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Something quick about the way I like first episodes done

wizard barristers 01

I watched Nobunaga The Fool and Wizard Barristers. The latter had my favorite start. They didn’t expose too much things. It was easy to follow, it flowed well, and didn’t try hard to end on a cliffhanger.
I don’t really care either way, and I don’t judge stuff on one episode so I’ll keep watching Nobunaga The Fool. I was planning to watch it ever since I heard about it anyway.

Not sure how to explain it, but I wish it’d leave us some things to interpret ourselves instead of introducing every character(even those who won’t appear immediately), and plot devices. The scene at the end of Nobunaga The Fool episode 1, with every character and silver loli saying their own version of “…it’s starting” was particularly useful yet useless.
Actually I think I figured out why irks me. I’ve never disliked the blueprint of the typical first episode of a mecha show. I never found myself to have grown tired of typical lines like these. I don’t mind the cliffhanger at the end right when the protagonist gets into the mecha. It’s just that Nobunaga The Fool’s was a really mediocre take on this typical mecha anime episode 1 blueprint.

wizard barristers 02

I’m really looking forward to the rest of Wizard Barristers. Too bad it’s only 12 episodes.