Persona5A 3

The story changes are good and make sense but everything happens way too fast. They even skipped the OP. Though I think they might do it like a few anime in the past and only show the OP at the start of an arc to gain as much time as possible. There’s no jikai directly included in the show too except for the pics in the ED.

I could swear they just copypasted part of the game’s cutscene but I’m too lazy to check. Really happy they showed one of the best side characters, Mika. I hope to see her again.

Like, Joker is typing but his hand isn’t moving. I still I think the main problem isn’t that it’s rushed but that’s they’re trying way too hard with the fanservice. Well, this time it wasn’t as much as episode 2.  Goro didn’t show up too, unless I missed him. They try to reproduce the game’s aesthetics, but they didn’t have as much time or whatever, and it never looks as good. The phone looks bad, the fast forward effect looks bad, etc..

EDIT Oh I did miss Goro in the subway, that was a pretty good scene with him.

I used to think in the anime they’d say flat out Kamoshida sexually abused Shiho but they didn’t. The moment when Joker and Ryuji realize it during their confrontation with Kamoshida isn’t in anymore so it’s slightly less obvious for the play/viewer, though it’s still really obvious and there’s other hints now like showing more of Kamoshida’s true colors.

They did a better AOA animation this time, having the good idea to show everyone before and after. The fight still looked just as incredibly boring and weirdly static as in episode 2 though. One of the main problems is they cling too much to the game mechanics and want at all costs to show the enemies getting “down”.

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