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Tomino Yoshiyuki Q&A at Japan Expo 2019, July 6

if you haven’t read it yet, here’s the article with my impressions on the first G-Reco compilation movie and the July 5 Q&A.

You can find other Tomino related events or interviews I translated in the past on this page.

Director Tomino held an around 30 minutes long Q&A on July 6, the third day of Japan Expo 2019. When he stepped on stage along with the MC and the translator, they explained how this was supposed to be a panel. What happened is, Tomino told Japan Expo’s staff beforehand how it’s his first time visiting France, so he doesn’t feel like talking about himself or his career, etc. Instead, he wanted to hear the audience speak. He wanted to hear our opinions on his works, answer our questions and chat with us. So they decided on holding a Q&A instead.

There were so many questions, I wouldn’t have been able to listen to all the answers if I concentrated on taking notes. So I just wrote down everything in my head. As such it’s possible I forgot certain parts or merged certain answers together. And I’ll update the post if I remember more.

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Gundam G no Reconguista 1st Compilation Movie Premiere and Director Tomino Q&A at Japan Expo 2019

(Needless to say, the feature image is a screen from the TV series version. I like Ringo a lot, though that doesn’t mean anything in a series where every character is awesome)

The first G Reco compilation movie had its world premiere at Japan Expo 2019 on July 5. Director Tomino Yoshiyuki also participated in a Q&A after the movie. He answered questions from the audience and revealed more on the upcoming movies.

Note that there’s another panel with Director Tomino happening on July 6 which I’m planning to cover as well.

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[Report] Urobuchi Gen and Kosaka Takaki at the French con Epitanime 2013: 19th of May

sonico artist れこ Next time I go to a con I should actually bring a camera with me so I won't need to steal Sonico pics from Pixiv


Epitanime is one of the oldest con in France. They often invite prestigious guests. Last year it was Ryukishi07, and I wrote about it in detail here and here. This year, it was Urobuchi Gen and Kosaka Takaki, members and creators of the company Nitroplus. Just like with Ryukishi07 last year, the guests gave two conferences. Sadly, I only managed to attend the second conference on the 19th, so I will only write about this one. I’d rather not write about something I didn’t see and hear myself. Speaking of that, I apologize in advance if I made any mistake, or remembered something wrongly. The conference was also streamed live on Niconico, and some of the questions Urobuchi san and Kosaka san answered were picked from there.

The conference began with Urobuchi san and Kosaka san introducing themselves. Urobuchi san jokingly said that while a lot of people call him Urobutcher, he never worked at a butchery.  Kosaka san said that the room is probably filled with anime fans, and that we’ve seen shows with a relation to Nitroplus, but he asked us if we also know about their Visual Novels or played them. A good portion of the audience raised their hands, which made him happy. “We’re going to have a good discussion.” He said.

Note: There’s going to be massive spoilers on Fate/Zero, Psycho-Pass and Saya No Uta.

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[Report] Inoue Takehiko at Salon Du Livre 2013

Inoue sensei held a conference on Saturday to talk about his works and answer the audience’s questions. He mainly told us things about Slam Dunk, Vagabond, and his illustration book Pepita. I will try to summarize the contents of this conference with the best of my abilities.

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Afureko!AR: Become a seiyuu!

Source: Catsuka

There’s a new and small animation studio called Yapiko Animation which was created by 3 French animators. Out of the three, I only already heard of Eddie Mehong who worked on Casshern Sins. Their staff also include Japanese people, like chara designer Masami Suda.

Their first work is an app where you can try to be a Seiyuu. It has an original anime in it they created, and you need to dub it with the text included. When you’re done with your work, you could post the result on youtube and niconico. Maybe one week later, I’m Entreprise will send you a mail to recruit you.

You can find it on Itunes here. I don’t think there’s an Android version.

Nakajima Megumi 「Transfer」 Music Video


Director: Fantasista Utamaro x Kazuma Ikeda
Cel Animation Director: Kubotabee

Associate Director:
Tetsuya Tatamitani / Amica Kubo / Yuichiro Saeki / TOOTEM /
Naoya Yamaguchi / shishi yamasaki /
Izumi Hosaka & Akimasa Tsuchiya / sankaku

Character Design: Kubotabee

Key Animator (Cel Animation):
Masahiro Emoto / Yasuhiro Aoki / Mai Tsutsumi /
Takashi Kumazen / Manabu Akita / Riki Matsuura

Background (Cel Animation): IMAGINET

Sound Effects: Yusuke Tamaki