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prad6 animage march 2016 released february 10 2016 hijiri jin poster valentine

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Jin and Hijiri getting valentine chocolate. The poster is from Animage March 2016 released 10th February 2016. One side is Gundam IBO, other is Pretty Rhythm. Director tweeted “I wonder what the people at sunrise will think when seeing this”.

Mainly thanks to word to mouth on twitter, the Kinpri movie got more and more popular and by half of February there was more than 47 theaters showing it, at least one in each prefecture, so the movie is currently shown in “all of Japan” like the official twitter says. Except Okinawa because no one cares. Right now the movie is in 53 different theaters and earned more than 250 million yen.

I don’t know how the movie screenings business works, but I think Kinpri’s situation is very unnatural due to how popular it turned out. The movie started with only 14 theaters showing it, then some theaters stopped showing it while others started. Then during it’s third week there was only around 7 theaters left, but then they started the screening events. As the staff explained during the live event on March 9th I wrote of below, a virtuous circle began with people going to the screening events, tweeting about how fun it is, and more and more people went to see the movie and in turn say how good it is. So there was more demand and more cinemas started showing it.  As a comparison the Accel World movie that got announced will debut right from the start in 24 different theaters, and then that number will probably drop until the movie stops being shown completely.

Some of the new screenings added in February were planned from the start though, and not only added due to popularity. But if it went like originally planned, the overall numbers of screenings wouldn’t have went up as whenever a theater started showing it, one would stop. That list of planned theaters was always on the website, but starting February it got longer and longer. Right now there’s even theaters planning screenings in April, a month from now.

I think the biggest reason it’s getting popular is thanks to fans campaigning on social media so Kinpri gets a sequel. The staff stressed this out a lot during the event on March 9th. They kept saying it’s thanks to people on Twitter. There’s tons of fanart. Tons of one page manga with jokes related to PR in general. A lot of these are stuff with Wakana, Kazuki, Taiga and Alexander since Taiga and Alec are the two most popular new character. And especially there’s tons of people making reaction manga of their own experience with the movie, tweeting it to their friends telling them to go watch it too. There’s even popular seiyuus or authors who are tweeting about Kinpri telling people to go watch it and Pretty Rhythm. Maybe we’re witnessing the start of Japan and the world realizing Pretty Rhythm is anime of the decade.

Usually in the “random” section of these news posts, I always try to post every funny fanart, manga, cosplay etc I see, but there’s so much now I can’t keep up, I only put in a handful of them. Even as writing this post my “things to put next PR news post” bookmark folder got longer and longer. Then again I started writing this on March 5th and it took me a week to go over the folder. This isn’t the longest PR post I did, but I think I haven’t spent that much time on one post since the After Party event post. Something like 20 hours. For comparison sake the Juné interview I posted recently took me 5 hours to translate. Then again I’m mostly doing it for myself, In the 1st place I researched all the info in this post because I wanted to know them myself. I’m not complaining or anything. I’m having fun.

prad6 an double handles houjitya_teaprad6 ito 82kichi

Source left         Source right
In case you’re wondering, fanart like these that has started popping up have the girls with the new hairstyles they have in their Kinpri cameos.

Remainder: What I always call “screening event” are the “ouenjoueikai”, the screenings where people are allowed to come cosplayed, the lyrics are displayed to karaoke,etc. What you see in the video above. Some are one hour long like the movie. Some are hours long screenings, where they show BD versions of RL episodes, route 4 of the PR&PP movie, and then Kinpri. ( The RL episodes shown are different each time, except some they always show like the finale.)

Most of the time if there’s no source link then the author’s name is in the filename.

I remember back at those Ryukishi07 conferences, the french translator said at one point “I’m autospoiling myself”, beacuse he was translating what Ryukishi san said while he didn’t finish Umineko himself. I know that feeling now. I pretty much spoiled myself all of Kinpri and it’s details now because of all the stuff I read or translated. But I’m sure the movie is so awesome you can still enjoy it after getting spoiled.

prad6 march 9 event

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm event on 9th March 2016

On March 9th 2016, exactly two months after the movie’s release, there was a screening event with, From right to left on the photo: Avex producer Nishi Hiroko, Tatsunoko producer Yoda Ken, Shin’s seiyuu Terashima Junta, PR director Hishida Masakazu, and lastly Matsuura Mai, Rainbow Live’s character designer & original character designer specifically of Hiro Kouji Kazuki Hijiri Jin and Rei..

prad6 march 9 event MC Nakamura Hayato Kabuki actor hijiri suitprad3 45 hijiri suit

The MC of the event was Nakamura Hayato, a Kabuki actor who also does MC for events or tv shows. Director san tweeted the photo, saying his suit is just like Hijiri’s.

The event took place at Wald 9 in Shinjuku, the same theater the movie premiered in. Event was broadcast live on Twitcasting. There was two rooms in the theater who showed the movie.
room 1: movie planned at 20:30, live event was after the movie at 21:40 till 22:20.
room 2: movie planned at 22:40, live event was before the movie, so at 22:40. There was a 20 min break between the two lives.
Someone very nice uploaded both lives here and here.

Live 1 summary:

At the beginning when they introduce themselves, when it’s Matsuura Mai’s turn, she says “wanbanko”, and the audience says “wanbanko” back. This is a meme that developped from Kakeru’s way of seaking in the movie. He says “konbanwa” in reverse. Then when it’s Yoda san’s turn he says “shikuyoro”, yoroshiku in reverse, and the audience says it back too.

This was the 39th ouenjoueikai/screening event, and it was the 17th one Director went to.

Terashima san is from Nagano, and the movie is now shown there, so he’s embarrassed about his parents seeing it. The movie still isn’t shown in Sendai though, where director is from.

They all didn’t think the movie would get this popular. Even now they’re still surprised, for example they were reluctant about doing valentine screening events on February and decided to do it at the last minute. Same with the Shin & Louis birthday screening events.

Seeing the results back when the movie started, they thought it would be over 3 weeks after the movie was released. Yoda san says a movie getting this popular when it looks like it’ll stop being shown soon isn’t common sense. They gave away different goods each week but that wouldn’t last forever and “ran out of bullets”. They joke about how then they had no choice but to come out themselves as bullets too, and go to the events. Director again says the “it’s like you’re fighting naked” line, and Terashima san says “Yeah because when you fight naked you get stronger”, joking about the scenes Shin gets naked in the movie.

Nishi san says at one point during the first two weeks after release, she got the movie’s expected ratings numbers wrong, and she sent a mail to director san and Yoda san telling them “we’ll be able to reach the objective soon” while it actually wasn’t close at all. Same as Director san and Yoda san, she thought it’d slowly die after the second week and was falling into despair. Apparently she worked on Haikyuu, and some of the other staff who worked with her on Haikyuu cheered her up. They didn’t see PR but went to see Kinpri anyway, and told her it’s really good, and that it was the first time they saw some many viewers who don’t know each other start talking to each other at a movie. So she thought it’s not like the movie itself is bad, so she started getting motivated again. She is really grateful about this and will never forget about it.

After that was the announcement that the movie earned 250 million yen so far. It was actually in a envelope and in a super dramatic way. Director san read it. He first said how the movie earned more than 100 million yen, and that was what they were supposed to announce today, but it’s actually 250 million now. When they were planning to do this event, they predicted that by March 9th it’d be 100 million yen earnings, but it got much more higher than that. Going back to after the 2nd week, the earnings were only around 30 million. It’s 8 times bigger now.

Nishi san then talks about when the first PR movie (Prism Show Best Ten) got released 2 years ago, and asked if there’s people who went to see it back then. Some raised their hands. She says she fell into despair many times back then with how the preorder tickets for the movie barely sold and stuff. It’s because people would smile and cosplay etc at the screenings events back then that she kept being motivated. The “usual same people on Twitter” would promote PR too. She played back Naru’s lines in episode 50 of RL over and over in her head to not give up. And now they managed to come all the way here. Thanks to everyone bringing their friends watch Kinpri with them. Campaigning about it on Twitter like crazy to the point of people getting annoyed by it and unfollowing.  She thinks a miracle happened but it’s everyone who made it happen. She’s very grateful to the staff too, again the people who worked on Haikyuu. (Not sure if she means the anime staff of Haikyuu or the Avex staff who worked on Haikyuu related things with her.)

Yoda san said there’s actually not a lot of children anime that air at 10:00 in the morning that end up getting a movie. Besides the ultra popular ones. It’s thanks to the fans they got this far, and he would also call himself the biggest fan.

Matsuura Mai say they really didn’t have plans to do anything for Valentines or Shin and Louis’s birthday. It was so much last minute that she only had 2 days do draw the Shin & Louis valentine pic I posted later below. Then she starts crying.

Terashima san says him and the others seiyuus want to see the sequel too, so they’re happy people are cheering for them, and if the sequel happen they’ll in turn do their best with it to return the favor. They aren’t saying buttered up pretty words when they say “it’s thanks to everyone”. It’s similar to how a sportsman can perform better if cheered on. And there’s also the snowball effect. Thanks to the people supporting them loudly, people who don’t know PR saw that, and were like “huh this looks interesting, they look like they’re having fun, maybe I’ll do it too”, and it actually brings in more and more fans.

Director san says starting the third week with the screening events is what really saved them. If people didn’t go to the screening events,  tweeted about how fun it is, so then more and more people go see them, it would have probably ended there. He thinks it’s an unprecedented thing an anime movie gets this popular only thanks to fans on twitter. He says that back at the nico event in December, he said they needed a miracle but honestly didn’t believe it’d actually happen.

Then they took photos for the press with the audience. People in the audience had different glowsticks colors in each row, making a rainbow.

Live 2 summary:

First they asked if people in that room watched the live earlier, many didn’t.

Matsuura san and Yoda san do the “wanpanko” and “shikuyoro” thing again. Matsuura san was pretty moved in the first live earlier too and has trouble speaking. Yoda san says that when he’s done here he needs to go back to work, to work on PriPara. When Nishi san introduces herself she says she’ll talk in a way as to not anger the “sponsors/related people”.

Director san says those who watched the previous live already know the jokes they’re gonna do.

Terashima san tells some story about Chiba I honestly can’t understand sorry, then say the same thing as before about his parents being able to see the movie now.

Director san passes his turn saying he doesn’t know what to say yet, as he wants to say things he didn’t already say in the previous live.

Matsuura san says there hasn’t been a day these past months when she didn’t check Kinezo to see if Kinpri seats are getting reserved or not in theaters( I also did that almost everyday for like 2 weeks.)

Yoda san says how the screening events were first done with the PR movie, then with the PP&PR movie. He says they don’t really know who had the idea to do it first. All of the people in the staff say it was them. He does remember that around the time they had the idea to do it, there was one of the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha  movies being shown.
(I think he doesn’t clearly say “Nanoha” as a “don’t say brand names jokes”. Or he just bit his tongue.)
Anyway Nanoha had some screenings like that, where they would show the movies with karaoke and people could sing along, so in the case he’s the one who got the idea to do the ouenjoueis, he probably inspired himself from that, wanting to do something similar. The ouenjoueis will continue too for other things than Kinpri he works on, as the third PriPara movie that recently got out will have some as well.

Then Director says he still haven’t thought up of something so Nishi san speaks.
She says seiyuu Sugita san saw Kinpri and tweeted about it, so she thanks him.

Director says that Love Live’s director Kyogoku Takahiko and Osomatsu san’s director Fujita Yoichi are both his kouhai, so before the movie was released he each gave them one of the tickets with the boys naked and told them to advertise it. Director san says Fujita kun did it but Kyougoku kun didn’t.

BimbougamiGa! ch57 50 PARODIES

(I don’t like Fujita Yoichi much. He directed the Bimbogami Ga anime adaptation and added tons of name dropping references that weren’t in the manga. The references in Binbogami are like the references in Seto no Hanayome or Excel Saga, no matter how crazy things gets, there’s always some sort of continuity, they always have a reason to be there. Meanwhile the anime didn’t follow that. The fact that it was only 13 eps is the biggest problem, but this is important too. Bimbogami Ga is one of the best shonen manga of these past ten years so I’m quite unhappy it didn’t get an anime doing it justice. Also I don’t watch/read Gintama but I remember back when Fujita took over as director starting episode 100, some fans complained the anime wasn’t as good anymore.)

Terashima san says he’s a fan of the Denpagumi idol group, and follows them on twitter. At some point they tweeted “kinpri is good” and he was like “heh? maybe they’re interested in me?!”

Then they redid the 250 million announcement again. Director did some joke about Hokkaido first that I don’t get.

Then they talk about the wrong earnings objective incident again. If I get it right, around the 2nd week, the movie earned around 30million, and they thought the objective was around that and were happy, but then it turned out that objective was wrong and they needed more. And then thanks to people campaigning on twitter etc starting the 3rd week more and more people went to see the movie.

Then when it’s time to say thanks to the fans again:
Terashima san says there isn’t that many anime movies that last more than 2 months in theaters.

Nishi san says “minna no kimochi uketotta yo”, and says people who don’t get this joke need to watch Pretty Rhythm starting with Aurora Dream to get it. (Aira says “minna no omoi ukettota yo!” before starting her Prism Show in episode 50 of Aurora Dream.)
Then she says she thinks Kinpri has an hidden side to it. That’s it’s a boys story, but Director Hishida is a person “weird in the head” so it’s also super interesting and funny. Lastly she says “leave it to us” hinting she’ll do her best for the hypothetical sequel.

Yoda san says they really didn’t have any weapons for this movie, only their feelings. And they were like “some fans will go see the movie 10 times so maybe it’ll be ok”. Since the preorder tickets were batches of fives, and there was two different version (naked and scarf popcorn) and that some people actually bought both and said they’ll go ten times. Then he says he wishes they could announce the sequel today, but the world isn’t that nice, and  the fight continues. But now, compared to when they were planning the first Kinpri, they have this easy to understand weapon called numbers, as in the 250 million of earnings. This weapon is the sword of bravery the fans gave them (Yuusha no tsurugi, the name of Kazuki’s sword) and they’ll use it wisely so “it’s not repelled by 6 packs”. (Read the spoilers later in this post if you want to get this joke.)

Matsuura san says again how it’s thanks to everyone keeping tweeting about it. How she kept telling herself to not give up in the first weeks. Then she starts crying again. It was really emotional. Yoda san says Matsuura san was really giving it her all, checking which theaters still have free seats and stuff.  MC san asks Matsuura san how many times she went to see the movie. She says she went alone either 7 or 8 times. She went at many different screenings events too.

Terashima san says that right from the first time when he read the script, he felt PR is a show a lot of work is put into. A bit before the movie was released, he was given a DVD version, and that day he ended up watching it 8 times in a row. He thought it would definitely be popular. And then when the movie was released and it didn’t do super well, he thought like “Eeh? Am I that different than the rest of society?” and was getting nervous. But now things turned out how they are right now, so he’s happy, he’s a normal person. He wasn’t wrong. Just the fact that he learned that alone makes him happy that he got involved in PR. Then he talks about how he saw some people who didn’t know PR before, and where like “huh whats that let’s go see”, and where like “the world is shining” when getting out of the theater. This makes him think “we did it!!”

At the end, director says that there’s actually an “important big shot person” in the room today. So he asks the audience three times, “do you want to see the sequel”, and everyone scream yes. Then they shout one last GLORIOUS SCHWARZ. Then director said he’s sure everyone’s reply will reach.

Then the MC says it’s over, so they’ll do “that thing”. And director says they already did it just now so it feels weird. But they only did it once so it’s ok. So time for more GLORIA SCHWARZ.

Summary end

prad6 march 9 2016 event fan front prad6 march 9 2016 event fan back

The fans distributed at the event had an “and YOU!” in the thanks list too.

prad6 march 9 event honey sweets director terashima junta

Some fan gave them honey sweets.

Articles on Animate from January, didn’t have the time to read them until now.

prad6 terashima junta animate interview

Terashima Junta/Shin interview

He didn’t only try Shin’s audition but did the ones for the other characters as well. He got a call 2 days later from his manager telling him he was chosen for Shin. Shin is one of those main characters that got hidden inner talent and skill, so he was nervous about being able to show that talent.

Before getting the role he wasn’t watching Pretty Rhythm. He only randomly came across it on TV from time to time, thinking “today’s CG in anime is pretty good”.  So he picked up the Rainbow Live DVDs to understand the script better. Shin is a pure kid who grew in a happy family so it was hard to do a voice that shows it. Shin kun is in 3rd year of middle school, but even when Terashima was in middle school he wasn’t as pure as Shin or still talking the way Shin does. It was more like how he used to act in elementary school, so he used that as reference.

In terms of how similar to Shin he is, he thinks it’s in how positive they both are. Even when suddenly changing schools, Shin tries his best. He thinks he’d do the same. Unlike Shin he never played soccer though, but did swimming and baseball. He was in the baseball club and trained a lot, even though he didn’t like it that much. He first wanted to get in the Basketball club but most of his friends in his class were doing Baseball.

He used to like Johnnies groups at lot when he was a kid and would practice their songs and dances, so when he got Shin’s role he was particularly happy because he’ll get to sing. But nowadays there’s a lot of seiyuus who’re also aidorus so you need to be particularly good if you wanna do it. He knows it well since he has a friend who’s a seiyuu who also does aidoru stuff. So he knows he needs to work hard.

He’d like Shin to win the Prism King fan election but he won’t be sad even if he looses. He thinks nihilistic characters are popular in this kind of anime, so his predictions are Taiga  ranking high and Louis being in top 5.
(He guessed right, Taiga is the most popular and currently winning the election, as of the latest temporary results they published.)

prad6 uchida yuuma animate interview

Uchida Yuuma/Yu interview (It’s much shorter than Terashima’s)

He was really happy when he got the role for Yu since he already watched Rainbow Live and knew how great the series is. But even then, when he first read the script he didn’t get it at all. He got it a bit more when seeing the storyboards as well, but there was still weird scenes.

Yu always thinks how he needs to try his best for his sister. He wishes he was a cute little brother like Yu. He’s very happy to be involved in the same series as his sister Uchida Maaya/Wakana. He doesn’t have a lot of things in common with Yu, but when he was in first year of middle school, like Yu, he also used to be a chuunibyou. Similar to how Ito calls herself Cross, Yu calls himself Zeus in the movie. Uchida Yuuma was super chuuni and used to basically act like a main character in an anime, look out the window during class, go to school late on purpose to feel different from the others, etc. He never really wanted to be an aidoru but admires them as people who gives strength to others.

When asked what he thinks about Rainbow Live, he said he likes the story, how there’s tons of family elements, how there’s more heavy elements even though it’s adapted from a arcade game for little girls, etc. And that even though there’s complicated things or deep things, the character’s mentality and feelings are always easy to understand.  He likes Bell the most, how everything lead to her doing that last jump. The way she experienced setbacks, but then got supported by her friends, and finally managed to do 7 consecutive jumps, it was perfect. “Aaaah, when I get home after this interview I’ll watch it again”

He thinks Yu’s charm points are how he acts tsun tsun but is actually worried about his friends and family. If he had to choose a particular point that’s the strength of the Kinpri movie, it would be the Prism Shows. There’s a really amazing one right from the start, then the fighting ones, and one last one that’s great. When recording for the movie, they mostly recorded one at a time but there were scenes they did together too. Also, they would always talk about how amazing a scene is or make jokes about them. They were all around the same age so they got along well.

prad6 kinpri premiere event

King of Prism By Pretty Rhythm premiere event on January 9 report.

Hatanaka Tasuku was so much into his role of voicing Taiga, he’d listen to what Masuda Toshiki said (Kazuki) but not what the director said.

The scene at the beginning with Leo bumping into Shin took a lot of time to do. The director would always tell them their voices aren’t embarassed enough. And that “Leo is like the heroine”

Uchida Yuuma did a joke saying he has two sisters now.

Director said one of the reasons they made the movie is to show what Kazuki meant when saying “their Prism Show is surpassing boys’ Prism Show level” in episode 43 of RL when seeing the Juné Vs Rinne fight. As in, if he said that, it means that boys Prism Shows are pretty awesome themselves.

prad6 kinpri premiere event january 10

There was a similar event with different seiyuus but without the director on January 10

prad6 girl seiyuu impressions

Impressions of some of the girls’s seiyuus about Kinpri (remainder the girls don’t speak in the movie and only get cameos)

Kato Emiri/Naru: When I heard the announcement for the movie I said “Yes! I was waiting for this!!”. I’m really looking forward to go watch the movie and see how power up the characters and jumps are.

Serizawa Yuu/An: King of Prism was made by the staff putting their life on the line. Certainly there’s some Prism Sparkle here!! Please go see the movie to see how awesome OTR can be when they’re serious: Especially Kazuki!!!

Uchida Maaya/Wakana: “I’m really happy to see more of Hiro sama, Kouji and Kazuki senpai! I’m really happy to be able to see what happens after Rainbow Live!”

Sakura Ayane/Rinne: I sometimes did the voices of screaming girls in the audience during boys shows in Dear My Future and Rainbow Live. In Rainbow Live, I feel like I spent more time voicing screaming girls in the audience than voicing Rinne… Anyway, OTR getting a movie makes me feel deep emotions, and as a fan it makes me really happy. There’s even new characters too.

Short comments by the staff. They don’t say anything interesting in particular, just thanks to the fans etc.

General news

prad6 valentine event screenings

There was screenings events for Valentines on the 13th and 14th February. One of them had the staff there too and doubled as a talk show event.

prad6 shin louis bday event 1

Source.The 28th  and 29th February there were Kinpri screening events for Shin and Louis’s birthday on 29th February. The main event with the staff was at the theater where the movie premiered, Wald9/バルト9 in Shinjuku, but other theaters did screening events as well, and each theater had a board where you could write messages:

prad6 shin louis screening event bday kawasaki queuing to writeprad6 shin louis screening event board kinpri won't loose souda souda

People queuing to write at the screening event in Kawasaki. Right is another board. Someone wrote “there’s no way Kinpri will loose!”, and other people wrote “souda souda/that’s right that’s right”. It’s one of the memes that were born during the screening events. You can see it in the ad for the screening events. When Taiga tells Alec”there’s no way Kazuki will loose against you” and the audience screams “souda souda!!!”.

prad6 shin louis screening event bday osomatsu san board

Source At the main event at バルト9,  some troll people drew some Osomatsu san on a board for some reason. It was erased later before the staff took the board back. All the boards in each theater where sent to the staff later after all.
There’s a page here with all the boards in every theater.

Still at the main event at バルト9, someone asked director why Shin and Louis both have 29th February as their birthday, that super special date that happens every 4 years. He said he can’t answer yet.

prad6 feb 28 shin louis bday screening event terashima junta director yoda takeshi

And when they showed the movie, Terashima Junta/Shin, PR director Hishida Masakazu and Tatsunoko producer Yoda Ken commented it live. This photo was taken when they were done and went back backstage. Apparently the mics weren’t high enough and some people who were there said on twitter they couldn’t hear everything because they were seated at the far rear of the theater.

An user on twitter did a summary of this audio commentary. As always, I didn’t actually see the movie myself, so translating without context is hard and I may have got some things wrong. Highlight to read since it’s spoilers:

SpoilersAt the beginning, when Shin jumps a cliff with his bicycle, the pendant Louis gave him is shining. And when it stops shining, Shin falls. (Seems like some hint about the overall plot and Shin and Louis’s connection.)
Kakeru is the boss of the management department of his family’s zaibatsu. Usually whenever someone speaks to him they always use keigo, so he really likes it at Edel Rose because everyone speaks to him normally. 
During the Alexander Vs Kazuki fight, at one point Kazuki tries to hit Alec with the sword then does the tornado, while his usual method is to first seal the opponent’s movements with the tornado, and then hit them with the sword. The reason Kazuki didn’t follow his usual strategy is because he became impatient when he lost to Alec when they both did Burning Splash at the start. Spoilers end

They recorded a message for their birthday too. It’s just Shin saying thank you etc. There’s a nice slideshow of fans cosplayed. Like I said above Matsuura Mai had 2 days to draw this.

The 4 screenings events in Sapporo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka that happened the 6th March, had a new “short message” from An before the movie. Doesn’t say if it’s audio only or if there’s images too. If there’s images, An is probably sporting her new Kinpri hairstyle, the double handles look. I think they picked An among the girls because it was easier/cheaper to get Serizawa Yuu to record something since she’s in PriPara.
For the screening events the 13th and 14th March, there was another message, from Kouji.

Speaking of the messages at the beginning of the movie, the ones with some of the new characters telling you to vote for them, some theaters don’t have a schedule anymore, and the messages are now random. I hope they include all these messages things when the movie gets out in BD.

The 7th to the 11th included, at 21h30 Japanese time each day, they streamed the PR movie and each route of the PR&PP movie on niconico. They’re all released on BD by now so you can find them easily on the net, so you shouldn’t have any reason to watch this. It was region blocked too. I guess seeing the live comments could have been fun. You can find the links to each stream here. Thought it’s over now.  Just including this for completion sake.

Releases (magazines, goods etc)

Pretty Rhythm Prism Show ☆ Fan Disc cover

The “Pretty Rhythm Prism Show ☆ Fan Disc” bluray was released the 4th March 2016. It’s a bluray with Prism Show footage of all seasons, including the boys shows in 2D. The only thing missing are the two PURETTY shows because of rights issues.
People who preordered it could get “character message cards”, meta messages from the characters themselves. People who bought it at animate got Bell Rose girls, Animumo=MARs, Tower Record=Happy Rain, Amazon=PURETTY, Rakuten books=Prizmmy.
The 19th March there will also be a event at Akihabara UDX where they’ll show the bluray. Director will be there too.

27th April they’ll release King Of Prism’s OST. There’s no cover yet. It’ll have all the songs in the movie, and also Louis’s version of pride. There will also be a drama CD like track.

prad6 tower record shinjuku ost ad kakeru

Shinjuku’s Tower Record ad for the OST.

Source. The 21 March 2016 they’ll do an event related to the OST. I think it says people who buy the OST can get tickets to attend the event, but I obviously got this wrong since the OST won’t be released yet. Sorry I can’t figure it out. Anyway, It’ll be at Akihabara’s UDX theater. Depending on which shop you got your ticket, you’ll get a talk show with a different set of seiyuus, and either route 4 or the Kinpri movie.

prad6 Pash February 2016 released 9th January 2016 shin louis poster

Pash February 2016 released 9th January 2016(date Kinpri was released) had a poster with Shin and Louis. Forgot if I posted it already or not.

Animage March 2016 released 10th February 2016 prad6 terashima junta uchida yuuma interviews

Animage March 2016 released 10th February 2016 got the Hijiri Jin poster I used as OP pic and interviews of Director, Terashima Junta/Shin and Uchida Yuuma/Yu.

prad6 Animage April 2016 released 10th March 2016 shin ranked prad6 Animage April 2016 released 10th March 2016 shin ranked 2

Animage April 2016 released 10th March 2016 didn’t have PR related stuff, but had the usual monthly anime character ranking all anime magazines do. Shin actually got in at 30th place. First place was probably Kirito or something.

prad6 2D☆STAR Vol.3 released 16th February 2016 1 poster

2D☆STAR Vol.3 released 16th February 2016 got a Kinpri valentine poster with the new characters, a short story written by the director, and meta interviews of the characters asking them about valentines stuff. Pic of the poster is from this tumblr. This is the third time in a row 2D☆STAR has PR things.

prad6 Newtype Romance 2016 Spring that was released 29 February cover

Newtype Romance 2016 Spring that was released 29 February has Kinpri things.

prad6 Otomedia April 2016 issue releasing 10th March 2016 otr poster

Otomedia April 2016 issue released 10th March 2016 has a Kinpri poster and an interview of Director san. Pic is low res but you can see it’s the last poster at the bottom of the poster list. It’s Kouji Kazuki and Hiro with the costumes you see in RL OP4.

prad6 Otomedia April 2016 issue releasing 10th March 2016 prism king fan election temp results

Same magazine had the latest results of the Prism King Fan election. Voting ends the 31st March . There’s only a few days left now.
Taiga is still first.
Yukinojou is back to second place.
Alec is back to third place.
Shin is fourth.
Yu is fifth.

Newtype April 2016 releasing on March 10th fss prad6prad6 Newtype April 2016 releasing on March 10th new boys bath sapple from official site

Newtype April 2016 released on March 10th has a Kinpri poster in it. No interviews. The new boys bathing together. I remember back in 2003 it was super easy to find scans of Newtype on the net.

prad6 AnimeJapan 2016 taking place the 26th and 27th March will have a KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm stand jin jacuzzi scene

A3 MARKET’s stand at AnimeJapan 2016 taking place the 26th and 27th March will have official KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm goods on sale. Most notably keychains with scenes of the movie, including the Jin jacuzzi bath scene. You can find a list of al the goods here.

プリズムショーの世界へようこそ!/Prism Show no Sekai e youkoso/Welcome to the world of Prism Shows, event the 5th March 2016


Official site

I wanted to check 2ch and twitter to see if people said stuff about how was the event, if there was many people or not, but too busy.

prad Prism Show no Sekai e youkoso 5th march 2016

The cosplayers at the event.

Probably non exhaustive list of the things sold at the event:

prad3 siokya wakana 12p book 2 prad3 siokya wakana 12p book 1

A full color book of 12 pages by Siokya with pictures of Wakana only. It’s new pictures and older ones. 500 yen. Source



Source A 32 page Hiro x Naru doujin by 3 people, teppan38, cafemoca19, coromo_saku2.

prad6 irua doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event

The 3rd of March was Irua’s birthday. I think.
Irua’s new doujin(top in the ad) is 16 pages. It’s a what if story about Wakana Kazuki Alexander and Taiga being from the same family. Wakana is the mom, Kazuki is the dad, Alexander is the first son and Taiga the second son. 300 yen. If they’re leftovers from the event, they’ll sell them at the next Prism Jump Puniket event the 27th March 2016. But there won’t be reprints (at least not for now), and it won’t be resold on online shops. Source.

prad3 prad6 irua new doujin at event prism show no sekai e youkoso

Bigger version of the cover.

prad mmm37 hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 front cover prad mmm37 hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 back cover

MMM37 organized a book called Hapicoup! with 31 artists contributing. Left is the front cover by Irua. Right is the back cover by MMM37. Each artist made a small manga with a pairing as subject, or wrote a short story or drew an illustration. The pairings aren’t necessarily a romantic pairing. For example there’s a Naru x Hiroshi(Aira’s dad) manga.  The character in the most different pairings is Rinne. There’s 114 pages in total. It’s also sold on online shops.

prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 siokyaprad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 najita_ prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 hutarun prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 txt_tshiki prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 rucu prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 T_SUNDS prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 yakisova_ufo prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 k4n6m9 prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 ハスミ prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 ino_zip prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 miyukisum prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 terayamaden prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 14122 prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 happypokapoka prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 tsukitakanana prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 ruriiro87839 prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 kirakira_tter08 prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 an_dan_te074 prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 aka3taku prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 meteour prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 kumodoriren prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 kk_sub prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 my831life prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 sakachico prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 shin_mk2SR prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 koshia_rl prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 natume830 prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 omumogu prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 irua prad hapicoup! multiple artists doujin prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 MMM37

Those are samples for each thing in the book posted on twitter by MMM37.The artist’s name/twitter account is in filename. I organized them in the same order they appear in the book.

prad multiple artists doujin from 2015 the world of prism 1 front cover.pngprad multiple artists doujin from 2015 the world of prism 2 front cover

In case you didn’t know, MMM37 also organized two similar books with multiple artists that were released simultaneously in 2014 called Prism Cube 1 and Prism Cube 2.

prad multiple artists doujin from 2014 the world of prism front cover

And another similar book was released in 2013, called The World of Prism.

prad multiple artists doujins MMM37 prism show no sekai e youkoso event march 2016 ad poster

Lastly there’s also two more multiple artists doujins books with PP stuff mixed in. One of them has a few R18 pages. Counting these together and those above there’s 6 of these multiple artists books in total, for a total of 1356 pages.  Seeing this, hopefully they will make another book in 2017. And another one in 2018, and another and another for many years.
In all these multiple artists books, it’s mostly the artists that draw PR stuff since the start like MMM37 and 赤坂 択, and those who got in the boat with RL like Irua. I don’t know much about the doujin manga scene but I think it’s a rare thing that almost all the longtime artists doing fanart of a particular series, all know each other and are friends and make non-h doujins together.

There’s a few more doujins that got released outside the event, like this one:

prad6 like the star doujin cover


Seiyuus, authors, talents etc who advertise Kinpri

prad6 Asada Nikki impressions manga 1 prad6 Asada Nikki impressions manga 2

Asada Nikki, the illustrator for the novels of Hibike! Euphonium, used to watch Pretty Rhythm when it was airing. Then she went to see Kinpri and became crazy about it. She’s one of the people campaigning constantly on twitter posting one page Kinpri mangas so it gets more popular and gets it’s sequel. Animate interviewed her about it. She basically says what I summarized above.

prad6 manga Asada Nikki leo alec swap

Funniest one I saw she did is one where Leo and Alec swapped bodies. She does a new manga at least once a week.

Like I said above in the March 9th event summary, directors Fujita Yoichi and Kyougoku Takahiko both wroked under PR director at some point, so he told them to advertize the movie. Fujita Yoichi tweets rarely but did it.
Love Live anime director Kyogoku Takahiko too, after the event on March 9th. Forgot where I put the tweet though. And of course he did, Love Live’s anime wouldn’t exist if not for all the stuff he learned while working on Pretty Rhythm’s CG.

The Denpagumi too like Kinpri according to Terashima Junta. Too busy to look for their tweets though.

prad6 Yuasa Kaede after watching kinpri

Source Seiyuu Yuasa Kaede, after seeing Kinpri in January with friends. She said she couldn’t stop thinking about it and says everyone should watch it.

prad6 Yamazaki Moe former singing Yurika kinpri tickets

Source. Yamazaki Moe, former member of Star Anis who used to do the singing voice of Yurika. Went to see Kinpri with a friend and really liked it.  Apparently she was already a fan of PR. She says people who don’t go see it will regret it all their lives.

prad6 kurosaki maon ticket

Source Kurosaki Maon went to see Kinpri and liked it and said there was some parts she didn’t understand so she wants to see it again.

prad6 sugita went to see kinpri and liked it

Sugita Tomokazu tweeted he went to see Kinpri and it was awesome. There’s an article about it with all the related tweets here.
The whole story: the 29th of February, Sugita tweeted he’s happy that he finished work early to make it in time at a screening of the movie “Doukyusei”, and was excited to see the movie of this nostalgic game he used to play on Sega Saturn.

prad6 Newtype Romance 2016 Spring that was released 29 February coverprad6 doukyusei

The thing is, the movie Doukyusei currently screening in Japan isn’t a movie of the bishoujo dating game Doukyusei at the right, but actually the movie adaptation of a boys love manga of the same name at the left. It seems he didn’t check what the movie is until it was too late.

After that in the same night he went to watch Kinpri too. Then when he went home he tweeted about his impressions. According the the article Sugita once said in a radio show he likes Over The Rainbow from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. But judging from his reactions, he probably didn’t watch all the show yet. He calls the characters nicknames or names mixed with their seiyuus names. He calls Kouji “Kakuji”, Hiro “Maenoro kun”, and Kazuki “black Masu”.

Translating tweets like that and keeping what makes them funny is hard. Sorry if most of it sounds weird.

“I thought Kazuki would be similar to Hiei in Yu Yu Hakushou because they’re both short and with spiky hair, but then turns out he’s the nice brother type. ”
“If I was in the bath in Shin’s place he would have fainted too.”
“Shin’s voice is high.”
“Chuuni boy(Yu)= seems he has a sister.”
“Ganeme(Kakeru)= nice healing voice, his OOO is probably big too.”
“Guy with green hair(Minato)=I wish I had that kindness ”
“Leo kyun= old men will open the forbidden door because of him. ”
“Yuuma(Yu)= Yeah he REALLY has a sister. Right?! Aaaaaah?!??”( This time he means how Yu is voiced by Uchida Yuuma, and has a sister Uchida Maaya.)
“Kanrinin=voiced by Namikawa san.”
“That white looking dude(Louis)= naante ne! “(I think he said that because Louis barely does anything in the movie. As in, “you thought Louis would do something? naaantenee!”)

Evil looking Lockon(Jin)=Something about is reason for revenge being wrong.(Lockon from Gundam 00, also voiced by Shinichiro Miki.)
“Alexander=Wow he sings super well, even though he wasn’t even born when Komuro’s stuff was popular. Takeuchi kun you did a great job”
(Komuro as in Komuro Tetsuya leader of TRF who made EZ DO DANCE in 1993. Alec’s seiyuu Takeuchi Shunsuke was born in 97. Alec’s voice is honestly better than the girls.)
When he tweeted about how Alexander voice is awesome, Komatsu Mikako/Ito tweeted him saying “I know right, Alexander’s EZ DO DANCE was so sexy”

Highlight to view because movie spoilers. As always, I didn’t see it myself so I’m not 100% sure: During the Kazuki Vs Alexander fight, Kazuki does Burning Sword Breaker and tries to slash Alexander with the sword. But Alexander blocks it using solely his abs, by making a bridge pose. Hence why there’s all the pics with Alexander showing his 6 packs. When Sugita saw that, he said it reminded him of Darun Mister’s Indian Bridge in Street Fighter EX. End spoilers

Currently in Japanese Mcdonalds, there’s a new milkshake, called honey lemon shake.  The next day after watching Kinpri, Sugita was eating one and tweeted Kinpri is scary, because eating it made him remember Kouji doing Hachimitsu Kiss and the honey coming out from his butt.

End of sugita’s story. If you check his twitter you’ll see he always retweets PR stuff now.

Random things

As I said this part is pretty long but still don’t even has every funny thing that has been made around PR recently. I put most things in the order I had them bookmarked, not in a particular order.

There’s a tag on twitter, , that’s about fans of Pretty Rhythm explaining the references in Kinpri to newcomers. A matome site summarized them all the tweets. Keep that bookmarked for when you can see the movie.
It’s stuff like the Callings cameo, who’s Tanaka/Yamada, how Burning Sword Breaker is based on stuff from Onmyou Taisenki and Crush Gear Turbo, two shows the director worked on, how Hachimitsu Kiss done by Kouji was originally Mion’s jump, etc. It’s funny how among the Kinpri reaction manga things, a lot of people are highlighting the honey coming out of Kouji’s butt during Hachimitsu Kiss, even thought that was already the case back in Aurora Dream whenever Mion did it. No one overreacted about it before now. Really shows how beside little girls, not that many people in Japan watched AD when it was airing.

prad3 juné figure shishido rumi

Recently in Shishido Rumi’s interview post I talked about this photo of her holding a doll of Juné she got from a fan. I checked and the person who gave her the doll is indeed Sekigucheap.
They tweet about it here. 

prad6 takeuchi shunsuke alexander seiyuu awards 2016

Seiyuu Awards 2016 was on March 12th. Takeuchi Shunsuke/Alec won 10th place in the men rookie section. All the results here. The Seiyuu Awards are kinda rigged because it’s always Avex or Dive 2 Entertainment related people who win. This year Iris won something. Last year it was Wake Up Girl who won something. Also Uesaka Sumire won 1st place at female newcomer seiyuu while I wouldn’t consider her a “newcomer” anymore. I know her since Sengoku Collection anime, that was in 2012. Sengoku Collection is a masterpiece, you should watch it.

prad6 shin louis White day screening events the 13th and 14th March

Decorations for the White day screening events the 13th and 14th March at a theater in Kawasaki.

prad5 dorothy leona watching prad6 hkc_sssss

Source Dorothy and Leona watching Kinpri.

prad6 crossdressing taiga kakeru sohyalll

Source Crossdressed Taiga and Kakeru.

prad6 taiga kazuki cosplayers AkiLion88

Source. Fans at a screening in Kagoshima.

prad3 juné hou posted

Source Artist drew this after going to the screening event the 20th February, where they showed RL eps like episode 32.

Someone making Kinpri charactes models in MMD

prad6 kinpri sing along cosplay event sapporo 6 march 2016 3  prad6 kinpri sing along cosplay event sapporo 6 march 2016 2 prad6 kinpri sing along cosplay event sapporo 6 march 2016 1

Source. Kinpri  screening event in Sapporo the 6th March 2016. Director stayed with them during all the event from 15:00 to 19:30 to chat.

prad3 game Oshamarasu name we got married oto ito

It says “we got married”. I think someone put in “we got married” as name in the arcade game or something.

prad animage 2016 kaname happy new year greeting card

Source I think I mentionned some posts ago how the first animage of 2016 had various series illustrations as new year greetings cards put in randomly. This is Kaname’s one.

prad6 yuu hiro parody


prad6 Irua went to see Kinpri at least 16 times and that was only in January

Irua went to see Kinpri at least 16 times and that was back in January. She/he probably got past 30 times by now.

prad3 juné beam modoki_tako18

Juné beam.

prad3 hijiri cosplay juné jun aka3taku

Hijiri says he’s dressing like his mom so that way he can meet his mom whenever he wants. I don’t understand what Jun says.

I obviously don’t have screens of the movie to prove it but one fan on twitter says Kouji in the movie wears the same bracelet his dad used to wear.

Again, I don’t have anything to prove it besides people saying it on twitter but one fun theory regarding how Alex hates Kazuki because of OTR doing performances to attract girls, is that Alec is a fan of Ito x Otoha and likes ALIVE. Apparently a lot of fan’s headcannon is that Alexander could be like ‘stop trying to seduce girls,  while girls should stay with girls”, and that basically Alec is a delusional yuributa.

King of Miracle Girls Festival

prad6 yukinojou louis Aka_ike_72


prad prizmmy live in january 2016 with some comedians

Source Was at a Prizmmy live, almost naked guy and the others are comedians or something, too busy to find the full context but it’s funny.

prad kumodoriren cosplay collage 4prad kumodoriren cosplay collage 3prad kumodoriren cosplay collage 2prad kumodoriren cosplay collage 1

Source. Collage of various cosplay photos. There’s some that I already posted before. I especially like the one with Naru hitting Hiro’s head like in the last episode.

prad6 alexander fake results sutekiplan

Source Fake results for the Kinpri fan election with Alec winning every place. It’s true he’s popular though.

prad3 juné rinne cosplay ‏@pug_000

Source Juné cosplayer at an early Kinpri screening in January. She apologized to the people who had to dodge her drills when walking past her or who couldn’t see the screen during the movie.

prad rizumu cosplay Kisakilala 2 prad rizumu cosplay Kisakilala 1

Cosplayer ,  photo: ひつじさん. Did a pretty good job with the outfit. I wish I had that outfit or the skill to do it too.

prad6 kazuki ann wakana taiga figthing manga hk_couji_pri

One of the many fan manga with Taiga.
An and Wakana are asking Kazuki an answer about their confession, then Taiga says “You stupid women! Don’t touch Kazuki san!!”. They answer “who’s this guy?”

prad6 wakana an kazuki taiga alec disco


prad3 beru cour 3 clothes meina_mame

Bell’s third cour clothes by this cosplayer. There’s pics of it on her blog. I think I already posted that a long time ago.

prad machida tower record febuary 2016 new cardboards recolor of the heroines final dresses 3prad machida tower record febuary 2016 new cardboards recolor of the heroines final dresses 2 prad machida tower record febuary 2016 new cardboards recolor of the heroines final dresses 1 prad machida tower record febuary 2016 new cardboards recolor of the heroines final dresses 4

In February, the Tower Record in Machida made new carboards of the heroines. I think the illustrations that were used are new. The clothes are new but not really new, they’re recolors of the coords they each wear in their final episodes.

prad wonder festival 2016 aira rizumu kaname figures katorikatori

There was unofficial figures of Aira Rizumu and Kaname sold at Wonder Festival 2016. They’re by this person.

prad6 how the characters call each other chart 10_mn_

Source A chart showing how the different characters in Kinpri call each other, and what pronoun they use for themselves. Some characters use nicknames, for example Kakeru calls Taiga “monkey” because he likes climbing tress. I guess fujoshis will use it as reference when making yaoi doujins?

Mia model in Custom Maid 3D 2

prad3 prism restaurant manga omumogu 2 prad3 prism restaurant manga omumogu 1 prad3 prism restaurant manga omumogu 3


prad2 shou aira manga 365minto 1
prad2 shou aira manga 365minto 2

Manga of Aira and Shou living together.

prad6 Animage March 2016 prism star type list _tundorasan0

A list from Animage February 2016 showing what type of Prism Star the new characters are. A lot of types are new. I guess since they aren’t restricted by the styles in the arcade game anymore.
Shin: Kirameki                                  Louis: Sweet
Yukinojo:Sexy                                   Leo: Lovely
Taiga: Pure heart                              Kakeru: Gorgeous
Minato: Delicious                             Yu:Tsundere
Alexander: Thunder

prad 赤坂 択 room posters 3prad 赤坂 択 room posters 2 prad 赤坂 択 room posters 1

Posters, bonus CD covers etc in the room of 赤坂 択, one of the handful of artists who does PR stuff since back when the tv anime started.

prad6 valentines 2016 kakeru minato yukinojou matsuura mai 2 prad6 valentines 2016 kakeru minato yukinojou matsuura mai 1

Valentines pics by Matsuura Mai.

prad6 matsuura mai louis bday 2016 prad6 matsuura mai shin bday 2016

Shin and Louis bday pics by Matsuura Mai.

prad6 louis earring 3kawaya3

A online cosplay shop specialized in accessories made Louis’s earring.

prad6 alexander six packs abs shining pyjamas parody game_to_temaki_

A parody of Bandai’s shining pajamas. They’re pajamas that shine in the dark.

mahoutsukai purikua shining pajamas

Those are real ones for comparison. I only saw pics of Purikua ones but there’s probably ones for other series as well. If you want to know why there’s tons of fanart with Alexander and his abs read the spoilers in the Sugita part.

prad6 alexander kintaro mask fans cherrysky_9_12_prad6 screening event in kagoshima february alexander kintaro mask fans @nefirimu

Fans at a screening event in Kagoshima in February. A lot of people would come at the screening events with masks like these. These are really funny. That guy really nailed that Kintaro finger flicking scene.

prad6 screening event in umeda february fans character jackets cyacyakooo 1 prad6 screening event in umeda february fans character jackets cyacyakooo 2

Or with custom jackets with their favorite character.  That was at a screening event in February in Umeda.

prad6 screening event alexander mask abs

One more.

prad6 flavor flashback scene list of recipes cooked by kouji yunxxxa

Source In the movie there’s a flashback scene with Flavor playing, and there’s scenes with Kouji cooking for Hiro and Kazuki. Someone who went to see the movie tons of times made a list of all the things Kouji cooked.

prad6 jin baton toy takanoatsunori

Drawn by a fan saying Takara Tommy should commercialize Jin’s baton.

prad6 illustration by sapporo fan to director valentine screening event

Illustration a fan gave to the director at the Sapporo valentine screening event.

prad 6 pr&pp movie kabedon kazuki wakana mitu_honey

In route 4 of the PR&PP movie, during the kabedon scenes at the end of Flavor. The girls are blackened out so you can’t see, but Director said the girl Kazuki is doing kabedon to is Wakana. I don’t know if he said anything for the others.
Because of that now there’s fanart about it. In the Kinpri movie though, during the bicycle scene, it seems Kazuki is riding with An.
So it’s not like Kazuki chose someone yet.
Pic tl: Kazuki says the same line as in the movie, you’re annoying because you’re too cute. Wakana almost laughs because it’s too cute Kazuki can’t do it without blushing.

prad4 poster korean versionprad4 all star selection promo duo outfits

Left is Korean version of the Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection arcade game poster.
The one at the right  is the Japanese version. I don’t think I saw a version before of the poster without Laala. So it seems Korea edited her out.
I know PriPara anime started in Korea for a few months now. I don’t know how much popular is it though. Seeing how popular PR is in Korea, I don’t think the PP arcade game will replace PR arcade game like in Japan. Maybe both games will keep running side by side.

prad4 manga ito rizumu kouji hibiki duo fun fun heart dive 1 prad4 manga ito rizumu kouji hibiki duo fun fun heart dive 2

From the Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection manga. Ito and Rizumu doing Fun Fun Heart Dive thinking of Kouji and Hibiki. I really wish someone would scan this manga.

prad6 alexander cosplay KnOkiP 3prad6 alexander cosplay KnOkiP 2 prad6 alexander cosplay KnOkiP 1

Source Alexander cosplay

prad6 hiro naru yatterman cosplay

Source One of Naru’s cameos in the movie is her doing a Yatterman movie with Hiro, so people cosplayed them.

prad6 naru natsuki_botan cosplay happy naru crab poseprad3 naru natsuki_botan cosplayprad6 natsuki_botan jin schwarz rose cap cosplay

Same Naru cosplayer doing the happy Naru crab pincers pose and cosplaying Naru with her seventh coord. And also made a Jin Schwarz Rose cap. Really impressive.

prad3 beru naru nuretaorutarou


prad3 prad5 prad6 leo leona naru mgmeko

Source “Two among these are males”

prad3 wani_ru GJ nice shot ito otoha snowboard 2 prad3 wani_ru GJ nice shot ito otoha snowboard 1

Apparently since 2010, every January in Japan there’s some ski event called GJナイスショット/GJ nice shot, taking place at the ski resort in Hakuba, where people ski using skis or snowboards with anime characters they like. Some people go cosplayed too. There may be an actual tournament too. Anyway I have too much stuff to go through to google this in detail.
So anyway, at the GJ Nice Shot 6 this January, there was some people with PR boards. The sign reads “Suzuno Ito, Takanashi Otoha, we will always be together.”

prad GJ nice shot snowboard with all pretty rhythm seasons

Snowboard with SD version of the heroines. If you’re interested in looking more into it there’s a blog about the event.

prad3 hijiri juné peach_roco

Source “Those who want to know who’s the woman with chairman Himuro in Kinpri, please watch RL”

miriota and OL after seeing prad6 black9arrows

Source. One of the hundreds of kinpri reaction fanart/manga you can find on twitter. “a military otaku and an office lady after seeing Kinpri”

prad6 reaction manga hanakuso_haco 1prad6 reaction manga hanakuso_haco 2 prad6 reaction manga hanakuso_haco 3prad6 reaction manga hanakuso_haco 4

Source Another one.

prad6 hiro beru merry__chu


prad3 prad6 naru 2016 bday rkrk192

Source This person makes a pic like this every year for Naru’s birthday. This year they included how she looks in Kinpri, like her Yatterman parody costume.

prad6 screening event february 26 umeda 3 prad6 screening event february 26 umeda 1prad6 screening event february 26 umeda 2prad6 screening event february 26 umeda 4

Source Fans at a screening event end of February in Umeda.

prad6 corner animate tenjin shop in Fukuoka the 29th February 2016

Starting the end of February when shops picked up how popular the movie is getting, they started making corners dedicated to the movie. This is the animate shop in Fukuoka the 29th February 2016.

prad6 shin louis bday screening event tama mask fans 2 prad6 shin louis bday screening event tama mask fans 1

Source Fans at the Shin&Louis bday screening event in Tama the 29th Feb. There was also a board to write messages there, and one fan made a message book for people to write in too.

prad6 poster clothes cosplay

Source OTR clothes on the Kinpri’s poster.

prad6 taiga kazuki manga aippp22

Source “Kazuki san you’re too lukewarm recently”. *hugs* “How am I now?” “Super warm”

prad6 hiro psoter cosplay ayase841 2prad6 hiro psoter cosplay ayase841 1 prad6 hiro psoter cosplay ayase841 3

Cosplayer. Photos:    

prad line stamps 1 prad line stamps 2

Lots of people made PR themed LINE stamps.

pretty rhythm shake prad

March 12th 2016 was the first anniversary of the phone game Pretty Rhythm Shake. There hasn’t been a single update or event to the game since the start of 2016, so fans are ( jokingly for some) saying it’s dead.  There hasn’t been any official word of it getting closed down though. Maybe at one point they’ll add Kinpri characters in it. Apparently there’s a message the game’s staff function in the game, so some people are actually sending messages saying they want updates. It’s nice they aren’t only complaining and actually act.

prad6 otr cross dress 2prad6 otr cross dress 1 prad6 otr cross dress 3

prad6 crossdress hiro kouji ito beru nitan 21 1 prad6 crossdress hiro kouji ito beru nitan 21 2


Kinpri spoilers, highlight to read: Remember that Kazuki meta interview I translated some posts ago where he said he had to crossdress for the cultural festival that happens between RL and Kinpri? Apparently in Kinpri they actually show it in a flashback, and Hiro and Kouji crossdress too. Kazuki wears An’s clothes. Hiro wears Bell’s clothes. Kouji wears Ito’s clothes.The clothes at the left of each page. Each time Kazuki does something related to the girl, it alternate between An and Wakana to show he didn’t choose yet. The kabedon girl is Wakana but the one he crossdressed as is An. End of spoilers.

prad6 screening event wakana taiga ann cosplay      prad6 screening event wakana taiga ann gaijin 4 koma parody cosplay

Source Pretty funny gaijin yonkoma parody.

prad6 kakeru patting taiga


prad6 If Shin and Taiga were in the same class manga 1 prad6 If Shin and Taiga were in the same class manga 2

Source “If Shin and Taiga were in the same class”

prad6 alexander ikuyoan


prad director juné figure sekigucheap

Sekigucheap met director san at some event and took a photo with him with one of his mini Juné figure.

prad3 prad6 komatsu mikako short wavy hair ito

In January Komatsu Mikako /Ito had short wavy hair just like Ito in her cameos in Kinpri.

prad6 9 year old elite excerpt

I don’t know when or how, but at some point they choose 30 people as “elite fans” and 30 people as “rookie” fans, and made them fill out a questionnaire  at one of the events. That’s an excerpt. One of those “elite” fan is a 9 year old girl, and she wrote in summary “I didn’t like Hiro san at first. I mean, he was scary. And he liked Kouji san. Too much. That’s probably that. He’s a guy but still liked Kouji san, then their love didn’t go right, and beacuse of it he became a bad guy.”

prad5 shop otr white day chocolates

Source At a PriPara shop. Selling OTR chocolates for White Day.

prad3 OTR snowboard

Source Some fan who went snowboarding the 13th.

prad3 aikatsu risa hiro parody

Source Parody of Hiro’s famous line with episode 174 of Aikatsu! where Risa sings Mizuki’s song Move On Now or something. She says, “did you see that senpai, the one who can sing your song the best is me!!”. I stopped watching Aikatsu since s1 but I like all the characters including the potatoes.

prad3 juné 3dono0830

Source “I’m glad Juné sama didn’t become like Kaguya hime”

prad6 alexander ns_mmr

Source “We’re going to win today!”. Her T shirt is 68 because 6 “hachi” >6 pachi >6packs. Seeing how popular Alec is, I think fangirls like that actually exist. I’d like to meet one as a fellow Alec fan.

prad6 hiro naru rkrk192


prad6 an kazuki wakana taiga alexander tkmapple


prad6 kazuki taiga an wakana duo parody odagiri_121


lady oscar andré trench coats versailles no bara 1 lady oscar andré trench coats versailles no bara 2

Source. Currently in Japan there’s a trench coat brand doing ads with Oscar and André from Versailles no Bara.

prad6 Over The Rainbow SPECIAL FAN DISC at toranoana in ikebukuro 2 prad6 Over The Rainbow SPECIAL FAN DISC at toranoana in ikebukuro 1

At the Toranoana shop in Ikebukuro.

Animedia is making small OTR dakimakuras.

prad6 wakana alexander abs


prad3 watching prad5 pp PR movie

Source inspired from the end of route 4 in the PR&PP movie.

prad3 juné seventh coord EPI_prism


prad Hiro x Kouji Glowstick Train 1 prad Hiro x Kouji Glowstick Train 2 prad Hiro x Kouji Glowstick Train 3

Source  Hiro x Kouji Glowstick Train

prad jun yukipaco

Source Jun. Would be nice if we had more Jun. Maybe make a version of him in the RL world and make him show up in Kinpri sequel.

prad6 alexander fan girl


prad6 alexander INDOOR_DON


prad6 march 9th event juné telepone_


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