Pretty Rhythm News April 2016 Part 1

prad3 aka3taku otr hijiri jin rei juné penguins posted


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What I sometimes call “screening events” are the “ouenjouei”, the screenings with karaoke, where you can scream and cosplay and stuff.

Kinpri related things

Director tweeted the 15th April a lot of theaters ended their Kinpri screening that day but don’t worry there’s still quite a few showing it and the movie is still going on. And there’s still a bunch of theaters planning to screen it. Some screenings in Hokkaido start as far as the 21st of May. You can check on the ever changing theater page as always. It seems by the time the movie is released on  BD/DVD the screenings would have just stopped, or it would still be shown. And even then, when the BD DVD are out I think there’s gonna be a huge wave of ouenjouei again.

On March 17 Director tweeted Kinpri earned more than 300 million yen.

Kinpri April Fools summary

They made a new ad for the screening events, narrated by Alec/Takeuchi Shunsuke.

From March 30 to April 5, that commercial was among the looping CMs on big screens at 4 locations:

Video source
1: The 4 giant screens at the notorious 4 way intersection at Shibuya you can see in the video above. (The giant screen’s name is 4面ビジョン)
2: The big screens on the Yodobashi building at Akihabara (The giant screen’s name is Yodobashi-Vision)
3: The big screen on the LaOX shop building at Akihabara (The giant screen’s name is アキバビジョン)
4: The big screen on the Cinema Sunshine building at Ikebukuro (The bigscreen’s name is  リプレビジョン)

Then on the 7th of April, they published a longer version of the same CM.

Shin screaming MINNA NI IIITAIKOTO GA ARIMAAAAAAASUUUUUU is another meme among the fans. Director did it too before announcing the 250 million yen back at that event I covered last post.

Source according to Kamaeri Kanato who worked on PR and is now working on PR, a lot of seiyuu and women related to the anime industry like Kinpri and spread the word about it.

Kinpri is pretty much a society phenomenon in Japan now so there’s news shows talking about it too. For example, on April 12 it was featured in morning “infotainment” show called Mezamashi TV that airs every weekday at 0600 on Fuji terebi. Apparently it’s a pretty huge deal it got in this show.

Anyway I actually watched it. It was very very short, they didn’t talk about the movie itself, it was an introduction about what’s an ouenjouei, and just said it’s how you can sing and jeer and scream and have fun. In case you still think only fujoshi go see the movie, there was lotsof guys in the audience shots. And there’s been guys in all the audience shots I’ve seen since the movie got out. They showed a few pics not shown in other promo material before:

prad6 Mezamashi TV april 12 3 prad6 Mezamashi TV april 12 2 prad6 Mezamashi TV april 12 1

Source. Put in tiny on purpose in case you don’t want to spoil yourself. Click to enlarge.

prad6 girl who saw it 145 times 2

Then they showed short interviews of fans, and one girl said she went to see the movie 145 times so far.

prad6 girl who saw it 145 times 1

“I think I’ll keep going as long as there’s theaters still showing it.”

Source1 Source2 Speaking of screenings events, there’s probably been cases of fans telling other fans “I’m better than you filthy secondaries scum who only watched RL or Kinpri” because director tweeted 3 days ago about how people shouldn’t be scornful or despise others fans. That if there was some force that looked down on Prism Shows in the story, the Prism Stars would fight them. And that it’s NG to make yourself feel good by making others feel uncomfortable. And that Prism Stars are doing their best to make everyone in the audience feel good. In the second tweet he says he himself a long time ago once got angry at some people who wrote プリティリズム while the correct spelling is プリティーリズム, and he still regrets it now. And that we should just be happy that people like it whether they say プリティリズム or プリティーリズム, or that people who say カズキ senpai will like Kinpri so you should work hard to tell them nicely it’s actually カヅキ senpai. (I don’t really care either way and just write Kazuki senpai)

prad6 a3 chargers etc 2 prad6 a3 chargers etc 1 prad6 a3 chargers etc 5 prad6 a3 chargers etc 4 prad6 a3 chargers etc 3

Chargers and others goods sold by A3. There was a campaign on twitter, they gave away stuff to random people among their followers.

prad6 mochikororin

At Anime Japan 2016 they released those “mochikororin” and now it became a meme and there’s tons of cute fanart with the characters drawn like that.

EZ DO DANCE -K.O.P. Remix- was broadcast on the radio in Japan, the 21st of March during a program called Radical NEO night. That’s why you can already find it on the net even though the movie’s OST is getting released 27th April.

prad6 Animate Café 2 prad6 Animate Café 3prad6 Animate Café 1

Kinpri got a collabo with Animate Café. They’ll sell PR themed drinks and cakes etc. First one is at the Animate Café in Ikebukuro and will last from 29th April to June 12. Second one will be at the Animate Café in Kyoto and will be from June 1st to July 18.They’ll also do some kind of lottery, and will distribute free Kazuki things for Kazuki birthday on May 5, and Jin things for the OST release.

prad6 kouji hachimitsu kiss animate cafe honey

They’ll also sell Kouji’s hachimitsu kiss honey

prad6 fan festival the 29 and 30 april 2016

On April 29 and 30, there will be a Kinpri fan festival at Ikebukuro, in the shopping mall Sunshine City Alpa, in bunka kaikan 2F, exhibition hall D. Note that April 29-30 will be Golden Week so there should be tons of people attending. It’ll last from 9:00 to 17:00 on both days. There’s an entrance fee but it’ll be free for grade schoolers. There will also be an introduction corner to PR/Kinpri that’s free and that anyone can go to. There will even be a stamp rally across Ikebukuro, with checkpoints at the fan festival, at the Animate in Ikebukuro, and the Animate Café there too. There will be 6 stamps/checkpoints in total. Each stamp is a character, first 3 are Hiro Kouji Kazuki, then it’s Shin, Taiga and Louis. If I got it right, the last one with Louis is a special one you can only get at the animate checkpoint if you preordered the DVD or BD and show your receipt of it.
During the Fan Festival there will also be 2 ouenjouei, one each day, at the Humax theater right near. Tickets are 1600 yen.

prad6 fan festival the 29 and 30 april 2016 bag keychain

People who buy their tickets for the Fan Fesctival in advance instead of on site will get keychains and a bag for free.

The BD and DVD release was announced on March 21 on the official site and twitter, but also with giant posters at various train stations like Shinjuku san chome. The advertisement posters stayed until March 27.

prad6 bd dvd ad 23 march

There was also ads in Osaka and  Umeda station. I don’t know where this one photo above was.

prad6 bd ost release ad umeda station 2 prad6 bd ost release ad umeda station 1

Source This above was at Umeda station.

The official Kinpri twitter got more than 30 000 followers, so they released twitter avatars of the king of princesses.

prad6 april fool screening event surprise message

There was a special April Fools screening events from the 1st to 3rd April. The one at Wald 9 was recorded, as they’ll put some footage of it and of all the special screenings events in the limited edition of the movie’s BD/DVD. Before the movie there was a message from a surprise character. I’m not 100% sure as I haven’t had the time to check twitter in detail but I think it was Alexander dressed as Akaii Meganee, with her Rainbow Live clothes.

The first ouenjoueikai of April were the weekend of the 9th and 10th April.

One of these was at Okinawa the 9th. There was a talk show with director, Tatsunoko producer Yoda Ken and Synsophia’s Katou Daisuke. First time I hear that name, he’s one of the people at Synsophia who worked on the arcade game and 3DS games, so he’s the one who got some of the original ideas for some of the jumps. According to Director san he also got the idea for one of Alexander’s jumps in the movie. Highlight to view the details Kinpri spoilers Source The jump Alec does to block Kazuki’s sword, “Koutetsu no Six Pack” was the idea of Kato san. Director says “it was also Kato san’s idea” so that’s not the only jump Kato san thought of. So now so far I know that the ones who designed jumps are Director, CG director, Kyougoku Takahiko, and now Kato Daisuke. They’re amazing to be able to make stuff so lame and yet so incredible and awesome. Not only trying to impress you but make you laugh and amazed as well at how over the top ridiculous it is. Only in PR you see that. Anyway.

prad director going to okinawa for screening event 9 april 2016

Pic shared by director. He took a plane for Okinawa on the 9th morning.

prad6 okinawa april 9 2016 screening event talk show end pic

Audience shot at the end of the Okinawa ouenjouei.

The next day, the 10th April, at Fukuoka there was another screening event withe a talk show with director and Tatsunoko producer Yoda Ken. They’re really going all over Japan for the events. I hope Director san is not too tired. He still needs to be director of Fairiru too at the same time.

On April 17 there was an ouenjouei at Wald 9, and they also recorded some otaku focused show with Namikawa Daisuke, Kanrinin’s seiyuu.

On April 27 there will be the “2nd KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm Prism Elite Meeting”. This one will be big since it’ll be broadcast live on the net. It’s for the release of the OST, the same day.  The 1st Prism Elite Meeting iirc was on February 9, and was just a normal screening event+talk show.

It’ll be on Niconico, here’s the page. I can access it normaly so it doesn’t seem it’ll be region locked. I timeshifted it in case I miss it.

There was also an online lottery to win a copy of the OST I think, registration ended on April 8.
There will be the same four as usual at the event, as the ones who pushed the most to make Kinpri happen: PR Director Hishida Masakazu, Chara designer Matsuura Mai, Tatsunoko Producer Yoda Ken and Avex producer Nishi Hiroko. I know their names by heart by now.
Live will start at 2000 Japanese time. The Kinpri election is over since April 1, so they should announce the results there. I think either Taiga or Alexander won. I hope it’s Alexander for maximum fun. They will probably also announce how much the movie earned now. I hope now we’re at least at 500 million.

Releases details etc

prad avex page 18 december 2015 overhaul

Blurays boxes for Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live were announced on March 19. They haven’t revealed the covers yet, but I think one of them will be the new illustration(pic above at the right) they added when they renovated the site in december. BD box 1 will be released on August 5. BD box 2 on December 23 2016. In both boxes, there will be 2 episodes with audio commentary, so 4 audio commentaries in total. People who preorder the box/buy first prints will get bonus cases/covers to put them in, and small booklets with storyboard samples.

Kinpri BD/DVD release 17 June with a regular edition and a limited edition. No cover yet, though it may be the picture they used for the big ads in the train stations.
People who preorder/buy first prints will get a booklet with storyboards samples. Regardless of whether you preodered the limited edition or the regular one.
People who preorder/buy first prints the limited edition will also get bonus cases/covers.

The regular edition only has the booklet and the BD/DVD  with the movie and a compilation with the PVs and messages before the movie start.

The limited edition will have footage of the movie’s premiere on January 9, footage of every special ouenjouei, (the one for Shin&Louis birthday, the valentines one, the white day one, the aprils fools one, etc.) A “new original animated short” directed and written by director san. (which will have stuff like Yuu getting with everyone to write the lyrics of Dramatic Love as said later below) Lastly there’s also a CD with songs playing during the movie and “others”, maybe a drama CD like thing will be in too.

prad6 ost cover otr shin

Cover of the Kinpri OST, release April 27 2016. It also has a second CD with a drama CD conversation like thing.

MY★STAR vol.5 release 22 March 2016 has interview of the OTR boys and the new Edel Rose boys MY★STAR vol.5 release 22 March 2016 has interview of the OTR boys and the new Edel Rose boys 2

MY★STAR vol.5 release 22 March 2016 has interviews of the OTR boys and the new Edel Rose boys. If I got it right it’s meta interviews of the characters themselves, not the seiyuus.

prad6 Dengeki Girl's Style release date 9 April 2016 otr pin upprad6 Dengeki Girl's Style release date 9 April 2016 otr pin up 2

Dengeki Girl’s Style May 2016, release date 9 April 2016 has a OTR pin up drawn by Matsuura Mai/Odeco, and some comments by PR director and Avex producer Nishi Hiroko.

prad6 Animage May 2016 release on April 9th kazuki alexander taiga rei coo

Animage May 2016 release April 9th has a STREET STYLE Kinpri poster drawn by Matsuura Mai, and an interview of Director Hishida Masakazu.

prad6 Newtype May 2016 release April 9th Louis Shin poster

Newtype May 2016 release April 9th has a Louis x Shin poster, and an interview of Avex producer Nishi Hiroko san and Kinpri’s ED song Dramatic Love’s arranger Miyajima Junko san.

PASH! magazine June issue  release on May 10 will have Kinpri on the cover!! I think it’s the first time Pretty Rhythm gets to be on the cover of an anime magazine. The start of Japan realizing Pretty Rhythm is anime of the decade!! After being featured in many magazines, it’ll finally have the cover.  Not counting the kids magazines where the various PR manga were published like Ciao or Puchigumi.

prad6 dramatic love was made by yuu photo 382ms

photo source According to one of the interviews of Director and Nishi san in these many magazines I list every post:
In universe Dramatic Love was composed by Yuu. Yuu wanted to make a song without his sister or Kouji’s help, and the result was Dramatic Love. The lyrics were written by all the boys in Edel Rose. This is one of the things that will be shown in the bonus anime in the limited edition of the BD/DVD, and director is currently properly writing a script for it. It’ll be like, all the Edel Rose boys used to do their own thing isolated, and when Shin joined, they all joined back together and make a new show.
Nishi san says that in Dramatic Love, all the boys sing the part that they wrote.

Avex issued a statement regarding the Pretty Rhythm Prism Show Fandisc bluray that was released recently.
In Wakana’s show, when she does Mezame no Flower Waltz, the lion jump inspired from Shi Yoon’s King of Jungle, the subs incorrectly say “Ethnic Splash” instead. People can send back their disc to receive another one with the subs corrected.

prad3 hiro pillow hobby japan april 15 preorder start 2 prad3 hiro pillow hobby japan april 15 preorder start 1

Hobby Japan Joshibu started preorders for a Hiro bedsheet on April 15. IT’ll ship in July.


If I counted correctly, On Saturday 9 April 2016 it’s been 5 years since Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream started airing. I started watching it a few weeks after it started, as I put it on my watch list because the girls’ outfits on the first promo material were cute. I remember it like it was yesterday. Time goes so fast. I liked it enough to keep watching, and some things that kept my intention was that it had one of the most realistic depiction of parents in anime, because Aira’s mom is actually fat as she got 4 children and work in a patisserie. The very first time I thought “WOW THIS SHOW IS ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD” was during episode 18, the summer festival date.

Now that Kinpri made PR as a whole much more popular, I’m thinking of writing some kind of retrospective. I don’t want to seem like some elitist or anything, I just thought that some people reading this blog might be interested  about how things were back then, about PR’s global popularity back then. With all the data I have I can even say a little bit about spanish or chinese speaking side of the net as well.

I got the idea to do this when the other day, I was rewatching my usual dose of Yugioh Kaiba MAD videos, and something striked me. There’s no ultra fun MAD videos of Pretty Rhythm. I don’t mean just things like putting a different song on a different scene with a little bit of montage, because then there’s stuff like the AIkatsu Rainbow Live OP 2 parody, which is pretty funny still. I mean actual funny montage with voices and stuff like the Kaiba MAD I linked above.

I’ve barely ever seen any PR funny MAD on niconico, despite all the infinite potential the show has, thanks to all it’s ridiculously lame and yet awesome or over the top jumps, and many other things. It’s really impressive no one ever did something crazy with it. Sure Yugioh is super popular and of a totally different scale, but still. Just with Jun alone, you could make a billion of hilarious videos. Meanwhile the only thing I ever saw are just videos compilations of his poems.

It really shows how globally unpopular PR was during it’s TV run before Kinpri happened. Or rather than unpopular, the correct word should be “unknown”. People are only noticing Pretty Rhythm now thanks to Kinpri. And that even includes news site like ANN, who reported almost everything Kinpri related pretty fast during a certain point, while they never did that when PR aired on TV except when a new season was announced.

I think when Kinpri gets released on DVD/BD and people get free access of it’s footage, we might see a huge boom of funny PR videos on niconico.


Kinpri spoilers, source apparently the Scwharz Rose skyscraper was made using the existing Prism Show Association building. Jin bought it up and refurbished it into the Schwarz Rose building. end spoilers.

prad6 alexander Matsuura Mai Odeco

Source New Alexander pic by Matsuura Mai/Odeco.

prad Takahashi Daisuke prism show 1prad Takahashi Daisuke prism show 2 prad Takahashi Daisuke prism show 3 prad Takahashi Daisuke prism show 4

Source Takahashi Daisuke recently did an ice skating performance that was pretty much a Prism Show. I could probably find the actual video but too busy.

Korean bro spends 1000 hours in MSpaint recreating Rainbow Live iconic scenes

prad doujin fashion magazine sold at prism jump 2015 tokoroten_nata

Source. That was sold at the 10th Prism Jump doujin event, which was around late 2015. It’s basically a real fake fashion magazine about PR things.  You can check Prism Jump doujin events here.

prad5 prad6 i☆Ris Shibuya Azuki Dorothy cosplayed as Taiga 3prad5 prad6 i☆Ris Shibuya Azuki Dorothy cosplayed as Taiga 2 prad5 prad6 i☆Ris Shibuya Azuki Dorothy cosplayed as Taiga 1

i☆Ris’ Shibuya Azuki/Dorothy posing as Taiga. She said maybe she’ll do Hibiki(PriPara’s Hibiki) one day.

prad6 alex louis 6 pack bread fun comic marokuri5


prad3 guidebook 1st amazon literary criticism books on april 15 2016

On April 15, the RL guidebook was the best selling book in the literary books criticizing anime/manga on Amazon.

Sometimes I listen to Umasugi wave, the SRW radio program that’s going on since when Divine Wars was airing in 2006. I only started listening regularly like 2 years ago. It’s every week, with Endou Masaki, Tomokazu Sugita and Aizawa Mai. On #479, 8th march 2016, Sugita quickly retold how he went to see Dokyusei and Kinpri. at around 16:30.

fairiru bee

In the Fairiru episode that aired on March 17 there was a bee fairy. The Fairuru twitter said “she won’t bring out honey out of her butt” referencing Hachimitsu Kiss. Because Fairiru’s director is PR director.

There’s some company called Minna no kuji that does lottery to win goods at shops or something. They announced they’re going to do one for Kinpri goods. For now they haven’t announced when or which shops will do it though. Info page.

Source Probably from some interview or audio commentaries I haven’t translated yet. Apparently when Ookubo Rumi was chosen to voice Mia, she said that she likes Aira and how she has a romance, so she’d like Mia to have a love interest too. Then Director told her that Mia has someone she admires and she got excited thinking who it’d be, then when it turned out to be Prism Ace and she was like “It’s this guy?” and was disappointed.

prad6 shin same clothes xx conan bakura yugioh 3prad6 shin same clothes xx conan bakura yugioh 2 prad6 shin same clothes xx conan bakura yugioh 1

Source Someone pointed out Shin dresses the same as Hattori Heiji in some Conan episodes, and most importantly the same as Bakura in Yugioh. This made me laugh a lot. I’m looking forward to The Dark Side of Dimensions. I hope I’ll be able to pick Arc V soon too. Stopped Yugioh since when 5D’s ended.

prad6 louis rinne manga ochaumee

Source Louis and Rinne
Lousy tl sorry. My Japanese reading still sucks but the fact that the person wrote it in a way to emulate 2 persons speaking in riddle without telling the audience everything doesn’t help.
Note: that doesn’t actually happen in the movie, but the person who wrote it based it on something that does happen, Louis singing Pride, and wrote this thinking what would happen if Rinne would meet him. So if you don’t want to spoil yourself don’t read.
Louis: Just look Shin, the one who  can sing the best this song is… (Hiro’s line)
Rinne: Is that your song?
Louis: Ahh you’re… Do you have something to do with me? I just want to sing a song that I think fits me.
Louis: Also, are you fine being here? Aren’t you guys supposed to leave this world alone? If you stay only longer won’t you be able to go back?
Rinne: You don’t know anything…
Louis:What’s you’re objective?
Rinne: I believe that your Prism will end up hurting someone.
Rinne: If you hurt any of them, I won’t forgive you.

prad3 naru sewn patch hmew8

Naru sewing patch made by this fan

prad6 yuu shin minato leo otoha beru white day manga hk_couji_pri

Source It’s white day, and Yuu wants to give Bell a present in return of some valentine chocolate he got from her. He’s waiting at the front gate of Edel Rose and is super nervous, the others try to encourage him. However, Oto detects him with her City Hunter like killing intent detection, so she tells Bell they should go home using the back gate today.

prad6 yuu beru choco p_y_o 1prad6 yuu beru choco p_y_o 2

There’s multiple fanart pointing out Bell gave Yuu valentine chocolate at some point, so there must be a scene in the movie hinting it. Or maybe it was in the valentine short story that director wrote that was in a magazine. Knowing Bell she probably just gave chocolate because he’s a fan and not because she likes him.

prad6 yuu beru okwr_p

Source Can’t translate sorry, can’t find the kanji Bell use since the way it’s handwritten, and doesn’t look like any result when putting it in a handwriting dictionary. I spent like 30 minutes on it. I really wanted to understand it. If someone can explain the joke please do.
EDIT: yeah its’ the kanji for little brother, thanks. I understand what Bell is saying, but not sure how to translate it. Basically she thinks Yuu is a very cute little brother and doesn’t take him seriously.

prad6 naru hiro eating cake

Here’s one I can read:
Hiro sama:Are, Naru chan you’re not eating?That’s rare.
Naru chan: I really want to eat…
Naru chan: But to tell the truth these days I got fatter, my western style clothes feel tighter…
Hiro sama:I think you shouldn’t mind it…
Naru chan: Really!? Then I shouldn’t think about it and just eat! Happy naaaru!!

prad3 otoha tea cardboard 2nd cour performance clothes

Cardboard at a Tower Record shop. I think I already posted it a long time ago. I think it’s slightly different though?

prad6 ito yuu cheer GentleTuesday

Source Ito and Yu Cheering for Kouji

prad3 bell iphone case 2 prad3 bell iphone case 1

Source Someone made a Bell iphone case.

prad3 jrainbow yomorin_info


prad6 prad3 beru naru duo parody yokinojou leo


prad3 manga vol 5 switch chara

Remember that page of the Rainbow Live manga I posted a long time ago in one of my Rainbow Live posts, where the characters switches bodies? I knew it was from the Pretty Rhythm Maganzine released on Feb 20 2014, but I didn’t know which volume it’ll be in since it wasn’t out in volume form yet.  I found out recently it’s from volume 5. Would be nice if someone buys and scans all the Pretty Rhythm mangas one day. Especially the All Star Selection manga.

prad3 huruhonya rinne naru comic 1 page 1 prad3 huruhonya rinne naru comic 1 page 2

There’s someone called huruhonya that draws heartwarming comics of Naru and Rinne together. They’re all in this page. Some are one page long, some are longer, you need to click the image to flip pages. Sometimes the other characters appear too. It would be nice if someone translate them.

prad3 irigoa itoprad3 irigoa wakana prad3 irigoa rinneprad3 irigoa rinne wakana ito

Source Clothes and poses are from a Perfume MV.

prad6 everyone loves kazuki nkdr220


prad3 juné cosplay らみたす photo NAMIさん 1prad3 juné cosplay らみたす photo NAMIさん 3 prad3 juné cosplay らみたす photo NAMIさん 4 prad3 juné cosplay らみたす photo NAMIさん 2

Cosplay: らみたす
Photo: NAMIさん

Really ingenious, didn’t think you could do Mugen Hug Eternal like that.

prad3 juné cosplay らみたす photo NAMIさん 5 prad3 juné cosplay らみたす photo NAMIさん 6

On the 4th pic you could think she’s holding a phone but it’s actually a picture of Hijiri. Pretty funny.

prad6 louis cosplay らみたす photo NAMIさん 1prad6 louis cosplay らみたす photo NAMIさん 2 prad6 louis cosplay らみたす photo NAMIさん 3

Same cosplayer same photographer.

prad3 Meisama_Q juné hair making of cosplay

If you check her timeline there’s multiple pictures across many days with how she made the Juné hair.  I think I never had so much fun looking at a cosplay making of. I saved it all for future reference if I ever want to try it if I get married.

prad6 jin cosplay Kawasaki the weekend of the 9th April 2016prad3 naru jin cosplay Meisama_Q screening event Kawasaki the weekend of the 9th April 2016

Source1 source2 At the ouenjouei in Kawasaki the weekend of the 9th April 2016.

tov tales estelle cosplay okazk21 photo @smalldragon111

Photo: 龍一さん
Estelle from Vesperia.

prad PR corner at the Animate shop in Yamagata, March 16 2016

The PR corner at the Animate shop in Yamagata, March 16 2016. I can’t read what Jin says sorry, don’t know the last kanji and too busy to look.

prad6 animate nagaoka march 17 2016

Same at the animate in Nagaoka, march 17 2016

prad6 toranoana in ikebukuro march 11 2prad6 toranoana in ikebukuro march 11 1 prad6 toranoana in ikebukuro march 11 3

The PR corner at Toranoana in Ikebukuro, March 11 2016.

prad5 prad6 cushion goods 2prad5 prad6 cushion goods 1 prad5 prad6 cushion goods 3

Source Cushions that were put on sale April 9 at some PriPara shop. They’re limited and it’s one buy per person.

prad6 Fans at a screening event on March 10 at Hakata

Source Fans at a screening event on March 10 at Hakata

prad6 alexander archer retuss

Source  There’s a new meme that’s about photoshoping Alexander everywhere. Hashtag is いろいろな大和アレクサンダ

prad aira shin aqa1rh


prad2 mia kirameki future star punch aka3takuprad mion naru bday 2016 aka3taku 2 prad mion naru bday 2016 aka3taku 1 prad jin mia hug cape aka3taku


prad2 aira que sera sakuramoti322


prad2 mia hye in end sakuramoti322

Source Same artist as the Aira above, he/she was watching DMF for the first time and drew stuff. They drew this after watching the last episode. A lot of people watched the other PR seasons after seeing Kinpri, it’s super nice.

prad3 juné z_yukikami


prad3 naru mion bday 2016 sakuramoti322

Source Naru asking Mion to wear the duck outfit.

prad6 wakana kazuki crossdress cute comic tkmapple

Wakana: It’s frustrating, but you’re cuter than me!
Kazuki senpai: What are you talking about? You’re much cuter!!
Wakana nyaaaa blush

prad3 wakana lamu _yuki73 posted

Source Wakana is the best green haired character since Shi Yoon, which was the best green haired character since C.C., which was the best green haired character since Sonozaki Mion, which was the best green haired character since Lamu. And Code Geass aired in 2006. Time goes so fast… I repeat myself but I still remember it like it was yesterday.

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    Have you seen the OP to Aikatsu Stars yet, by chance? It really feels like they’re stealing stuff from Rainbow Live left and right, strangely…the show itself is pretty much Aikatsu still, but with some added drama and boy idols being teased for later (I’m hoping we’ll get CG performances from them too to see BNP try to cash in on the success of KinPri, lol).

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      For now instead of saying they’re copying Pretty Rhythm again I’d just say Aikatsu Stars is inspiring itself from older sports shoujo shows like Pretty Rhythm did, and that’s why they brought in guys characters who may or may not be love interests.
      However if the boys have performances where they do crazy ridiculous things then I’d say they’re copying Pretty Rhythm, since it’s the only show that does that. Even if their performances aren’t in CG, as Callings and Love Mix in Aurora Dream and Dear My Future already did crazy ridiculous lame awesome things, like Hibki going in the sun or Mugen Hug.

  2. ran

    i think the kanji written in that Bell and Yuu fanart is 弟? the kanji for little brother? Well, i still don’t really get what she’s saying even though i can read it LOL. Thanks always for writing kinpri/pretty rhythm news updates!!

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Yes that’s it thanks.
      And yeah I’m still not sure what make out of it. I guess Bell calls him “outoto san” as in she doesn’t take him seriously as she thinks of him as a kid.

  3. abc

    Namikawa Daisuke is a very famous seiyuu, he even created his own seiyuu agency a couple of years ago. He voices Kanrinrin in King of Prism although neither ANN nor english wikipedia nor MAL have his Kinpri role in his bio (ANN still doesn’t realize Hishida and Jou Aoba are the same person though).


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