Kiratto Pri☆chan 5-9

Watched 5&6 soon after they aired, but then stuff happened like PC dying. Gonna try to catch up soon. And yeah I saw who appears at the end of episode 13.

Episode 5

That video at the start was so realistic it was hard to watch. Captured too well the feeling of Japanese TV where you know every single line is planned and feels fake.

Anna is still fun but they need to use her in other ways soon, anyone could guess she’d appear in that scene and it’ll get old fast. Storywise for now she’s like white girl stalker except actually giving them advice all the time and not admitting it.

Anna Castle was a reference to Takeshi’s Castle. Maybe they’ll do other references to tv things like that later.

I wish I could marry Akaii Meganee. Dunno if that was a reference to something or just a jab at how a lot of corporate managers in the world are useless.

Feels like something they’d do in RGZ.

I guess we should assume White Girl is from USA?

Mirai is much more athletic than I imagined. She’s a real kunoichi. Remember when Shinobi got a 3D game on PS2, then when the sequel Kunoichi was released, for some reason they renamed it to Nightshade outisde Japan? I guess the word “Kunoichi” is less known? Also I actually never played Kunoichi, it’s one of the PS2 games i’d like to try as Shinobi PS2  was a pretty cool game. I wish Sega would try doing a new 3D one like that, though obviously the old shinobi games are better. The Super Shinobi 2/Shinobi3 is my favorite.
According to Wikipedia Takeshi Castle was supposed to be a Mario TV game at first, so I wonder if Chomp Anna is a reference to that? Or was this in the actual Takeshi Castle game too? I don’t remember. It aired in France in 2005 or so but with horrible voice over comments constantly being racist and mocking Japan. It was awful.
Also Mirai with her ponytail+gear looks like that blond girl in pokemon anime that had that “look how dark I am is it cool yet” berserk lucario arc that felt really forced.

Princess Sarah like mofumofu things.

They already remember their past sub chars. Though who knows for how long it’ll last and if they’ll ever reappear in a more worthwhile manner.

2 lives in one episode.

Episode 6

Oh Emo has a little sibling too.
Episode also had good advice on how you shouldn’t think too much to plan your vids or you won’t enjoy yourself and so the people watching you won’t either.

Haven’t finished watching PriPara s3 and Idol Time but I think it’s the first time they show an idol doing this, while this happens all the time IRL. A bit after PP started and it got ultra popular I remember posting a video of Akaneya Himika cosplaying Laala &throwing first pitch too.

That was funny, it’s good they don’t hesitate to make the characters look bad like that. Also it’s nice because it shows while she is way too narcissistic Anna is still a good person at heart and she didn’t get angry about it.

Anna sure wastes a lot of her family’s money.
This is pretty funny because recently I rewatched some random Attacker You! episodes and stumbled on episode 38. In it, Seven Fighters has an exhibition match with Saiei. Saiei is Deku’s little sister team, who also has two non Japanese girls in it. And they call them “gaijin” all the episode. And You and Shino talk about how they’ll need to surpass the gaijin wall in order to reach seoul olympics and sekai level.
It became taboo now to say gaijin on Japanese TV, and they say “gaikokujin” instead but it doesn’t seem anything changed 30 years later. They should focus on people’s actual actions instead of semantics. I wish they just said Anna picked famous japanese players or something instead of teaching kids the stereotype that non japanese people and especially black people are definitely good at sports.
(It’s like how some non black people in france think that calling someone black “noir” (black in french)is racist, likfe if it’s a less worse racist version of “nigga” while it really isn’t. And so instead they’ll say “black” like in english, or “renoi” which is slang for black in french. But then they focus on words like that and won’t fix their actual racist actions or behavior.)

When France won the football I saw this this pretty funny racism by ignorance tweet. It basically says that “France had a successful immigration program which is reflected in their sport victories. They managed to combine the high physical&mental prowess of black people and france’s sport technologies and infrastructures”.

I didn’t want attention so I RTed it on purpose and then tweeted something myself so my  6 or so Japanese followers know how wrong this is.
Basically said “it’s not because you’re black and tall that you’re good at sports and I’m a good example. That the immigration history in France is more complicated than that. That the french team having a lot of black people and winning doesn’t mean that there’s no discrimination. In fact, it could even be considered a consequence of it. And I’m not saying all the players in the french team are from poor families, but in the 1st place the biggest reason why football is popular with french non-white people living in poor suburbs is that it’s cheaper than tennis or horse racing. So of course some end up being professionals”. You should read this if you want to learn more.
And you should watch Attacker You! if you haven’t yet.

How the gaijins all sucked because of jet lag was a good joke though.

The guy saying go to hell was funny too.

Cheerleading outfit and choreography was nice especially the maji yabai machigaenai pose. Note: This Emo CG live was shown in the PriPara &Prichan movie first before episode 6 aired.
Also it seems that similar to kami aidoru challenge in PP s3, they all have the same choreography during kiratto button. Emo’s kiratto button coord is kind of ugly though.

Was a reference to Kyojin no Hoshi Hanagata anime.

I hope after Eva movie 4 releases in 2020 Anno does a new Kare Kano anime that will adapt ASABA DINNER SHOW!! EEEEH ASABA DINNER SHOW??!

Episode 7

Didn’t know Emo was adopted and she’s actually Ranma and Shampoo’s daughter.

It’s nice they showed Emo family again.

I never got why people always compare dogs and cats like if you’re only supposed to like one and not the other or like if they’re opposites. They’re too different to be actually compared. Like Pretty Rhythm and PriPara. Or apple and oranges. Or FF15 and Toshinden Traveler.
Probably because we can’t fully understand animals and being unable to know if they’re truly happy or not, I never really got the point of keeping an animal too. Except for medical, security etc purposes for either the person or the animal. I guess for affection and not being lonely too.

Surprised they didn’t put a don’t try this at home sign. White cat girl.

Same Emo as in Episode 6. Too bad she didn’t even do a cat Yattemita though I wasn’t expecting them to make a new one already anyway.

They sure do a lot of the world is watching shots like these. All of them have been really stereotypical so far too. Like, it’s been a while I’ve seen so much “africa is a big savannah with no technology” in a children anime. Anyway will see how this goes later.
It was an ok episode. A good thing they didn’t try to do a sad scene with the mike emo separation. Also it was funny hearing someone say JAPANESE PRETTY GIRLS TACHI in an anime.

Mike was voiced by Mugiho Anna who seems to be a pretty rookie seiyuu. She already did some small roles in PP too. I hope things will go well for her. Too lazy to check who voiced the mike owner gaijin.

Episode 8

It”s interesting they said they’re specifically making videos for girls and thus must talk about makeup. I wonder if this will get brought up again later.

Akaii Meganee is the best

Kids putting on makeup is one thing I’ll never get. I mean I get how kids want to do things like adults and how the reasoning came to be, but I don’t get how parents came to think it’s a good idea. Though if I start talking about stuff like that I’ll never stop.

All the jokes were stuff everyone thought about but at least this one made me smile.

ultra predictable joke but still funny.

Can’t wait for the for the “we tried to make baguettes videos” and Rinka saying in the narration “every french kid already knows how to bake baguettes by 7 years old”.

wooow actual info on side characters like the parents awesome please do more.

stalker White Girl with multiple sunglasses and Leen Car.

Emo’s hair looks pretty funny there.

Making a version with the 2 models together wasn’t worth it business wise I guess.

Was ok, nothing too funny but it wasn’t boring either.

Episode 9

So Mirai&Emo reminds Anna Sarah of themselves when they just started, interesting.

Gonna be fun when she falls her high horse.

Delusional Emo postcards.
Soon after winning the Queen of Prichan 98 tournament with a coup d’état, Emo became a T-virusless tyrant. Backed up by France’s successive governments, who helped her stage the coup, and the dogs of the IMF making their moves at the right time, she kept embezzling money while selling Prichan’s iine resources to foreign companies. While she, Mirai and Rinka were delighting themselves in the Emo Tower & keeping all the iine iine for themselves, the population was starving, without any means of making better Prichan videos. Soon, the people started staging protests. And so Emo let Mirai go to one of these protests, in order to “observe”. Mirai, being a kunoichi as shown in episode 5, easily disguised herself as a policewoman and beat up anti Emo protestants. However, some girl who was doing a Prichan video at the scene captured Mirai’s hideous (baba) deeds. The Benallamirai scandal was born. A few days later, Emo made a stream in reaction in which she declared “Yeah, I’m the one to blame for that, got a problem? Come and get me. I’ll be waiting at South Town”.

Weird Mirai faces.

Didn’t think there would be an actual reason as to why Sarah Anna don’t do lives. And that reason seems to have left Anna with self confidence issues. Whatever the story turns out to be I really hope it won’t be badly written.

Furthermore, not necessarily with Meltic Star, but I’d like them to develop storylines like that later. On how you can get tired of doing videos after years hence why some youtuber quit even if they’re ultra popular. Or how you can simply have life changes and no will or time anymore to do them, etc. Though streaming in the Prichan world is like Card games in Yugioh and is so much engrossed in their world culture so I don’t think anyone ever has this problem.

Also it’s weird no one ripped Meltic Star videos and uploaded them elsewhere, Prichan can’t be unrippable.

They put this shot for dramatic effect and to show that Purple left, but it’s illogical. Why the hell would she have a suitcase in that scene? Unless she actually lived at Anna’s house and they’re related. It doesn’t guarantee that they parted ways on bad terms too, maybe she just decided to move or travel.

I’m 100 % sure Purple Girl will be called Murasaki Mary. I hope Takara Tomy hires me if I’m right.

Anna Princess Sarah eyecatch

While I did want to see Anna Sarah CG since the show started, I wasn’t that excited for it when watching the episode. They focused too much on showing  the anime’s world being hyped for it than hyping it to the viewers. Though I guess this would suffice for most kids watching. In a way its ironic and feels like they thought the viewers would get hyped just because people in the show are. Like how some think if a streamer is popular it automatically means their videos are worthwhile.

You could think it’s 2D if not for the hair giving it out.

Transformation end poses

Video title screen. The M and E are purple colored. S for Sarah is green. A for Anna is red. I’m 100% sure Purple will be called Meari/Marié/Mari/Maria/Myriam to complete the hebrew/christian/islam reference. Dunno how it is in the others but in islam specifically: Sara being Abraham’s wife, Anna being Maria’s mom and Maria being Jesus’ mom.

CG scene was good. One thing I really didn’t like though it the fast camera movement it did sometimes. I really hate that.

I get the feeling their models are better than Mirai’s and Emo’s, and that the CG team took the opportunity of their later debut to polish them more. I feel the face’s expressions are better too. Also they still do the funny high on drugs weird faces when blinking, but the way they blink seem different. The way you can see their teeth both when their mouth are open and closed too. Maybe all of this is just my imagination though.

The dance she did to activate the Yattemita was pretty fun.

Their “Prichan Debut Yattemita” Yattemita wasn’t anything special though except for that shot.

There’s around 3 times in the song where they do what they say.

I think the coolest one is when Sarah says “come on” and they both do a “come on” gesture.

Anna air piano at the end was cool too.

Anna’s kiratto coord is nice.

Turns out Emo crying in episode 1 wasn’t there just for episode 1 impact, and she really is a the kind of person who acts cheerily but actually cracks really fast under pressure. Though she’s also stupid. It’s no use comparing yourself to others especially with someone who’s doing this for months when you just started. I’m not sure if she’s crying because she realized that, and that she shouldn’t have compared to them in the 1st place since they’re obviously better, or if she’s only crying because they’re better. If it’s the later that’s pretty stupid. I hope this won’t be written badly.

Previous post I said I’d be fine if the show was just random videos per episodes and with random anna emo bickering but I actually already got tired of it, so it’s nice things are changing now and Anna and Sara finally are on stage; For now there’s around 3-4 plot threads:
-This thing about Emo I wrote above. This will probably be resolved already in episode 10 11.
-Anna’s insecurity+ why purple left.
-Why Rinka doesn’t want to be filmed (I already know this gets explained and resolved in episode 16 or so)
-Why White Girl is helping everyone.
Looking forward to how things will develop.


You already know about the bug Mirai thing by now. Just type in バグみらいちゃん or バグえもちゃん to not sleep that night. Some aren’t tagged like the one I linked. I find it pretty creepy so I actuallv haven’t looked at fanart of it much. The game was pretty buggy after launch in April. It still crashed regularly as of mid May 2018. As of now July 31 2018, I think the bug issues have mostly been solved as I don’t see people talkign about it on twitter anymore.

People started making a list of all the reference to past Pretty series songs in RGR’s song.

Pretty Series Sound Director Nagasaki Yukio san talking about the Emo CG scene. He said it’s nice they’re trying out new things etc. The second tweet is much more interesting. He says one year long anime like Prichan are necessary to properly nurture new seiyuu and its a shame there’s more and more 1 cour anime instead. Because being able to watch a show as it airs and then change the way you voice your character depending on your own impressions of the show is important. It’s something a seiyuu cannot do with 1 cour anime since they only do 1-3 recording sessions(afaik) before the show airs and that’s it.  This is super interesting. I need to quote that in my future seiyuu industry post I’m writing.

Prichan episode 7’s White Box.

Other RGR interviews I missed last post. I’m not making summaries of these.

2 thoughts on “Kiratto Pri☆chan 5-9

  1. Rodstar

    I came to read your article about the Pretty Series but I HAD to comment about this gold Benalla joke. Well done. (Do the same with the yellow vests, maybe ? : p)

    1. rockmanshii Post author

      Thank you!
      I’d like to ,and I’m planning to catch up on Prichan and blog the episodes, but I’m really busy nowadays.
      Before the release of Kinpri SSS in March, I also want to translate all Kinpri interviews including the ones in guidebooks, and what happened in events since the second movie’s release in June 2017. Hopefully I’ll manage to do it.


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