List of magazines issues with Pretty Rhythm related content

Inexhaustive list of the magazines with Pretty Rhythm related content, just copypasted them from my news posts. It’s just so if I ever have the money to buy them I won’t have to read each one of my posts again to find which magazine had what. Then I thought I’d share it.I try to update this list whenever making a new Pretty Rhythm news post.

August 2011 issue of Animedia, released on 8 July 2011 , Aurora Dream MARs poster.

Prince Animage Spring 2014, 6 pages on the male characters of RL, OTR but also Jin Hijiri Rei. Stuff about Hijiri and Jin’s parents too. Was also the first time they disclosed Rei and Jin’s birthdays. Also has a diagram of all the male characters relationships. Gravure photos ofthe OTR seiyuu. 6 pages in total.

August 2014 issue of Otomedia magazine released the 10th of July had an interview of Over The Rainbow.

September 2014 issue of Animage magazine, released 9th of August, has some Rainbow Live interviews.

September 2014 issue of Animedia magazine, also released 9th of August, has another Over The Rainbow interview too.

October 2014 Otomedia magazine, gets released the 10th of September. It’ll also have yet another interview of OTR

Prince Animage 2014 Autumn got a new OTR interview and pics.

Animedia January 2015 has an interview of MARs seiyuus and Director.

My★Star released December 19 2014 has stuff on OTR

Dengeki Girl’s Style magazine May 2015 issue,released 19th March, interviews of Over the Rainbow and Callings seiyuus.

The April 2015 issue of Animage released 10th March 2015 also had an OTR interview and poster

Bessatsu JUNON 2D☆STAR released June 12 2015 has an interview of OTR.

Animage November 2015, released October 10 contains an interview of  PR director, Ookubo Rumi (Mia), Yonezawa Madoka (Serena, Jae Eun, Kouji’s mom Natsuko) and Hayamizu Risa(Kyouko,Rabicchi, An’s mom Yuriko). I think it’s the first time Yonezawa Madoka and Hayamizu Risa did a PR related interview. They weren’t interviewed in any of the guidebooks. This interview is for the release of the first DMF BD box. The interview was made at the time they gathered to record the DMF BD box 1’s audio commentary.

2D☆STAR vol.2 released October 26th 2015,  had interviews of PR director and the Kinpri new Edel Rose boys seiyuu

MY★STAR vol.4 released 19 November 2015 had a Kinpri introduction with info from the official site.

Animage January 2016 released the 10th December 2015: had an interview of PR director, Ookubo Rumi/Mia, Takamori Natsumi/Reina and Ayane Sakura/Ayami/Rinne. + Schwarz Rose poster

Pash!  January 2016, released the 10th December 2015 had design pictures of the Schwarz Rose team and an interview of Matsuura Mai.

Pash! February 2016 released 9th January 2016, same day Kinpri 1 released, had a poster with Shin and Louis.

Animage March 2016 released 10th February 2016, interviews of Director, Terashima Junta/Shin and Uchida Yuuma/Yuu, poster of previous Prism King Cup era Hijiri&Jin

Otomedia April 2016 issue released 10th March 2016 has a Over The Rainbow poster and an interview of Director.

2D☆STAR Vol.3 released 16th February 2016 has Kinpri valentine poster, valentine short story written by director.

Newtype Romance 2016 Spring that was released 29 February 2016

Newtype April 2016 released on March 10th, Kinpri new boys in Edel Rose bath poster. No interviews.

MY★STAR vol.5 release 22 March 2016 has interviews of the OTR boys and the new Edel Rose boys. The characters themselves, not the seiyuus.

Dengeki Girl’s Style May 2016, release 9 April 2016: OTR pin up drawn by Matsuura Mai, comments by director and Nishi Hiroko.

Animage May 2016 release April 9th has a STREET STYLE Kinpri poster drawn by Matsuura Mai, and an interview of Director.

Newtype May 2016 release April 9th has a Louis x Shin poster, and an interview of Avex producer Nishi Hiroko san and Kinpri’s ED song Dramatic Love’s arranger Miyajima Junko san.

Girls Febri vol 34/May 2016 issue, release 9 April 2016, Kinpri cover, and some debate about Kinpri between three anime journalists/critics: MeiQ , Fujitsu Ryota and Natsuba Kaoru.

Ultra Jump magazine May 2016 issue, release 19 April, interview of PR director  at page 164.

Quick Japan vol 125, release 23 April has an interview of director.

spoon.2Di vol.13 released on 30 April had a OTR back cover drawn by Matsuura Mai, an interview of Terashima Junta/Shin and PR Director.

PASH! magazine June 2016 , release on May 10 2016 has Kinpri on the cover, 1st time Pretty Rhythm is on the cover of an anime magazine afaik, without counting little girls magazines. Has a poster with the same illustration as the cover,  a meta interview between the characters including Alexander, an interview of some of the seiyuus, and an interview of PR Director and Nishi Hiroko.

Otomedia June 2016 issue, release 10 May had marriage certificate for the boys in Kinpri. It says it has one for “all 16 characters” so there’s one for Hijiri Jin and Rei too.
It also has 10 pages of PR with an interview of Terashima Junta/Shin and Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga about the results of the Prism King fan election, an interview of PR director, Nishi HIroko and Yoda Ken, and comments on the characters by Matsuura Mai. People who bought the magazine at Animate or Toranoana also got a Kinpri postcard. This issue of the magazine was also the first time all the characters’ birthday and bloodtypes were published. They later got added to the official site.

Newtype June 2016 issue, release on 10 May has an interview of PR director and Love Live director Kyougoku Takahiko, about how they worked together on making Prism Shows and Prism Jumps  in all 3 PR seasons.

Animage June 2016 issue, release on 10 May has 10 pages on Pretty Rhythm, they call it a “book in the book special.” There’s impressions of PR director and an interview of Pretty Rhythm sound director Nagasaki Yukio. He talks about the dubbing in Pretty Rhythm and PriPara

Girls Febri June 2016 issue, release on May 20: Kinpri cover and poster, a group interview with PR director Hishida Masakazu, chara designer of RL and original character designer of all the RL/Kinpri boys Matsuura Mai, Synsophia’s Katou Daisuke who makes some of the Prism Jumps, and Terashima Junta/Shin. Then there’s another interview with Avex producer Nishi Hiroko and Tatsunoko producer Yoda Ken talking about the “producer” side of things. Lastly, it has an interview with Miki Shinichiro/Jin. Not sure if he actually speaks about PR.

Spoon.2DI vol.14, release 31 May has a cover of Kinpri with OTR and Taiga, and a back cover with Starmyu. It has 20 pages of Kinpri things in total with interviews of Yashiro Taku/Kakeru and Hatanaka Tasuku/Taiga. They talk about the dubbing for the bonus short anime in the Kinpri dvd/bd. A long interview together with PR Director, Matsuura Mai and CG director Otobe Yoshihiro. A Kinpri poster and clear files.

Pash! July 2016 issue, release June 10, has a Kinpri manga by Asada Nikki, based on the bonus short anime of the DVD/BD.

2D☆STAR Vol.4, release 25 June 2016 has Kinpri things.

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