Full Metal Panic! IV 2, Obari does the OP animation’s storyboard

Was really good. The OP animation too was surprisingly much better than anything I imagined; When I saw Sousuke turn his head toward the light I immediately thought “wow this is Obari as hell”.

Turns out he really did make the OP’s storyboard. I don’t think I’ll ever become a sakuga aficionados who recognizes tons of animators like SakugaBlog people do, but I’m happy I can recognize anything Obari when I see it. Though it’s not a huge achievements as his quirks are really easy to see if you’ve already watched things he did.

Car chase would have been cooler if it was handrawn but it’s not like it was bad either. They did a really good job for this episode and it was much less rushed than I imagined. I used to think Gatou would rewrite the story to remove Speck to take less time. Completely forgot that Clouseau line too, he really is the best. Can’t wait for next week.

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