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Yozakura Quartet OAD2 PV

The 2nd episode of the OAD bundled with the manga tome came out yesterday. I’m waiting for the raws. Also there’s this 2nd PVon the official Yozakura Quartet site:

Man this is gonna be so awesome, finally that Zakuro VS Kotoha fight. And the animation is purely gorgeous, I gotta gather info about the studio who worked on it.

Yozakura Quartet:Sea of Stars OAD pv

An anime I have great expectations for which will air this October.I’m a big fan of the manga and I was very happy when they announced this.Still now that I watched this trailer I’m kinda divised about the way they choose to make the cute or moe or however you call it. K-on is the best example of what I’m trying to say.I’ll probably like it anyway since they promised to stick to the manga.