PriPara’s successor Kiratto Pri☆Chan announced for April 2018

Official abbreviation is “Prichan”.

Crunchyroll’s article is pretty complete, like always Japanese sites ilke Animate had more details which I added though. I also included some staff reactions and some of the thoughts of my Pretty Rhythm Yakuzas comrades so it took me a while to go through everything, plus I had other things to do IRL, hence why the post is a bit late.

So the two silhouettes during the Pretty All Friends 10th anniversary project announcement were actually teasing Prichan. I’ll go back later to what this means for Pretty All Friends. (it’ll probably be a movie)

They revealed 4 characters for now.

prichan mirai key visual

First is Momoyama Mirai.
Description from the official site:  “She’s in 1st year of Middle school at Kirari school. She’s full of curiosity and energy,  but she has a hard time imposing herself. Because of that she often gets dragged into things by her childhood friend Emo. Her strong point is being able to easily find “places/traits in people’s personalities that shines well”. Her hobby is doing bad drawings on purpose. (what they call “hetauma” in Japanese, literally “bad-good”. An example of that is Kobayashi Yuu’s horror drawings I guess). Her catchphrase is “Kiratto☆””

Back when PriPara was announced, some of the info on the official site and on sites like Animate was slightly different. IIRC for example, it was only a few places’ characters descriptions which mentionned Sophie being Cosmo’s sister. It’s the same here, and looking elsewhere I also found Mirai is a clumsy type.

Her family name means “peach mountain” and fits with her pink hair. Mirai/future is a typical name you often see in anime.  Besides the initial plot summary, they haven’t given out much details about their actual personalities yet. Seeing she’s “lovely” themed with cute clothes, she’ll probably be a typical Cinderella character. To take Pretty Series related examples, I guess a personality and destiny like Aira’s or Laala’s. She has the clumsy part too. According to the plot summary, they seem to start their idol streaming activities fueled by rivalry, so  maybe this hints she’ll develop and have a passionate side as well behind her lack of decisiveness. She’s continuing the decades long tradition of magical girls having ribbon in the hair that Laala had as well(because she was inspired/copied from Creamy Mami), so she has more like a magical girl heroine and especially Purikua heroine feeling.

Mirai is voiced by Hayashi Koko. She’s a member of the group Run Girls, Run! which is linked to Wake Up Girls franchise. Never heard about them as I never watched WUG. Despite liking the Pretty Series, I’m not into idols anime or even music in general. I guess this means each character’s seiyuu will sing their songs too, like in PriPara. Hayashi is 15 years old. In one of the videos I link later below, she says she used to watch the Pretty Series when she was in grade school. She was 9 years old when Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream started airing in 2011. But seeing how unpopular Pretty Rhythm was when it was running I almost doubt her hahaha. Anyway, seeing her being 15 sure feels weird, seeing that I get older and seiyuus are getting younger and younger than me. It’s sad. I’m sad about getting older but for other reasons than most people as I don’t try to be successful in the meaning the word has nowadays in most countries. Time goes so fast, I clearly remember when PriPara was announced, being extremely disappointed All Star Selection anime turned out to be reairs instead of a real crossover between the 3 PR seasons, writing my first post reporting about PriPara, looking up info etc. It’s already been 4 years now.

prichan emo key visual

After that we’ve got Moegi Emo. Her family name has the kanji for yellow so she has yellow hair.
Description from the official site: “She’s in 1st year of Middle school at Kirari school and is Mirai’s childhood friend. She’s unbeatable at sports, and the type who acts before thinking. She’s always the first to follow new fads, but tends to be the first to get tired of them as well. She puts others before herself, but it can also be taken as her meddling into other’s business. She’s part of the school’s cheerleading club. Her catchphrase is “emoi”.

Mantanweb published some of the conference in 3 videos. You can actually hear Mirai, Emo and Rinka talk in this one at 1m03. Emo is a weird name. It seems they made their own meaning for the word emo, and she’s using it to say she’s hyped “let’s get super emoemo”. It seems she’ll use both “emo” and “emoi” as catchphrase actually as Kubota made a tweet saying both.  Afaik the word Emo is well known in Japan, as the type of music “emotional hardcore”. However, nowadays in Japanese net slang, the word “emoi” can also mean the merging of “eroii” and “kimoii”, meaning “erotic but disgusting”. I learned this because Sugita often uses it on radio shows.  Obviously, this wasn’t what they had in mind, but I’m not sure if they even knew this or not. Same with the negative connotation the word “emo” has nowadays in english speaking communities. Or else they would have definitely avoided naming a character “Emo”.

prad5 julie xmas 2017 official

Then again I won’t be surprised about TakaraTomy’s naming sense anymore after I saw the official spelling of “Jewlie”. I just write Juli/Julie since I don’t care about official spellings(I also write Sophie, Shion, etc instead of Sofy and Sion) and Jewlie is extremely awkward. Emo isn’t as worse as Jewlie. (Could be much worse. It still doesn’t top Dog Days’ “Leonmitchelli GALETTE DES ROIS”. Hearing Leonmitchelli GALETTE DES ROIS to me is a similar experience to Hibiki hearing Ajimi talking. And then there’s the Queen of AnimeMonikers 98 : Umi Monogatari’s “Urin”. You should watch Umi Monogatari if you haven’t yet, it was a pretty good magical girl show despite being a one cour show.)

Emo is voiced by Kubota Miyu, who voices Sophie in PriPara. I like Kubota as a seiyuu a lot and she can do multiple voices, as shown with Sophie’s pshuu mode and Red Flash mode, though they sound a bit too stereotypical. Emo seems like a “Pop” idol so she’ll probably talk fast and high most of the time, something pretty different from Sophie. I hope Kubota will get in more anime, would be nice if she ends up voicing Jyashin chan in the upcoming anime too.

Mentioned it in an old PriPara post but some years ago she did pretty funny rap commercials for the manga, though that doesn’t guarantee she’ll get a spot in the anime.

prichan rinka key visualThen we have Aoba Rinka, with blue hair as the kanji for blue is in her family name.

Description from the official site: “Mirai, Emo and her are all in the same class. She’s always calm and serious. She’s usually the quiet and model student type, but knows a lot of Prichan for some reason, and supports Mirai and Emo when they do their Prichan debut.”

It’s obvious she’ll end up performing herself starting episode 12-13. It would be a good surprise if she doesn’t, and permanently stays their manager. It could show an interesting aspect of managing unpopular youtube idols that are just getting started. Like the others, her design is extremely stereotypical, trying ultra hard to show her as the brains and cool headed person of the group. Coupling that with the main MC having pink hair+ clumsy girl and Emo being good at sports but bad at thinking, it feels ultra stereotyped. I really hope it’ll be better than that.

Rinka is voiced by Atsugi Nanami, another Run Girls, Run! member.

Lastly, we have the rival girl Akagi Anna whose appearance hasn’t been revealed yet. She will definitly have red hair and be voiced by the third and last Run Girls, Run! member Morishima Yuuka, as Morishima was at the press conference too. When asked if she’ll voice someone in the show she said it’s a secret.
It’ll be interesting to see if the story will keep them as rivals for a while, like the whole first season, or if she’ll join Mirai and Emo after the first cour/episode 13. What I’d like the most would be them becoming friends while staying rivals and on different teams.

Similar to Pretty Rhythm and PriPara characters introduced in the same seasons, there’s a shared theme in their names. For this 1st season of Prichan, its colors, just like PriPara s2 that had Kurosu Aroma=Black, Shikyouin Hibiki=purple, etc. There was also a second theme, the 5 senses, with Aroma being scent, Hibiki=sound, etc. Unless I haven’t noticed it, it doesn’t look like the Prichan characters’s names have a second theme. Or maybe it’s nature and plants?
Mirai family name is “Peach Mountain”, Emo’s “Yellow Onion”(not sure about the kanji), Rinka’s is “Blue Leaves.” But then Anna’s family name’s kanjis means “Red Castle” so it’s not nature themed anymore so I dunno. Or maybe something like tourism and seasons? There will definitely be new girls called something like Midorikawa Yume, Murasaki Mizuki, Shirosomething and Kurosomething starting 2nd or 3rd cour. Either way, would be nice if the theme actually plays a role in the story like Rainbow Live’s RAINBOW, and isn’t there just to be there. Maybe Prichan will have some touristic themes,  and an arc about them promoting  touristic places with their streaming.

I used to think even if a PriPara successor is made they’d keep Laala and replace everyone else and go with Laala for another 3-4 years. Especially when S3 started and they kept everyone in the same grades making time stop. When Idol Time PriPara just got announced and only Laala was there with the next character Yui Murimuri and Nino, I thought “oh I was right, its the PriParapocalyspe: Only Laala will survive with new characters”. But then they (thankfully) showed the older characters are still there. But now we learn than IPP only lasts a year and Laala will go anyway.

I thought they’d get newcomers seiyuus to voice the new characters, but I didn’t think they’d do it like i☆Ris again and pick an relatively new Avex idol group. Also, while i☆Ris was launched long before PriPara, it’s possible they had already planned from the start for them to voice the PriPara characters. We’ll never know the full backstory, but after all, it was already decided that Pretty Rhythm would stop and be replaced by something else when Rainbow Live started.
Many WUG and Dive II/Avex related idols either voiced characters or did songs in Pretty Rhythm and PriPara before voicing characters in the future seasons. i☆Ris did the Rainbow Live ED 2 song. Tanaka Minami who voices KaPiJuNon was part of a Dive II/Avex related group WUG too. Same as Yamashita Nanami who voices Pepper. We have a pattern here and it’s highly likely there’s a new Avex idol group launching in 2018 or 2019, who’ll do one of the OP/ED songs for Prichan, and will end up the next group to voice new characters in Prichan’s successor in 2022 or so.

prichan emo cardbox stand kubota miyu twitter

Still, I didn’t think they’d get Kubota Miyu to voice a main character in PriPara’s succesor. I think it’s pretty obvious they picked the Run Girls, Run! idols without audition, but since there’s 4 main characters at the start of Prichan, and only 3 RGR members, they must have done an audition, which Kubota won. I wonder if the rest of Iris will end up voicing other characters introduced later. Or at least keep doing some of the OP and ED songs. I don’t think PriPara ending means Iris will disband, as it’s not like it was purely made for PriPara. The thing I’m most disappointed about is that we won’t hear Yamakita Saki as Shion anymore. Along with Takeuchi Shunsuke, she’s my favorite newcomer seiyuus among those who debuted these past 5 year.

As for the 3 girls’ designs, it’s fine. The character designer is someone called Mitsuda Hajime, but seeing the girls have the same feeling as PriPara I’m guessing the original character deisgner, who is uncredietd I think, is the same person as PriPara. I’m not sure how to explain that properly, and I’m far from being high level when it comes to animation info and chara design, but you can tell Mitsuda is a part of the many post 90’s chara designers who started in early 2000 with the way he draws the legs. Lots of pink/polishing like plastic on the limbs’s joints, very pale skin, etc. Typically the kind of chara design I dislike. Unlike pure animation where there’s some new animators that are just as good as older ones, it feels like three’s a huge gap between new chara designers and 80-90 designers that will never be filled.  Or rather, some of the new chara designers did manage to close the gap and are just as good, but they can’t express it because that ultra white skin+ barely no shading + plastic-like glitter+pink on joints is what’s been popular and what they’re contantly ordered to do since mid 2000. And all their styles look similar. Most of the older chara designers who still work only draw in similar ways too now, unless they’re specifically asked not to. Mitsuda worked on others things like Akibas’ strip game and his designs there aren’t too like that, so it’s not like he can’t do different things.

We also don’t know yet if their appearance on that key visual is some kind of transformed state while streaming or if they always look like that. I think it’s the later. Their coords’ design is simple and good too. One of the things I don’t like about PriPara is that most PP coords are absolutely horrible. They’re either way too gaudy, trying too hard to please little girls, or the color scheme’s a mess,  etc. I can count on one hand the numbers of coords I like in PriPara, with Junon’s dress (and maybe some of Faruru’s and Hibiki’s) being the only one that made me go “I need to get married and ask my wife to wear this”.

The Kiratto Pri☆Chan logo still has a Prism Stone on it, just like PriPara’s logo.

As for the anime staff, Tatsunoko and DongWoo is doing the anime, same as always  since 2011 and Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. Most animators working on the Pretty Series since AD like Toda Sayaka san/Gomaponde or Cinamolloro  should work on Kiratto Pri☆Chan  too.  Same with Sound Director Nagasaki Yukio.

Prichan’s director is Ikehata Hiroshi. He worked on many different anime in the past as Episode Director or Storyboard but it’s only his fourth time being series director. In the past he directed Robot Girls Z, Seiyuu’s Life and Akiba’s Strip. I haven’t watched the last two, but I’m a huge fan of RGZ. And it’s highly possible Prichan will have the same flavor, while of course following TakaraTomy/SynSophia/Avex’s instructions.

robot girls z op gif

I don’t know about Seiyuu’s Life or Akiba’s Strip, but RGZ anime has some really funny jokes which doesn’t hesitate to show the girls’s in a really ugly way or making fun of them(while never going overboard). That’s something a lot of anime with mostly girl characters fail to do nowadays, too scared to alienate the most delusional otakus watching. Goofy doesn’t necessarily funny though. Gonna sound like a “I hate PP because it’s not like PR”person again, but if you compare how fun some Dear My Future episodes are, and how plain unfunny and predictable some PP episodes are, especially in PP s1, despite having the same amount/type of goofiness, you’ll see what I’m talking about. With that in mind I really hope Prichan will have better comedy than PriPara overall.

Hyodou Kazuho is credited for Prichan’s series composition, meaning he’ll be one of the main writers of the plot along with the director. He also worked on the same three series, Robot Girls Z, Seiyuu’s Life and Akiba’s Strip, so Hyodou and Ikehata know each other well.

Chara designer is Mitsuda Hajime, who’ve I’ve already talked about above. He was also on Robot Girls Z as an animator.  They basically got a well acquainted team, I’d call it the “RGZ anime team”. One of the many reasons why Pretty Rhythm is so perfect is that PR director Hishida Masakazu and one of the main writers/series composition, the late Iuchi Shuji, used to know each other for decades and worked together on many shows, mostly at Sunrise studios, with Hishida considering Iuchi as one of his masters, and both of them considering Tomino as their master. Because of that, unlike most anime production where the director decides everything, Pretty Rhythm and now Kinpri has all the staff talking it out and giving out ideas. Since the team is well acquainted here as well,  it would be awesome if Prichan’s anime production follows a pattern like that too, though I doubt it will.

(From the PriPara school special aired on June 28 2014. A Naru model dancing PriPara ‘s Make It, first CG scene and choreography in PP anime. Thanks /ai/non for this webm.)

The staff list currently revealed doesn’t include a CG director, but it’s unimaginable they stop using CG for the idol live scenes or replace CG Director Otobe Yoshihiro and his CG team, unless he’ll go work on another big project. Maybe Pretty All Friends or the next Kinpri thing will be big enough for him to be unable to work on both together with Prichan?
Back in the days of Pretty Rhythm, some CG scenes used motion capture, some didn’t. For example Naru’s solo Prism Show was made with her CG model directly, while Juné’s Prism Show used motion capture. At some point during PriPara’s run(IIRC during s2 or s3), they started exclusively using motion capture for every single CG scene. Moreover, the various arrangements to make sure the motion actor’s movements fits with the CG model and the CG model’s clothes, hair etc doesn’t clip, are handled by Otobe Yoshihiro all the time. They polished their technology up to this point, it would be absurd to drop it. Rainbow Live/PriPara CG is still the most beautiful CG I know and the only one that doesn’t have any of the flaws I dislike: looking eerie or out of place, lack of weight (especially true for most CG mecha shows).

About the arcade game

As foprichan arcade game promo photor the Kiratto Prichan arcade game. They said there’s a transfer system that’ll let you move your PriPara My Chara to Prichan. You simply need to put in your latest Prichike, and it’ll take over your my chara and the coord it’s wearing. Meaning all the PP coords should be included in Prichan. It seems the system of Purichike/Priticket with  the removable&tradeable Tomochike/Friendticket at the top of them will stay the same, except they’re now called Kirachike and Forochike/Followerticket respectively.  The animate article  has more details: When you scan a Forochike you received into the game, the character on the Forochike and your own character will “follow each other” and be able to send “いいね★ / likes★ “to  each other. You’ll also be able to send each other photos using the “プリスタグラム/Pristagram” system. And there’s more things they’ll reveal later.

prichan kirachike sample 1prichan kirachike sample 2

Kirachike even show the number of followers you have and the number of people following you.

The additional machine at the left prints the Kirachike. Instead of removing the machines and bringing new ones like during the Pretty Rhythm -> PriPara transition, this time they’ll only need to bring the left machine and update the software. (This will spare PriPara only fans from seeing their beloved machine being taken away, like the Pretty Rhythm machines in July 2014 hahaha, I had a pic of a PR game being taken away too, too bad I can’t find it anymore)
Seeing the streaming theme of the anime, I suspect players will be able to partially stream themselves playing.

prichan arcade game possible streaming feed screen It’s possible the left machine has a second screen display and they hid it for now using the Mirai picture (Thanks Chibitech for pointing it out). Maybe that screen could be used as a return feed to check your own stream & chat while playing? In the second Mantanweb video when they unveil the machine you can see the staff woman holding the Mirai cardboard to be sure it doesn’t fall too. And I’d guess the big button, called “kiratto button” is to start the streaming? For now the only info they revealed is that “if you press the Kiratto Button when it shines with rainbow colors it’ll be super fun and exciting, and give you a kirachike”, so literally nothing. Kirakira is something that glitters/shines etc, and Kiratto derivated from it is in the game/anime’s name, and the main aspect of the anime is that they’re streaming idols, so I think it’ll definitely be a streaming button.

As you see in the third Mantanweb video, they mention that the Prichan arcade game will do a collab with popular youtubers Kan & Aki. They’re sisters with their own channel with 2 millions subs where they talk about toys, and are also part of another channel with their parents(I think) where they play PriPara and do dance videos. They also film their excursions to PP events like the Winter Live 2017 where PAF was announced. The collab is that Kan and Aki will appear in Prichan arcade game ads, on the Prichan official Youtube channel (I think it’ll launch in April) and at the Prichan events.

The whole streaming aspect is pretty surprising and I didn’t expect TakaraTomy to come up with it. It kinda reminds me of that funny “become a youtuber and monetize your friends” fake ad from Germany that went viral during Xmas 2017.

Chibitech also pointed out Prichan’s anime streaming concept is pretty similar to her Youtube and Twitch PriPara streams which is pretty funny. Maybe besides the idol rankings and the previous uses of iine that will stay, they’ll do a system that gets you rarer coords and stuff the more iine★ you get from followers? As for the anime, I wonder how far it’ll go with the streaming, if they’ll only show the positive aspects of streaming or if we’ll get a full blown stalker arc in the 3rd cour.  It’ll probably be something like a compromise. Also wondering if they’ll give real tips to becoming a famous youtuber, like making videos lasting 7-8 minutes max, as a video only gets counted as watched if the person watching watches more than a certain percentage of it. I hope the anime will touch on all these things a bit, but won’t mind it much if it doesn’t, as I think it’s the parents job in the 1st place to explain and educate their kids about stuff like streaming, and see if they’re mature enough or not to consume or produce certain contents. Note: I’m not saying people like Wolverine did nothing wrong and that it’s the parent’s faults, I’m saying parents who let kids become fans of Wolverine awful, stupid, disrespectful vids in the first place are partly faulty as well.
I’ve never been interested in let’s plays, youtubers and streamers. Seeing the concept used in an anime is a different thing though so I’m excited about Prichan itself, An online friend(you probably won’t read this but thanks Nanooka) told me recently that Let’s Plays initially started on the Something Awful forums, with the strong rule that you should put the game first instead of yourself/a made up personality you act while playing. Let’s Plays got more and more popular, and then some people started breaking that rule.  Which led to today, with tons of kids watching a streamer not because of the game but because the streamer/let’s player is “popular” or “funny”. This is perfectly fine, and I understand that it’s fun to watch someone play, I do have fun doing it too, but only when it’s people I know.  I absolutely don’t get the point of watching a complete stranger play a game.  It’s a slightly different thing, but this way of thinking is why I initially didn’t want to post Pretty Rhythm news on Twitter and only keep it on my blog, but then I quickly gave up and It’s been six months now since my last news post, as now I’m posting everything on Twitter, except for super big things like this Prichan announcement. There’s also the “problem” that I’ll never get many followers as I like RTing strong content like politics and refuse to make an account specifically for Pretty Rhythm news.  But that’s just who I am.

Anyway back to the arcade game. The PriPara arcade game was a gigantic success, reaching 1 million accounts in 6 months after its July 2014 launch. It hasn’t slowed down at all and it’s past 4.4 million accounts now, and with more than 100million pritickets printed. The people in the arcade game industry say that for this kind of arcade game to be considered successful you need at least 300K accounts. The highest peak the Pretty Rhythm arcade game reached during it’s 4 years of official activity (2010-2014) was 400k accounts. There’s no reason for them to change a winning team, so Katou Daisuke must be the SynSophia producer for the Prichan arcade game. He’s been the producer for every game so far, arcade games, DS, 3DS and now Switch. Speaking of PriPara All Idol Perfect Stage, I wouldn’t be surprised if they reveal it’ll have Prichan’s Mirai, Emo, Rinka and Anna in it.

prad5 switch PriPara All Idol Perfect Stage cover

And they actually did on the 26th, by revealing the game’s cover. Only Mirai is confirmed for now. It was obvious they’d do that as it’s just like how Rinne and Cosmo were in the DS game released before Rainbow Live(though that’s technically a bad example as they said in interviews later Rinne was made for that game, and then they decided to put her in Rainbow Live). And then Laala was in the next game, before PriPara started.

Since the game’s staff should be the same, some mechanics will stay too, and there should be a mechanic similar to Prism Jumps and Making Dramas that should be in the anime as well. I wonder what the name will be. Kiratta Time? Stream Fantasy?  Follower Dream? Of course if they’re as funny, awesome, unique and linked to the characters’s development as Prism Jumps/Acts I’ll love it, but it’s not like I’m hoping for it. Kinpri is definitely continuing,(the next development should be announced at the June 10 2017 Live concert event) so we’ll have our Prism Jump fix in any case. I just hope it won’t be like most Making Dramas which I find lacking.

over the top things graphic

In my opinion there’s two important things when it comes to making something over the top good, funny and yet moving at the same time. It needs to be self aware that it’s over the top, and as such, seriously try to make it as hammy and over the top as possible to make you laugh. And yet it needs to to stay serious to be able to move you, the craziness unfolding being perfectly logical if you link it with the story and the character’s developments. Following these rules I separate over the top stuff into 3 categories. The 1st one is stuff like the reactions in Yakitate Japan(or Shokugeki no Soma if you’re too young), it’s simple, slightly over the top, makes you laugh and impresses you.
Then there’s the second category, the crevasse, the point where it tries so much to be awesome that it becomes lame instead. It can be funny to watch, but not impressive, unless you’re a 6 years old kid. That’s where I put Inazuma Eleven and its techniques with names like “SHIN GOD HAND X”. (I know some people reading this like InaIre, I’m sorry). Making Dramas are near the exit of that category  but can’t really get out. Mostly because it lacks the “let’s screw around in a serious way” feeling. Mainly, the Making Dramas problems is that most of their ridiculousness and craziness isn’t linked to the character. I still don’t get why Shion’s solo Making Drama has her being on a plane shooting things instead of something like using planets as Go stones.
And then, there’s the third category, where things are so ridiculously over the top it goes full circle and becomes awesome again, but also has some seriousness and logic behind it. At the entrance of that final category I put Segata Sanshiro, and Prince of Tennis with stuff like Tezuka killed the dinosaurs. And then there’s nothing else I know which goes beyond that, except for Prism Jumps (and some SRW attacks animations). That’s what Prism Jumps are to me, with my favorite being King of Jungle, with Shi Yoon CARRYING A LION TO THE TOP OF A MOUNTAIN AND LATER ON RIDING IT.

(It’s funny that I find most Making Dramas worse than Prism Jumps, because Katou basically once said in a event that he drinks more when thinking up Making Dramas than when making Prism Jumps. Not all Prism Jumps were made by him though, some are by Director Hishida and the series writers, some are by staff members completely unrelated to the CG, everyone gives out their idea)

Hopes about Kiratto Pri☆Chan and more random guesses

Just like I already knew PriPara would be different from Pretty Rhythm before it started, this seems like it’ll be different from PriPara as well. But It’ll still target the same audience, little girls in grade school and start of middle school, so I think it’ll be less of a change compared to Pretty Rhythm -> PriPara. Pretty Rhythm was officially for little girls but would rather target “everyone” instead, doing things without being scared that kids watching won’t understand because it’s too complicated. Sadly it doesn’t seem like this is coming back.
One thing interesting is that the heroines are all in middle school, instead of Laala who was in grade school, so maybe we’ll see slightly more elaborated jokes, story and world building. Again, I don’t expect this to be Pretty Rhythm, plus there’s already Kinpri now, and I hope one day Director Hishida gets to do more Pretty Rhythm with equal focus on boys and girls.
Their age being pushed up compared to Laala’s may be related to the streaming activity too, Maybe TakaraTomy though it’s too weird for grade schoolers to set upt their own stream. Then again if my guess is corect and the arcade game lets your stream, it means their higher age isn’t for this reason. Plus it’s supposed to be extremely simple in their world.
I’m expecting romance, but at the same level of PriPara. As in something only confirmed to the viewers(Hibiki & Fuwari for example) but sadly not really fully exploited or used in the story, or acknowledged by the others characters. I hope there will be male idols too. They added some in Idol Time PriPara, I hope they won’t stop now.

I’m also expecting Prichan to follow the 2 traditions with siblings:

Pattern 1: the fact that there’s always at least 2 main characters being siblings in every series.
Pattern 2: One of the main character has a little brother/sister side character that later gets promoted to main character after one or two seasons.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream: Kanon & Hbiki follow pattern 1. Aira & Itsuki follow pattern 2. Itsuki is a main character starting DMF.
Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future: Chae Kyoung & Yun Su follow pattern 1.
Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: “You know who” & “You know who” follow pattern 1 . Ito & Yu are 2. Yu is a main character starting Kinpri. (Avoiding spoilers as much as possible as there’s probably people who haven’t watched Rainbow Live or even any Pretty Rhythm seasons who will read this)
PriPara:  Dorothy & Leona follow pattern 1. Cosmo & Sophie follow pattern 1 (Cosmo isn’t a main character officially but I consider her as one). Laala & Non follow pattern 2. Non is a main character starting PP s3. Faruru and Garuru follow pattern 2 wit hGaruru getting mroe and more main. Julie and Janice are 1.
Idol Time PriPara: Yui & Shougo follow pattern 1. Faruru clone’s FalseAlarm and Faruru clone’s Galalasleep follow pattern 1. Shuuka and Hanazono Mia follow pattern 1.

Either Mirai, Emo, Rinka or Anna will have a brother or sister that will get introduced at some point and join the main characters cast. I’m betting on Rinka having a big sister, and being the one who taught her about Prichan activities. And then someone else needs to have a little brother or sister that will later become a main character in season 2 or 3 of Prichan. Betting on Mirai having a little brother as that’s the most stereotypical choice(that’s what AD did. Or Aikatsu s1. Or many other girl shows.)

To be honest it’ll be cool if it’s a parallel universe again and takes places in the same multiverse as Pretty Rhythm and PriPara, but I won’t really mind if it doesn’t. I just hope Akaii Meganee will still be there so Itou Kanae still gets a regular paycheck voicing her. She’ll probably have a new design again.
Speaking of the multiverse thing. What I don’t like about PriPara’s worldbuilding isn’t that they didn’t expend on that, or that the things they said clashes with the lore in Pretty Rhythm, it doesn’t; I simply though it’s always lacking for an anime regardless of comparisons with Pretty Rhythm.  There’s tons of anime with better worldbuilding than PriPara despite having worse ideas than it, so it’s frustrating., and PriPara has tons of things it could expand on it barely does. I hope S3 which I finally started watching will change that.

Kinpri is definitely continuing either way so I’m not worried anymore about getting my Prism Show and Prism Jumps fix, but it’d be nice if we get something with both male and female characters again. They started doing that in Idoltime PriPara, and even added them in the arcade game, so I hope Kiratto Pri☆Chan will have male main characters as well and they won’t regress. Technically there’s been at least one male idol in every anime of the Pretty Series so far so this shouldn’t change. I’m hoping for more rivalry and a plot and universe better built than PriPara’s. As I said, I restarted watching PriPara after stopping when S2 finished airing 2 years ago, and I’m at episode 99 now. S3 is fine so far and it seems they finally decided to use the side characters more and try harder at making funnier jokes. It’s too early to judge the plot for now. As I stopped episodic blogging of PriPara, I’m planning to do a post summarizing my thoughts once I’m done watching. One for each season. I’m gonna do one for season 2 for now. If God wills, in April 2018 I’ll definitely blog Kiratto Pri☆Chan too, episode by episode like I used to do with Rainbow Live and PriPara.

AnimeJapan 2018 will have a Prichan event, they’ll probably reveal more stuff about the anime there, but there should be new info before that, March 24 would be just 2 weeks before it starts airing after all. Idol Time PriPara should be 51 episodes, so Kiratto Pri☆chan should start airing on April 3rd, unless they change timeslots.

Staff comments to the Kiratto Prichan announcement:

Most seiyuus, idols, talents in general who did something with PriPara tweeted something.  Not gonna translate everything since most of the messages are just “Please keep supporting the Pretty Series, PriPara isn’t over for now so please support it too, blablabla”, with no hint as to if they’ll participate in Prichan or not.

PriPara anime director Moriwaki Makoto. She just RTed the announcement saying “look!! Something got announced!!”, nothing else in particular. She’ll probably write more when episode 51 of IPP airs.

Pretty Rhythm/Kinpri director Hishida Masakazu has closed down his Twitter account since early December 2017 iirc, but he opened an instagram since a few months ago. On his Instagram he posted the Prichan announcement, asking everyone to keep supporting the Pretty Series, and he also said he’s helping SynSophia with the Prichan arcade game, which strongly hints there will be a similar mechanic to Prism Jumps and Making Dramas again, and he’s probably helping with ideas about them. He did make some Making Dramas, and some are partly recycled from Prism Jumps too. There will probably be “Stream Fantasies” or whatever it’ll be called in Prichan, recycled from Makign Dramas and Prism Jumps/Acts.

CG Director: Looking forward to doing my Prichan debut later this year. It’ll go well if I wear red glasses (akaii meganee).

Sound Director Nagasaki Yukio just RTed the announcement tweets.

SynSophia producer Katou Daisuke just RTed the announcement.

Producer Ohba Shin : “We managed to announce the new series! It’ll be a culmination of everything we did so far, so it’s very exciting to work on it (and very difficult)”. The 25th, he also tweeted how he randomly found a arcade game “pop” (the thing put on top) of Mini Skirt, the very first Pretty Rhythm arcade game, so he decided to set it. He points out how it had a fancy mirror like material.

Akaneya Himika/Laala:  “A new series!! I was pretty excited back when PP was announced as well and I’m sure Prichan will be nice too. It’s impossible to enumerate all the happiness I’ve got from PriPara and Laala. Anyway! PriPara’s broadcast isn’t over yet, so please keep supporting it till the end.”

Serizawa Yuu/Mireille: “Thank you for all your supportive comments. But it’s not like we’re saying bye bye to PriPara; It is indeed lonely and I’ll feel lonely too, but Mireille’s best smile will keep being in our hearts. It’s all right. Minami Mireille will keep living forever in my heart.  (her tweetis the one that got the most likes by far, Part of that is because she’s also Ann in Rainbow Live so its the second time she’ll be parting with a Pretty Series related character.)

Yamakita Saki/Shion:   “Everyone may feel some unrest from these news, but the Prism Sparkle and PriPara’s excitement are eternal! I hope Prichan will be a wonderful work that will inherit these. I’m really interested in how the Prituber thing will turn out. I want to become one too!! lol” (Note: プリチューバー/Prituber isn’t a word in any press release or official info and she made it up, but that’s a good word)

Wakai Yuuki/Leona

Shibuya Azuki/Dorothy

Kasuya Yuuta/Amamiya Haruki (Mireille’s blue haired fan that’s the PriPara universe’s parallel version of a descendant of Toudou Hibiki and Amamiya Rizumu in my headcanon) : “It feels a bit lonely to see that a series I’m very indebted to will move on to the next step, but I’ll keep moving on and do my best as well. Working on PriPara changed my life and gave me countless memories.”

Hyodou Kazuho(Prichan series composition): he’s saying he’s happy to work on a little girls aimed anime for the first time with the RGZ Seiyu’s Life Akiba’s strip team. He says “the main characters and theme song is by RGR” so this pretty much confirms Anna will be voiced by third RGR member.

Saiga Mitsuki : “I’ve been involved with PP starting the second year and it lasted 3-4 years, and I even participated in the lives, I’ve very thankful. There’s a new generation now, the Pretty series is going to expand even more! But Pripara isn’t over yet!! and will keep getting even more exciting so please keep supporting it as well.”

Satou Azusa/Fuwari/Faruru clone’s FalseAlarm

Takayanagi Akane/Aoi Meganee in the PP musicals

Taichi You/Nino

Kubota Miyu, on the i☆Ris blog:  

“I’m happy to be able to work with my WUG juniors. I didn’t think this kind of opportunity would happen this soon. I’m really looking forward to it.
Well then I think I’d be nice if I tell everyone my feelings. PriPara started in 2014. Since then I’ve been in charge of voicing Sophie, and I’ve received countless words of gratitude and praise, I learned a lot thanks to it too, and grew up as a person. I also voiced Yui’s friend and Powan, Hana and Shuuka’s mascot in Idol Time PriPara.”
She was extremely nervous before the Prichan press conference, thinking of people’s reaction. Seeing everyone love PriPara made her happy but also anxious.  She think that the things she learned from Sophie, she will have to teach them to Emo now. How to be a good idol, enjoying yourself, always sparkling and not forgetting the feelings of fun while being on stage.
“Sophie liked dancing and singing and being an idol ever since was she was a small child, so I’m sure that’s what she’d say. She’d try her best to make Emo into a great idol. That’s why I’ll try my best to help Emo. Of course as a voice actor, voicing Sophie made me learn a lot, and I think I will learn more with Emo. In 2018 I’ll be able to enjoy being a Prichan idol, a school idol(sophie  Asaka Karin in the new Love Live “PERFECT Dream Project”, thanks Zamzeed for pointing it out) and a normal simple idol as Kubota Miyu. It’s everyone supporting me who taught me what’s fun about being an idol. And it’s Sophie who taught me the happiness of standing on stage alone. This is something that will never change! Plus, Idol Time PriPara isn’t over yet!! Mia’s live was super fun the other day!! Please keep supporting us!!”

Pretty Rhythm Yakuzas reactions:

All of them will watch Prichan just like they watched PriPara and liked it.   There’s no one going “noo there’s still no skates, nooo I don’t like youtubers blablabla”. Some are saying it’s better to end a series instead of it going for too long and keep adding characters, as some character’s screentime and development will decrease. (I really agree, especially in PP’s case, who already has a hard time giving it’s main characters screentime. Remember when Aroma and Mikan disappeared for a while once s2 1st cour was over. There’s plenty of examples like that, not even counting all the side characters who never appear.)
Most have the same opinion as me, as in just like we weren’t expecting PriPara to be Pretty Rhythm, we aren’t expecting Prichan to be Pretty Rhythm, and there’s still Kinpri and Pretty All Friends anyway.
The Japanese Pretty Series community is pretty linked, even more so ever since Kinpri getting ultra popular and Kinpri2 having tons of plot links and references to past seasons made many people who had only seen Kinpri or PriPara watch Pretty Rhythm seasons as well. I’ve got a stalker list of sorts where I add anyone who tweets something like “I just watched AD/DMF/RL for the first time, it’s a masterpiece, I was crying non stop during the final cour”, and it’s probably above 50 entries now. But there”s obviously still much more people who watched PriPara than people who watched Pretty Rhythm. But I’m sure more than 90% of the Japanese fans who watched Pretty Rhythm as it aired and all the Pretty Rhythm Yakuzas, watched PriPara and will watch Prichan too.  Hopefully at next comiket, the comiket staff will follow the Pretty Series’s fans wishes and like at C93, all the Pretty Rhythm, Kinpri, PriPara and now Prichan booths will be next to each other.

As for PriPara fans in general, it seems many feel lonely PriPara will end. That’s obvious though, as I just wrote there’s way more people who watched PriPara than people who watched Pretty Rhythm. It seems to have trended on twitter too with many people saying they don’t want it to end.

More random things I found: If you reverse Moegi Emo’s you still get Moegi Emo. (reversing the kanjis/syllabes, not the letters.)

In the Prichan anime the Prichan System allows anyone to easily set up their streaming channel, and people can watch it on TV or on smartphones. Uriym san is saying there may be Prichan ojisans doing streams too.

Emu san saying it does feel a bit of a waste all the characters introduced in idol Time PP will already leave, and to cover that they may appear a lot in whatever Pretty All Friends will be. I hope so as well.

About Pretty All Friends

I think they’ll reveal more info about it soon. It’s fairly likely it’ll be a movie. Now the question is whether it’ll have an actual story, and maybe expand on the backstory(I don’t like the word “lore”), giving out possible theories like the PR&PP movie and the matrix thing, or will it simply be a compilation of CG scenes(then again that’s pretty much what the PR&PP movie was). IMO It should release in March or April, around the same time Prichan launches, and Mirai and Emo will probably appear in it too.

More random remarks

I’ve adopted the term “Pretty Series” that’s been going around for a while. It’s the new business term TakaraTomy, SynSophia and Avex made that refers to the group containing Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future, Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live, Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection, PriPara, Idol Time PriPara and now Kiratto Pri☆Chan. When I use the term “Pretty Series”, I include Kinpri in it, and most fans do as well, but officially it doesn’t include Kinpri afaik. The term “Pretty Rhythm series” does include Kinpri officially though. It’s a bit weird.

I haven’t read recent PP interviews at all and didn’t even watch Idol Time nor finished S3 yet so this is a wild guess: Seeing companies plan things fairly ahead, similar to Pretty Rhythm scheduled to end when Rainbow Live started, PriPara was probably scheduled to end when Idol Time PriPara started.  It might explain why they decided to try out more different things in Idol Time. Like adding boys idols other than Leona, or bringing back Hanazono Mia, who was part of Saints and retired, to give CG Director the opportunity to make a new CG scene for a Pretty Rhythm character.  CG Director said more than once on Twitter he’d like to do Pretty Rhythm girls character CG scenes again with the current technology, as they greatly improved their CG technique since Rainbow Live. If Prichan isn’t linked to Pretty Series multiverse, it’s possible it was the last chance for CG director to do it too.

Pop Team Epic author Bkub is a huge fan of Pretty Series. For example he’s one of the many mangaka who tweeted a lot about the 1st Kinpri movie and participated in making it popular. One of his tweets said “Only idiots haven’t watched Kinpri”.  PriPara also had a collab with him, with Laala and Yui goods drawn in his style. He’s probably the one who decided on all the PriPara references in the Pop Team Epic anime, like having Garomageddon do one of the two ED versions in episode 1. I know there will be a Kinpri reference at some point as there’s been some in the manga too. And if all the various people being delegated  sketches aren’t done yet, they might add a Prichan reference too. I’m gonna force myself to watch it because of that. Because otherwise I think the anime is extremely boring and unfunny with jokes and references too bland and predictable, regardless of if it’s unfunny on purpose or not. I’ve only watched episode 1 for now, but the me from 10 years ago could have writtenalmost  all the jokes and references in it. It’s also a bit sad seeing anime sites and such treating it like an incredibly clever or “hard to understand” work. The worst is people comparing it to stuff like Excel Saga anime. Saying Excel Saga and Pop Team Epic are similar is like saying a hachi roku and a hachi go are the same.

On the 25th, one day later after the Prichan official reveal, Bamco revealed Aikatsu Friends. I don’t think Prichan and Aikatsu Friends will be similar, but I guess I’ll have to make another post when we have more info on both. It’s still too early to say anything, Aikatsu Friends announcement has even less info than Prichan. I’m not even sure if there’s some kind of new feature they’ll add in the arcade game. Actually as I haven’t followed anything Aikatsu since Stars started I’m nto even sure if the Stars arcade game had a new feature either. I didn’t expect them to stop Aikatsu Stars after only 2 years. I guess it’s not as successful as they hoped and didn’t manage to get some of PriPara’s userbase?
As someone who does like Aikatsu and did watch some of the anime,I get the feeling Bamco, unlike TakraTomy, doesn’t take risks or isn’t as innovative. Being a huge fan of Super Robot Taisen and wishing the series the best, I often criticize Bamco for being lazy with it and I’m starting to feel like they are lazy with the Aikatsu franchise as well.  I haven’t watched the Aikatsu Stars anime nor followed the game, but what struck me was how they actually recycled their own designs for it, with the S4 girls member each being near identical to Aikatsu first series characters. And now I’m getting the same feeling with Aikatsu Friends too. I said the Prichan chara design is ultra stereotypical, but the Aikatsu Friends chara design is even more so. Though it may be inevitable nowadays seeing all the characters who look the same.  And it seems Aikatsu Friends has the same chara designer as Aikatsu Stars. Stars’ designer Was Aikei Yukiko while Aiaktsu Friends designer is Watanabe Satomi, thanks for pointing it out Parkunsan.
There’s also how I think Aikatsu Friends is a bit of a weird name. It’s like calling it Aikatsu Idol. Or Mario Kart Racing. Friendship is an obvious theme in these kinds of shows, so I’m not sure what they have in mind, hence why I’m tempted to make jokes about them wanting to surf on Kemono Friends’s popularity. This contributes to me thinking it’s not innovative enough too.

As Emu san is saying, TakaraTomy is like super fast and following nowadays’ trends and doing something super popular like youtuber idols, while it seems Bamco for Aikatsu they’ll just still be normal idols. I get the feeling it’ll get utterly crushed.

“They’re coupling them by pairs. Rather than Aikatsu Friends it feels like Aikatsu Les”(bian) (the joke works better in Japanese)

prad some prism jmps concepts ideas copypasted in aikatsu

As I already said in the past Pretty Rhythm is heavily inspired from 80 anime sports girl anime, and copied the fashion + collectibles idea for it’s arcade game from Sega’s Oshare Majou Love and Berry. Aikatsu later on copied some ideas from Pretty Rhythm: In the Aikatsu anime s1 especially, some plot points were near identical to some plot points in Aurora Dream. It could just be a coincidence, but then the super techniques in Aikatsu, the Appeals, some of them actually plagiarized Prism Jumps, sometimes using the exact same ideas or concepts in them but with different motion/camerawork etc. In June 2014 during a shareholders meeting of TakaTomy, Tomiyama Kantaro who was the CEO then even called Aikatsu a Pretty Rhythm ripoff, saying that’s why they’re doing PriPara. The Aikatsu anime is extremely different from Pretty Rhythm though, and I liked some of it a lot. Anyway, Aikatsu was much more popular than Pretty Rhythm, so TakaraTomy decided to copy them back and do PriPara & started using idols as well instead of “Prism Stars”.  PriPara ended becoming extremely popular, so then Bamco renewed Aikatsu with Aikatsu Stars, but as I said above I stopped following then so I’m not sure the Aikatsu Stars arcade game tried to differentiate itself from PriPara with new systems, or on the contrary copied back PriPara again with similar systems.
Aikatsu Friends’s name was probably decided some time ago so they didn’t copy Pretty All Friends. I’ll probably make jokes about it though. But for now it doesn’t seem like AIkatsu Friends will have streaming or similarities with Prichan besides both having extremely stereotypical Purikua like designs. Anyway I still hope we’ll get a Kamiya Shion & MInowa Hikari Aikatsu spinoff one day.

If VR manages to completely take off and democratize itself even more than now and becoming cheaper, maybe in 4-5 years the Kiratta successor will have VR and will be about idols doing VR streams. I guess it also depends if the super idol boom will still be going on with little girls in Japan. Idols have existed for decades and some are super popular among little girls but I’m talking about how since 2010 or so, (I guess since AKB48), there’s been more and more idol franchises marketed to little girls(and adults) while magical girl and other themed things are decreasing. I’m not even sure there’s any magical girl anime left this year besides Purikua. And then you have the things that mix both like Miracle Tunes.

What if Pretty All Friends is a fighting game and includes Battle Arena Toshinden’s Ellis as a Prism Star too.

Please be sure to tell me if I missed something or made some mistake. And would like to hear other people’s theories on how Prichan and Pretty All Friends will turn out.

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