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Shine forevermore my beloved 2012 summer: Pandora no Tou


I also started and finished it this summer.  It was really good. The whole game felt like a mix of 3D Zelda games (easy dungeons if you use the map), Persona 4, early Terranigma & Shadow of the Colossus (Racing against time, Towers, Saving your girl) and pre-4Biohazard (menus, papernotes about enemies and the story, limited inventory, fixed camera)

Ceres is voiced by Noto Mamiko. I’m not a big fan of her or anything but it sure felt like I was married to her, speaking to her like that every day and giving her gifts, it wasn’t a bad feeling. I grew really attached to Ceres, I didn’t let her transform once besides the game’s beginning. Meaning I imposed myself a smaller time interval between my trips to the tower and my retun to the observatory. Well the game is easy if you know what you’re doing. Reminds me about how I saved some people in P4 the day they got into the TV (most notably the girls characters), or like how you’d never let anyone die when playing a Fire Emblem. I just can’t leave them alone.

I got the S ending on my first try. It sure was satisfying. The guys at Ganbarion sure did a nice job with the story. After that, I watched the bad endings on Niconico/Youtube, they sure made my heart hurt. They’re pretty heart wrenching, especially the C one. And well, the D one is so screwed up it’s almost funny.That was a really great game. Too bad it doesn’t seem that popular. There’s like only 5 pages on fanart of it on Pixiv.

Chou Jikuu Seiki Orguss

As I started to play SRW Z, I wanted to watch as many shows featuring in the game as possible. Notably, an online friend told me that the game’s plot revolved massively around Orguss’s plot, a 29 years old, 35 episodes show about time and dimension travel. That’s how I decided to watch it, and I finally finished it this week. It was a really great show, and one of the best time/dimension travel stories I’ve ever seen along Back To The Future, Sliders and Quantum Leap. This is the kind of show I want to show to my kids. Everything was just so awesome. I got teary eyed two times when watching the two last episodes.


2nd SRW OGs 3rd PV

GRUNGUST KAI!! I still remember the day when I was playing SRW4 and saw the Grungust for the first time. I thought it looked bad and chose the Huckebein as it looks like a Gundam. (After spending the beginning of the game in a Gespenst, your main character in SRW4 gets to choose between Super or Real; Grungust or Huckebein) I’ve learned to love the Grungust since then and have been waiting for it to get an upgrade for years.




DAT “Finnishu desu wa!!!”

Altairlion & Maneuver GraMXs  DID IBIS JUST SHOOT MISSILES AND THEN ACCELERATED SO HARD SHE RAMMED FROM THE BACK  THAT POOR GRUNT IN THE MISSILES SHE SHOT EARLIER. And that Tsugumi cut in, which zooms out and then it’s actually the screen in Ibis’s cockpit. Just wow. Such level of cockpit pron.


DAT HUGO & AQUA COCKPIT ANIMATIONS. The screen reflecting in their eyes, then their eyes turning red as the screen gets scarlet, the safeties opening… and then… TERMINUS CANNON!! DISCHAAAAAAAAAAAAAARJUUU


And of course, the new Jam Project song.  I so need a PS3.

Ika Musume 2 ep4

They were playing Virtua Fighter in the second skit of the episode, on a console that certainly looks like a Megadrive with a 32 X.
Also when Chizuru threatened Ika after she tried to tickle her, when she moved her arms,  those sounds effects sounded to be from Hokutou no Ken. I saw too many old things related references in Ika Musume to think they didn’t know what they were doing.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream

The girls sparkle, brilliant stars shining in their eyes.
The girls dance, their hearts overflowing with dreams.
The girls sing, their melodies chasing after a boundless future.
Aiming to be the Prism Queen, this is a happy, lucky girl’s story,
With dancing, songs, fashion, and a bit of love mixed in,
And it starts now!!
(From the show’s intro)

From right to left: Rhythm, Aira and Mion.

Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream is an arcade game aimed at little girls by Takara Tomy.  The game is pretty similar to Oshare Majo Love & Berry if you know about it, you dress up the girls with previously won e-cards (you get one for free if it’s your first time) and play a rhythm game. You can see some game footage here. I actually wonder if Takara Tomy made Pretty Rhythm to counter OM L&B’s popularity.

Well anyway, the anime currently airing with the same name is an adaptation of this game. It’s about 3 girls who sing and dance in a show called Prism Show, and does special moves called Prism Jumps, making people happy. Just like the concept behind real idols (beside making some sweet cash). Still it’s different from Idolm@ster for various reasons I’ll type about later. Aira is the main character, she’s your typical sports heroine who’s clueless but got some awesomazing talent for some reason.
To put it bluntly, this is the kind of show most people will dismiss as crap without a second thought. I’m watching it (I’m currently at episode 10) and I must say I was surprised, in a good way. Except for the fact that there’s almost no animation, when there is, it’s good,  the CG dance choreography is pretty well done,  blend in well, and the story’s pretty good too.  For a sports anime for little girls I dare say it’s pretty decent, if not good.

What I mean by almost no animation is that they use the usual animation tricks of kiddy anime:
Making the characters express their expressions in whacky manners, making them into SD, making them stand up and fall pretty fast, speedlines to make them go from a place to another, (instead of animating actual walking)… Also, every non-important character is silhouetted even if they do have voice actors.

Those are nice ways to hide to the audience the fact that they save money on the animation, at least it works perfectly on kids, (I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay attention to such details or animation in general when I was kid at least). Though I’m saying this, I  don’t consider bad animation as a flaw, as long as the story is okay, and I gotta say it’s pretty good. It’s the generic story of a sports anime, but mastered. The heroine who tries her best, the hardworker type who at first doesn’t like the heroine because of her talent from nowhere, 3 boys rivals, a tournament arc, etc. Hell, it had one of the same plot twists featured on Tiger & Bunny (but then again T&B got a pretty generic story, but perfectly executed).

Now, what’s the difference between this and the currently airing Idolm@ster anime? This is aimed purely at little girls while Idolmaster is aimed at old geezers. The girls are pretty cute and all and wears frilly costumes but there’s not a single drop of sexual fanservice. There’s also an educational side to this anime, they genuinely try to make the audience learn things about fashion, dancing and make them interested in it. There’s nice tidbits too about an idol’s life, like how they shouldn’t neglect their studies. That episode where they showed Aira and Rhythm studying was very cool, especially the English scenes which were pretty nice. I could say more but I actually don’t watch Idolm@ster so I’d rather refrain myself comparing the two anymore.

Well that’s it, if someone’s reading this I’d recommend this show to you if you like sports anime with cute girls. FFFpeeps is subbing it, slowly but surely (if only someone would sub Hyouge Mono *sigh* …) I really enjoy it and I enjoyed typing this too so I hope you enjoyed reading this. Have a nice day.

Oh and the Opening is a total earworm and I can’t stop humming it.

Marvelous announced Rune Factory 4 on 3DS

Well if Marvelous keeps it up like always and manage to make it even better than Rune Factory 3, this would be a good reason enough to buy a 3DS, along with Devil Survivor Overclock and the new Etrian Odyssey. In at least 4 years when the price drops of course.

From, just like in Rune Factory Oceans, you’ll be able to play as a boy called Lest, voiced by Kouki Uchiyama (Banagher in Gundam Unicorn, Natsuno in Shiki, stupid gay Ichika in IS) , or as a girl called Frey voiced by Chiwa Saito (Senjougahara Hitagi, Sigyun from Break Blade, Homuhomu, Kaori in Gokujou Seitokai). Of course both lost their memory like always.

Persona 4

I’ve been playing it the last 2 weeks. It was a blast, been a while since I played a game 80 hours in such a short time. Since this is a pretty well known game and everyone knows how much it rocks, I’m only posting about it to remember myself about it. I don’t have much to say except how it was amazing.

Talking about it with a friend made me realize though not everyone will enjoy the game, even if you liked P3. Mainly because there’s many more event and stuff to do. If you don’t like having to plan your days and try to use your time efficiently it’ll be difficult to enjoy.

Nice timing, now that I played it , I’m ready for the upcoming animu. Gonna make another run to try and beat the optional bosses and all. I got a pretty satisfying ending but a friend told me that’s only the good ending and there’s a true ending if you beat the optional boss so I’ll try and do that. Maybe I’ll order the OST too.

Oh and Yukiko’s my fav girl. She’s cute and got a nice personality too, I like laughing people. Too bad she can’t cook. Still I like all of them a lot. To be able to make one like all of them like this, the characters really are great. Kudos to Atlus.

Edit: So I was weak and checked on the net how to do the true ending, since you can do it on your first playtrough I just loaded my save. Well at least I managed to find the good ending myself. The true last boss (sounds like I’m playing a Cave Danmaku) wasn’t too hard, Bitches and whores thinking they’re God.