Please Read This First/お知らせ/About Nekketsu Nikki

2022 update:  This blog in on indefinite hiatus since mid 2019. I still publish articles but it’s just very personal venting or distressing. They’re purposefully full of typos and confusing because I don’t wanna spend too much time on them. Don’t think about it too much. Please keep in mind when i made this blog in 2010, i was much more ignorant. I won’t hide the fact that i said transphobic stuff or would regularly use 4chan speak (like variations of the homophobic f slur). I really regret that especially now that i know more about myself and my religion and strongly believe we minorities need to stick with each other to change things for the better for everyone. For a few years now I’ve been re-reading my old posts, most notably to edit out this kind of offensive language. I’m really busy and reading my old posts gives me incredible cringe damage so it’s a very slow process, but I hope you’ll understand. And I apologize for things i said in the past that have hurt others.

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I am a French male-looking person. I’ve been using the name Rockmanshii for a few years now. What gave me the biggest push towards this blog’s creation is Omni’s departure from the anime blog Random Curiosity. Nekketsu Nikki isn’t really an anime blog though. My main goal is to write about things you probably haven’t heard about. I want to write things no one already did. It’s not fun if someone already covered what you’re doing, and better than you at that.

The avatar I’m using is from Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria, or Hakomari. The banner I’m currently using is Rinka from Prichan. This is temporary and I’m planning to change it soon. Edit: the new original banner I’m using was drawn via commission by Mochiplanet. Can you guess who the characters are and why are they dressed this way?

I got the blog’s name idea, Nekketsu Nikki, which means hot blooded diary, from Moero!! Justice Gakuen. There’s a game mode called Nekketsunikki in which you create your own character. The mode got removed from the non-Japanese version of the game.

The name also emphasizes the fact that I love mecha anime and that Super Robot Wars is one of my favorite game series. I also love Bokujou Monogatari. I love a lot of different things.

I don’t only watch mecha anime, and I don’t watch all mecha anime either. The genre and target audience don’t really matter to me.

I try to be the same person on the net as I am IRL, to not feel too ashamed when I read myself years later. I also write about politics and issues in the world like discrimination. I’d feel guilty if I only ever wrote about my hobbies. Or rather, this is also part of my hobbies. I am not the kind of person who thinks “there are too many bad things happening in real life so I won’t talk about bad things when talking about anime”.

Well, I hope you enjoy reading.

DISCLAIMER: All screenshots and images in general used on this blog are strictly copyrights of their owners. I try to always link the source of images I use, especially fanart. If I have offended anyone by posting any images on my blog, please contact me and I will remove them ASAP.

7 thoughts on “Please Read This First/お知らせ/About Nekketsu Nikki

  1. LFaith

    Impressive Blog! Especially how much you have dedicated your effort to look through the producers’ and directors’ twitter account!

  2. yuukafu

    Hey, I find your content amazing, and I read through a lot of your posts in basically two days. I would love for you to translate more info or interviews about Ideon, there really is a big scarcity of info/interviews with Tomino about this show! I would be really happy about that.


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