good at monologues. They also let me choose stuff like the length of the acting freely. Being able to act that much in this day and age’s shoujo anime, I was wondering a bit if the kids watching will be all right lol.

Shishido san, you used to voice Segawa Onpu in Ojamajo Doremi. Since when you were young, youve voiced idol like characters standing on stage. Superposing all your experiences so far and after voicing Juné, do you think your way of acting changed?

Shishido: I think in the past I used to try making up my voice. For example for Onpu chan, she’s an idol, so I’d try doing a playing innocent voice/ぶりっ子. But for acting Juné, I think everything I said came out naturally from my body. I think it’s because the lines themselves were also written naturally. To be able to create a relationship with a character where you’re able to say their lines naturally, I think it really is necessary for it to be a one year long series. Nowadays there’s less works like this, and a lot of actors are often asked to “ act like this or like that” in a restricted time. Meanwhile Rainbow Live felt like everyone was playing their role naturally.
(Japan should stop being a capitalism country making money for the rich at all costs, and ban one cour/13 episodes anime.)

If there’s ever a sequel to Rainbow Live, what do you want to see in it?

Shishido: I think it would be fun to see various Prism Shows from other countries. Then, similar to what a lot of long running shows do, I’d like a crossover movie with characters from past seasons. I voiced a lot with Enoki Azusa chan who voiced Mion, she even already came to my house to play. I love her because she’s really cute. She also appears in Rainbow Live(Hiro’s mom), so I could meet her for the first time in a while, she was much more adult-like then, it surprised me. I would be happy if I could co star one day with her as Juné and Mion.

(They voiced characters together in Jewelpet. Juné and Mion also teams up in All Star Selection arcade game. I always thought they got teamed up because their characters have very similar stories, but it may also be because the seiyuus are friends. If there’s a story mode in PRASS or something it would be nice if someone recorded it one day. And I don’t loose hope that one day Kinpri will get it’s sequel and then even more Pretty Rhythm will happen and we’ll get an actual anime crossover between AD/DMF & RL/Kinpri)

A message to the readers to wrap things up?

Shishido: I hope that right now young people will preciously keep this book, then will reread it who knows years later, and ask themselves “Wow was there that kind of setting?” And rewatch the DVDs and be like “was it such a human like story?”. Etc. I want people to discover things about the show they didn’t know before.
I think Pretty Rhythm is like love. Something that sometimes makes you worry and anxious, and sometimes something that you don’t need to worry about.

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