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Derpa Onna to Seishun Otoko 9


There was this pretty girl on a bike who brought Ryushi to the baseball field, she’s pretty cute and her kimono-like outfit is lovely.

I think she smiled at Maekawa-san and left. I dunno if it was like that in the novel too but it’s pretty nice how Hitoma Iruma foreshadows his characters and plot (yeah I do think this show got plot) like that. That girl was in episode 5 too, already playing baseball:

And right at the beginning of episode 8 for a few seconds:

I wonder who she is? I feel like guessing she is Maekawa-san’s mother. She must be old enough to have a bike license after all,  Maekawa-san said her dad is still married, and this girl was playing Baseball in episode 5. So I call her girl but she’s probably over 30. I’ll see if I’m right or not when they introduce her properly, I wonder if they ever will though, or keep this up and make her appear from time to time.