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SRW Z Clear!

srw z clear

Kei is my top ace. I love Orguss. Next up are Rand, Garrod, Loran and Touga. As I was playing it, I read the Getter Robo manga, watched Orguss, Gravion and a bit of Daitarn 3. Had already seen the most recent shows in it like Turn A, but I haven’t seen the oldest ones like Baldios, God Sigma, etc. Also I ended up finishing the game without watching The Big O. The stuff that happens is so confusing anyway I don’t think it particularly spoiled me the show.

Next up is 2nd SRW OG I hope.

Chou Jikuu Seiki Orguss

As I started to play SRW Z, I wanted to watch as many shows featuring in the game as possible. Notably, an online friend told me that the game’s plot revolved massively around Orguss’s plot, a 29 years old, 35 episodes show about time and dimension travel. That’s how I decided to watch it, and I finally finished it this week. It was a really great show, and one of the best time/dimension travel stories I’ve ever seen along Back To The Future, Sliders and Quantum Leap. This is the kind of show I want to show to my kids. Everything was just so awesome. I got teary eyed two times when watching the two last episodes.