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If there’s no source link for a picture, the author of the photo/pic should be in the filename. Takes too much time to make a source link for every pic. Contains unmarked spoilers for the Kinpri movie.


Source As of the week of May 16 Kinpri earned more than 600 million yen. They’re also planning 4DX screenings starting on June 18. The same day they will do a meet&greet with PR Director, Nishi Hiroko and Terashima Junta/Shin at the Cineplex in Hirakata. They published examples of things that will be in 4DX screenings: You’ll feel gusts of wind during Kazuki’s WINDOMIRU REBITASHION and Alec’s HEADDOSPIN REBITASHION. There will be a sweet scent during Kouji’s Hachimitsu Kiss. When Shin falls on the bath floor, there will be an impact transmitted to the seats, etc.

On May 31 they released a CM for the DVD/BD, release June 17. Unlike all the PVs and ads until now, it contains spoilers.

On May 31 2016 the Kinpri official twitter got past 40k followers.

2nd Kinpri Prism Elite Meeting event summary

prad6 april 27 2016 nico event 2nd prism elite meeting menu photo wada_misaki

A nice fan took a photo of the menu for the event.

Source The different posters showing the situation of the girls in Kinpri were printed and displayed in various places of the event. The Edel Rose’s debts one was in the toilets.

At the end of the 2nd Prism Elite Meeting, they announced an event on 11 September 2016 called “KING OF PRISM Over The Rainbow Special Event”. The event will happen twice the same day, one time during the day and one time during the night. They haven’t specified the exact hours yet. It’ll be at Tokyo International Forum, Hall C. Tickets are 6800 yen which is very expensive. If you buy the dvd or bd, limited edition or not, there’s a ticket in it to buy tickets for the event in advance. Or the tickets allows you to participate in a lottery, and if you win the lottery you’ll be able to buy your tickets in advance. Not sure which of the two is it. If you’re planning to buy the Kinpri dvd/bd, there’s people on Amazon who sell the limited edition cheaper because they will only take the ticket then immediately resell it. If you’re planning on doing that, I suggest using a reexpidition service because Amazon international shipping is very expensive most of the time. While I’m on that, the official site put up a list of the bonus good you get depending on each shop. PR Director and Komatsu Mikako/Ito tweeted about the Kouji Hachimitsu Kiss poster. Director says he’s speechless, Komatsu san just says “Kouji…”

Back to the September event. Event is planned to be two hours long. First hour is an ouenjouei, second hour Masuda Toshiki/Kazuki, Maeno Tomoaki/Hiro and Kakihara Tetsuya/Kouji will go on stage for a talk show. I used to think they will announce Kinpri’s sequel then, but since the event will happen twice I’m not sure. It would be unfair for those who went to the day version of the event if they announce it at night. I think they’ll announce the sequel a few days after that event.

They announced the 3rd Kinpri Prism Elite Meeting event on June 17. Same day the bd/dvd gets released. They haven’t said yet if it will be streamed live, hopefully yes. It’ll be at 1am (June 18). People announced are Terashima Junta/Shin, PR Director, Nishi Hiroko.

On May 14 they announced a Kinpri yon koma manga by Takamatsu Tsubasa, it will start in the July edition of Comic Gene magazine release on June 15. Takamatsu Tsubasa is the author of S Suto na Fujiwara-kun. Never heard of it.

Source As of May 3 2016 Kinpri OST sold more than 19 000 copies and got 4th place the week of it’s release in album ranking.

Source PR director tweeted that in the BD/DVD version of Kinpri, unlike the theater version, you’ll be able to see Shin’s butt during the bath scene.

There’s the Kinpri x HMM Laforet Harajuku Japanese Festival that started on May 28. If I got it right it’s a collab betwen Kinpri and the shop Laforet Harajuku.

prad6 Kinpri x HMM Laforet Harajuku Japanese Festival that started on May 28 entrance uruoisan

Source They transformed the basement of the shop into a Kinpri shop where you can buy Kinpri goods and eat Kinpri themed things. There’s the official page here with a list of the goods etc.

Source There was the Kinpri Fan Festival I talked about before that happened at the end of April during Golden week. There were stands where you could do scenes from Kinpri for real, like the Prism Jumps. More photos here.

prad6 kinpri fan festival stamp rally card

Stamp rally card.

prad3 hiro pride cookies kinpri fan festivalprad6 fanfes pride curtain siokyaprad6 fanfes survey siokya

Hiro Pride cookies sold at the Kinpri Fan festival. There was also a survey you could fill. Photos are from long time fan and artist Siokya.  You can find all the goods on the twitter account.

Nagasaki Yukio, the sound director of Pretty Rhythm and PriPara, recently tweeted about how there’s been three Pretty Rhythm anime seasons on TV and yet anime magazines never covered it or cared about it, and he always found that sad. However, recently with Kinpri getting ultra popular it’s getting a lot of exposure, and he has a hard time believing it. He wonders if maybe all the luck they didn’t get until now finally poured in all at once, or maybe the world finally caught up. He doesn’t understand since it’s not like they changed what they’re doing anyway. He worked on Kinpri the same way he’s been working since Aurora Dream.

He probably tweeted that because he recently got interviewed about Pretty Rhythm and PriPara in Animage June issue released on 10 May. I get how he feels, it’s pretty much how I feel too. I just hope more and more people discover Pretty Rhythm and see it’s anime of the decade, and I try to not fall into the trap of thinking I’m better than others because I noticed it earlier. While something being popular doesn’t always mean it’s good, Kinpri became this popular because it is definitely awesome. And it’s a given Kinpri is awesome because it’s the same thing as Pretty Rhythm. I hope everyone realizes Kinpri being popular isn’t a fluke backed by billions of fujoshis but because Pretty Rhythm/Kinpri is actually good. This is backed by facts like how tons of new fans with Kinpri went back to watch the TV seasons and said how good it is, or that not every fanart&doujin since the movie was released is yaoi.

Director tweets it whenver Kinpri would be featured in a variety show. On April 24 it was on a show called Wide B man on Fujiterebi:

Start at 7:25. It starts with a 25 years girl with the handle Mikan who send them a message, saying Kinpri’s ouenjoueis are great and everyone is happy and smiles and it’s like a live and that it relieves your stress, something very important in the dreadful Japanese work society. Then they explain what an ouenjouei is and how it’s super new and how PR is the first thing to do it.(Yoda san said in one event that if he’s the one who first had the idea to do the ouenjouei with the PR best ten movie,  he copied it from Nanoha who did it first) Then they say that the girls faces are hidden during the bicycle jumps so girls can self insert. But there’s guys too. They talk about how Furuichi Noritoshi likes Kinpri. Didn’t know about this person. It’s nice how making these posts make me learn more about Japanese culture. I searched for kinpri on his twitter timeline and seems the first time he went to see it was in march. He went multiple times since then. Besides the movie being great, something we all know, he says in particular that the flashback part that summarizes the boys’ story in RL is done really well.

Another show called ももち浜ストア talked about Kinpri adnd the ouenjouei on april 28.

In this video Sakura Ayane says she saw Kinpri around 4 times. She also talks a bit about the various memes and glowstick routines of ouenjoueis. She mentions some I already knew because of the PVs, like Jin hitting and spinning his baton, but there’s some I didn’t know about. For example at the beginning when there’s the don’t camrip movies message, people use red glowsticks. Or how before the new Conan movie got released there were ads for it before the movie, so people would switch to blue glowsticks because Aoyama Gosho.

prad2 seiyuu bd box 2 event april 24 2016

Source The 2nd Dear My Future BD box was released back in December, but there was a talk show event the 24 April 2016 with seiyuu Ookubo Rumi/Mia, Takamori Natsumi/Reina, Tsuda Minami/Karin and Sakura Ayane/Ayami. Only those who had preordered the 2nd bd box on animumo had tickets to go to the event.
Notice they’re doing the same pose as their characters in the illustration. Only Japanese people would think this far.

prad2 bd box 2 rellease event 24 april 2016 photo naomachi1800ml

Photo of the event entrance by naomachi1800ml.

There’s a Japanese fan called kunieda5gogo writing on a blog with short summaries of most, if not all the talk shows that happened during Kinpri ouenjoueis. And there’s also a summary of what was said at this DMF event I just wrote about above. I don’t have time to read and translate them now. Also I can now verify if they really said Leo has a big sister in one of those or if my theory is wrong.

prad6 animumo shin marriage proposal contest

Source There was a contest that ended on April 26 where you would write what Shin would say for a marriage proposal. The winning proposal will be recorded by Terashima Junta and they’ll post a video of it sometime in June for “June Bride”.

Edit: Noticed later they already published some. They picked fives proposals so there will be five of them in total.

The “Pretty Rhythm Prism Show ☆ Fan Disc” bluray was released the 4th March 2016. There was an event on March 19 for it’s release. They did it twice the same time so more people could go. Above is the summary of what was said at the event some fan did. Don’t have the time to read it now. Already translated tons of things.

prad6 bd dvd and you kurupira_uma

The ads for the OST and BD/DVD release had a “and YOU!” in the credits lists like in games.

At some point some weeks ago they updated the characters page of the official site with their blood types and birthdays. Most Japanese people believe blood type is linked to a person’s personality.

prad6 alec 2016 bday ouenjouei

Source Kinema cinema in Miyazaki city will do a ouenjouei on June 6 for Alexander’s bday.

One of the ouenjouei in April had the real DJ Coo as a guest.

Even though the prism king election is over they still show the character’s vote for me videos before the movie starts.

Articles and interviews summaries

Article 1 On March 21 there was an event for the announcement of the OST and BD / DVD release. It was in two parts, first part had Terashima Junta/Shin, Nagatsuka Takuma/Leo and Yashiro Taku/Kakeru. Second part had Terashima Junta, Higarashi Masashi/Minato and Takeuchi Shunsuke/Alexander. They got asked some questions. I merged both parts since they got asked the same things:

Have you felt the excitement over Kinpri?

Terashima Junta/Shin said he saw Kinpri trending on twitter and how it’s thanks to twitter the movie really got going.

Nagatsuka Takuma/Leo said he heard a lot about how Kinpri spread thanks to word to mouth. He’s happy that when you search “Kinpri” the 1st result is actually about KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm. (There’s a Johnnies that launched in 2015 called Mr.King vs Mr.Prince with the nickname Kinpri). There’s also a lot of his male friends who don’t usually watch anime who went to see the movies. Now they jokingly ask him if he’s gonna start wearing knee high socks. For a lot of his friends, Kinpri is his debut work.

Yashiro Taku/Kakeru says more or less the same. Then they joked about making a Kinpri Land theme park with attractions like “the hot springs tour of Leo and Yukinojou” and a chihuahua like mascot.

Higarashi Masashi/Minato says he’s from Shizuoka, so for the screenings there, he asked his old classmates who do some kind of (radio/tv?) program there to advertise it, along with his best friend. It ended up being some sort of mini colab. There’s also a scene in the movie where Minato cooks celery or something, and at some point lots of fans would tell him the line about celery Minato says in the movie. So then for the ouenjouei in Shizuoka, he started bringing raw celery to sell it along the other goods.

Takeuchi Shunsuke/Alexander says he got a lot of mails from senpai seiyuus telling him he did a great job voicing Alec. (Sugita must have told him too). A lot of anime staff persons he worked with sent him mails saying they’ll go watch the movie. Also when he told his mom that he would appear in a movie and when she saw it in the news she was very proud of him. He didn’t know what to say when he got asked what kind of movie it is though.

What do you think of the Prism Shows in Kinpri?

Terashima Junta/Shin tells again the story of how he didn’t really get the “Shin jumps with his bicycle” scene when he 1st read the script because it happens so suddenly. Then when he actually saw the movie everything was way much better than how he imagined it.

Nagatsuka Takuma/Leo says the first time he saw the movie’s Prism Shows was when Terashima recorded the Kouji vs Shin battle and he was really impressed how Terashima was sweating and really getting into it when voicing. He was also amazed by the six packs jump. (Not sure whether  he means 1st time he saw prism jumps in the movie, or prism jumps in general and that he didn’t watch PR before. I think it’s the former)

Yashiro Taku/Kakeru says Alec vs Kazuki is really impatcful, and it’s surprising how Takeuchi uses a rough voice for Alec but it becomes really beautiful when he sings.

Higarashi Masashi/Minato says Kinpri is his debut as a seiyuu etc.

Takeuchi Shunsuke/Alexander says at first he was confused and didn’t really know how to voice the prism shows. Then when he actually saw it and how Pretty Rhythm’s Prism Shows don’t follow common sense he finally got how to do it, and it made him rethink things about himself. Terashima and Igarashi says it’s rare to hear a 18 year old saying he’s rethinking his ways of doing things. Igarashi says he also noticed this out of common sense thing when they saw OTR’s Kabedon in the PP&PR movie. Takeuchi says Prism Shows showed him he may be too focused on common sense and that his acting may need more impact.

Memories of the recording

Terashima Junta/Shin says sound director (Nagaaski Yukio) would always encourage them. You can do better, scream more, etc.

Nagatsuka Takuma/Leo says they retook some lines over and over. Sometimes they would run before saying their lines to be exhausted just like their characters. In particular, him and Terashima had to redo tons of times the scene at the beginning when Leo bumps into Shin. Nagasaki san would tell them their voices didn’t sound embarrassed enough, that they need to imagine Shin is feeling Leo’s breath. Nagasaki san told Terashima MOTTO MOTTO! REMEMBER YOUR FIRST LOVE!!

Yashiro Taku/Kakeru says that in his case he recorded most of his lines without problems, and that it may be because he’s similar to Kakeru.

About Dramatic LOVE

Terashima Junta/Shin says he’s the only one who sang a solo version of it. Also he’d like to see Takeuchi do the “koishita” part too. Takeuchi then did it. Then Terashima and Higarashi said you could really fall in love when  hearing that.

Yashiro Taku/Kakeru had a bit of trouble because he had to sing high. Also Kakeru is actually called 一男/Kazuo, but he tells everyone he’s called Kakeru because he thinks Kazuo /一男 is lame. Kazuo written that way literally means “eldest son”.

Nagatsuka Takuma/Leo says that he actually recorded a solo version of it as well.Because he couldn’t record it at the same time as everyone.


Takeuchi Shunsuke/Alexander says it’s a song from before he was born, he likes electro dance music so he always liked it. He tried to sing it while thinking that Alec is probably a fan of Rei because he does street style as well.

Terashima says he really likes how the scene mixes the two fights, and likes Takeuchi’s voice.

Article 2 an interview of PR director Hishida Masakazu from april 24 2016. It’s 99% repeating stuff I already wrote about. Only new thing is that he said they already decided the story for Kinpri’s sequel if it gets greenlit.

Article 3 an interview of Nishi Hiroko from 21 March 2016

(Nishi san is the Avex producer in charge of Pretty Rhythm , but she’s also the Avex producer for Osomatsu san. She’s also one of the assistant producers on PriPara. With Kinpri and Osomatsu, she worked on 2 big hits. I hope she gets a promotion.)

She started working on Pretty Rhythm starting the last cour of Dear My Future. When Rainbow Live started, while she wanted to make the boys stand out more, she never imagined they would end up getting their own spinoff.

A lot of people who discovered Pretty Rhythm with Kinpri think the Prism Jumps’ craziness were purely made to be funny and not to be taken seriously.
Nishi san says it isn’t the case and that PR director and the staff are very serious. The reason they didn’t put in more normal stuff from ice skating like 4 turns accels and instead put in macarons jumps etc is because it feels more dreamy.
(Crossing with the info I know from others interviews, tweets etc, they do want you to laugh at how ridiculous it is, but still want you to feel amazed at the same time. They aren’t doing the jumps as jokes. It’s the super crazy ridiculous yet awesome feeling I always talk about. Only Pretty Rhythm does that nowadays. And I say nowadays but I can’t even immediately think of an old anime who did that regularly consistently and in such a good way.)

Mugen Hug first appears in Aurora Dream with Sho doing it, but it’s from the game, and it’s one of the jumps Katou san designed. The anime staff just reproduced it in the anime.

How did they get the idea to make the Prism Shows the way they are, so crazy etc. Interviewer says he been an anime writer for years but he’s rarely ever seen a style like that before. A lot of viewers think the same too.
Nishi san says it’s all thanks to PR director Hishida Masakazu. He takes the ideas from various people and makes it into something powerful. He has a strong sense of service, and always try to make people happy. That’s why he always does audio commentary, go all over the country for the meet and greets, the talk shows during the ouenjouei, etc. He has strong feelings of wanting to entertain the audience. Everyone on the staff thinks so as well. Hishida san tries to broaden the way of how people can have fun, and try to go beyond the “common realm” of anime.

It’s unusual that a game primarily aimed at little girls, gets an anime movie primarily aimed at older girls, so interviewer asks if there was any of the “production committees” associated with Kinpri that were against that switch.
Nishi san says there’s only two “production committees” for KING OF PRISM, Tatsunokopro san and her (Avex), with the sponsorship of Takara Tommy Arts san. There was no time in particular when the 3 companies had diverging opinions. However, the fact that it was made by 3 different companies means it was hard to organize the cooperation between the 3, and one of the consequences is they had very limited investment. Like Hishida san said on the December 2015 niconico live, they didn’t have any sponsorship or tie up. No money or backup. They really took a big risk making Kinpri, big enough that they can’t take such a risk one more time. Unless Kinpri is a hit and unless one of those companies sees it’s charm and say “we will invest more money” there won’t be a sequel. They think of themselves like poor infantry armed with bamboo spears. Nowadays, there’s a multitude of idol anime, and they all have various media te get “fighting ressources” from, like mobile games. But Pretty Rhythm isn’t very popular among anime fans, and has no backing, so this wouldn’t work.
(Pretty Rhythm Prism Shake mobile game isn’t popular enough for them to get money from it. Last time I checked it hadn’t been updated for months, and there were JP fans on twitter joking about how it’s dead.)

You took a big risk by getting involved with Kinpri, why were you so unreasonable?
Nishi san says it’s because “the things director Hishida makes are really interesting” and she wants to prove that to the world. When she first joined the staff during Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, she was anxious, wondering if she was fit to work on a primarily little girls aimed show. But the Pretty Rhythm series was so interesting it blew away her anxieties and she started to really love it. She thinks there is anime fans who decide to watch shows regardless of the target audience, so she wanted Pretty Rhythm to be more popular so such people learn about it. She says she always seen people on the net saying they recommended the series to their friends and said it was awesome, and she never saw someone saying “I watched it and didn’t find it interesting”.
Tatsunoko producer Yoda Ken as well as everyone in the staff thinks that Hishida san makes really interesting things and want to prove it to the world, and want to make him into a popular director. That’s why instead of thinking whether it’ll be profitable or not, they all believed that if they let Hishida san do as he pleases it will definitely turn into a super interesting work, and that the number of fans would increase. That’s how they came this far.

Nevertheless you can’t make a movie these days without a minimum amount of money; Did you take any particular actions at Avex?
She says with a wry smile that they managed to somehow gather the money. In the first place, because Pretty Rhythm was aimed at kids, at Avex they never considered it a franchise they could make a profit with. Just by looking at the DVDs’ sales anyone could tell it was a situation where they wouldn’t get a green-light. So when presenting the project to the company at a meeting, they had to grapple at the few weak numbers they had. Piling up the number of people who went to see the Pretty Rhythm Prism Show Best Ten movie, the Pretty Rhyhm&PriPara movie, the number of people who went to the fan events like the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Live in Christmas event in December 2013, The Pretty Rhythm After Party event in May 2014, The Pretty Rhythm&PriPara xmas event in December 2014, etc. (That explains why they showed those events during the “thank you for supporting us” video at the end of the 2nd Kinpri Prism Elite Meeting event )

Pretty Rhythm had few fans but they were very motivated.
It’s thanks to these “core fans” that Kinpri could be made. One of their argument they planned to use when presenting the Kinpri project at company meetings was “the movie will be good enough for 1000 people to go see it 10 times”. But it’s not like people have infinite money.
Back during the ouenjoueis of the Pretty Rhythm & PriPara movie, some females fans told them they went to see it 32 times. During route 4 there would be tons of females fans screaming. Seeing the fans’s motivations like that makes them motivated as well.
Sometimes the president or vice president would go to the ouenjoueis of the Pretty Rhythm & PriPara movie. So it’s thanks to people being motivated and showing their enthusiasm for route 4 that the president started thinking the Kinpri movie might be possible. The president in particular even personally encouraged Nishi san, and he loves Hiro, and whenever they would meet at the company he always told her things like “Ganbare Hiro!”. (She doesn’t precise if it’s Avex boss himself or just the boss of her department. It must be the later.)
However even this wasn’t enough for them to get the money to produce Kinpri. Because there was another problem. Even ifthey could prove there’s those motivated fans, how can they prove that once the movie is released, the core fans’ enthusiasm for it will be noticed and will spread, bringing in new fans?

For a company, investing in something isn’t the problem, it’s whether it will bring back money and make a profit or not.
The fans’ enthusiasm doesn’t matter in this case. As said above they piled up all the small numbers they had, but some people still felt anxiety, so Nishi san was wondering how can she definitely convince them that the final product will be interesting. Unless these people directly felt the motivation and such during the events, they won’t understand. Even more as they’re people who don’t usually watch anime. So this is what Nishi san did to win over these people: Usually company meetings always have a heavy atmosphere, she think it’s the same for every company. So at the meeting, before talking about the prospective viewers the movie could have, she acted as if she can’t read the heavy mood and just told them with a smile “please look at this” and showed them a video of Over The Rainbow’s Prism Show. Hiro kissing the screen, everyone getting naked, that sort of thing. People started laughing. They managed to brighten up the conference room. And people started to think it might be interesting to support such a project. She basically made the people at the meeting fans too. Like spreading otakuism. That’s one of the reasons how they managed to get the bare minimum to finance the movie.
(She mentions OTR getting naked, but that doesn’t happen in Rainbow Live in Kinpri. So it was probably the show from the beginning of the movie with Shin? So it means they had already made that Prism Show then? Or at least a prototype version if it. Shouldn’t have been too hard since it’s mostly recycled stuff.)

In summary they got the necessary money for the movie thanks to that, and how Avex people bet on the fact that fans would go see the movie multiple times, and that the number of fans would increase.
In order to make the number of fans increase, Nishi san, PR director and the others decided to do the naked tickets sold in advance. The tickets are the first reason why people talked about Kinpri on the net. They used the tickets themselves as an advertising medium, to remove the initial handicap that most anime fans didn’t even know about Pretty Rhythm.

(This worked pretty well even on the English speaking side of anime community, as ANN started to regularly report Kinpri related things when the naked tickets happened. Back when Pretty Rhythm was airing on TV, they considered it uninportant kids anime so they would only write news on it when the new seasons would be announced, unlike with more popular shows. Now with Kinpri, while they cover it a bit more, they still only report the biggest things and with lotsof delays. They still have a long way to go. And the persons writing the posts don’t even bother checking the comments to correct the article if something is wrong.  As I said before I think ANN’s chief editor Mcdonald is actually a pretty good guy, sadly not everyone working on ANN shares his knowledge or enthusiasm. I’m pretty average myself but I wouldn’t mind working for ANN if they pay well. Unless ANN has a contract with Saban to specifically advertise their stuff or something like that. Remember to never buy Power Rangers merch, and that even if you watch Glitter Force ironically to see how bad it is, as it’s on Netflix, you still pay to watch it, so you still give money to Saban which then gives the money to Israel’s terrorist government.)

Those who don’t know Pretty Rhythm would be like “what the hell is this” when seeing the naked tickets and get interested. Pretty Rhythm is a series where clothes are very important, and the characters always discuss about what coord they should wear.
(They don’t do that much in Rainbow Live though)

Considering this history of Pretty Rhythm, they thought that making the characters naked symbolize well that this work was made from scratch with no backing and few means. That the staff need to think how should they should dress; going back to the basics. There was also a debate about whether they should do those naked tickets or not, if they might get into trouble or not etc. It went to the point when Nishi san asked them “please just let us be selfish and let us do it”. Thanks to that, Kinpri became “that thing with the naked tickets” and spread on the net.

Of course though, there are also fans who were opposed to it. When published, the naked tickets also alienated some fans. 

(I’m too lazy to search for it but for example there was a tweet by Sarah Nelkin in answer to the tweet first publishing the naked tickets, where she said “Kinpri isn’t Pretty Rhythm”. That was retweeted around a hundred times. If you look at her twitter she never ever went to see Kinpri. She’s one of the first person I noticed on the English speaking side of net who liked Pretty Rhythm back when AD was airing, along with the person who used to take care of this wiki so while I don’t share their views it’s kinda sad.)

Nishi san: as said before Pretty Rhythm is a show where girls have fun thinking what kind of clothes they should wear, so we received a lot of negative opinions saying “why are you making the characters strip”. I think Pretty Rhythm is a show with human relations drama, frustrations and growth, something adults can enjoy too. But some anime fans say “it’s for little girls” and dismiss it without watching it… I think it’s very deplorable. Wanting to change this stance is one of the reasons why we made the naked tickets, and we believed that the fans would understand.

They had the logic of “wanting core fans to watch the movie ten times” or share it with their friends, so that’s why they made the sold in advance tickets into bundles of five tickets, and two versions. So it would be 5+5=10.  Nishi san said while laughing that she wants to see the movie tons of times herself, so she hoped the core fans would think like her. They also thought that at least they could still make the movie work that way even if the number of fans don’t increase. That at least 1700 fans will see it ten times.

Interviewer asks her where this 1700 number comes from
Nishi san: there were 1700 preorders for the character song CD that was released in 2014. It meant that there’s 1700 people who would preorder something Pretty Rhythm related if it was announced, who would buy it because it was announced and they like it. When making Kinpri we had no way of knowing if there would be ten of thousands more fans or not. It may be presumptuous but we and all the staff think of these 1700 fans as nakama and we believed these people would go see the movie countless times, because they genuinely, purely love Pretty Rhythm. We worked thinking we shouldn’t betray these 1700 persons.
(She means the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Prism☆Boys Collection CD that was released 3 September 2014. She doesn’t name it directly but it must that judging from the release date, the fact that the article is about Kinpri and OTR, and the fact that the article writer put in amazon ads for it right after. Just by seeing this, compared to the ten of thousands  of sales of the Kinpri OST, you can tell Pretty Rhythm wasn’t that very popular in Japan even with Rainbow’s Live boost in fans and Over The Rainbow’s launch)

End of part 1. I’ll stop there for now. There’s a part 2 of the interview which I’ll definitely do next post if God wills.

Releases: magazines, goods, etc

prad6 super groupies kouji pendant

Source The brand Super Groupies are doing a collab with Kinpri and selling replicas of Kouji’s pendant, and other pendants based on Hiro (yellow rose) and Kazuki (Hero’s Sword from Burning Sword Breaker.)

Source Official Schwarz Rose bath salt. 

Source “Prism Blades” releasing on 28 July. Some sort of glowsticks/sairum. Seems they’re still planning on doing ouenjoueis in July-August. I think it’s actually possible for Kinpri to stay in cinemas until the September event or when they announce the sequel.

prad3 ununion hiro figure

They announced a Hiro figure with him wearing the OTR coord.

Prism Stone in Kotobukiya tweeted on June 1 that some of the sizes of Tshirts with HIro Kouji or Kazuki are sold out.

There’s a wiki compiling every Kinpri goods that were released. I don’t post every goods release, only those I found funny like the Jin jacuzzi bath salt, so if you actually want to buy things you should check it.

On April 26, Toranoana opened a small site for tracking Pretty Rhythm doujins and goods to order them on their online shop. They also did a popularity ranking of every min characters in all 3 seasons+ Kinpri. They titled it the “Tiara Cup” in reference to the Tiara cup in Aurora Dream.

prad toranoana prad6 goods site popularity ranking ended on 31 may 2016 list of contestants

Here’s the list of who you could vote for. There’s every main character of every season except the adults like Jun, Kyoko, Mishiru, Kei, Myon Ja, Sonata, Rei, Jin, Hijiri, etc.

It ended on May 31 if I’m not wrong. Result’s page is here. To see number one, you need to click on the heart. But they screwed up the link or something, you need to click tons of times. So here’s the link directly. It’s a slideshow of Hiro doing King of Jungle “Tiger”, since this is Toranoana. King of Jungle is probably my favorite Prism Jump so this is cool.

prad toranoana prad6 goods site popularity ranking ended on 31 may 2016 ito 2nd otoha 3rd
So the 1st is Hiro, 2nd is Ito, third is Otoha. Most surprising is that Bell is very below at 9th. Though I’m also happy Mia and Hyein got in, and that Wataru managed to get in. His fans are still wanting him to get actual screentime one day.

They still haven’t revealed the covers for the Rainbow Live blurays. 1st box realease date is 5 august. 2nd one is 23 december.

prad6 KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm Official Setting Book cover release june 17

They announced the  KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm Official Setting Book (KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm 公式設定資料集) release on June 17, the same day as the dvd bd. It’s like the other guidebooks. For example it’ll have detailed descriptions of each character, probably including things that were said about them in talk shows or interviews, like Kakeru’s real name being Kazuo. Then interviews with all the staff. It’ll also have answers to questions asked on twitter from April 21 to April 22 midnight, using the hashtag . There’s not a lot of questions because that was a very short time. If I saw it on time I would have asked stuff too. Like if Jin’s mom is still alive or not, and if she used to beat him up with roses when he was a kid. Just like Creed from Black Cat. Speaking of Creed I hope this book will finally have interviews of Miki Shinichiro/Jin, Seki Toshihiko/Hijiri and Morikubo Showtaro/Rei, so we can finally see what they think about PR. I don’t think they ever did interviews on it before.

prad6 KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm Ouen book cover june 17 release

They also announced the KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm Ouen book (KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm 応援BOOK) also releasing on June 17. It’ll have interviews of the staff, an “impressions report manga” of the ouenjoueis (the things fans used to draw on Twitter to make Kinpri more popular), a “ouen subbing complete story guide” (I think it’ll be a list of all the memes to shout/glowstick movement to do for each scene. There’s a few things that changes from each prefecture/theater though, so I wonder how they did a guide for it) and lastly a special “elite” pass so you can be part of the “prism elite” too.

prad6 KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm Comic Anthology june 25 adv

KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm Comic Anthology (KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm コミックアンソロジー) release date June 25. There’s no cover revealed yet, that’s just the ad for it. I’m not sure what will be in it. Maybe a compilation of all the fan comics posted on Twitter? That would be cool, as I gave up spending tons of time to try to save them all.
If God wills I’ll buy these 3 books and translate all the interviews and finish the ones in the All Star Selection Guidebook and the Visual Book too.

Ultra Jump magazine may issue release 19 April cover pr director interview page 164

Ultra Jump magazine may issue release 19 April have an interview of PR director, it’s at page 164.

prad6 Girls Febri vol 34 release 9 April kinpri debate MeiQ , Fujitsu Ryota and Natsuba Kaoru

Girls Febri vol 34/May 2016 release 9 April has a Kinpri cover, and some debate about Kinpri between three anime journalists/critics:
MeiQ , Fujitsu Ryota and Natsuba Kaoru.

Never heard of them. Fujitsu san probably knows his stuff about anime since he’s 40+ according to wikipedia. I don’t know much about Japanese anime critics and have limited experience with them, maybe there’s Japanese anime critics that are actually good. The only one I know is Okada Toshio but that’s only because he actually used to work on anime. Either way I’m not a big fan of people like that. In my opinion sometimes they talk badly about an anime just because they dislike the staff working on it. Or because it’s popular bashing that person. Because they write stuff on anime, people take their opinions to be cool without trying out the shows themselves.

While I like him for Nadia or Gunbuster, Okada Toshio did that himself when G Reco was airing, saying it’s confusing and nonsense etc. Because of him I’m sure there’s people who just parroted his words or gave up trying out G Reco while one year later I still think there wasn’t anything confusing about the show except the first 2-3 episodes. ANd I mostly found them confusing only because I couldn’t hear the explanations in episode 1 as I was chatting at the same time.
My theory for why some people found the show confusing is that they try too hard to understand everything or try to give a meaning to everything, while tons of scenes were there just to be fun. Like Tensai Klim crashing his dad’s meeting in the final episode, I can’t believe there’s some people who think he actually killed his dad. That scene was just for fun. Or how characters repeat the same thing differently multiple times, like a teacher who repeats something in another way for students who didn’t get it. Hearing another explanation of something you already understood can make people doubt themselves and think they didn’t understand the 1st time.
Also, if they were actually good anime writers, they would have been writing about how Pretty Rhythm is a masterpiece and anime of the decade ever since Aurora Dream ended instead of waiting now with how it got popular with Kinpri. I often say I try to not be arrogant and not think I’m better than others for getting into Pretty Rhythm earlier but stuff like that are part of the times I still have a hard time controlling myself.

prad6 hiro shin Girls Febri June 2016 release on May 20 has a Kinpri coverprad6 Girls Febri June 2016 release on May 20 preview

Girls Febri June 2016 release on May 20 has a Kinpri cover and poster, an interview with PR director Hishida Masakazu, chara designer of RL and original character designer of all the RL/Kinpri boys Matsuura Mai, Synsophia’s Katou Daisuke who makes some of the Prism Jumps, and Terashima Junta/Shin. Then there’s another interview with Avex producer Nishi Hiroko and Tatsunoko producer Yoda Ken talking about the “producer” side of things.

prad6 Girls Febri June 2016 release on May 20 shinichiro miki jin interview preview

Lastly, it has an interview with Miki Shinichiro who voices Jin. I’m not sure if he actually talks about Pretty Rhythm in it or not though, hopefully yes, they’re so much PR stuff in the same magazine so I really hope they asked him what he thinks of PR. I’d really like to know what he says on it, since Miki Shinichiro is one of my favorite seiyuus and he’s a veteran so he should have interesting stuff to say. It a bit disappointing all the seiyuus voicing side characters like Chiba Susumu/Jun haven’t done PR specific interviews, afaik.

I like how they put in Koujirou/James and Allen as examples of his roles.

prad6 otomedia june 2016 may 10 release cover

Otomedia June 2016 issue release 10 May had marriage certificate for the boys in Kinpri. It says it has one for “all 16 characters” so there’s one for Hijiri Jin and Rei too.
It also has 10 pages of PR with an interview of Terashima Junta/Shin and Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga about the results of the Prism King fan election, an interview of PR director, Nishi HIroko and Yoda Ken, and comments on the characters by Matsuura Mai. People who bought the magazine at Animate or Toranoana also got a Kinpri postcard. This issue of the magazine was also the first time all the characters’ birthday and bloodtypes were published and then they added it on the official site.

prad6 Newtype June 2016 release 10 May cover, interview PR director Love Live director Kyogoku Takehito making Prism Shows Prism Jumpskinpri in newtype rating

Newtype June 2016 issue release on 10 May has an interview of PR director and Love Live director Kyougoku Takahiko, about how they worked together on making Prism Shows and Prism Jumps in all 3 PR seasons. Also in one of the popularity ranking that they do every Newtype,  Kinpri got 4th place. You can see that it used to be on 7th place, it went up. Not sure which issue it’s from though, maybe also from June 2016 issue.

Animage June issue released on 10 May has 10 pages on Pretty Rhythm, they call it a “book in the book special.” There’s impressions of PR director and an interview of Pretty Rhythm sound director Nagasaki Yukio. He talks about the dubbing in Pretty Rhythm and PriPara. This must be pretty interesting too.

spoon.2Di vol.13 released on 30 April had a OTR back cover drawn by Matsuura Mai, an interview of Terashima Junta and PR Director.

Spoon.2DI vol.14 release 31 May has a cover of Kinpri with OTR and Taiga, and a back cover with Starmyu. It has 20 pages of Kinpri things in total with interviews of the seiyuus, a long interview with PR Director, Matsuura Mai and CG director Otobe Yoshihiro and a Kinpri poster and clear files.
Source  Arthur Lounsbery is voicing the blue haired guy in Starmyu, and he’s friends with Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga and they went to 3 ouenjoueis together. Maeno Tomoaki/Hiro is voicing Purple Starmyu. Thanks /ai/non for the info.

prad6 spoon.2DI vol.14 release on 31 May Yashiro TakuKakeru and Hatanaka TasakuTaiga

The seiyuu interview in the magazine is with Yashiro Taku/Kakeru and Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga. They talk about the dubbing for the bonus short anime in the limited edition of the dvd/bd.

prad6 Quick Japan vol 125 release 23 April also has an interview of PR director cover

Quick Japan vol 125 release 23 April  also has an interview of PR director. He tweeted about it saying he didn’t think this would happen one day. It must be a pretty popular magazine.

The Kinpri OST that was released on April 27th has two audio drama stories. One of them is original, the other one is one of the short stories that were written by Director and published in magazines. It was in 2D Star vol2 or something.

prad6 Pash June 2016 issue release on May 10 kinpri cover

Pash June 2016 issue release on May 10 had a Kinpri cover, a Kinpri poster(same pic as cover) a meta interview between the characters including Alexander, an interview of some of the seiyuus, and an interview of PR Director and Nishi Hiroko. iirc this was the first time Kinpri got a front cover on a magazine.

Source Pash! July issue release sometime in June, a bit before the dvd bd gets released, will have a manga by Asada Nikki based on the bonus short anime of the limited edition. No cover yet or more info for now afaik.

2D☆STAR Vol.4 release 25 June will have Kinpri things. No cover yet or more info for now afaik.

Writers, Singers, Mangakas etc who like Kinpri

(I don’t stalk every “celebrity” person posting about Kinpri on Twitter, PR director usually retweets this kind of thing)

Sugita talking with Mafia Kajita about Kinpri. Mafia Kajita is the guy you always see during Persona related streams. I don’t get everything since they talk very fast unlike in anime. They talk about how it’s like a hobby anime(anime to promote toys) with people screaming their attacks and stuff. Except in Kinpri, the boys strip when they do.  Mafia Kajita asks him if it’s ok for him to go at ouenjouei, if he won’t get recognized. Sugita jokes saying he should go to an ouenjouei with Takeuchi kun, and he’ll tell him don’t talk. Also when he went to see Kinpri, surrounding him was a girl always talking, another one always crying, and another one always laughing. All the movie. Also talks about Doukyusei. Apparently in the movie, or after the movie there’s some kind of “preview” where Tomatsu san (Haruka) does some narration or something, and he said all the girls in the theater where sneering at her and stuff, and he thought it was scary. I often heard how some fujoshis are really rude towards female seiyuus etc during events etc. I remember reading about how during Tales Of festival each year, whenever there’s a male seiyuu both male and female fans cheer, but when there’s a female seiyuus, the fujoshis don’t even clap. A

Japanese sociologist Furuichi Noritoshi likes Kinpri.

Gosick’s author Sakuraba Kazuki liked Kinpri. She said it’s worth watching.

Demonstration of the Pride cookies by Matsu Yukimi, Miss Universe Japan 2013. She went to an ouenjouei for the first time in April, to an  april fools ones. She ended up downloading all the OTR songs before going home the same day.

Takayanagi Akane idol in SKE48 went to an ouenjouei with Wakai Yuki/Leona.

Aizawa RisaEimi Naruse, Yumemi Nemu are fans of Kinpri. They’re  all in Denpagumi. Terashima Junta said before at an event denpagumi are fans of Kinpri.

Comedian Iwaii Yuuki/岩井勇気 is fan of Kinpri.

prad6 OTR Tanaka Keiichi

Source OTR drawn by mangaka Tanaka Keiichi.

Some kind of super popular blogger called ARuFa likes Kinpri. I’m not sure what is blgo is about and too lazy to try to understand.

EGOIST’s singer Chelly likes Kinpri. 

prad6 ayana yuniko 19 time ticket

Ayana Yuniko, who worked on Aikatsu!, recently tweeted she went to see Kinpri 19 times so far, 11 of which ouenjoueis. I don’t know if she was already a PR fan before or became one with Kinpri. I could go down her timeline to check but already did it once with Yokoyari Mengo below.

prad3 naru @Yorimenprad6 OTR ‏@Yorimen

Female mangaka Yokoyari Mengo recently became a fan of Pretty Rhythm with Kinpri, and now regularly posts fanart or pictures of goods she bought etc. Yet one more mangaka that got into it. That’s great. I think she draws very well so this is cool. Too bad almost all her manga is filled with NSFW. Then there’s Kuzu no Honkai but I think it’s really bad.
I’m sure she only became a fan around February 2016 because before that point her timeline doesn’t have any PR related stuff. I scrolled down her timeline up to September 2015 and that’s the oldest Pretty Rhythm related tweet, she says that long ago her little brother told her to watch Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. Later that day she started watching it. Then on march 2 she tweeted she likes it.

prad6 artist @Yorimen prolly became a fan after kinpri only, bought the guidebook

She recently tweeted she bought the Rainbow Live Guidebook .

oboro basilisk @YorimenYokoyari Mengo yorimen tohru honda fruits basket

She also has very good taste in anime as she recently drew Oboro from Basilisk. It’s been 11 years. Time goes so fast.
And then May 30 posted Tohru from Fruits Basket.


The Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Guidebook is out of print and as I’m writing this
physical copies go for around 17000 yen on Amazon, around 130 euros.
 I need to take very good care of my copy in case I need money one day.

The week of it’s release the Garupan movie sold around 168k copies on bd/dvd. It made almost 3 billion yen in the cinemas. Meanwhile dokyusei sold around 11k copies, and made around 200 million yenin cinemas. Kinpri made more than 600 million yen so far in the cinemes. There’s a lot of repeaters though. So hopefully the BD/DVD will sell at least 30k copies.

prad6 terashima junta shin kinpri kitchen car café

Source Terashima Junta/Shin at the Animate Kinpri café kitchen car on May 31.

prad6 kinpri-kitchen-car-café matsuura mai

Source Matsuura Mai at the café.

prad6 kinpri-kitchen-car-café aoi shouta louis

Source Blue Little Boy/Louis at the café.

Seems they pretty much all went there incognito at some point. I wonder if there’s stalker crazy fujoshis who stay near the car all day to see if any seiyuu comes over.

There was some typical biased documentary about  Japan&Babymetal on BBC where the guy went to the PriPara corner of a Tower Record. It’s at 9:10. They showed footage of Rizumu. Some Japanese fans saw it. Another one.

prad3 music collection box announcement message by naru at tsutaya shop pic Tomoe_Brain

Source Back when they announced the Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Music Collection around 2 years ago, one of the first announcement of it was this message written by Naru displayed in a Tsutaya shop.

Source From April 28 to May 10, there was an Watanabe Akio exposition at Nakano Broadway. Official site here. It had Pretty Rhythm art. I don’t think there was any new pictures, just old stuff like the illustrations for the promotion of AD, the rentals DVD covers, etc.

prad3 okama 2013 boys designs shiseido___knpr

Source Some of Okama’s early designs for Rainbow Live. It’s not in any of the guidebooks so I wonder where it’s from. The girls designs are the ginal ones since it’s dated from 2013 and he was done with them by them. See his interview in the Rainbow Live Guidebook. Maybe I should ask the person who posted it on twitter. I think that got published to show what Okama drew for the boys even though Matsuura Mai would design them from scratch. From left to right it’s Kazuki Hiro Kouji Jin.

prad6 jin hijiri rei meromizawa


prad3 juné otoha naomachi1800ml


There’s often “draw this character in 60 m” contests on twitter. A lot of the time it’s the girls too, showing again it’s not only fujoshi into kinpri, and more and more people who became fans with Kinpri are getting back to watching the TV seasons.
For example here’s one about drawing Juné and Otoha together.

Another one about Juné and Hijiri + flowers

If you want to follow these contest easily you should follow this fan artist called Telepone, they always participate in them or launch some themselves.

prad6 kawasaki ouenjouei may 5 kazuki bday 2016

Cinecitta theather in Kawasaki during an ouenjouei was decorated with a cake for Kazuki the 5 May day of his bday.

Are you watching Kabaneri? I think it’s really good. Too bad it’s only one cour or it could be a masterpiece. Episodes 6 and 7 aren’t what I’d call rushed, but I definitly think it would haveb een better if they were both 2 episodes.
NotMax GENIUS/Ikoma is voiced by Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga. I think he’s pretty good. Really looking forward to hear him scream jumps names in the Kinpri sequel. I also hope he gets into a mecha anime so he can be in SRW soon. Or maybe he’ll voice an SRW OG character. He also voiced the hero of Yugioh Zexal. I almost feel like watching it now. Stopped Yugioh after 5D’s ended. But in the end I still think it’ll skip Zexal and go directly to Arc V .
Anyway I really like his hot blooded voice. Kabaneri also has the best named anime character of 2016 so far: BEAUTIFUL HORSE. Would you call your son BEAUTIFUL HORSE? Thought seriously speaking, it’s probably a code name just like Mumei. I really hope he’s a good guy but it won’t happen. Also I wish his design was a bit different. People who don’t watch the show says Kabaneri is a ripoff of Shingeki no Kyojin, and now when they’ll see BEAUTIFUL HORSE, they’ll say his design is a ripoff of Tales of The Abyss.

Source 1 source 2 source 3 There was a movie premiere and staff meet&greet for the latest Gundam The Origin movie on 22 may 2016. Apparently around 20 fujoshis went to the premiere only for the meet&greet to see seiyuus like Kakihara Tetsuya(Kouji) and then left before the actual movie began. So a lot of people there tweeted about it and are saying it’s disrespectful. I agree. It’s disrespectful for the people who actually wanted to see the movie they took the seats from. It’s disrepectful for the seiyuus themselves too since they actually work on the movie. Kakihara voices Garma in Gundam The Origin; Also Maeno Tomoaki/Hiro voices a character in it too. That’s why I’m talking about it here. When the staff told them about it they must have felt horrible. I hope none of these girls are fans of PR. They should prohibit such behavior. Also the same day there was that poor idol who got stabbed. This is what this era of idols, seiyuu idols and maximum pandering has brought us to. Japan needs to make it stop and stop worshiping money at all costs. Start by making better laws against stalkers so it also covers internet threats&stalking. Do stuff like allowing non beautiful people to become seiyuus again. Stop giving billions roles at the same time to one seiyuu. I think M.A.O is really good, she did a great job for Arnath in Yoru No Nai Kuni. With all her current roles+their radio shows she must earn enough money to pay her rent in Tokyo and decent food. I wonder if she even sleeps more than like 4 hours per day though. With all the commuting between all the studios etc. Though sometimes at lot of shows&radio shows are recorded at the same studio. I think at this point she’s better off doing part jobs like most other seiyuus, it’ll probably be less harsh on her health.

I’m not saying idols/seiyuu idols/ too much pandering/fujoshis etc is a recent phenomonon. I remember reading about Green River/Zelgadis fujoshis being mad at Amelia in the 90’s. Though I wonder if that was actually true. In any case, that sort of thing got considerably worse nowadays. I genuinely think Japan need to do something about it before it’s too late. Recently I translated the PRASS guidebook interview of Shishido Rumi, she said one of the reason she liked working on Pretty Rhythm is because it’s 4 cours, so you can actually get to know your character and voice them better. While in all 1 cour shows these days the staff will just ask the seiyuu to voice the character “like this or like that”, just like an existing character. Then there’s Hayashibara Megumi who said she’s worried for young seiyuus because they’re pumped& dumped by producers etc, without being raised properly.
My own theory is that producers and sponsors and whoever is controlling anime from behind the scenes, choose one seiyuu to give tons of roles in a short amount of time to make them artificially popular. So they can rake in ton of money from otaku. And then when the seiyuu becomes “old”, has a big portfolio and experience, and becomes more expensive to hire, they drop the seiyuu. In my opinion that’s what happened to some popular seiyuus these past years. Like Hanazawa Kana between 2010~2014. And I fear the same thing is happening with M.A.O right now.

prad Hiro Daki was exposed at Mega Hobby Expo on the Hobby Japan stand

Source Hiro Daki was exposed at Mega Hobby Expo on the Hobby Japan stand on May 28.

prad april 2016 new goods at prism stone

Goods they started selling at Prism Stones shops in April.

prad2 life board game package akiratamcat

Package of the Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future life board game I posted about like 2 years ago. Same person also posted pics of a signed poster by Naru Mia Aira seiyuus and a fan signed by Lisp/MARs

prad6 rei alec kazuki comic marokuri5

Alexander sees Rei and is really happy, but then he notices Kazuki is here so he hides it. Kazuki says he saw him smile and being really happy, no need to hide it.

Some weeks ago JP fans complained on twitter that there’s people sayin Louis’s earring looks like Juné’s wings. While they don’t look alike at all, and said to please stop spreading that.

prad6 vote tickets stash famires3

Someone entering all their votes before the prism king election deadline.

prad miniskirt arcade game how to play penguin sensei isshiy5

Source some old comic explaining how to play the very first Pretty Rhythm arcade game Pretty Rhythm Miniskirt.  Only Rizumu Kanon and Serena were in the game, and you had to unlock Serena and Kanon by finishing story mode or something. Rizumu was voiced by Itou Kanae.

There’s a British animator called Scott Macdonald who worked on Kinpri’s backgrounds. He also works on Nijuu Sai, which I’m not watching because of lack of time.

prad6 screening map january 84ocaprad6 screening map april 2 84oca

Someone made maps of the screening of Kinpri across Japan. They make one around every month. They haven’t made one for May yet though. Left is January. Right is March.
Red is currently screened. Yellow means it’s scheduled to be screened. Green means that it used to be screened, stopped, then another cinema in the same prefecture started screening it. Blue means screening over. Grey means there hasn’t been any screenings.


prad3 rinne prism live imaiyuumi .png

Source (In case you don’t remember, it says “Rinne Ibara” because they used Ibara Chisato, Momo’s fake name name when registering  Rinne for school)

prad6 kouji hiro naru beru crossdress p_mn_m

Hiro and Kouji

prad dear crown mion make up things maybe klkl_mrsk

Dear Crown things?

prad6 louis shin bridge

Director tweeted this is the IRL bridge they used as reference for the scene where Shin and Louis meet. They changed it a bit.

prad6 Komatsu Mikako Ito and Hatanaka Tasuka Taiga for some Ushio Tora thing

Source Komatsu Mikako/Ito and Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga together to record some Ushio Tora radio thing or something.

Momoko (airly) with Shishido Rumi/Juné. She really likes Shishido Rumi and seems she was one of her inspirations to become an idol. Airly is an independent idol who’s fairly unknown in Japan but has a small  very dedicated following in France thanks to Nolife airing her Music Videos since like 6-7 years ago. She even did lives at Japan Expo 2014. I don’t listen to her music but I appreciate her as a fellow human being as I saw how hard she worked to contact her fans in France and stuff like that.

prad2 gacha machine photo siokya

A DMF gachapon machine that was still in a Prism Stone shop in April 2016.

prad director love live notepad

source  This is the notepad PR Director currently uses.

New Irua pics.

irua all doujins collection korean prad

Irua is releasing a doujin compilation book in korea of all their doujins translated in Korean.

Irua’s korean goods.

prad irua's prism stones 2016

Irua’s Prism Stones.

Stuff in Irua’s room.

If you have money to spend be sure to buy their doujin and support fanartists like Irua who never stops drawing Pretty Rhythm stuff.

prad6 yogurt eating method graph ochaumee

Source The way each character eats yogurt.
Left: Lick the lid of yogurt
Right: Don’t like the lid of yogurt
Top: When eating a tart with a fork and plate, accidentally push too strongly and bang the plate
Bottom: When eating a tart with a fork and plate, never accidentally push too strongly and bang the plate
Translated by /ai/
Don’t have the time read all the particular comments for each character since can’t just copypaste the kanji I don’t know in a dictionnary. The ones I can read immediatly are funny though. Alec’s says he eats tarts with his hands instead of a fork and makes it into pieces. Reference to when he says “barabara ni shiteyaru” to Kazuki in the movie.

Around the 2nd week of May 2016, long time PR fanartist aka3taku  was watching Cross Ange. I think they started it because they saw Embryo looks like Hijiri and is voiced by Seki Toshihiko too. One of my dreams is to have a SRW with Cross Ange, Pretty Rhythm and tons of other series with Seki voicing a villain, like Zeorymer. So the characters  will think Hijiri is surely evil too. And Juné wil defend him every time. Ange will try to attack him thinking he’s Embryo and Juné will defend him. Stuff like that. And Aira and Mion’s mom will joke about piloting the Gunbuster, since HIdaka Noriko/Noriko is Aira’s mom Harune Omi and Sakuma Rei/Oneesama is Mion’s mom Takamine Anna. This is one of my dream SRW.

Some stuff aka3taku recently draw:

prad3 callings otr cosplay aka3takuprad3 callings otr cosplay aka3taku 2prad6 otoha @aka3takuprad3 rinne yo @aka3takuprad3 hijiri pietro mion dad fun aka3takuprad3 ann bday 2016 aka3takuprad2 aka3taku itsuki hwong fa bday

Parody of the scene in episode 50 where Mion’s dad Pietro goes BRAVO!! after her show, except this is Hijiri, and she’s like “who are you?”. Pietro was also voiced by Seki.

prad2 prizmmy mia reina ayami karin drawn after the DMF talk event @aka3taku prad2 chae kyoung shi yoon @aka3taku

He drew that after going to the DMF event on 24th April.

prad3 hijiri from some magazine @aka3taku says he's competent

He also took this from some magazine, don’t know which. One part says Hijiri was very competent at his job during Rainbow Live days.

All pictures by 

prad3 naru okama animage rkrk192

A drawing rkrk92 won in some Animage or something, by Okama.

prad3 rinne skate naomachi1800ml

 by @naomachi1800ml

prad prism show no sekai e youkoso naomachi1800ml loot

Their stand from the Prism Show no Sekai e youkoso doujin event in March.

prad3 hijiri rei comic @air00g

Hijiri: Thank you everyone! May the prism sparkle reach you
Rei: Say, your outfit…
Hijiri: Eh?
Rei: I’m just wondering, why did you choose something like that?
Hijiri: Huh?Because it’s cool?
Rei: Yeah… That kind of clothes would only look good on you…
Hijiri: Is that so, thank you.
Rei: I wasn’t praising you…

More fan comics.

prad6 hiro eating glasses kouji made it biscuits comic nazunazu1126

Kouji replaced Hiro’s glasses with biscuit, saying ” I thought this would happen one day”.

prad2 callings wataru screentime joke hrnrgod

Joking about Wataru’s lack of screentime.

Mia saying she can break Alec’s 6 Packs Of Steel with her Kirameki Future Star, he says she can’t, she manages to do it.
The girls screaming ouenjouei memes. Naru says Shin’s Prism Show is happy naru. Bell telling them to not give up with Edel Rose boys section. An is “we’re gonna win today!” meme. Wakana says don’t die Edel Rose. Oto is going about Kouji and Yuu. Ito is displeased, it’s written very small but she says that when Kouji comes back home she’ll hit him.

Naru asks Jin if he’d like to eat dinner or take a bath. He asks what’s for dinner, she says hamburger. He says he’ll have her for dessert.
Naru and BEll: isn’t the one who can sing pride the best Hiro? Naru adds san. Naru: well that boy sings it well too but…. Bell: In the first place wasn’t pride made by Kouji thinking about Hiro…? Why is that boy singing Hiro’s song? Maybe they don’t have enough money at Schwarz Rose to make their own My Song? Can’t read what Shin is saying besides sugoi.

prad6 ika_yuriika taiga kakeru bike parody

HAI SOFTOKURIMUUU. Kakeru: Wait a second, at least do the “aaahn” part! Then something I can’t read all.

Fan and poster signed by MARs seiyuus and the heroines seiyuus.

prad3 manga ito hair

Cute Ito from the Rainbow Live manga. Probably got this on /ai/. Thanks.

prad6 chart relationship

Not sure where is this from, maybe it’ll be in one of the Kinpri books.

Random goods and a Kakeru crossdressing cardboard at a Tower Record.

prad3 after party natsukashi otoha ticket or pic or whatever aaakuni

Old ticket that was used for the Pretty Rhythm After Party.

prad6 naru in prad5 arcade game

Kinpri Naru made in the PriPara arcade game.

prad6 rainbow yukata bbbebiron_pr

Kinpri version of Ainbow in Yukatas.

In the Hantsu Trash OADs and Drama CD, the MC is voiced by Uchida Yuuma, and one of the haremettes is voiced by Uchida Maaya. They probably had fun.

moshi watashi ga hoshitsuki hikari dattara もしも私が【星月ヒカリ】だったら manga watchlist oneshot

On April 20, there was a oneshot manga released called もしも私が【星月ヒカリ】だったら。/Moshimo Watashi Ga Hoshitsuki Hikari Dattara/If I was Hoshitsuki Hikari. This was in my “things to post next pretty rhythm news post” bookmark folder for a while, but I didn’t write why it was there, so it took me a while to find back the reason why this is Pretty Rhythm related. I came across it because some JP PR fans retweeted it. I realized it was written by Murakami Momoko. Murakami Momoko used to work on Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, on kyakuhon/scripts. Then she didn’t work on Dear My Future for some reason. And then she came back to do more episodes’ scripts on Rainbow Live, pretty much all the An/Wakana episodes. So I’m sure this oneshot must be very interesting. Also, since it’s a manga aimed at little girls, I’m also interested to know what kind of things are marketed to little girls in Japan these days. What does it teaches little girls ideologically speaking. This is important to know as someone who may be interested in moving to Japan one day.

Sakamoto Eizo (Animetal&JAM Project) said it’s pretty interesting, and that it deals with adolescents’ problems, using idols to make it into a lighter theme. And that of course adolescents will like it, but that older people who know Creamy Mami will enjoy it too. And that even though he’s not a teenager, and he doesn’t have children, and he’s in his thirties, the manga still grasped his heart in a way that can’t be described with twitter’s 140 characters. Murakami Momoko thanked him for his comments. He also likes Aikatsu, Pretty Rhythm and PriPara too, and calls himself an Aikatsu Ojisan. For example he tweeted about Hiro’s bday back in 2015.

prad rizumukaru boys 3 doujin event 26 june リズミカル☆ボーイズ3 poster adv

There’s going to be the next Pretty Rhythm boys focused  doujin event on June 26 at Tokyo Big Sight. Official site.

prad6 cosplay momo chisato hi_i_roooooh coo san rei @00as00


Rei: あすか
Momo/ Ibara Chisato: ひいろ

prad2 aira symphonia dress cosplay n3_cos

Source. I think the outfit isn’t bad.

Source These ones too.  Naru is @かこ. Rinne is@りゆこ . photo by @たーくん

Source Naru coords

prad3 proably at prism jump 12 on 29 may 2016 mom cosplays kumodoriren

Source I think that  was at doujin event Prism Jump 12 the 29th May 2016.

prad2 dream goes on doujin series vol 3 sold at prism jump 12 29 may 2016 binahiruprad2 dream goes on doujin series vol 3 sold at prism jump 12 29 may 2016 post card included inside callings binahiru

Source New DMF doujin sold there. It includes the card at the right.

As always for doujin events and releases you can check this page for the events and mugimugi for info etc. Since March 2016 to now, with the Pretty Rhythm only Prism Show no Sekai e Youkoso doujin event, there’s been more than two pages worth of doujins tagged Pretty Rhythm that got added on mugimugi. Not all of it is h doujins/yaoi doujins too so it’s cool.

There’s some really fun looking ones.

prad6 ann wakana puffy ami yumi cartoon parody costumes cosplay natsuki_botan

Source was made for Kazuki’s bday

prad6 kakeru possible jump kakeru no mix funds uminosu

A fan tried to imagine what the Kakeru’s Mix Funds prism jump would look like.

New Matsuura Mai pics. Some stuff for Kazuki’s bday, pics of Taiga for winning the election, etc. You can find her pics on her twitter.

prad6 kazuki bday 2016 official pic

Another official pic for Kazuki bday.

Bunch of fun fanart. Some don’t have source in filename because too lazy to find them all. I put in that pic of Kaede because at first I thought she was cosplay Yamada san.

prad6 jin gloria schwarz inumimiusagi_jk

Source GLORIOUS SCHWARZ! That person drew it to celebrate Kinpri’s 5th month in the cinemas.

Maybe Nishi Hiroko will become Avex’s boss one day and will spread Pretty Rhythm all over the world, then I’ll regret participating in birthing a monster.

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