KING OF PRISM survey July 2018


Survey is here. They didn’t say how long it’ll last but probably until mid July 2018.

This survey was originally only for people who attended the Rose Party 2018 event on June 10, but they decided to get more opinions and let everyone take it.

1st page needs you to check the box accepting the conditions. 2nd page is personal info: nickname sex age prefecture of residence, mail address, occupation and if you’re married.  Put in Gunma prefecture as living place since would genuinely like to live there and I like Initial D.
Needless to say, for mandatory answers where you can write something, you should write in Japanese if you wanna be sure it’ll be taken into account. I guess use google translate as I can’t help with that.
Beware, you’ll have to restart if you take too much time to complete the survey.

Q1 How many times did you watch KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-?

Q2 Which version of the disc release did you buy?

Q3 What’s the best thing about -PRIDE the HERO-? Only one choice possible.

The Prism Shows
The Characters
The Story
The Cheer Screenings
The Stage Greetings with the staff and seiyuu
The music
The voice actresses and actors
The staff which worked on it
Something else: write here

(I voted for Prism Shows)

Q4 Why did you watch -PRIDE the HERO- multiple times in cinema?

Because the movie is good
Because I wanted to see the stage greetings
Because I wanted to go to the special screenings for the characters’ birthdays
Because of the freebies goods
Because friends invited me
Something else

(I technically never watched it in cinema but checked everything  and added “I want to support the series”)

Q5 Same question as Q4 but only one choice possible
(I voted for “because the movie is good”)

Q6 Do you often watch anime movies at cinema?

Q7 Which anime movies have you seen recently (google the japanese name of the movies then copypaste them. It’s fine if you only put in one choice, same with similar up to three choices possible questions)

Q8 What kind of freebies do you like to get when seeing an anime movie at cinemas?

Ticket holders
Clear Files
Film Coma (those movie band like things)
Other: write here

Q9 What kind of special video before or after the movie, rotating each week, do you like?

“Mind your manners in theaters” videos
Short video before the actual movie
Short video after the actual movie
Something else:

Q10 Do you watch TV anime?

Q11 What did you watch recently?
(I put FMP4, Persona 5, Prichan)

Q12 Which TV anime did you buy on disc recently?
(I put in FMP s1 though I didn’t get it recently)

Q13 How often to you attend anime related events?
At least once a month
At least every 2 or 3 months
At least every 6 months
At least once a year

Q14 Do you often go to Live Viewings for anime events? (when an event, concert, stage greeting etc, is streamed live in other theaters)

                                                                 I often go to           I sometimes go to               I don’t go much to                   I never go to
Events with the seiyuu
Live concerts
Events with the seiyuu acting as their characters

Q15 Explain your answers in 14 (this is mandatory but you need to type something. I guess resort to google translate as just putting in blank spaces don’t work.)

Q16 Who are your favorite characters in the KING OF PRISM franchise?

(I checked everything and also added all the girls and all the other characters I like that are seen in the movies, if even just a picture: (プリズムの女神、神浜奈津子、神浜丈幸、ヒロの母、法月皇、五反田ココロ、御徒町ツルギ、鶯谷モンド、神田ミツバ、MCタック、ジュネ様、田中会長、なるちゃん、あんちゃん、いとちゃん、ベル様、わかな、おと、りんねちゃん、赤井めが姉ぇ、モモ)

Q17 Same question but only one choice possible
(Among the new characters I like Taiga, Alec and Joji the most. Among the olders I like Hiro and Bell the most. But I like everyone alot so it was hard choosing. Ended up voting for Bell.)

Q18 Did you buy YOUNG OF PRISM goods?

Q19 (appears if you answered no to Q 18 so I guess just answer yes to 18 to skip this) Explain why you didn’t buy YOUNG OF PRISM goods

Q20 Did you buy the KING OF PRISM SUPER LIVE MUSIC READY SPARKING! disc release? (october 21 2017 concert event)

Q211 (Appears if you answered no.) Please tell us why
I usually don’t buy disc releases like these
I didn’t know it was out on disc
There’s other things I wanna get instead

Q22 Do you play KING OF PRISM Prism Rush! LIVE

(Q 23 24 25 are skipped if you answer no)

Q23 How often do you login?
Every day
2-3 times a week
Once a week
Once a month

Q24 What would you like to see for the game’s 1st anniversary event

Q25 Share your proposals for the game. What do you like or dislike, what kind of new functionality do you want etc (I guess rely on google translate)

Q26 did you preorder the disc release of the KING OF PRISM Rose Party 2018 ? (June 10 2018 event)
I did right after the announcement, at the event
I did
I haven’t but I’m planning to
I’m undecided
I won’t preorder it

Q27 Explain your choice in 26

Q28 Do you have a message about the KING OF PRISM franchise?

I wrote in Japanese:
Both movies are the best anime movies of our era. I don’t play Kinpri Rush but I like the stories in it. While Pretty Rhythm focused on the girls, the boys had focus too. There isn’t only male or only female main characters, and it’s one of the many reasons making it better than other idol shows. So even if KING OF PRISM focuses on male characters, I would like the female characters to have a bit more screentime. I would like new female characters too, and I want Leo Taiga Minato’s sisters to appear in Shiny Seven Stars. I want more of Shin and Louis hanging each other, like date scenes. I want more romance subplots for other characters too. I want more duo/trio/team prism shows/jumps. I wish you will make the male Prism Stars appear in Pretty All Friends. I wish you could negotiate with a game company to make a Pretty Series RPG on consoles. I wish you could negotiate with Bandai Namco to put Pretty Series in Super Robot Taisen.

Q29 would you like to be contacted by mail for future surveys?

Top option is yes, bottom is no.

On the next page, click the right button to send. And you’re done.

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