Persona 5 August 7 demo event spoilers/impressions

persona 5 haru

7th August was a premium one. I’m omitting things already known or already in the previous post.

I don’t even like Haru the most, I like everyone so far, I just picked the first pic I found.

My own comments are under parenthesis.

First some more things from the 6 august demo(10m demo)event:

Source The 10m demo is the same for everyone. It’s the PS4 version, it starts at the beginning of Madarame Palace(art gallery dungeon) and you have 10m of playtime. Date is 5/20 Friday. The party is MC Ryuji Morgana An and everyone is level 14. The difficulty level isn’t specified, but if you fool around too much you can get killed even by weak monsters.
The dungeon have a lot of gimmicks, but you don’t need to worry about missing things, because when you activate Third Eye it points out everything that can be interacted with (Basically the same function as some Point&Click games).
The characters also react to treasure boxes or items.
When you examine a portrait decorating the art gallery dungeon, Ryuji says “that guy’s talent is being used as well”. (This confirms what I read last week that Madarame, Yusuke’s teacher, takes credit for Yusuke’s pantings as his own, and that he used to do it too with past students. Also at that point Yusuke haven’t joined/awakened his persona yet)
The Palace is Madarame’s one man art exhibition, there’s a fun scene where MC breaks a vase.
When you’re hidden, if you move the camera it will automatically target other places where you can hide so you can move from blind spot to blind spot.
Ryuji’s animation when you open a chest: He approaches MC’s back and look over his shoulder.
In Safe Rooms there’s cool strategy meeting like conversations.
The writer don’t know what kind of things you can change in the system menu because the staff wouldn’t let them see it.
An’s pose when knocked out in battle looks like this:

p5 this is what an looks like when knocked out

The Fool’s coop is Igor, and the skills you get from it are the ability to negotiate with personas and persona fusion. One of Morgana’s Coop skill unlocks making items in your room. One of An’s coop skill makes her help you during persona negotiations. One of Mishima’s coop skill is that characters not in the fighting party still get exp. (I said I won’t repeat things I put in the previous post or already known, but this is really big, so this is just so there’s one more source to confirm)
If you play with headphones, be careful not to mix up left and right side, because the way the camera is positioned changes the direction sounds are coming from. (like in many games)

From the premium demo event on August 7:

Source A play through of the premium demo with actual spoilers:

(There’s some few things I’m not 100% sure of, which is normal when you’re not bilingual and translating things without context,  so when that happens I point it out under parenthesis)

Title screen is an underground subway station. All the characters in their thief form slowly gather in it. You can see one with a pest mask and this is where the Goro wears a pest mask info is from. Trains run in the station, when you press start the trains stop.

The parents of MC are friends with one of Sojiro’s customer, or something like that. He doesn’t really welcome MC and just tell him listen to what I say and don’t cause any problems, and seems he got money from MC’s parents to cover MC’s expenses. The protagonist comes to Hideto(the town where Sojiro lives I guess) for his one year under probation. His school nicknamed Shuujin is in Aoyama. When it rains, Sojiro tells MC to not forget his umbrella, and he makes him breakfast everyday, the same curry rice sold in the café. He keeps his distance from MC but at the same time still looks out for him. For example, the room he prepared for the MC has an attic, but he didn’t clean it at all before MC’s arrival, and it’s full of dust. Also, he seems like a playful person, or the type that doesn’t have other men’s numbers in his cellphone, he wears white suits or pink shirts with a white hat too. Nakata(Jouji)’s acting is very amazing too.

The MC remembers how he ended up living at Sojiro’s place:
There’s a woman being assaulted by a drunk man screaming “help me!” to MC. The man says something like “the police does whatever I say, you’ll regret this” implying he’s someone with lot of influence explaining why the MC ended up getting a criminal record. (if I got it right, the man also testified in a way that made it seem like MC hit him for no reason, hence the “is this related to the incidents with people getting wild” later on)
The scenes never show the full face of the drunk man who assaulted the woman, so maybe he’ll appear later.  MC is in prison sleeping, with the same t shirt he was wearing when he got arrested(Not 100%sure about this sentence).

All the following is 2D animated:The scene changes to Nijiima Sae san speaking with an important looking person. They’re talking about how recently there’s a lot of incidents involving people suddenly going wild, and this case might be related to this. Then the man invites Sae san to eat together, but she declines saying she already has an appointment planned. Then someone else says “I want to eat sushi, as a treat for making me, a student, work until this late”. Sae answers “the ones that spins right?” (I think this implies she’ll just bring him to a cheap kaiten sushi instead of a fancier sushi restaurant) and the other person answers “eeeh” with a really unpleasant face. (The writer doesn’t precise “Goro” for some reason, but it’s obviously him judging from the discussion. It’s also the same discussion they had at the end of the Take The Treasure event)

Then it’s the 1st day of school:
You need to change trains at Shibuya station to take the Ginza line to Aoyama, where the school is located, but the writer got lost. (This isn’t the first time I read someone saying they got lost when trying to change train lines at that part of the game, so it must be actually hard until after playing a while and knowing the stations’ layouts)
The calendar still says 20XX just like in the PVs.
Masses of transparent NPC can be passed through and don’t hinder movement. Also when you speak to someone or hear people’s gossip, some will stop on purpose to listen while avoiding your gaze(not 100% sure about this sentence)

2D animated: You meet An for the first time when getting out of the train station near school. It’s raining and you’re taking shelter from the rain, and she runs over with her hood on to shelter herself form the rain as well. MC stares at her. She removes her hood and he sees that’s she’s quarter Japanese and he stares at her even more. Even though she’s glared at so much, instead of getting angry, An just responds with a smile, showing she’s strong. Or maybe she’s used to it? Then Kamoshida comes over in his car, says something to An, and she gets in the passenger seat. The car leaves, and Ryuji comes running saying “that pervert teacher!”. And the Isekai Navi app starts up. Ryuji talks badly to the MC(probably asking him why didn’t he stop her) but then realizes he’s a transfer student and his attitude become nicer. They head out in the rain to school. (You can see the scene when An removes her hood in one of the staff interview videos released recently)

But the school turned into Kamoshida Palace:
When entering, they get surrounded and caught by people in knight like armor. Then the screen splits in two like in old style movies, shows the calendar flipping quickly, and goes back to the scene of the MC being interrogated by Sae san in the interrogation room. (So the beginning of the game is indeed a flashback of the first 6 months, not time travel or a time loop like I thought)
Back to the past, MC is in a jail, and Kamoshida, dressed like in PV4, comes over with troops, saying he’ll execute MC. It feels like something happened before between Kamoshida and Ryuji. MC and Ryuji are onesidedly getting beaten up, and when it seems Ryuji will die, MC hears Arsène’s voice. (The writer says that starting now he was so excited he didn’t take note properly of what happened.). Arsène tells MC “Was that a mistake?”(Same line at the start of PV2, which showed some of MC’s persona awakening scene). MC gets into a monologue saying there’s no way this was wrong. I’ll never forgive this world. There’s no way it’s wrong to save someone screaming at you telling you to save them. After that MC rips his mask and changes into his thief outfit etc like in PV2, and a battle starts, enemy is a Jack Lantern.
(skipping gameplay impressions)
After the battle ends, MC untransforms back to his school uniform. He runs away with Ryuji, then suddenly someone calls them. It’s Morgana. They talk about how it’s a cat, and it gets really angry(writer says maybe he used to be human) . Morgana says something like “return the distortion”. Then, the two takes Morgana’s hands and Morgana makes them escape. Morgana stays inside though, saying it has something to do.

Ryuji and MC are back in an alley. It’s not morning anymore but already noon. A policeman suddenly calls out to them. Ryuji is about to tell everything that just happened to the policeman, but MC stops him and hides the truth. They go to school. Apparently someone posted about MC on the net and there’s rumors about him, so everyone whispers about him when he passes them at school, saying stuff like “he has a criminal record”. Everyone avoids him. They talk about him as if he shoplifts alcohol and cigarettes regularly, it’s impressive. Also MC walks with his hands in pocket like you see in PVs, and he plays with his bangs or hit vertically his left feet on the ground. (idle movements I think)

(Something about a cute girl and someone called Kitaro, I don’t get it)

Then something with Sadayo(female teacher) happens. Apparently she’s not nice towards MC, but she becomes a coop later so this will change. After school, Ryuji calls out MC to the school rooftop. He says he knows how it is to be treated like a problem child, then they talk about the other world, then their conversation ends. Also there’s a desk in the corner of the rooftop, implying it was already used a reunion spot or base before. However now it’s actually off limits, but Ryuji got a spare key.

MC returns to café Leblanc, where he stays at. Sojiro is angry at MC, he’s not yelling though, just saying something about not making problems. Sojiro gets a call, possibly from a woman, then closes shop and the day ends. There, MC gets to Velvet Room. Igor tells him he’s the one who gave him the Isekai Navi app, and that’s it. (Then the writer comments that Velvet Room is supposed to reflect the person’s heart, so the fact that it’s a prison says MC’s heart got heavy feelings in it)

Next day, MC goes to school too, and you don’t need to do the changing train lines part anymore, it’s automatic. The questions you get asked in class are actually hard. After school, Ryuji is waiting for MC at the school gate, saying they’ll go look for the “castle”, but no matter how many times they go through the same path as the day before, they don’t find it. Then they remember that Isekai Navi activated back then so MC activates it with his phone, and Kamoshida Palace appears in place of the school. The visual effect is like the screen getting blurry, and a hole opening in real space. The visual effect inside Palace is similar to P3 during zero hour. MC transforms into thief outfit. You got a choice there, and you can tell Ryuji” You’re jealous right?”(of my clothes) and Ryuji says “I’m not!”. They meet Morgana again, it tells them that the Palace is modeled after how the owner of the Palace sees the world: Kamoshida sees the school as his castle, and the students as his servants. And it’s the same for the protagonists too, and their thieves forms are the representation of their true nature when removing the masks on their hearts. Their true nature are thieves.

They go back to the cells they were imprisoned at yesterday, and they see tons of students in them. Ryuji asks one of them what’s happening, he says they’re getting tortured because Kamoshida is in a bad mood after letting MC escape yesterday. Ryuji wants to help them, and Morgana says that if they meet MC later they should help him. MC agrees.(not 100% sure about these last two sentences). They keep moving and Morgana teaches MC things along the way. They get to a place called “the learning field”. There’s a big horizontal banner saying “Kamoshida’s learning field”. And yet there’s terrible screams coming from the inside, screams begging someone to please stop, it’s impossible, etc. When they get inside, they see a huge volleyball court, with people being beaten, people with cogwheels stuck in their back and being forced to run on running machines, stuff you could see in Catherine except they’re people not sheep. And they’re all people related to the Volleyball Club. Then there’s a flashback about Kamoshida speaking to the principal of the school. The principal says that the Volleyball Club has a lot of achievements, and that Kamoshida is the one thanks to who the school is popular. And the reason everyone was giving glances at MC at school was because Kamoshida sensei told them to spread rumors about him. (not 100% sure about this sentence). Apparently Kamoshida sensei made the Volleyball team win the gold medal at the nationwide tournament, so everyone at school feels like they can’t defy him, hence what was said above about him thinking they’re his slaves etc. MC and Ryuji try to take pictures of what’s happening but it doesn’t work, so Ryuji says he’ll just remember every people’s face. They go to the exit and leave.

But Kamoshida was waiting for them in ambush at the exit. MC and Morgana fights him but are having a hard time, and end being defeated. Ryuji tries a desperate suicide attack on Kamoshida but gets repelled.

(Starting then, there’s a dialogue between Kamoshida and Ryuji, the writer says he doesn’t remember it word by word but it’s more or less what was said:)

Kamoshida says to Ryuji, calling him “Ace sama”,(ironically reminding him of his old Track&Field Ace status): “These two would have got swallowed up in your ideas anyway, just like the Track&Field club you ruined because of your sudden outburst of violence. Even though I took special care in advising you”.
Ryuji:”That wasn’t training! It was corporal punishment!”
Kamoshida: “That was also a form of advising. That’s why I stopped with crushing only one of your legs. Do you want me to break the other one?”

(The writer is very surprised at how things are turning out). Ryuji is speechless and surprised as well.
Kaomshida: “Only my Volleyball Club should get achievements, the others are an eyesore.” (Kamoshida planned for Ryuji to get hurt and make it seem like an accident)

Ryuji says (probably monologue) this means it’s this guy’s fault that I’m never gonna be able to run races again? Even though I was the ace? Even though I had the strength to aim for the national competitions? Because of his corporal punishment when he was my adviser? Everything was stolen away from me, just because his social status in the school was threatened? For this unilateral reason? He probably secretly schemed to become our adviser too, and the school covered it up. He’s using the students as his guards too. Don’t screw with me!  Then Morgana tells Ryuji to do just like he says.  Ryuji hears Captain Kidd’s voice and screams in agony, then peels off his mask and awakens his Persona. He says: “If I have this power, I can have my revenge!”

And it’s over. The writer says he played for around 1h30. Previous reports about the premium demo I read last weekend said they played until Ryuji awakened his persona, and that it was around 2 hours long. I think the staff makes everyone stop at this same point.

3 thoughts on “Persona 5 August 7 demo event spoilers/impressions

  1. anon

    Thank you for this translation! It cleared my doubts about wanting to buy a console for this game or not.

    And about this “(Something about a cute girl and someone called Kitaro, I don’t get it)”
    Kitaro is the Japanese nickname for the P3 MC. I think the thing with his feet P5MC does is the same one P3 MC did.

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Thanks I’m happy you enjoyed it, and thanks for the Kitaro thing too.
      Maybe you should read what Persona Central posted, they fixed a few sentences I got wrong.

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