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Accelareted World

Accel World changes OP at episode 14 like many other shows. Thank God it did. I know we’re in 2012, and it’s harder and harder to make original things, but man. I barely ever skip Openings, but I skipped the first one all the time. The music is okay, though whoever composed it should leave the bass alone for a bit. The thing I have have a problem with is the animation sequence. The visuals are way too classical. The only scene missing is the girl in tears with her tears fading away. It feels like I’m rewatching every Opening of all the anime I’ve watched at the same time.

Now, my favorite part of the show is how at the end of every episode, the Ending starts playing before it’s actually over. Ever since watching Gundam Seed, I’ve been a huge fan of this. Another example I can think of are the Ys I OAVs. It makes every episode’s ending so much more impactful. Every show should do it.