Pretty All Friends Episode 6 Translation

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Pretty All Friends Episode 6: Valentine Day Crisis at the Candy Kingdom!

This story happened slightly before the rainy day… The All Friends reached the Candy Kingdom, a world inhabited by fairies who live in chocolate castles and cake houses.
“It’s like we’re in a picture book!” said the girls as their eyes sparkled.
“It’s Valentines soon, so we can make chocolate too” suggested Aira.
“My chocolate will be number oooone and the sweetest of all!!”
“Uhehehe we can eat all the chocolate we want!!”
“Dreamiest happiness!!!”
Mia shouted excitedly, while Laala and Yui were only thinking about stuffing themselves with chocolates instead of making them, their mouths nearly drooling.
“That’s not how it works ~ you’re supposed to give the chocolates to your special someone”. Naru tried to reason them but they wouldn’t listen.
“Let’s go check that chocolate castle, there must be some awesome chocolate recipes in it!”
Naru and the girls arrived in front of the castle but quickly noticed something was wrong.
“Huh? The fairies here aren’t happynaru at all…”
“What the dream happened here?” were thinking Naru and Yui, when someone part of the castle’s staff called out to them. It was a woman wearing chocolate glasses, Chocomeganee.

“It’ll be Valentines soon, but for some reason, we can’t get cacao anymooooore~~. If we don’t solve the problem, Valentines will be cancelle~~ed!!” said Chocomeganee, the tone of her voice barely reflecting the crisis they were in.
Valentine Day must not get canceled!! It would be a tragedy for every girl in existence!!! Everyone was shocked at the sudden news when a voice resonated in the sky.
“Not on my watch!!!”
They looked up and found a chocolate helicopter. Riding it was a Meganii with chocolate glasses, who suddenly jumped down!!
“is, is that you Meganii!?” Laala and Yui called out, surprised.
“STYLISH! CHOCO! GUY! (Guy…Guy…Guy…)” shouted Chocomeganii as he landed and did the S.C.G pose.

Paying no mind to the dumbfounded reactions of Aira and Naru, Chocomeganii spoke: “In order to get delicious cacao again, we need to make the cacao tree in the forest happy again! Ladies of the All Friends, you must Change to these Chocolate Valentine Coord, and each one of you must perform a live show at one of the forest’ fives stages!”
“Ro, roger!!” said the girls as they were first taken aback by Chocomeganii’s impetus, but quickly each headed towards the candy stages in the forest.

Aira headed to the choco cake stage, Mia to the choco pancake stage, Naru to the chocolate parfait stage, Yui to the choco …riceball?! stage. And Laala to the choco pizza stage. They each started their respective live shows! Lots of Sparkle was gathered, and the cacao tree became happy again! Yaaay! Valentine Day won’t get canceled! Everyone rejoiced.

“I’m relieved. Now we can make chocolate” said Aira, a hand on her chest.
“We’re so hungryyyy! We want to eat chocolates!!!” Mia, Laala, and Yui where whining while sitting beside Aira.
“You girls did great today! Each one of you is my “special someone” so I hope you’ll get happynaru with my chocolates!” said Naru, walking towards them holding a basket full of Deco Chocolates. The girls ate together the sparkling, sweet chocolates, getting their smiles back and their energy recharged.


Pretty All Friends Episode 6 was published on December 21, 2018.

Similar with episode 4 and the Puchi Rascal collab, episode 6 is a story tied in with a real-life collaboration event, the Pretty All Friends Valentines Café Amo Café collab event, which happened from January 19 to March 3, 2019. As you already know if you follow me on Twitter, there have been multiple talk shows with seiyuu during this café, where they’d watch an episode of their respective season and share various comments, not necessarily on the episode itself. The seiyuu who got one of these talk show events were Asumi Kana/Aira, Hara Sayuri/Rizumu, Ookubo Rumi/Mia, Kato Emiri/Naru, and Akaneya Himika/Laala. At most of them if not all, Sound Director Nagasaki Yukio was present too. It was fine to take notes, so as always, I saved multiple, detailed fan reports from the yakuza, and I’m planning to translate them one day.

They didn’t do a Pretty All Friends episode based on the goods winnable in the webkuji lottery from December 2018 to February 2019, where the PAF girls wore a new version of the Bunny Magician Coord from the first PriPara movie.

Like with the other old coords returning in PAF so far, Bunny Magician Coord got what I call a “Pretty All Friends Pretty Remake” and is slightly different, with its changes to some details and the switch to ZR thighs. I think it looks great, especially on Mia, Mion, and Rizumu, but I probably like the original more.

The illustrations for the Webkuji Pretty All Friends goods are by Koichi Kyo, who also drew this great picture.

They didn’t do a PAF episode based on the Sanrio collab either.

As for this Episode 6 itself, it’s a bit sad that like all the episodes so far, it’s written as if Mion and Rizumu don’t exist even though they’re supposed to have joined the All Friends since episode 2.

The spoons they hold on the key visual each have the chocolate food of the stage they each went to.

This episode kinda feels like what they’d do in the sillier episodes of Pretty Rhythm and PriPara. Chocomeganee’s way of speech and nonchalant attitude is the same as the Meganee in PriPara too. Chocomeganii’s appearance makes it the first time a male character appears in Pretty All Friends, besides the male mascots. I guess Aira and Naru are shocked at Meganii because it’s the first time they see him, but what about Mia’s reaction? Also, should they really be shocked? Laala and Yui should have told them about him by now. I really like to think about all the story’s details like that. I wish they elaborated more on them.

Here’s what was sold at the café:

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