Pretty Rhythm/Kinpri director Hishida Masakazu teasing something new

He tweeted on August 29″We have something to announce soon”

He deleted some tweets too, basically everything between now and September 2016 when Kinpri2 was announced

Maybe they’ll do a Kinpri TV Anime like they initially wanted to. With side stories on the characters, like in the mobage.

Maybe a new Pretty Rhythm series. I’d love to see something with a boy and a girl as protagonist, aiming at the Prism Olympics or something. Director loves olympics so he’ll definitly use an idea like that one day. He already did in RL too as the Prism King/Queen Cups happen every 4 years.

Another things I’d like but I know there’s a near zero chance of it happen is a RPG game with ADMF RLKinpri and even PriPara.  Or A Beef or Chicken anime spinoff.
If they ever do a crossover with all the series it’ll be in 2020-2021.

He hasn’t tweeted anything since August 29 as of now. I have his Twitter page open at all time to see whenever something happens.

Edit: what he was teasing is a new talk show at Loft Plus One with him Tsubota Fumi and Katou Daisuke. Click the tweet for more info.

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