Persona 5A 1-2

I don’t wanna say it’s lack of talent because there’s a lot of good ideas and good rewriting to make the story work. It’s just that along with the rushed feelings,  there’s the impression the staff is going through a fanservice checklist without worrying if it’s pertinent story wise or not. It’s fanservice without a soul. But I guess it’s still too early to judge and shall give it the benefit of doubt.

Is what I thought until I saw the horrible recreation of the all out attack, which made me burst out laughing, with a mix of second hand embarrassment. If I had some friend and wanted them to get into P5, I definitely wouldn’t show them this.  It looks incredibly incomplete, just like the OP animation. It’s weird they bothered showing AOA now anyway when there will be plenty of occasions later. But gotta deliver on the fanservice I guess. I also hope the OP will change later and they just didn’t get the time to finish it, because it’s just a recycled clipshow. The ED animation fares out better.

The “hey have some Goro and Sae” at the end is pure fanservice too but this is fine and the director did notify us beforehand we’ll get our fill of Goro.

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