Discrimination in anime,game etc social media

fe8 tana 九里 posted


As I’ve been using twitter a lot recently, I noticed something. It’s impressive how there’s a lot of anime/game fans who are racist or dumb, both in France or USA or many other countries. It’s a worldwide phenomenon, I wonder why. Maybe anime really was a mistake.

Of course there’s those who aren’t actually racist, the meme group, who will say “I’m only doing it “ironically” because I have fun doing it” but I still think that’s dumb, and dangerous. But well anyone is free to live their lives however they want. I think It’s one of the sad consequences of people thinking they’re anonymous on the net and thus don’t think before acting.

Also it’s really fun seeing racist kids reel in shock when hearing a black person or a muslim are playing games as well. They really think we aren’t human beings. I guess that’s what happen when they keep believing everything they see on mass media and don’t think for themselves. Then there’s the ones who genuinely support Trump, and aren’t part of the meme group I described above.

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