KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- release June 10, new PV

My hype is maximum.

Official site also got updated with a new key visual. The 404 page is fun too.劇場版「KING OF PRISM –PRIDE the HERO-」特報 - YouTube [720p].mp4_snapshot_00.53_[2017.01.14_00.09.32].jpg

Thanks to /ai/: “This is probably 高田馬場ジョージ who was mentioned by PR director in a magazine, Schwartz Rose’s assassin”.
If that’s him and he’s called George, if they make him voiced by Nakata Jouji, saying this is movie of the decade won’t even be enough praise.

Movie probably starts right where Kinpri1 ended, in Jin’s giant open door Jacuzzi. They probably introduce this guy at the start.


This is a loan contract, saying Jin is lending money to Hijiri. Can’t really read it all.


I wanted to try translating this but there’s too many kanjis I don’t know, and it’s an image so I can’t just copypaste them in a dictionary to check fast. And the text is too small for <text in an image> -> <normal text> converters to work properly. Here’s what I got:
Title:” The disturbing facts about Yamada Ryou(Kanrinin)’s past are being exposed”
“The picture above was taken a certain day on April two years ago. At the time, Yamada was a rookie  everyone had their eyes on as he colored the stage of Prism Shows. He had an unique presence which  allowed him to appealed to both long time fans and keep expending his popularity. ”
I can’t read the rest. It says something happened because he did an “obscene” show in a high class hotel, and that hotel being used for secrete meetings. And maybe something about a masked man.

I remember in one of the stream events, they greatly hinted at Yamada getting a Prism Show in Kinpri 2, or at least doing something very important.

劇場版「KING OF PRISM –PRIDE the HERO-」特報 - YouTube [720p].mp4_snapshot_00.41_[2017.01.14_00.09.15].jpg

This seems to be documents investigating Kouji’s family? The part about Kouji is how he’s a member of the “idol group Over The Rainbow” and the son of general manager of the fashion brand Dear Crown and deceased member of the popular rock band Lucky Star.  I think the part about JO talks about what he was doing before joining Lucky Star and how he met Natsuko but can’t read it all. The last part is about how Kouji’s DNA matches 99.9999% with them, proving he’s their son. The water seems to suggest the scene is taking place in Jin’s giant jacuzzi, maybe it’s the new Schwarz Rose character investigating his enemies?

Someone with better Japanese than mine please try to translate.

So now the prism shows we know that happen are Louis doing Pride, probably at the very beginning of the movie, and Kouji, either fighting someone or alone.

Then other things that will in my opinion definitely happen are
Shin vs Louis
Jin vs Hijiri
Kazuki who got trained by Rei vs Alec

Then the other new Edel Rose boys need to do something too, and Taiga need to get a show during Prism King Cup too because he won the poll.
Then I still think Kakeru will betray Edel Rose at some point, then come back, and like Yamada they hinted during streams he’ll get a show so there’s that as well.

It’ll depend of how long the movie is.

Matsuura Mai launched a poll, group who wins will get something special for Valentine, last placing group will get something for White Day.
Hiro Kouji  Kazuki
Shin Leo Yukiinojou Yuu
Taiga Kakeru Minato
Louis Alec Jin

Voted for Schwarz Rose team because Jin

Director said the title is long so you could call it Kinpra instead, to differentiate from Kinpri, while still using the Kinpri hashtag for everything on twitter. I think I’ll just keep calling it Kinpri 2.
He also joked that maybe someday there will be something you could call Kinpro.

On January 16 he tweeted Kinpri 2’s storyboard is 3 times bigger than Kinpri 1’s.

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