Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Blu-ray Box Release Commemoration Event (October 9 2016)

Sources are various fan reports from twitter and Kunieda5gogo’s blog: a very dedicated and cool jp fan going to as many Pretty Rhythm events and talk shows as possible and writing down what was said. I already linked it in the past.

On October 9, 2016, there was an event to celebrate the release of the first Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live BD box. IIRC tickets for the events were in the preordered copies of the 1st bdbox. People present were Avex Producer Nishi Hiroko who was asking the questions, Katou Emiri/Naru, Serizawa Yuu/Ann, Komatsu Mikako/Ito and Sakura Ayane/Rinne.

Needless to say, this contains spoilers.

When Nishi asked among the audience who haven’t seen Kinpri yet, only 2 people raised their hands. She says that for the sake of those two people they won’t talk about Kinpri, and it’s a RL event anyway so they should focus on it.
As you can see, Sakura Ayane’s haircut that day looked like Rinne, she went to the stylist that morning, showed them a picture of Rinne and asked them to do the same hairstyle.

Nishi  asked them which episode they still remember fondly even now, and why:
Katou Emiri said episode 38 (Bell Naru sleepover&duo debut): She likes how the sleepovers were used to contrast the characters’ families. The thing is, they recorded that episode a long time before it aired. It was recorded around when episode 10 aired, she remembers how sound director Nagasaki told her “this is for a story about Naru and Bell, when they’ll do a duo, but the details aren’t 100% finalized”.  So when recording the duo song she was imagining maybe by the time it’ll happen, Naru would have grown to be the same height as Bell.  She adds it was also around that time that Hiro’s line “Please just let me stay like that for a bit” (when hugging Bell), was recorded. Komatsu and Katou says it’s just like what director once said: “his body wanted Bell and his heart wanted Kouji”.(That was in one of the interviews I translated) They recorded Doshaburi Happy around that time as well, they did it early as it needed to be put in the arcade game.

Komatsu said episode 19 (Hiro x Kouji flashback): It touched her so much she put her copy of the episode’s script on display at her home. She says she likes how Rainbow Live has a lot of family relations, how some of the drama feels like an afternoon tv drama. She also likes Kouji’s line: “I didn’t want Hiro to sing Ito’s songs!!”. She also likes all the foreshadowing it has for the rest of their story and thinks it’s really impressive. She was also surprised they showed the kiss scene in 26. As she was saying this, Sakura said Hiro’s line: “Thanks to this, Kouji will be able to do even better songs” which was pretty funny.

Serizawa said episode 49 (Juné’s last stand): Of course she likes episode 12 too (Ann vs Wakana) but she thinks Juné is really amazing. How everything was so amazing, Hijiri saving her from her fall and screaming from pain because of his leg. Shishido Rumi is a veteran. The first thing she thinks of when thinking of her is Ojamajo Doremi&Onpu, and how both Juné&Onpu fought for their love. She thinks Juné’s role was perfect for Shishido Rumi. Seeing her story made her feel like she became an adult. Katou asks if it taught her what love is. Serizawa denied it, but then Sakura kept pressing her, so Nishi interrupted them saying they should leave that for after the event.

Sakura said episode 43(Rinne vs Juné): If she wasn’t forced to choose she’d say episodes 43 to 49. She thought the scene with the moon was really awesome too and was like “woah the moon’s so close!”.
Komatsu: Makes you think just what kind of anime Pretty Rhythm is supposed to be, feels like Sailor oooo, etc.
Sakura: Before that scene, I never had to record this long for Rinne. It feels like Rinne was really eager to fight once she got back her memory and I thought I might as well go full power for the confrontation. Right from the test recording too. And then Rumi swiftly dodged my charge and I was like “damnit!!” lol. Maybe we have a different way of doing things.
(I think she means to say Shishido Rumi didn’t go at full power during the test so she felt embarrassed with only her doing it)
Sakura: When I went full power like that, I wasn’t stopped by Sound Director. Quite the opposite, he told me: “it’s actually perfect if you go overboard”. It may have been the first time I recorded something this seriously with a real intent to fight. That was the start of the legend: “when recording for Pretty Rhythm, going overboard is actually the bare minimum”.
Komatsu jokingly tells her it’s not like she didn’t voice anything before and Sakura was like “aaah? You’re picking a fight?!” and Nishi said they should solve their fights after the event.
Sakura: I mean, Rinne never had lines before besides Jingiskan or happy naru.  And yet they’d call me for every recording session, at some point I started to think “Aren’t I useless!? Why are they even calling me?!”
Katou: You were there for random mob characters and audience screams lol
Sakura: I had a ton of frustration accumulated and really wanted to talk more,  so that’s why when I did these episodes I pushed my voice to the maximum.
Katou: Didn’t you go full power when doing audience screams as well?
Komatsu: Yeah, she’d be like “KYAAAAAAAAAH HIRO SAMAAAAAAAAA!!”
Sakura: But when doing these I wasn’t betting my life like that Rinne battle, so it was only half power
Serizawa: At some point we started nicknaming you Gayaneru…
(Made me laugh a lot. Gaya/ガヤ is random background voice, audience screams voices etc. Sakura Ayane’s nickname is Ayaneru –> Gayaneru)
Sakura: Makes me think of Obare’s event (September 11 2016) I was there too you know? Komatsu: I saw people reporting they saw Ayaneru and me at the event, but that wasn’t me
Serizawa: Eh eh?! Who was it then?
Komatsu: A friend of Ayaneru called Kochan. (I think it really was her and she’s joking)
Serizawa: We recorded a message for that event too. Rinne’s part was really weird though, so people thought we were actually there hidden on stage, improvising our lines. But actually, everything was scripted!
Katou: Rinne really was weird.
Komatsu: Isn’t it Ayaneru’s fault? She’s weird herself
Sakura: Rinne screaming “YEAAAH!! Are you guys ready?! Are your glowsticks readyyyyyyy???” was indeed in the script. Oh and, instead of “Rinne says:”, it was written “Gayaneru says:”  lol. That’s why I recorded it like that. The only improvised part was how I screamed GLORIA SCHWARZ three times while it was only written once.
Katou: Why you did that?
Sakura: Well usually in events and stuff it’s always 3 times.
Nishi: Well, that’s just how Hishida does it.
Sakura: So yeah, at the event, I was with Director, Matsuura Mai, Otobe Yoshihiro and a mysterious lifeform looking like Ko-chan. And when the GLORIA SCHWARZ was about to happen, Director Hishida wanted to do it with a Jin color glowstick, and I had one, so he was like “AYANERU!! LEND ME YOUR GLOWSTICK PLZ QUICK QUICK” and I was like “you’re too loud!! we’ll get noticed!!”. His voice is too loud.
Komatsu: He’s totally a troublesome customer.
Sakura: Director is nothing but trouble if you go watch something with him.


Serizawa said she had ton of fun at the event

Mikako said she feels it wasn’t long enough and it’s been a while since there was a Rainbow Live talk event. She’s looking forward to Kinpri’s sequel.

Kato said the event was fun.

Fanarts of the event

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