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Gundan G no Reconguista 18

g reco bell aida comic

Source This person posts fun comics like that every week.
Big sister! I wanted to meet you!
Wai- What are you doing suddenly Bell?
That’s mean… I’m just so happy after meeting with my older sister… I’m your only little brother you know? I can at least hug you right?
…I guess so. I’m sorry Bell. As the sole survivors of the rayhunton house we should help each other
Yes big sis!

I love how everyone interacts with everyone. Episode 17 and 18 were so hilarious, and judging from the jikai it’s continuing in 19 too. This is gonna be my favorite show of 2014-2015 by far.

So contrary to what I said last time, Towasanga really turned out to be behind the moon, not on it. So the subs weren’t wrong. In any case, that was just a detail. Rewatching episode 14 made me notice a way bigger error in the subs. Mashner at the end says that if the Earthlings go to Towasanga they’ll be able to capture them there with the forces they left there, not that they’ll let the earthlings capture their forces on Towasanga. Which makes sense as next episode Mashner pursues them to Towasanga. I think that’s the only time I’ve seen such a big error. The biggest problems of the English official subs are:

1/Being too literal. An example in episode 16, Kurimu says that the Hazm government ruling Towasanga and the army have “their own circumstances”. This is literally what he says in Japanese, and they translated it as such. But in this case, the actual meaning is that the two of them don’t get along.
2/Bad grammar.

I’m sure that these two problems with the official English subs are  the main reason some people still find the show confusing. Anyone would find the show confusing at the beginning, but then around episode 4 it really isn’t. Though I wonder if people who found the show confusing past episode 4 are still watching at this point anyway. We’re already at episode 18. Time goes so fast.

Recently I started watching ths show with the official French subs instead, and they’re much better. I think the person(s) in charge of it translate directly from Japanese instead of from the official English subs, else it would have the same problems.

Gundam G no Reconguista – 14

g reco 14 mikku jakku

Another awesome episode like always.

The new OP didn’t particularly impress me, however I was pleasantly surprised at how it includes sound effects like in good old OPs.

Laughed so much at KURIMU NIKKU and MIKKU JAKKU’s antics again:
KURIMU: “Only 3 MS? They’re idiots!”
MIKKU: “Don’t let your guard down! They’re only sending 3 because they’re confident !”
*immediately shoots them down*

This is still my favorite show right now by far, all those great character interaction, those hilarious comedy moments, that interesting story, all these cool battles each episode that don’t feel like filler and beautiful animation. This is definitely being the next entry in my list of best shows ever after Pretty Rhythm. It’s gonna suck when the show ends.

Oh and in other news I’m not gonna post about PriPara anytime soon, got stuff to do. Got exams after xmas vacation. Watching the eps and writing about them doesn’t take long but it takes me a while to look for interesting bits and news to write about. Especially since there was the xmas event so there’s lot of things to say.

Gundam G no Reconguista – 13

g reco 13

Man that episode was so awesome like always. Rivals teaming up is one of my favorite things ever. Was really looking forward to Mask x KURIMU NIKKU interactions and I was not disappointed. Anyway, in that scene, Mask’s saying “月の裏側“. Doesn’t that actually mean the reverse side of the moon instead of beyond it?  Meaning Towasanga is ON the moon? If I’m right, it’s the first time I spotted a big error like that in the subs, maybe there’s been others. Now that I think about it, maybe some people still find the show confusing because of some errors like that in the subs. (it’s completely normal for it to be confusing in the first three episodes or so)

g reco by prad director

Also, Pretty Rhythm director Hishida Masakazu did the storyboard/絵コンテ of this episode along with 斧谷 稔. Japanese wikipedia tells me this 斧谷 稔 is actually Tomino. So they drew the storyboard together. Not sure how they divided it between them. Pretty Rhythm director was also the 演出/episode director for 13.
I used to translated “演出” as “production”, probably because I read it somewhere one day. Noticed my mistake thanks to watching SHIROBAKO.

Gundam G No Reconguista is airing on Nolife every friday

g reco best girl eyecatch gif

They started airing the show this week. Every Friday at 7:45 PM. This is why I give them 5€ every month. Yet again, Nolife is one of the few things making me proud to be French.
(The channel is free but if you subscribe on their website you can watch online everything they did since the channel started more than 7 years ago, except anime they aired since they don’t have the rights)

This is the show I’m liking the most this season, even more than Cross Ange and SeHa Girls, and my enjoyments of these shows is already past 100%. I hate to say it but if someone says they don’t like the show because it’s confusing at first it’s because they’re impatient. While the exposition is old school and it’s something we may not be accustomed to anymore, everything is explained slowly as the episodes goes on. If you’re wondering about something in one episode it’ll probably be answered to in the next.  You just need to be patient.

g reco best girl power

Everything is just so good in G Reco. From the characters to the story to the universe. And the comedy. I’m still laughing at the cinnamon cake line, or how Bell apologizes to Aida because he told her something she knows, implying he only said that for the audience so people don’t whine again. I’m liking everyone. I really like Manny( I’m mad she cuts her hair), Steer girl, the nurse helping them put on the pilotsuits, Bell’s mom being so awesome, Aida’s dad being so cool, KURIMU NIKKU, MIKKU JAKKU… So many great characters. I’ll be pretty butthurt if people start dying. I’m already still super butthurt about episode 6.

g reco 9 steer girl

Speaking of Steer girl, she’s credited as “ステア”, voiced by ミシェル・ユミコ・ペイン. I’m actually wondering if Sutea/Steer isn’t actually her name. Maybe they did it on purpose, I dunno. Not gonna check/search myself. I already have my hands full trying to cover Pretty Rhythm background/staff info etc. Plus, literally everyone and their dog are already translating the G Reco twitter, interviews, and every material ever so I’ll just wait to get spoonfed. I used to read stuff about the show, starting with the first announcement for it some years ago with a pic that kinda looked like tekkaman blade, but now that show actually stated I’m refraining from reading material from now, I want to discover everything myself. I’ll start reading again when the show ends.
Quickly googling in japanese tells me Steer girl’s seiyuu is half japanese half australian, explaining her good FIRE FIRE FIRE pronunciation. Also apparently she’s a singer and not a regular seiyuu.
(Speaking of that, the episode(s) Pretty Rhythm director works on still haven’t aired, so when he said it’s not airing anytime soon, he meant it. Maybe one of the end eps. Also, it’s not his first time working on Gundam, he did some stuff on Turn A and Unicorn)

I wish I made a post sooner because now with episode 9 and how they start to reveal more things there’s less things to guess about and more things we’re almost certain of unless they do a last minute twist.
Some of the things I have in mind though:
Noredo is actually a spy from the moon guys, she’s hypnotized or something and doesn’t realize it herself.
Luin really used to be friends with Bellri to take advantage of him, being the son of someone important. And the way he acts as Mask is actually his real personality.