Pretty All Friends Episode 7 Translation; Pretty All Friends Happy Rainbow ♡ Easter Café Info

Official site with original Japanese text

Previous episodes can be found on this page. Look for “Pretty All Friends”.

I’ll try to add comments soon. I have a lot to say and didn’t finish writing them yet. I’ll notify on Twitter when I add the comments.

Update on March 24,2019: I added my comments at the end, explaining what I thought about the episode and why Oto is written pretty badly especially. The comments include spoilers for DMF and RL. I don’t think anyone interested in Pretty All Friends’ dumb weirdness didn’t already watch all Pretty Rhythm though.

Pretty All Friends Episode 7: The Fairytale Country and the prince of the Lost Woods.

The All Friends are traveling to reach the Pretty Prism Paradise, the country of dancing, singing, and fashion. Many new friends are joining them on the way as well. In the Fairytale Country, a group of girls was waiting for the All Friends to arrive to join them. However, these girls are in trouble.

Bell and Wakana kept staring at a letter decorated with stickers and sighed for the nth time.

“Bell, that letter from Naru is way too vague. “Let’s meet at the Fairytale Country♡” she wrote. How are we supposed to mewt if you don’t precise the time and place!!”
“Calm down Wakana. At least we both managed to meet each other.”
“Yeah… Meganee told me about those girls’ travels so far. Seems they ended up to a lot of other places before heading here.”
“I’m worried about them…”
“I know right? In normal conditions, they’re already worrisome, but now??! It’ll be a miracle if we actually manage to meet them!”

Meanwhile, Otoha was hurriedly walking in a forest. She was also in the Fairytale Country, but in the Lost Woods that no one ever dares to enter.

“Hawawawa what I’m gonna do!! I wanted to be sure to arrive on time, so I came to this country three days before the time we agreed on… but now I’m sure of it!! I’m lost!!! Aaaah what I’m gonna do?! Bell and Wakana must be waiting for me now!! What I’m supposed to do?!” asked a panicked Otoha, while turning around. Behind her were birds, rabbits, deers, and squirrels. The whole forest was following her!!

“You’re right everyone. Panicking won’t get us anywhere. We should calm down with a cup of tea. I have snacks as well! If you’d like to, we can do a Prism Show together too!!”. All the animals gladly accepted.

At the same time, Bell and Wakana ended up coming to the Lost Woods’ entrance.

“You don’t think she entered the forest right?”
“Knowing Otoha, she’s definitely in there. And look, that’s one of her Prism Stones, she must have dropped it!!”
“No, that can’t be!! It feels like it’ll start raining too… We must find her!!!”

Ominous clouds started to cover the sky, and the forest became darker and darker… The animals, tired, crowded around Otoha.
“I’m sorry, I don’t have any more snacks… You should all go home before it gets darker. I’m too tired to keep going…”
Hearing Otoha’s words, the animals, feeling sad about her, left into the forest.
Otoha put her hands on her chest.
“Aaaah, will I fall into an eternal slumber, all alone in this forest? Will a prince come and save me one day? Like in a fairytale…” muttered Otoha, as she fell into slumber. Suddenly, she heard a strange voice from above the trees.

“Hey myiss!! Myiss!! You’ll nyatch a cold if you sleep here~”
“Oh, a cat which looks just like Wakana. Hello. I got completely lost. I can’t join the others. I’m just causing trouble again. It’d be better if I slept forever, trapped in this forest.”
“Really?? Even though my fortune telling tells me you’re in luck~~ Lo~ok, over there!”. As soon as the cat ended speaking, it vanished, and deep from the forest, guided by the animals, a prince on a white horse appeared!!

“What a gorgeous prince, but you’re too early. I’m so sorry, I’m not mentally ready yet…”
“Hey. Why are you apologizing? And I’m just passing by, I wasn’t even looking for you” said the prince as she ruffled her purple strands of hair.
“Hawawawa I made the prince angry!! I definitely don’t deserve to be saved! Aaaahh… I always mess up like this…”.
Looking at Otoha getting depressed, the prince angrily said “You’re so annoying!! Fine!! Get on, I’ll give you a ride, as long as where you want to go is close by”. Otoha climbed on the horse and clung to the prince. As she was dozing off, she thought: “I wonder where he’ll take me… A ball? That would be so nice, like in a fairytale…”.
As she started dreaming, suddenly, a gust of wind carrying the scent of rose went through the trees and reached Otoha.

“Oto!! Hey Oto!! Are you okay?”
“Wake up Otoha!!”
Bell and Wakana found Otoha sleeping on a bench near the Lost Woods’ entrance.

“Huh?? Bell, Wakana, what happened? I was about to go to the ball with the prince and…”
“Oh no!! Otoha is having delusions!! Did you hit your head somewhere?! Does it hurts??! What should we do?!”
“Cool down Bell!! She’s just the same as always!”
Bell was on the verge of tears, but the three girls rejoiced, they were finally together again.

And thus, the situation went back to square one, with Bell and Wakana endlessly sighing, staring at Naru’s ridiculous letter.
“We’re Bell Rose you know? And yet we had tons of trouble finding each other. I can’t even imagine how these girls will manage to get here”
“You’re right. I’m really worried about them”
“Bell, Wakana, instead of worrying, we should relax with some tea as we wait for the others. I always carry it with me and can make black tea right away. It’ll melt your worries away! Oh yeah! We should call the animals in the forest too!!”. Otoha’s words brought back Bell and Wakana’s smiles.

The sun, previously hidden by the ominous clouds, was now shining warmly.


Pretty All Friends episode 7 was published on February 10, 2019. The visual with Bell Rose, however, was published nearly one month before the episode itself, on January 18. They did that to hype things up as like I already explained many times in the past, Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live is the most popular season. That’s also why they’re doing a story with Bell Rose now even though they haven’t even showcased other AD and DMF characters yet like Serenon with K, Prizmmy or Puretty.

The other reason is that a new Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live collaboration café was announced on February 10.

The event is titled “Pretty All Friends Happy Rainbow♡ Easter Café”. It’ll be at Prism Stone Harajuku from April 12th to March 26th. They’ll sell new Easter-themed goods with AINBOW and broadcast episodes of Rainbow Live. It’s an event similar to the “Rainbow Live month” Animate Café did in November 2017.

Menus available at the café will change as the event goes on, with a Happy Rain menu, a Shuffle Duo menu, and a Bell Rose menu.

These new SD illustrations will be used for the new Easter goods.

Similar to the previous PAF Valentine café event, some seiyuu will appear through the event for some live talk show where they’ll comment an episode. The seiyuu announced are Kato Emiri/Naru, who already appeared during the PAF Valentine Café, Serizawa Yuu/An, and Goto Saori/Oto.

It was also announced that they’ll keep doing event cafés till at least October 2019, with a Prichan event café and a Kinpri SSS Café coming. There’s also a mysterious café that’ll start in late May. Maybe it’ll be with the Prichan s2 characters.

You can find on the event’s official site additional info I don’t have the time to translate anymore.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live is the most popular Pretty Rhythm TV season ” technically won’t be true anymore in when KING OF PRISM -Shiny Seven Stars- will start airing on April 8, 2019, obtaining this title.

Let’s talk about Pretty All Friends Episode 7 now. This episode is like a side story focusing on Bell Rose instead of the All Friends. Bell, Wakana, and Oto didn’t get to join the rest of the All Friends traveling in the NEW Prism Trailer yet. I wish they made similar stories featuring AD and DMF characters like Serenon with K and made them appear already. At the same time though, Rizumu and Mion joined the group and yet never do anything, so yeah. Again, I think a possible episode on the teashop outfits would have featured them seeing they were on the visual, but as I already explained,  an episode focusing on that probably got scrapped along with the initially planned teashop Dash Store goods.

Sakuramochi made this graphic showing how Pretty All Friends episodes got longer over time. Episode 5 and 6 were approximatively twice as long as all the episodes before, and Episode 7 had the double amount of words compared to those two. Episodes 5 and 6 being longer was probably to make up for the fact there were multiple months without chapters. But then Episode 7 got even longer, possibly because they wanted the episode focusing on Bell Rose, one of the most popular group, to be pretty long.

PAF episodes usually take me around 30 minutes to translate, while Episode 7 took me around an hour. One hour isn’t much, but I’m not paid for this, and I’m also doing other things nowadays like writing/translating stuff about games and anime on an american site, so I hope it doesn’t increase again hahaha. Though, like I always said ever since I started translating Pretty Rhythm related material in 2012-2013, I do it for myself first. If they make all the next Episodes as long as Episode 7, I hope the quality won’t take a dive. Because Episode 7 was pretty bad.

Well, the episode isn’t objectively bad, but I think it is pretty bad compared to Pretty Rhythm standards, or even the Pretty All Friends episodes so far. The main problem is how Oto is written.

As I always say, comments and opinions of the Yakuza, old-time fans of Pretty Rhythm, are always pertinent in cases like these. I didn’t really have the time to check a lot of comments like I would in the past. But I found one which said the episode feels too much like fanfic written secondhandedly by someone they randomly picked. Another said the episode feels like both the writer and their editor didn’t actually watch Pretty Rhythm, and I couldn’t agree more.

Oto being clumsy and dumb enough to enter a forbidden forest feels like a story someone would come up with by only looking at her character design, without having seen Rainbow Live. It’s like if the writer thought “Oto looks like a meek and clumsy girl, so she’d act like this”. While it’s true at the beginning of Rainbow Live that Oto is meek, it’s also established straight away she’s already a very capable person, handling Bell’s schedule like a coach. Of course, Oto sometimes does mistakes, but anyone else does. By the end of Rainbow Live, it’s clear Oto is a witty and courageous person.

Wakana saying “Knowing Otoha, she’s definitely in there.” made me dumbfounded. Normally, Oto wouldn’t have entered that forest in the first place, and even if she did, she should have been able to get out. One good scenario they could have gone with is how she’d escape using her knowledge of fairytales and magic. The PAF episodes so far hinted multiple times that the PAF versions of the characters are older versions who experienced the same events we saw in their respective shows. Otoha by the time of Kinpri SSS would have summoned buildings to escape the forest or something.

My interpretation of what happened in Episodes 5 and 7 is how each of the characters not currently traveling with the All Friends are also traveling between worlds, sometimes independently. Bell, Oto, and Wakana decided to meet each other at a specific time and place in the Fairytale Country. Apparently, there’s a postal system that can reach other worlds. I’m thinking way too much about all this, but they could show or at least mention other characters using that, like Mia sending letters to Hye In. Anyway, my other point is how Oto going there three days earlier doesn’t make any sense seeing how organized she is. I guess they wanted to show how much she loves Bell and wanted to see her ASAP, but again I think this is out of character. It’s like this was written by someone who only heard hearsay about Oto and as such only took in exaggerated facts about her. Oto doesn’t love Bell to the point of disregarding logic and her own safety.

I think Oto definitely loves Bell, romantically even. Back when I wrote about Rainbow Live episodes I’d always joke about how rather than simply being a lesbian she’s Berusexual, and sometimes Itosexual, but her behavior in PAF Episode 7 doesn’t make sense anymore. Speaking of which, recently I’ve started to ponder about how you can interpret Oto as either heterosexual, lesbian, but bisexual as well. Unlike Yong Hwa, who outrights says he loves girls and also loves Itsuki, it’s way harder to tell. But what made me start thinking that is how I remembered with this PAF Episode that whenever Otoha would fantasize about Ito especially, she tends to imagine Ito as a man/prince, and also particularly likes when Bell crossdresses like in episode 30. Though maybe it’s just because she likes princes in general because of her fondness for fairytales, and maybe not in a romantic way. There’s also how bisexual people always say to fight stereotypes that it doesn’t mean that you 50% love men and 50% love women. I think Oto’s sexuality is a good question someone could ask Director Hishida. Knowing him though, I’m 100% sure he’ll either answer that he’s not the only one writing everything so he can’t answer without consulting with the other writers first, or that he didn’t think that far about it so it’s fine to go with your own interpretation.

Speaking of which, I actually don’t think Oto likes Ito romantically as it’s not like she got heartbroken like Naru when Ito got with Kouji. Or It’s also possible she loves her but knows they won’t be together anyway so she doesn’t care that much, like Yong Hwa with Itsuki.

Lastly, the final element which shows how much the writer was off the mark is how they made Oto say “Bell sama/miss Renjouji” every single time in the text instead of “Bell san/Bell” like she always does in Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live. On February 14, the official Twitter announced that small corrections were made to Episode 7, and this is what they corrected along with a few typos. (I compared both versions of the text). Usually, honorifics actually aren’t important and I don’t keep them when I translate unless when I’m lazy, translating live in a hurry, or want to remember how a certain person calls someone else. Here I’m pointing it out to again show how weird this episode is. Multiple Yakuza pointed out the honorifics mistake as well: how they often get it wrong themselves, that it’s not such a scandal for an official source to get it wrong, but it does become a problem when it piles up with how weirdly written the episode is and how it doesn’t feel like the writer watched the anime.

Anyway, taking all this into account, my Heaven or Hell crazy theory I’ve written about in previous PAF translation articles, about how DIrector Hishida is directly writing these stories, got absolutely Destroyed. Though I guess it’s still possible that he’s the one deciding the plot. It’s also possible that he simply didn’t write Episode 7 but wrote the others.

That’s all about the episode from a meta standpoint. A few more random remarks:

Pretty Prism Paradise was mentioned in the intro that was published along with Episode 1 and wasn’t ever mentioned again until now.

The prince is supposed to be Ito and probably wasn’t a hallucination seeing that Oto was carried outside the forest in the end. In Episode 5, I guess they established how characters closely linked to each other can temporarily join each other even if they’re not in the same world.

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