KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- 1st Preview Screening Event at Wald9

I’m tired so just linking my tweets for now. Check the tweets’ threads.

Summmary of the most important things in these tweets: Kinpri2 gets released in Korea the same day as Japan. It’ll get released in Taiwan and Hong Kong at some point.  They’re currently in talks for screening in USA. They want to bring it to EU as well.

New characters &seiyuus  spoiler:

Not really a spoiler: As I guessed the voice in PV2 is indeed Chiba Susumu. Fans on Twitter confirmed he’s in the movie. I haven’t dug further though, so I don’t know if he’s voicing Jun of the RL universe or an entirely new character.

Note, I “accidentally” saw these spoilers because news sites reported it. Unlike Kinpri1, I’m not gonna post spoilers for Kinpri2 and will try to not spoil myself until I can see the movie. Covering news past June 10 while avoiding spoilers will probably near impossible though, and I’ll probably end up getting spoiled. I guess that’s what it means to play journalist.

I really hope the offer they got to screen in USA will go well and Kinpri and Pretty Rhythm gets popular. I hope it gets screened in EU France too. Would be awesome. I wish I worked in an anime/manga licensing company to release it here myself. ALong with all the manga I wish were released here, like Rain, etc.

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