Spiceandwolf Knight is not a game for me for now

these past 12 months i started watching a streamer who became my favorite streamer. She’s  a single mother who does a lot of chatting. She just says what goes through her head but she often says a lot of funny and insightful things. She always talks for 1 or 2 hours firt and then stream a game for a very long time, like at least 8 hours every time. and is playing spiceandwolflive now


Maybe I’d like it better if I was actually playing myself but from what i’ve seen of it so far I don’t want to play it. It seems like an ok game. maybe the story gets incredible later on I dunno. Right now we’re at when the three dudes traps the MC in the dream world and MC needs to find Essence.

I shouldn’t say this on the internet because 1 no one will get it 2 dumb (american) kids who might see this might think I mean to say that there’s something problematic in the game or whatever, but after hearing the voice of a boss, the floating lance boss in the dream world,  and how annoying it is wheneverh e attacks, i thought “this is the kind of soundclip voice that white people think is exotic and would fit a boss like this” and so i googled it and wow 3 white people are the developers.
it’s definitely impressive that apparently these 3 alone made everything though

(maybe they didn’t and someone else made the music etc, but i don’t care about fact checking when writing here, nor about ypos not about making sense, for the moment I am only using this blog as a means to distress.  don’t think about it too much whoever ever reads this)

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