KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm, 3rd Prism Elite Meeting summary

prad6 kinpri announcement poster

This post is unfinished and in a weird state because I wrote it as I was watching the event’s live stream. I have a recording of the event, but I haven’t got the time to get back to it and complete this post.

The KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm 3rd Prism Elite Meeting was the event to celebrate the release of the dvd/bd on June 17. I mentioned it last news post.
On June 16 they announced the event would be streamed. So I watched it.
Here’s a summary:
Have important stuff to do so the post is currently unfinished.

Event was in Osaka. Around half people came from Kanto. Some people came from Nagoya. Other Fukuoka. Event is at 1am so they’re motivated coming this far.

Nishi san is MC. She has a ts shirt drawn by Matsuura san. Director san gets in as a “guest”.

Similar to the previous event, they made a special menu with food and drinks with PR relareted jokes.

“Special guest” Terashima Junta/Shin”. He’s a bit sleepy but fine.

They start by presenting the limited edition of the bd/dvd.

1 There’s scenes that were redrawn.

2 There’s a copy of the script. It’s literately the script the staff&cast used. Terashima san says “how nostalgic” when seeing it. When they recorded they only had this, animation etc wasn’t done yet, so it was difficult to imagine, especially since we’re talking about PR shows here.  They also left in Director’s instructions.There’s some parts where “yes” is written 3 times by the director. It means it’s the saijoukyu? He checked some things 3 times after each change? Then he says it’s obvious he should do this much and the audience laughs.. need to recheck. 13:00 At times during super techniques he only wrote it once though, like during Kazuki’s.

Nishi sans says a lot of lines of Alec went by unchanged till the end. Lotsof sounds too. waaan, dogoon, and how it’s a script with lotsof sfx. Sometimes wandaaaa is even written 5 times. The line “jigoku de ichiru ga ii” is written 3 times. Can’t check myself sadly, I can’t buy Kinpri bd for now for various reason.

They left all the things that got cut in the end. A lot of Jin’s lines got cut in the end, so you can find them there. Lotsof  agressive or horribles lines were removed. There’s some storyboards in too. At one point Director san forgot the R and wrote king of pism on a storyboard.

Joking about how Hishida san and Aoba Jo have tight schedules and it was hard making them meet for the interview in the limited edition.

Some people at the event already watched the short anime. Yuu is super tsundere and super cute and everyone is working on the Dramatic Love lyrics. It’s to make up how he doesn’t talk much in the movie.

Terashima talking about the recording. It was done in 2 sessions, first time everyone came except Uchida Yuuma/Yuu and Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga, they could’t come because of their schedules. So the two of them recorded their lines later, which is funny since the short focuses the most on them. Terashima san says it was hard reacting to stuff he couldn’t see/hear. They were all imagining Yuuma kun and Tasuku kun’s reactions to be able to voice better. It was really fun and everyone was motivated. Especially Igarashi san/Minato, he was in “big fever” mode.

Igarashi san/Minato also told Direcctor “thank you for making Minato like that” in the special. Nishi san think he’s a very nice person. Terashima san sometimes tease him/bully him on Twitter but when they meet later he’s never angry. Igarashi san is different from his character Minato, who actually has a S side as shown in the short anime. When he cooks he’ll make people eat what they don’t like. That’s why he actually asks people if they have dislikes. (Everyone in the comments nicknames Minato “mama”, that’s a thing director started. IIRC one of Minato’s early official description is that he’s pretty much the dorm’s mama too.)

There was supposed to be a scene with Minato being in the dorm’s entrance calling everyone still outside, screaming “it’s time to eat!”. (Maybe this scene is actually in, haven’t seen the movie yet.) And to record that, Igarashi san actually climbed the top of  the corner the recording room and screamed it. All the cast was surprised. Director said it’s the first time he ever saw someone do that, and he’s really a “stage” person.

Terashima talks about how he went to some Animate shops the day before the event and how it felt the staff there did their Kinpri corner because they really like PR and not just because it’s their work. Also at some shop in Osaka called nihonbashiten or something  they did a quick surprise ouenjouei with the people in the shop, using the shop’s display TV. Like, Terashima san would appear suddenly and they’d do it or something. It wasn’t planned though, and when they wanted to start  it, it was Kazuki vs Alec that was shown on the screens, so they decided to wait a bit or people would get too excited. It was probably the thing that made Terashima san the most nervous recently. Usually in events he’s always together with Director. Director san jokes saying it’s time he goes alone at events. Terashima san says he wants to wait a bit more. Nishi san says tons of shop across the country, not just Animate, are advertising for the dvd/bd.

10 minute break.
In the last live they would cut the camera during breaks, this time they left it on. Terashima san says he was nervous wondering if people at the event will have fun or not. Plus there’s how the event started at 1am too. Director notes that this time there’s quite a lot of women in the audience, more than  the last live event in Shinjuku. You can’t see the audience, but someone starts taking photos of Director. Nishi san says they should stop or he’ll get really full of himself. But then seems more and more peopel start taking photos, probably realizing it’s ok to do so. So they start laughing.
Director asking if it’s still live. He didn’t know. He says “but then it’s not a break” (for them).
Nishi san asks if there’s a lot of people in teh audience going to the meet&greet for the 1st 4DX screening the 18, lostof people raised their hands.

After the break is the “You can ask anything”Q&A.

Each person wrote their name, school,disliked food, a question&who the question is for: Either Terashima san, Director, or everyone. Questions are from prism elite people and from the net if I heard right. Nishi san says they will answer any question the best they can.

Name: “Nonohana san”. School: Swcharz Rose. Disliked food: Curry Rice
(they all note it’s rare for someone to dislike Curry Rice. Nonohana san probably never ate Curry Rice besides the Japanese version,  which I don’t think I’d like either)
Q to director: Is Taiga kun’s family running an apple farm?
Director didn’t understand the question at first so Nishi san repeats it, I can’t understand it the first time she says it either. Director says it’s a good question. He doesn’t know if they run an apple farm or not, but seeing Taiga’s personality, there’s definitely someone in his family who runs something like a farm.

Name: “”. School: . Disliked food:

Q to Terashima san: If you made a duo unit with Leo kun what kind of song you’d like to do? Answer: Something about love

Name: “”. School: . Disliked food:

Q to director: which scene left an impression on you. Answer Everyone is all about Alec’s abs, but I think Jin’s abs were good too.

Name: “”. School: . Disliked food:

Q to director: What is the motto of Juuoin Holdin (Kakeru’s zaibatsu) (recheck)

Answer, didn’t hear everything so only the end for now: They make everything. Even weapons.

Name: “”. School: . Disliked food:

Q to director: (didn’t hear)

Answer: used to drink tea, but now switched to coffee.

Name: “”. School: . Disliked food:

Q to Terashima san:Did your impressions of Prism Shows change now compared to when you started voicing Shin?
Answer:Well at first I didn’t understand anything, didn’t see the movie either as it wasn’t done yet, only the script. director asks him if it isn’t really still the same now. He says yeah he still think nanda korya sometimes. But he understood it now. And how honey from teh butt is possible since it’s prism shows adn the prism sparkle’s power.

Name: “”. School: . Disliked food:

Q to director: What kind of times is it when you feel glad you made PR?

Answer: Whenever I’m at events like this and I see everyone’s smiles

Q to Terashima san: What do you think you have in similar/different from Shin

Answer: They both dislike celery. They’re both weak to “shocks”. His voice will go out right away; Easily surprised, like he’ll go ii hii scared.
Differentes: He’s not as pure as Shin. He’s 27 yo after all.

Q to Terashima san: If you could voice someone else than Shin, who would you voice?
At the audition, he first tried Takeru Taiga Yuu, because he thought they’d be the most popular. Compared to Shin’s description for the audtion, it didn’t seem like he’ll be popular. Taiga is pure too like Shin, but the type that doesn’t stand out, and Terashima says he used to be like that in elementary, and he thought Taiga was cool.

From” Wakanyan’s candy”Q to Director: (didn’t hear it because was laughing about Wakanyan’s candy and how nishi san said ‘the thing that always get licked and that even An licked) Something about kinds of batsu games. and scrubbing the bath.

Q to director: tell us the difference in pro performance/results between swcharz rose and edel rose. He said japan/Singapour=edel rose. Russia=schwarz rose

Q from someone whoose bday is june 17, same as dvd bd release.  I think someone else from the audience is the same too. Terashima starts singing happy bday.

Didn’t watch for around 10m

Q:Kazuo kun’s glasses are real? he removes them for Prism Shows?
Director: he asked Matsuura san about it, and he keepts them, meaning they aren’t fashion glasses

Q to Terashima:What do you think of Alec? Not as Shin, as yourself
I love him. I think all men like him. Takeuchi san too. I don’t think there’s anyone who dislike him.

Q to director: How many students are there in Schwarz Rose?
Asnwer: Around  300 000? From all over the country.  There’s ranks too. Also Louis has a special rank. There’s an “ippan rank” too. *others things I haven’t heard*

Last Q. Q to Terashima san: If you could go on a date for one day with Leo kun, where would you go?
He’s really thinking about it before answering. They he says  ou*something, didn’t hear*, and a onsen. They’re the same sex, they could totally get in together.

Another 10 minute break. Terashima orders a Yama to Alexander. During the breka Terashima san adds that then he’ll bring Leo home by bicycle or something like that. Terashima tries out some ring on his left hand, joke he got married because of the Animate Shin proposals.

Restarting. Details about the 4DX screenings

Smells: Honey smell during Kouji’s Hachimitsu Kiss. Sea smell when Hiro is at the beach.

Rain: Don’t worry  you won’t get soaked. It’s just a little.

Shabon dama*what’s that? Some kind of nursery song according to google*

There will be fireflies looking things during that Louis Shin bridge scene.

Then they show some paper list of all the effects.

(There’s 6467 viewers on the nico stream right now. )

Present corner now. They’ll give out stuff to the audience. Speakign of the audience most of them will stay till morning since no more trains.

1: Terashima san signed clear file. Clear File from back when they sold the advance tickets. Nishi san says “hadaka tickets’ then corrects herself saying “seishon” (whatever is the official name again) tickets.
There’s 3 clearfiles to win. Winners: F no ni maru ni (202). F no juu ni ban (12). H no san juu ni ban (32)

2: plastic fans from the 39th ouenjouei. There’s around 20 fans to win.
Winners: F no nana juu ichi (71) H kyuu juu san ban. H no san juu ban.
Nishi san saying “can you keep up with this speed”
F no kyuu juu nana. B no hyaku san juu ni. F no nana juu hachi ban. F no kyuu juu hyakky kyuu juu(prolly got that one wrong) . H kyuu juu ban. B no hyakku san juu ban. F hyaku go juu nana ban. H no kyuu juu kyuu ban. B no hachi hyaku juu ban. F no hyaku ni juu san ban. B no ni hyaku kyu ban. F no hyaku juu ban. H no san juu ichi ban. B no hyakku go juu hachi ban. H san juu kyuu ban. F no hyaku nii juu ban. F juu ichi ban. H kyuu juu go ban. B hyaku nana juu. B no ni hyaku go ban. H nana juu ban. F no juu yon ban. Last: F no roku juu san ban.

Now a simple announcement (that was already announced before on twitter) Kinpri stamps for LINE. Nishi san says you can use “sono kotoba wo matteimashita” one a lot.

About the September 11 event. From June 17 to June 29 you can use the tickets in the dvd/bd to try to get a ticket for the event.

Important announcement, nishi san says it’ll bring a big reaction. Terashima san does live the MIINA NI IITAI KOTO GA ARIMAAASU.
“KING OF PRISM Music Ready Sparking!” CD. Wil have solo songs for each Edel Rose character. And a audio drama track for each too.
Cover by Matsuura Mai.
IC card sticker. *what’s that?*
And “That character” will have a solo too. (This announcement of this CD was already spoiled by shops starting preorders for it a few hours/days ago, “that character” is a Alec solo of EZ Do Dance.)

They talk about each song. Yuu says “ZEUS!” in his song or something. Leo’s kun song sound like he’s about to go shopping in Harajuku. Minato’s song is really good. It’s only in Kinpri you’ll hear Igarashi san sing solo. Director says in teh end every song is good.

It’s about to end now, so messages from everyone.

Nishi san reads a message from Matsuura Mai: She thanks the fans etc.

Terashima san jokes about how the feelings put into the movie are so big even though so little ppl worked on it. *Something about poor people and France? I didn’t hear.*

Terashima san does a speech saying it’s thanks to everyone love and passion that they’ve kept going this far etc. his voice is a bit tired, you can tell it’s almost 3AM there.

Director wrote a letter for today too. He apologize again to Nishi san and Terashima san for “that time”. Terashima san says at first him and Yuuma kun were laughing  when director started his xmas speech, then they realized they’re not supposed to laugh.
Director wrote his speech on his phone, looks for it. Found it, starts reading.

Jokes about they didn’t waste the money on first class flights. The hotel they’re staying at for the night too is normal.  Jokes about whether there’s even been a omake short anime longer than the episodes of the series that used to air on TV. You need to try watching the short anime after the end scene of Jin in the bath. Something about Nishi san thinking up one of the jokes, she really denies it later. Nishi san jokingly says to not spread that she made that joke on the net.

About to end now.

Director says he thinks that when Pretty Rhythm RL was airing, it actually wasn’t aired in Sendai. BS Japan aired it in multiple prefectures but not there. And something about his father in Sendai watching it using satellite TV.  Terashima san’s mom didn’t see Kinpri. His little sister saw it though. She didn’t say “onii chan you’re cool” though,just told him “warota” (that’s a lol synonym I think)

Nishi san thanking everyone. Also the shop the event is happening at is open till 5am for people who want to stay. The staff will leave now as they need to rest for the 4DX meet and greet tomorrow. Good nai.

Terashima san took a selfie with the audience before leaving.

Summary: The Q&A was fun and they revealed more about the characters. They announced the character solo song CD that was already leaked by shops, and that’s it I guess.
It lasted around the same time as the previous event, 2 hours, but this time they didn’t talk much.
It still was really fun though.

I have things to do now so I’ll just leave the post like that now. I guess I still have a long way to go, I almost got everything, except when I took a break myself. But if they would have talked as much as the previous event I wouldn’t have been able to keep up live for sure.

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