I’m looking forward to the game though I don’t have a ps4 or vita. I still remember how disappointed when they initially revealed it with the castlist having half stuff already in Z3 but then PV1 had Huckebein and Grungust and Mazin Emperor G and other cool things and then they showed they’re putting in tons of new ideas and systems to try and make the games better. Looking forward to how it’ll turn out.I hope they’re good ideas.

At least series that were already in Z3 are getting what they should have got in Z3, like Athrun and Lunamaria actually being playable or Fowler being in this time.

Shiki Doji said he’s the one who drew the portrait for Fowler. He probably did new ones for the other characters that don’t have an anime design yet compared to the ones he already did for Z3 too.

Seems the FMP units attack animations are still utlra weird and stiff but a bit better. Fowler is in so this means you’ll probably actually fight Leonard’s team unlike in Z3. There will probably be a stage with Leonard+Fowler+Sabina+Casper. Crousseau is my favorite character in FMP so I’m looking forward to his art battle with Fowler. Maybe there will be a way to make Leonard stop being crazy and join too.

I’m also really interested in the scenario too. Similar to how Z used Orguss as the base of everything, seems they’re using Yamato as the base of everything along with a bit of Gundam, which isn’t surprising considering the amount of gundam series in the cast. I wonder if Kaworu will be the same one from Z3.
Looking forward to how the Cross Ange plot will play out too. Looking forward Ersha and Vivian being cool and Rosalie doing dumb stuff. And looking forward to the double Voltekka combo attack between Ange and Salamandisney.

I have a dream of a SRW with tons of series I like including Pretty Rhythm and Cross Ange, and with people thinking Hijiri is automatically evil because all the blond men with his voice are. And Ange bullying him or something and ending in a fight with Juné protecting him.


And of course this.

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