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French Prime minister Valls vows to fight “Racism and antisemitism”

fe4 とりこ


This was a few days ago. Haven’t wrote about it until now as I was playing SRW Rengoku hen: Crowe gets a new haremette edition, and I’m having way too much fun with Tengoku hen, from Tessa taking the empress of the sea title from Lakkage to Nono and Noriko being bros to SUDDENLY IT’S ASAKIM.

If you’ve been reading this blog, you should be able to solve this. If you can’t, well it’s basically the same as what I always say. In France, antisemitism is considered to be a higher form of racism. Valls proved it himself yet again by separating racism and antisemitism in his declaration. The government himself does ethnicity/religion segregation and apartheid and then they say they want to fight it. Some weeks ago during the Auschwitz commemorations, Hollande even said that Shoah is the worst crime against humanity. Comparing crimes or pitting each other sufferin against each other is stupid, but if you do, slavery is the worst by far. You’ll be in much bigger trouble if you ever hit a jewish person in the street than any other person. Oh and you’ll also be ultra trouble if you dare to criticize Israel, and be called antisemitic.

I do think there’s forms of racism that should be dealt with in priority. As far as I know, during a job interview your possible future employer will have an easier time telling whether you’re black or not compared to whether you’re gay or not.

Since I used a Fire Emblem pic: If I understood Fire Emblem IF correctly, you’re pretty much forced to play the White version first, since the Black version is harder and will make White version feel boring if you play it after. Then, there’s how they put both the cute imouto and the glamorous onee san on the Black route. Who in his sane mind would pick White? Why is Black so much superior?

Nintendo should just remake Fire Emblem 4 & 5 into one game instead of doing IF. They should remove permadeath, make it so you get bonuses if you finish a map without anyone dying. Mix the big maps and multiple castles from 4 with small maps and endurance and catching mechanics from 5 and make it work somehow. Just make two routes once you hit the next generation part, one for Leif with scarce resources etc and one for Seris. It’s literally what they’re doing with IF too. 4/5 even has NTR too so nowadays kids who use the word at the slightest occasion to sound cool will be all over it. Nintendo would swim in even more money. Seems they’re going to swim in money with IF too anyway though seeing the game’s preorders.

Anyway, speaking of racism, I went to the movies last Wednesday, to see this movie called Dear White People.  It’s been out in the US for a while now but it only got released in France recently. Usually I only go watch anime movies at the cinema. Went to see it because it features the guy from Everybody Hates Chris, one of the few american shows I watched recently. Well, I say recently, but it’s more like 5+ years ago. Anyway. How the movie deals with racism in the United States isn’t too bad, but it’s also supposed to be a comedy, except I didn’t find a single joke funny. I did almost burst out laughing in the cinema when the university’s white principal says that there’s no racism in USA, considering how many black guys are getting killed by the police these days.

One thing that shocked me about the movie was the insane amount of swearing. I didn’t know even students of prestigious universities were like that in America. According to some american online friends this is actually true IRL. These students are 20+ years old and they do the kind of sex jokes I used to hear in middle school. Like replacing a friend’s voice mail with “I suck things” etc. It’s pitiful. This may sound ironic coming from someone who think USA is the number one terrorist state in the world (Israel being close behind) but I honestly thought America was better than that.

Oh and Valls also said the french government will do it’s best to fight “cyber racism” and ethnicity/religion hate on the internet. I’m still waiting for Elad Ratson to be summoned by a judge.