Suparobo 25 annivesary event


PS4_PS3「スーパーロボット大戦OG ムーン・デュエラーズ」第2弾PV - YouTube [720p].mp4_snapshot_06.07_[2016.06.04_15.37.52].jpg

I really feel like replaying Exceed now. I really should to since I didn’t get much of the plot back then. It’s really incredible how they manage to animate it in a way that’s typically cool for SRW but also keeping the juggle feel and coolness particular of Mugen no Frontier. Really can’t wait to see the other attacks. And then please give him a FULL STAKE combo attack with Kyosuke and Arierre.

Can’t even type properly from all the hype

Aschen is in too as a subpilot for Haken. And if I heard right Haken’s Gespenst is pilotable by everyone and they’ll have fun lines, but Aschen can’t switch and become a main pilot. Looking forward to AschenxLamia stuff.

All the seiyuus were pretty fun at the event. Green River joking saying he’s voicing the XO girl in Cross Omega instead of Mikami Shiori.

Man  I’m really disappointed about V though


No Victory Gundam EVEN THOUGH IT’S SRW V(though i haven’t  even seen it yet it’s still stupid it’s not in)

They screwed up so bad, why there’s no V things?

I actually liked Z3 despite all it’s flaws like tons of units being attack only, since I liked the story and all the cross series fanservice jokes but I’m really disappointed about this. This is probably the first time I’m really disappointed about a SRW reveal.

In terms of series this is pretty much Z3 part 3. Without counting sequels etc, there’s 11 series here that were already in Z3. They showed new attacks for units from Z3 but I bet all their other attacks have the same animation. Zeta and Nu have the same animations except upgraded a bit.

At least there’s Cross Ange and it looked really cool. Really looking forward to Double Voltekka with Ange and Salamandisney. Hilda looked really cool too. Can’t wait for Embryo interaction with others series too. I hope this cheers up Fukuda since he must be pretty horrible now after loosing his wife some months ago.

At least they fixed Arbalest’s animation. Now they would really be taking us for idiots if they didn’t. I hope Sousuke and Leonard can understand each other and Leonard is recruitable. I hope they fixed Falke’s animations too. Clouseau is one of my favorite FMP character so I was pretty mad about that.

And I’m happy for the Shin Mazinger Zero/Shin Mazinger Zero Vs Ankoku Daishogun mangaka duo that it got into SRW while Terada already told them no once, because it’s too powerful. Even have the tweet saved though can’t find it right now. Too bad it’s units only though, no beef Doctor Hell doing speeches on dictators being cool for wanting to dominate the world and asking if the american president has anything between the legs for not wanting to do the same, while lifting him by the crotch. Probably no Minerva X either. I read Shin Mazinger Zero, but never read all the the sequel Vs Ankoku Daishogun sequel as there’s no furigana. Only know the general story from skimming through the chapters+the ending. Also ZERO is supposed to be evil and the final boss. All the JP fans who actually read the manga were all like “NOO KOUJI DON’T GET IN ZERO ITS EVIL ITS THE FINAL BOSS” in the nico comments, was pretty funny. I guess since there’s no plot Kouji can pilot it fine or something.

If I heard right Suzumura Kenichi is the one who asked Terada to think about putting Yamato 2199. They said Yamato is a super excpetional thing that’s it’s in. Even then I still don’t want to loose hope and want to believe there’s hope for a Super Battleship Wars with Seikai no Monshou, Harlock, Yamato, Moretsu Pirates, Cobra, Ulysse 31, Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu, Taiyou no ko Esteban etc.

Similar to how they finally announced a new FMP anime after it got in Z3, maybe we’ll get a Crossbone anime soon. I never read the manga though so can’t say I’m legitimately hyped about it.

Hiyama san and Water Tree 7 were at the event because Haken got in OGMD and Might Gaine and Cross Ange got in SRW V, not because they were announcing Mugen No Frontier 3. Water Tree 7 voices Neige in MnF so really thought they would. Anyway that’s what the “MnF3” at the previous live event actually meant.

If I heard right, the new producer of the SRW series said they put Haken and Aschen in OGMD because he used to be the producer for Mugen No Frontier. Terada is still producer for OG but this guy whose name I forgot is new non OG producer since Z3 or so iirc. It’s nice they did this now since Excellen’s seiyuu Mizutani Yuuko san died. They would have waited one more game and we would have never got recorded lines about Excellen doing jokes while piloting Black Ghost. chatting with Haken. Hopefully they aren’t the only two MnF characters in the game. Also Hiyama san was wearing a hat like Haken.

But yeah even if I was rich I would never buy SRW V. I don’t support scams. Just pirate it. As much as I like Z/ZZ/CCA, Cross Ange, Shin Mazinger Zero and FMP, I’m not giving them any money for that. Lazypresto reached new heights. I guess it’ll still sell a lot since it’ll be release in english. Never would have imagined non OG SRW in english one day. SRW is one of the reasons I learn Japanese.

Now that I think about it again, that’s probably why they reused so many series. They want to try and see if the English version will sell or not.They insisted saying it’s the first time SRW will be translated in English overseas, ignoring OG1&2 on GBA and Mugen no Frontier 1 on DS. And they insisted on how SRW is “crossing the sea”. V meaning Voyage is probably also a reference to that. So yeah they don’t want to take risks with this English test so that’s why they’re recycling more than 50% of things from Z3.

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