Creamy Mami collab with PriPara arcade game in October 2016

prad5 arcade game creamy mami collab

(Making a post since this is pretty big but don’t expect me to cover every PriPara news. I already have my hands full with Pretty Rhythm and even then I’m not covering everything in my PR news post anymore, only the most imporatnt things. As the content quantity of manga, fun things, and other, exploded with King of Prism popularity)

They said in October the arcade game will have a collab with “legendaray anime idol” so it can only be Creamy Mami. And the silhouette is definitely her. The loop is getting looped. When PriPara got announced and I saw Laala’s design, the first thing I thought of is Creamy Mami.I think Laala’s design is heavily inspired from Creamy Mami, to not say ripped off. I should rewatch Creamy Mami, it’s one of the few shows I saw as a kid I never rewatched again and thus don’t remember it much. Patlabor too. I really hate it when people tell you only like a show because of nostalgia when you already rewatched it many times over your life and always liked it. Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, Captain Tsubasa, Attacker You! etc are all great and I don’t like them because of nostalgia. Anyway.

prad5 102 storyboard cover

Also some days ago, the storyboard cover illustration of episode 102 posted by PP’s director on twitter had Laala dressed as Creamy Mami. Maybe the one who drew it had the idea for it because they were in the middle of negotiation talks about the collab. Also this drawing was probably the first time they officially admitted Laala and Creamy Mami designs are so similar. I wonder if they’ll actually add her a playable character in the arcade game, or if they’ll just put a coord of her clothes in.

Since 2013 Creamy Mami got more popular with english speakers, and japanese young people discovered it as well, as it has gotten a lot of collabs and goods etc, as it was the 30th anniversary of the series. It was also included in the now dead Anime Sols crowdfunding.

Also I restarted watching PP. I’m at episode 87. Didn’t watch the show for all these months because I didn’t have the time to, but also because I am displeased with all the bad choices of s2. It’s good but could have been so much better, it’s distressing. I’m tired of pointing out the flaws and how disappointing S2 is so I’m still writing impressions while watching, but they’re shorter.

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