KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm impressions

prad6 kinpri announcement poster

As expected this is movie of the decade.

You can find the movie on the net but you should also definitely buy it. I wanted to order the limited edition but can’t for now. I only ordered the 3 books. I think the only thing I don’t like about the movie is that it didn’t satisfy my hunger at all. I’m just even more hyped for the sequel now. If the sequel is in movie format too, I wish I could be in Japan when it releases so I can watch it right away in cinemas instead of having to wait 6 months.

While I spoiled myself all the movie beforehand by translating things, I still enjoyed it at 1000%. It’s even more perfect that what I could dream of. And even then there was a few story details that I didn’t know.

This isn’t really an impressions posts, wouldn’t be interesting if I did that. Not gonna point out easily noticeable things either, like the two or three times Louis is in the background.Instead of just writing in caps about how movie of the decade level it is, I tried explaining in detail each part of the story, and speculate about the sequel, using what I read in interviews etc.

You can ctrlf F these if there’s a part in particular you want to know more about, instead of reading everything:

Hijiri&Jin’s dad
Prism Chapel
OTR flashback at the park
Hijiri and Rei & what the girls are doing
Kazuki Vs Alexander
Kouji Vs Shin
Jin’s speech 1
Kouji announcing he’ll leave for hollywood, eating at the dorm
OTR announcing the suspension of their activities
Shin’s Prism Show
Jin’s speech 2, conclusion and credits

About the points I speculate on: some of them may already have answers in interviews/talk show events I haven’t read/translated yet. Maybe Director already denied or confirmed some points. These are just my theories. I’m saying it just in case but I know some little girls will take some of these as fact anyway and will post this on some wiki.

I wouldn’t say I’m overthinking things, as I think Pretty Rhythm is good enough for theories like that to be possibly relevant. It’s by doing that I could figure out Juné and Rinne are the same person at episode 20 of RL. Cool kids on the net will call it “Autism” but I definitely think there’s clues for the sequel’s story in there.

One year and a half passed since the end of  Rainbow Live.

prad6 ito

Ito cameo.

prad6 ito 2 prad6 bell

Ito and Bell. For some reason they have their hairstyles from before Kinpri.

prad6 ann

That’s An but it’s not like if Kazuki decided on An. Whenever there’s a cameo like that, it alternates between An and Wakana. In the Kabedon jump in route 4, Director said the girl with Kazuki is Wakana.

prad6 otr bycicle prad6 otr bycicle2


prad6 shin jump hijiri star reference to jun 1prad6 shin jump hijiri star reference to jun 2prad 01 jun aira rizumu star 1 prad 01 jun aira rizumu star 2

Reference to Jun saying STAAAAR when seeing Aira and Rizumu for the first time in AD episode 1. (AD pics are from a bad youtube version)

Director said that Shin is flying when the pendant Louis gave him is shining, then when it stops shining, Shin falls, and that it’s an important hint for the sequel.

prad6 do you like prsim shows prad3 31 do you like prsim shows

Hijiri asks “Do you like Prism Shows” to Shin, the same line his father said to Hiro in the flashback in episode 31 of RL.

prad6 yamada 01 prad6 yamada 02

In all the promotion material, they never revealed the dorm’s caretaker being called Yamada all for the sake of this joke.

prad6 03

Kou, Hijiri&Jin’s dad passed away. That’s one thing I didn’t get spoiled.

prad3 31 kou edel rose

  • Hijiri and Jin are half brothers born from a different mom. There’s Maria who was Hijiri’s mom, and Jin’s mom who is unnamed and we don’t even know if she’s alive or not. I think she’s dead.
  • Jin inherited all Edel Rose from Kou, which includes various Prism Show schools all around the world as seen in episode 31. Jin transformed everything he inherited into Schwarz Rose. Most of the Edel Rose students switched to Schwarz Rose too. So everything Edel Rose is now Schwarz Rose. (except the female students and female only schools, more on this later.)  The only thing Jin didn’t get is the old Edel Rose dorm that was used back when Edel Rose was just starting up, that was abandoned until now. This is what Hijiri inherited and where the OTR&the new characters in Kinpri are staying at.
  • Jin inherited all of Kou’s things as he’s Kou’s “official” son. He shares his family name Norizuki. Maybe also because he’s the eldest son. According to the guidebooks Jin is two years older than Hijiri. (At the last Prism King Cup Jin was 21 and Hijiri 19. Prism King Cup is every 4 years so Jin is now 25/26 and Hijiri 23/24)

prad3 45 hijiri PSA

  • By the end of Rainbow Live, Kou was the new president of the Prism Show Association (henceforth PSA). This association promotes Prism Shows, decides on the organization and rules of tournaments and exhibitions, and also decides who is worthy to participate in Prism Queen/King Cup. The chairman of the PSA has a lot of power, as during Rainbow Live, Hijiri is teh PSA chief, and decides by himself to do the trio tournament for example. However he’s not all powerful either and  can’t decide everything himself. See the start of episode 45 pictured above.

prad6 schwarz rose tower 2prad6 schwarz rose buildingprad3 27 PSA towerprad3 27 hijiri juné PSA tower

  • If I believe fans on twitter, Director said at some point that the Schwarz Rose skyscraper is originally the PSA skyscraper you often see Hijiri&Juné at in Rainbow Live. The windows look different though, so I think the PSA building got removed and Jin built the Schwarz Rose building instead. With his fortune it’s possible to build a tower in one year and a half.
  • So it seems Jin also inherited the position of chief of PSA after his father passed away. Or at least Jin bought the PSA’s building with his fortune. If Jin is indeed the new chief of PSA, it means that similar with how he tried to prevent Happy Rain and Juné to participate in the Prism Queen Cup, he can prevent OTR and the new boys from participating in the Prism King cup. (and judging from the preview at the end he will indeed use rules and law. Like having Louis register for the Prism King Cup with Pride as his song so Hiro can’t.)

prad3 31 Jin edel rose

  • This brings the question as why Jin is still trustworthy in the public eye. From Hiro’s “last” live, the whole world knows Jin forced Hiro to lie about writing songs. However I don’t think it was actually revealed to the public that Jin bribed a judge in the PSA. I also don’t think Rei leaked that Jin is the cause of Hijiri’s injury and withdrawal from the last Prism King Cup. Plus, Jin is the current Prism King title holder and has won many other tournaments, judging from the dozens of trophies in his office, even taking into account that not all trophies were won by him personally but by Edel Rose students around the world. He also has many contacts in the Prism Show industry. That’s probably why he’s still trustworthy from public eye even with the Hiro scandal exposed. It wasn’t enough to permanently tarnish his reputation. And who knows, maybe when announcing the creation of Schwarz Rose between the end of RL and the start of Kinpri, he did a speech where he said he regrets what he did with Hiro and that he changed, that he won’t use mafia like means anymore. Just like what Sarkozy is doing these past years.

Anyway, all of this explains how Jin could make his Schwarz Rose school massive  in only one year and a half time. Director said that Schwarz Rose has like 30 000 students in total. And that their performance in terms of sports records is like Russia’s.

Back to the inheritance, you could ask yourself why Kou didn’t change his will after Rainbow Live so Hijiri inherits his stuff instead of Jin. After all, Kou knew about Jin’s shady dealings. In the first place, Kou is the one who fired Jin from his position as Edel Rose boss.

  • First of all, obviously Kou didn’t know he would die. Death comes unexpected. Maybe Kou didn’t even write a will and Jin just (rightfully) claimed everything. Maybe Kou actually wanted to change his will but didn’t have the time to change it.
  • There’s also the possibility that it’s actually Jin who killed his father, but I highly doubt it.
  • In my opinion, Kou didn’t change his will because it was part of his plan to reform his son. Kou may have realized that Jin has an inferiority complex towards Hijiri, maybe he wanted to show Jin he loves him just as much as Hijiri. I think he wanted to reform Jin, and didn’t have the time to.

In any case it’s a bit disappointing that Kou died. I wanted him to give a good punch to Jin. I wanted him to be able to see his sons get along. After all, the sequel will definitely end with Jin reconciling with Hijiri and hug each other. Then again this is Pretty Rhythm so it’s entirely possible Kou comes back as a ghost to punch Jin.

prad6 prism chapel

The Prism Chapel

prad6 prism chapel interiorprad6 juné


  • The two at the right are L’Amour De L’Ange and La Flamme D’Amour, but the two on the left don’t seem to be any Prism Jump in particular.
  • Director said unlike the morning cartoon timeslot, the movie format would let them directly reference alcohol, smoking, religion or violence. However they would only use them if it’s necessary for the story, and not as a shock factor or similar. Meaning that showing us the Prism Chapel is necessary to the story, and that the Prism World will play a role in the sequel.

prad3 48 futaba cross

  • This shows us that one of the religions existing in the Rainbow Live universe is PRISMISM or whatever you wanna call it. In the Prism chapel, Hijiri actually prays to Prism Goddess for his dad. There may be Jews, Christians, Muslims and other stuff too since Hijiri’s mom was called “Maria” and Futaba wears a cross. It’s also possible it’s one of those stories based on current real world but where religion magically doesn’t exist because the writers don’t know anything about it so better it doesn’t exist. And Maria was a Prismist too so Hijiri is one too. And then Futaba wears a cross because Japanese think crosses are cool and don’t care about the religious aspect of it.
  • The chapel is dedicated to Prism Goddess. Prism Goddess is the person of the Prism World who’s in charge of the RL universe. There’s only one Prism World, not one for each universe. The Prism World is a single world connecting the ADMF universe, the RL universe, and others.
  • In AD they mention the Skate Constellation Goddess, then in DMF they mention the Symphonia Goddess. This means there can be multiple persons in charge of one universe. Skate Constellation Goddess and Symphonia Goddess are both in charge of the ADMF universe.
  • Prism Goddess talks in episode 50, she has the voice of Sonata, and the statues you see in the RL universe are statues of Sonata too. RL takes place in another universe than ADMF, but it takes place later time speaking wise, as Momo mentions Rinne helping for Aurora Rising and Greatful Symphonia. (Naisho should do a batch when the RL BD are out and correct the “legendary villains” line.) Penguin sensei got promoted to a mascot doing sliding with Rinnes, and there’s Yamada’s reincarnation Tanaka. So maybe Sonata was elected as boss of RL universe some time after DMF as a reward for her achievements. Or maybe people and mascots living in Prism World decided to copy Sonata’s data and make it into Prism Goddess, and Prism Goddess is an AI.

prad3 40 01

  • During RL, you can see pictures of some of the female Prism Stars in DMF era doing Symphonia related things. There’s everyone except Serenon with K. Maybe similar to how Sonata became one of the bosses in Prism World, sometime after DMF, Aira, Mia and all the others got granted important places in the Prism World government too.  Or they copied their data. They’re all part of the government managing the RL universe, and Sonata is their boss.Like apostles or saints or whatever. And maybe that’s what is being hinted at  with Aira Mia and Naru in the PriPara universe group name “Saints”. They’re worshiped by people in the RL universe just like Sonata/Prism Goddess. Maybe there’s a Prism Banana Goddess that they also worship in RL universe who is actually Kaname, or a reincarnation of Kaname, or a data copy of Kaname.
    Every important Prism Star from ADMF got their data copied and made into people in the Prism World governing the RL universe. And then themselves got reincarnated into RL universe into the main characters’ parents.

Counterarguments to these theories:

  • Source tweet is dead so you’ll just have to trust me. Sound director is the one who decided to reuse seiyuus from AD and DMF to voice parents and other side characters in RL. It’s not the Director. As in, it’s not one of the people writing the plot who decided to do it. Director commented on this, saying it’s fun and it’s like if the characters from AD and DMF got reincarnated in RL. Keyword here is “like if”, he didn’t say they actually got reincarnated.
  • The fact that the Prism Chapel has pictures of Juné while she’s not in Prism World. Hijiri isn’t the one who built the chapel as he’s not the kind of narcissist person to put pictures of his wife on a building. And he currently don’t even have money anyway. Meaning the chapel and the pictures of Juné were there since the dorm was originally built long before the start of RL. I think Juné was supposed to get an important position in Prism World after completing her mission from propagating the Prism Sparkle with Hijiri. And the chapel was built in anticipation of that. But she ended up never returning so the chapel stayed while she actually never got promoted, creating this paradox.
  • Judging from how Tanaka and Yamada look identical, it seems that reincarnations need to look the same. However all the characters in RL sharing voices with characters from ADMF don’t look like them at all. Hiro’s mom is voiced by Mion, but she doesn’t look like Mion at all, and her personality is nothing like Mion’s. Ritsu/Bell’s mom is voiced by Kei, but is different from Kei, and don’t even do Prism Shows herself. Etc.
  • Though some of them got similar destinies. Gen/Ito’s dad and Joe/Kouji’s dad being respectively voiced by Shou and Yun Su and being best bros too. Tsuru/Ito’s mom is voiced by Aira and also used to do Prism Shows, and she married Gen/Shou.
  • Aira, Mia and Naru in Saints in PP have been stated by director to be data that the “matrix” made copying people from long ago. The Saints are virtual idols, just data. They don’t even actually exist in the PP universe. Meaning they aren’t reincarnations either. Something that don’t even exist can’t be the reincarnation of someone.
  • So there’s actually very few reincarnations or even no reincarnation at all to people from ADMF to RL or PP. Tanaka/Yamada is probably an exception and most people from ADMF didn’t reincarnate in RL.
  • In summary my theory is, Sonata and other people from ADMF got their data copied and put into the Prism World government ruling the RL universe. It’s some sort of data copying system and not reincarnations.

prad6 otr shin park

OTR flashback at the park

Why are Kouji Hiro Kazuki staying at Edel Rose? The reason for forming OTR was to change Edel Rose from the inside, to remove the elitist atmosphere, where everyone is an enemy. To remove Jin’s ideology: you need to aim for the best already established techniques, perfection in entertainment, just focus on what brings in the most points, focus on doing the “perfect” Prism Show, regardless of originality. All of this isn’t present anymore, including Jin.
Now they’re staying in Edel Rose to fight Jin’s school and ideology. Hiro is also a fan of Hijiri and considers himself his pupil. Similar to how Bell managed to save the female section, Hiro probably thinks it’s his duty as well to save the male section. He probably thinks he need to be able to do as much as what Bell is capable to do if he ever wants her to reciprocate his feelings. Kazuki is also a fan of Rei, and Rei used to be in Edel Rose as well. Kouji wants to support them too. That’s why they’re sticking with Edel Rose. They say in the movie the real reason Kouji goes to do the OST of that Hollywood movie is to help Hijiri pay the debts with the contract money he’ll get.

prad6 hiro jin

They added this scene to the original Hiro Kouji flashback. We already knew it was Jin who decided they’d say Hiro wrote the song but actually seeing it was nice. Jin’s lines were hilarious too, calling Hiro’s mom trash etc. Though in retrospect that maybe wasn’t that more cruel than the show, where he calls Hiro “dirty just like his mom”.  I really need to buy the limited edition to see what did they cut from his lines, as according to director it was even more horrible&cruel.

It’s also pretty ingenious how they reused other scenes and lines for Jin for the scene. When he lifts his finger then lowers it. I see now all these ingenious tricks to save money I read about in interviews. The narration during the flashback is perfect too. With Hiro’s voice changing to his serious tone.

They re-mixed the sound effects of the Prism Jumps in the flashback. They also newly recorded the lines. The Hiro rose fangirls sound different. Hiro sounds different than in Rainbow Live during his jumps too. Kazuki also sounds different during Breaking Fire Storm. The other day, I noticed while checking the Prism Jump list in the PRASS guidebook that Kazuki’s jump name is “Breaking Fire Storm” then he just scream Burning right after. It’s not called “Breaking Fire Storm Burning”.

 prad3 31 hiro prideprad6 hiro pride

They redid the SFX when the fire lits behind Kazuki at the start of his show. Also redid the SFX and visuals when Hiro breaks. Left is Rainbow Live TV Version, right is Kinpri.

Note that all these changes may also be in the to be released BD version of RL. Maybe they’re already in the DVD version too.

prad6 hijiri prad6 rei

Hijiri and Rei & what the girls are doing

prad6 girl cameos posters 1

(Poster pics are from the event where they printed out the posters. Too lazy to take screenshots from the actual movie and stitch them)

  • Bell separated the female section of Edel Rose and made it into a new independent school so it’s not taken over by Jin. She probably took over girls only prism show schools that were inside the Edel Rose group too, like Lu Seriana school. I think the school she made is named “Bell Rose” just like her team. Since the poster is an advertisement for it. It says  “Aim at further heights, together with me.” and says “Bell Rose”, but Wakana and Otoha aren’t on it, meaning it doesn’t designate the team Bell Rose, but that the school is called Bell Rose.
  • Laws and rules wise, I think she was able to do this because she’s the current Prism Queen title holder. She must have power in the Prism Show industry. I think Bell is currently the chairwoman of Bell Rose and she manages it along with her activities as a Prism Star. She has excellent managing skills as shown in RL, and this time she will consider budget issues unlike what she did with Prism Stone shop in RL. She won’t blow all the budget on marketing and advertising.

prad6 girl cameos posters 2prad6 girl cameos posters 3

Yoru no Yoshaman, must be the sequel of Yoshaman seen in RL. Parody of Yoru no Yatterman.
Naru is doing a morning TV show for children. She’s still the manager of Dear Crown too. That’s why the ads are on Dear Crown. The part with Kazuki says that it’s very popular and currently airing. I think Kazuki did the pictures for the show.

prad6 girl cameos posters 5 prad6 girl cameos posters 4

An and Wakana are a duo very popular overseas and they have a american SD anime like the Puffy Ami Yumi anime.

prad6 girl cameos posters 6

噂のプリンスとお妃候補発覚! Takanashi Otoha san. Awawawawa komarimasu

“The rumored prince and the bride candidate revealed?” Some famous prince sent a marriage proposal to Otoha she refused it and is troubled about it? She’s the main candidate for some princess role in some movie? And now that it’s on the news she’s embarrassed? I’m not sure what this poster means.
Maybe it’s the former since Otoha is rich so she probably actually does get marriage proposals from other rich people.

prad6 notcallings

Ah so that’s how the notCallings look like.

prad6 eyecatch

They put in a eyecatch.

Kazuki Vs Alexander

prad6 kakeru wanbanko

Wanbanko is something Kakeru says, I finally get the wanbanko meme now. The staff often use it to greet at events. Kakeru’s seiyuu says it too. (konbanwa in reverse btw)

Also I never noticed in the PVs Kakeru wears Schwarz Rose uniform. I keep saying he’ll betray Edel Rose in the sequel but Taiga already considers him a traitor. Later in the movie he says he’s only going there for his company, but I still think he’ll betray for real in the sequel, and then realize his friends are more important, and do the Kakeru’s Mix Funds jump.

Kakeru gives them the Prism Watches because it’ll be bad for both Edel Rose and Schwarz Rose’s reputation if one of them get hurt.

prad6 alec prad6 taiga kazuki

Alec says that Kazuki is shaming on Street Style by appealing to girls and stuff. Kazuki says he jut wants more people to know about Prism Shows and that it got nothing to do with being an Academy Style or Street Style Prism Star.
They bring up two different ways of doing Male Prism Shows: アカデミー系 /Academy style and Street style /ストリート系 . « Academy style » was never mentioned in Rainbow Live, so during the meet&greet when the movie released on January 9, director explained about it.
Director said “Academy style= boys who appeal to girls during their shows.” . It’s basically what Hiro, Hijiri, Jin etc does.
And then he said “Street style: Boys who want to appeal to girls but are embarrassed about it and can’t do it, it’s something similar to chuunibyou”. And he said Kazuki, Taiga and Alec all can’t deal with girls.

prad6 kakeru taiga

Kakeru nicknames the training machines his company sold to Schwarz Rose “Murder machines”, meaning that you can get hurt using them, as shown later in the movie with the guy getting the trap door. What I mean is it’s possible the trapdoor opening if you stop practicing is probably something already in the machine, it’s not Jin who specifically asked for the machines to be like that.

prad6 kazuki alec

Director said Kazuki got impatient after loosing the Burning Splash clash at the start. He even screams sokomadeda! When trying to slash Alec, showing he wanted to end it right then. Director said that usually in a Prism Battle, Kazuki does ブレイキングダウンバーストボンバーBreaking Downburst Bomber first, to seal the opponent’s movements with the whirlpool effect, and then finish them off with Burning Sword Breaker. Even before the fight you can see Kazuki is impatient, as he got provoked into it. Like Taiga says, he’s not in his usual state of mind. It’s because of Kouji about to leave.

prad6 kazuki alec sword block 1 prad6 kazuki alec sword block 2

Kazuki’s aura is red, Alec’s aura is purple, Alec manages to repel the sword with his Kotetsu no Six Pack Core Prism Jump, and if you look carefully, Alec’s aura slowly gains territory over Kazuki’s meaning he countered him successfully.

Alec does actually say “go to hell” first in Japanese and then really “go to hell”.

Back when the first PV was released and they showed Alexander would fight Kazuki, I thought that Kazuki would job to Alec to make him feel like a threat. And that it would feel forced. They didn’t do that at all. Their fight is great plotwise. Alec is genuinely strong. And super cool.

prad6 kouji vs shin 1 prad6 kouji vs shin 2

Kouji Vs Shin

Watching this finally made me get all the comments about EZ Do Dance’s mixing I previously translated. The joke with Kouji going ultra serious  “mada mada ikuzo”. The SU SU SU thing. The Shin short monologue then 3 2 1 EZ DO DANCE thing. Really funny feeling to get yourself what you translated.

prad6 shin hit by akaii ito natsu no koi

Shin says his heart is going kyun kyun. This is just like Prism Shows since forever. Prism Jumps actually happen (except exceptions like Mion’s earth destroying jump or stuff like that), and when fighting they affect the opponent. See all the instances in DMF where this happens, like Serenon with K’s jumps or that episode where Mia and co are trapped in Prism World.

prad6 kouji shin 3 prad6 shin power

Kouji tells Shin to bring out the feelings deepest in his heart to perform Prism Shows. As said multiple times during the seasons, in summary Prism Shows depends on your heart’s feelings. Training and practice does have an influence on how good you are, but Prism Jumps powers in particular are determined by feelings. For example in the very first episode of Aurora Dream, Rizumu can skate and do a Prism Show because she trained for it, but she can’t do a Prism Jump because she doesn’t have the necessary feelings. Meanwhile Aira can’t do a Prism Show normally because she never did before and never practiced, but she can jump a Prism Jump. All of this is possible thanks to the Prism Sparkle. But even if there’s no Prism Sparkle, you can still skate normally, you just won’t be able to do Prism Jumps, as seen at the end of RL. Kazuki can’t do Burning Splash anymore but doesn’t crash while skating. Meanwhile in 50, Naru falls a lot because she’s not very good at skating in the first place and not athletic etc.

prad6 shin mugen hug

Kouji tells this to Shin because him, Kazuki and Hiro immediately noticed Shin’s potential when chatting with him at the park. As explicitly said at the end of the movie, Shin’s power is to make people remember the feeling, excitement or/and love they felt the very first time they saw a Prism Show. Either this, or the most excited and best feeling they ever felt when watching or doing one. Kouji realized this and wants to activate Shin’s power, hence why he says “it’s not quite yet the same feeling as the first time I did a Prism Show with Hiro”.

prad6 kouji over the sunshineprad6 over the sunshine otr

Over The Sunshine is the song Kouji first proposed to Hiro; he says it was supposed to be the next OTR song, but Hiro should use it in case he wants a new song for the Prism King Cup. Kouji says his contract to Hollywood will prevent him from making new songs for them. Hiro told him he wants to keep using Pride. So in the end Kouji gave it to Shin instead.
In the sequel Hiro is really screwed, unless Shin doesn’t participate in the Prism King Cup, or registers with another song. Because now both Pride and Over The Sunshine are already taken. Really wonder how Hiro will get out of this.

prad6 Jin

Jin’s speech 1

The notCallings are “Premia” class. Director said there’s different ranks for the students in Edel Rose. And Louis has a special rank.

This is Pretty Rhythm so I think they’ll actually do some deep stuff in the sequel about Jin’s speeches:

  • The smile is the most important thing to an idol.
  • Idols should just wear a smile mask and milk the fans from their money.
  • An idol is useless if they can’t do that. They should be considered criminals and given certain death.

There will surely be even more direct comments like that in the sequel.

Also note how Jin says “I’m Schwarz Rose’s 総帥/sousui/commander” referencing military. Instead of stuff like chairman, director etc.

Also the “I’ll kill you’ line from Jin isn’t cut after all. I remember translating things that said it was cut, so I wasn’t sure. Same with “Go To Hell” said in English by Alec.

prad6 kakeru shin nice butt

Kouji announcing he’ll leave for Hollywood, eating at the dorm.
Kakeru tells Shin he has a nice butt. They actually say in the movie itself that Kakeru’s true name is Kazuo. And he says he haven’t betrayed them(yet) and was just at Schwarz Rose for observation for his company.

prad6 hijiri trophies

These trophies have Hijiri’s name on them.

prad6 shin minato

Minato is a sadist who make people eat they dont like. He tries to cook it in a way so they’ll like it though.

prad6 yamada

Yamada san is the one who turn on the TV right at the time of the press conference. OTR or Hijiri probably already told him before Kouji would leave.

prad6 rei momo babyprad6 kazuki asking something to rei

Seems Kazuki finally asked Rei to train him like what I hoped back when RL was airing. That scene happens after he said he’ll leave Edel Rose.

prad6 hiro flavor bracelet

OTR announcing the suspension of their activities

OTR is temporarily suspended. Kouji will leave for Hollywood. Kazuki and Hiro will focus on training for the Prism King Cup and stop showbiz activities. Seems Kouji won’t participate in the Prism King Cup.

prad6 kouji purple bracelet prad6 kazuki green bracelet

Just like how MARs had matching bracelets.

prad6 hiro cryingprad6 yuu yukinojou leo crying KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm [BD-720p][727462DF].mkv_snapshot_46.42_[2016.06.26_01.08.55]prad6 minato taiga kakeru

Taiga says “Edel Rose without Kazuki san…” meaning Kazuki actually told everyone he will leave Edel Rose to train.

Shin’s Prism Show

prad6 shin louis pendant

The pendant shined before Shin started.

prad6 ito kouji car

Another Ito cameo. She went with Kouji to the airport.

prad6 shin showtime

Shin’s choreography and clothes are very Michael Jackson. The EZ DO DANCE choreography earlier too.

prad6 shin prism love 1 prad6 shin prism love 2

Remember that this is post Rainbow Live ending where the Prism Sparkle is charged to the max, and anyone can do their own Prism Something technique. Shin calls his technique Prism Love if I hear correctly. It’s the power to make people remember the first time they saw a Prism Show. Or to remember the time their heart sparkled the most when seeing a Prism Show.

prad6 shin miina ni iitaii koto ga arimasu

(my brain and sometimes my voice automatically says NAAAAAAAAANIIIIIIIII there because I always heard it with the NAAAAAAAAAANIIIIIIII from ouenjoueis shown in PVs)

prad6 shin screaming[naisho] Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live - 51 [A84110D1].mkv_snapshot_18.55_[2016.06.26_01.24.59]

Shin screaming arigato Kouji san Hiro san Kazuki san, may be a reference to Naru screaming arigato to Rinne at the end of episode 51.

prad6 shin neck maybe moon maybe not I think it isn'tprad6 shin back

I thought at first that was a moon mark on Shin’s neck but in the bath scene before he doesn’t have it, so I think that’s just his neck.

prad6 shin neck

During Shin Mugen Hug he doesn’t have it either so it’s not like it only appears when he does Prism Shows. Unless it only started appearing when he fully activated his powers at the end of the movie.

prad6 hijiri junéprad6 hiro crying kazuki

More evidence Shin’s Prism Love makes people rememver the first time they saw a Prism Show, or the time their heart had the most sparkle:

  • Leo says it’s like the first time he saw a Prism Show. Yukinojou said they all forgot the sparkle in their heart.

[naisho] Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live - 14 [E680727B].mkv_snapshot_15.37_[2016.06.26_01.36.18]

  • Hijiri is shocked at how beautiful Prism Show are. Except he should be the one who knows this the most, so this is completely illogical, unless you realize what Shin’s power is. Juné being there isn’t random either. It’s  a throwback to RL episode 14, where Hijiri says that Juné is the one who taught him Prism Shows are the heart’s sparkle.
  • Basically the idea behind Shin’s power is just like when at the end of Dragon Ball when they wished for Goku to regain the same strength back when he came back to earth at the start of Buu arc so he can push the Genkidama and defeat Kid Buu.

prad6 shin group hug

Everyone is happy, not knowing the danger that looms in the horizon.

prad6 jin louis jacuzzi 1prad6 jin louis jacuzzi 2 prad6 jin louis jacuzzi 3prad6 jin louis jacuzzi 4

Jin’s speech 2, conclusion and credits
This scene is probably the thing I regret the most spoiling myself. This is one of the best anime scenes of all time.

Jin saying “utsukushii” first in this scene, may be a reference to how the first line he ever says in Rainbow Live, when he is introduced in episode 27, is “utsukushii”

prad6 jin speech 1 prad6 jin speech 2


Jin: Gentlemen, the time has finally come! Now is the time to send our hated enemy Edel Rose into the depths of hell! Use any means necessary! Grasp victory at all costs. Don’t show any weaknesses. Use even your tears as a weapon! Women are attracted to victors! What remains in this world isn’t memories, but athletic records! Offer your life to the black rose, and grasp glory! GLORIAS! SCHWARZ!! GLORIAS! SCHWARZ!! GLORIAS! SCHWARZ!!

Jin says that Louis reminds him of himself when he was younger.

prad3 14 rinne 01

  • Louis is obviously from Prism World.  There’s the moon metaphor again. His clothes have a space like design like Rinne’s clothes in Rainbow Live ‘s 2nd cour. He can teleport just like Rinne. Etc.
  • My own theory is that similar to how Juné based her appearance on Hijiri’s mom Maria, Louis based his appearance on Jin.
  • Jin is the source problem as to why Juné decided to stay in this world and why the Prism Sparkle started disappearing. Unless they deal with him the same thing will happen again, as he’s propagating his ideology of “only pursue perfectness no fun allowed”.
  • That’s why the Prism World sent Louis. His mission is to stop Jin, by awakening Shin’s power, which is to make people remember the first time they saw a Prism Show, so Jin remembers the sparkle in his heart as well, and become good again. I think Louis stays with Jin for now so he can fight Shin and make his power grow even more till it’s enough to change Jin. Just like what happens with Kintaro at the end of DMF. In the case of Jin though, I don’t think it’ll be enough. They definitely won’t redeem Jin only thanks to lol it’s magic. Jin will probably show he’s willing to change too. Maybe he’ll do some no one ever lover me speech too. And they need to tell us what happened to his mom too.

prad6 credits thanks to seiyuu agencies

There’s seiyuu agencies like I’m Entreprise and 81 Produce in the special thanks. Do credits usually have special thanks for seiyuu agencies? I know Uchida Yuuma/Yu is in I’m Entreprise. Maybe they made things easier for to make them record etc according to their schedules etc. Being a seiyuu is so hard.

prad6 jikai 1


prad6 jikai 2 louis pride prad6 jikai 3 louis pride

I already spoiled myself all the preview before. I didn’t see the details though. I knew Louis sings Pride in the sequel but I didn’t know it was part of Jin’s plan. They already showed multiple times they’re perfectly aware of this meme, and love it as well, but it’s always fun seeig it again.  Also can’t wait to see Louis’s jumps, probably Star things. Boku da yo~~

prad6 jikai 4


Jin: We don’t need originality! After all, everything is ripped off something existing anyway. In that case, we should just copy them and crush them. “

Jin made Louis register first with Pride for the Prism King cup or something like that, so now Hiro can’t use it too. Again, while PR is always crazy they also sometimes go full realist.  It’s just like how Naru & co got really low scores because no one never saw a Prism Live before and they weren’t scored based on it. The example I used back when blogging Rainbow Live was that it’s like if someone in  Yugioh lost the duel by default because they used a card no one ever seen before, which happens all the time.

Again, just like with every other line of Jin in the movie, this can seem like a commentary on the idol industry, on otaku culture in general etc. And that it’s an answer to those who said “Pretty Rhyhm only caters to fujoshi now, to get money” But I don’t think a commentary or answer. I mean this is entirely possible Kinpri’s staff actually believe that a lot of things these days fail to be original and just copy each other. I believe so as well. I just think that the staff & Director definitely aren’t the kind of person to answer people in a roundabout way using meta commentary in their anime. Not that I know them personally, it’s just the impression I get after reading all these interviews. And the staff already confronted head on in interviews people who said stuff like Jin, that they just put in fake smiles for the fujoshi, and only want the money, that Kinpri isn’t Pretty Rhythm, that Pretty Rhythm sold it’s soul, etc etc.

(About things not being original anymore. Just look at the billion harem LNs these days.These past years the only harem LN I thought is genuinely great is Madan no Ou to Vanadis. Harems have always existed. But stuff like Ranma or Orange Road or Wingman are harems focused on comedy. And they have good stories, actual romance developments, and were great shows overall. While they weren’t all great, this focus on comedy was the same for 2000 era harems like Love Hina, Kage Kara Mamoru, School Rumble, Girls Bravo, Seto no Hanayome, Nagasareta Airantou etc.
But nowadays the majority of harems only focus on shower scenes, MC walking in into the girl naked, and other sexual fanservice scenes. And then buying the BDs gets you uncensored scenes, and each shop has it’s own limited goods of oppai mousepad, tapestry or towel with one of the girls. Otaku buy them all from each shop to get the limited goods, and then resell them on yahoo auction or amazon.
It’s only recently that the shows themselves started using waifu as their main selling point. With each girl having a different hair color so you don’t even need to remember their name. Each girl always following a stereotype and not trying to do anything original with it. Each girl’s voice being typecast seiyuus which were asked to do their most popular voice. Etc. )

Jin is definitely right. Originality isn’t needed to make a great show. It’s how it’s made. Pretty Rhythm itself is nothing original and is a mix of other shows. I think the only thing really new in Pretty Rhythm is the “over the top it’s ridiculous yet cool” feeling of Prism Shows and Jumps.


Kazuki says he’ll leave Edel Rose after the Rose Party.

prad6 jikai 6


prad6 jikai 7

I don’t think Jin actually loves Juné, he never loved her even back when she was a student in Edel Rose along with him and Hijiri. He only wants her to steal her from Hijiri. He wants to steal everything from him. Nice thing stupid internet kids trying to be cool won’t watch this, so there won’t besome HURR NTR idiots.
I don’t think Juné will get her memories back. She definitely won’t do a Prism Show either. Director said that her ability to do Prism Shows was sealed, even if she trains for it she won’t be able to. And also as she disobeyed orders, if she went back to the Prism World with Rinne at the end of RL, she would have been killed as she’s considered defective. Director said Prism Goddess giving her the choice to be able to become human and erase her memories, gambling on whether Hijiri would keep loving her or not, was her way of showing clemency.

prad6 jikai 9


prad6 jikai 8

Shin asks Louis “What are you”. Louis says “You don’t remember? I crossed 1000 years in order to meet you”. Shin is like “what?” And Louis says he’s joking.

It’s already been stated that Shin and Louis have the same bday, February 29. When asked why they have this super special date as their bday, and why their bday is the same, Director didn’t answer saying it’ll be spoilers.

I think Louis and Shin are twins. At first I used to think that Louis was Shin from the future, but his “you don’t remember?”‘ mean they already met before. And it says “reunion”. I think Louis was Shin’s twin brother, and then he died or something. And he got his data copied by the Prism World and became a Prism Messenger 1000 years later in the future.

It doesn’t solve the mystery of the pendant though. It looks like some crescent moons. Louis tells Shin to please show “him” a Prism Show, implying the pendant is a man. I don’t know who it could be and honestly have no idea. It can’t be Louis himself. I don’t think it’s Shin from the past/future. Maybe it’s another character they’ll introduce in the sequel. Maybe another person from the Prism World like Louis, who got transformed into a pendant.

KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm [BD-720p][727462DF].mkv_snapshot_58.36_[2016.06.26_04.01.20] KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm [BD-720p][727462DF].mkv_snapshot_58.21_[2016.06.26_04.00.42]


Yu says it’s a chance to beat Hiro. Yu likes Bell and wants to beat Hiro to prove he’s better.

KING OF PRISM by Pretty Rhythm [BD-720p][727462DF].mkv_snapshot_58.39_[2016.06.26_04.02.55]

Hiro: Will I never sing Kouji’s songs again?

prad6 end

The end.
It’s incredible how great this movie is despite all the limitations they had, budget included. If they have no limiter on who knows what they can do. I’m even more hyped for the sequel than I was for this movie. Sequel should have tons of great things:

  • Kazuki Vs Alec round 2 (though it probably won’t be in a versus way, as tournaments have participants do their Prism Show one at a time. Unless they change the rules of the Prism King cup and make it a Prism Battle tournament).
  • Jin possibly doing a show himself. Maybe Rei too. Maybe Hijiri too if he doesn’t put to much stress on his leg.
  • Revelation of Jin’s childhood and mother.
  • All the boys will have a Prism Show too, as they’re releasing a CD with each of their solo songs. They probably won’t all participate in the Prism King Cup though. Taiga will, it’s already been confirmed as he won the election. Kazuki and Hiro will. Kouji won’t because he’s in USA. Shin will. Louis will. Alexander will. Then the others I don’t know.
  • Inevitable Shin vs Louis
  • Jin’s redemption and him and Hijiri hugging each other.

10 thoughts on “KING OF PRISM by PrettyRhythm impressions

  1. ran

    ALSO THANKS FOR THIS!! by the way, i think i remember like way back when kinpri was only out for a few weeks and there was that thing going around saying “Jin says he wants to kill Hiro” or something like that? It wasn’t in the movie wasn’t it?

  2. cba

    The OVA included in the BD got subbed by the same person who did the movie, you should get around to watch it. They also translated the Valentine story from 2D Star magazine.

    Honestly surprised you didn’t get spoiled by Kou dying, his portrait was the director’s icon for a long time. I got spoiled when Irua or another JP fan posted some of the things said in an event from January or February. According to the fan, director confirmed Kou died of cancer and was already ill by the end of Rainbow Live.

    I’m Enterprise is also the agency where Masuda Toshiki/Kazuki and Nagatsuka Takuma/Leo work. 81production is the agency of Takeuchi Shunsuke/Alec and Saito Soma/Yukinojo. Kakihara Tetsuya/Kouji used to be in 81pro but became freelance and then made his own agency. has a summary of the event from the other day.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      I saw the pic of Kou as director’s avatar on twitter but I never got he was deceased, guess I’m dense about these things. Thanks for the info about this and the other things.

  3. rahaf

    I wonder why isn’t Ito’s face shown, only her body !!! this movie is amazing I wish they continue the 2 part of the movie ! and about Koji the movie says he signed a contact with a large music production it means he will stay their to write for more than one movie right?

  4. Naoka Omori

    I don’t think Kazuki chose Wakana. First of all the silhouette has blonde hair and the uniform Ann is always wearing to school. Second, there is a scene where over the rainbow were crisscrossing as their love interest. Kazuki had hair loops and was wearing one of Ann’s outfits. I don’t see the proof of when or where the director said that but it doesn’t make any sense if he put Ann references for nothing.


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