KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm bluray and DVD announced for June 17 2016


There’s a normal version priced 6800 yen for BD, 5800 yen for DVD, and a limited version with a CD and bonuses priced 12000 yen for the BD and 11000 for the DVD.
Limited edition bonuses :
A bonus cover and some storyboards.
Footage of various screening events: the movie’s premiere January 9th at Wald9, the one for the Kinpri election, the one for valentine, the one for Louis and Shin’s bday, the one for white day, etc.
A new original short anime directed and storyboard by PR director Hishida Masakazu

I don’t think it says yet what the CD will have besides “songs in the movie”

Both versions are listed to have “特報&PV集” so I think this means all the messages before the movie starts wil be in. The vote for me messages, An and Kouji’s message, etc.

That’s sooner than I expected. I predicted it would be released in July.But that wasn’t taking into account the movie would kept being shown for months. Maybe in June the movie will still actually be shown in theaters.  At the very least, even if at worst case scenario the momentum falls and the movie stops being screened before BD/DVD realease in June, they’ll restart the screening events when the BD/DVD gets released and do them for all of June to August. That’s what they did with the PR movie iirc.

Also I think usually movie’s BD/DVD releases are announced when the movie stops being screened. That was the case a few days ago with the Garupan movie iirc.  That’s not the case with Kinpri. There’s screening events planned all the way to May.

Anyway I’m really hyped we have a date. Hence why I’m posting this now instead of waiting till I make another long news post.  We non Japanese fans wil finally see Kinpri too.

Source Two days ago on the 19th they also announced BDs boxes for Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. Box 1 will be released on August 5th. Box 2 on December 23.

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