[Spoilers] Persona 5 story impressions


Knowing Sugita that was totally a Nobunaga The Fool reference.

Please do not read this post if you haven’t finished the game yet. There’s many points you won’t get unless you played the game anyway. There’s also Persona 4 spoilers. I think it’ll be a shame to not 100% enjoy one of the best games of the decade because of spoiling yourself in order to be a cool kid on the net. You’ll be wasting both your fun and life.

I wrote a spoiler free review here.

Webms & pics that weren’t took with my smartphone are courtesy of their makers.

I tried to organize this post the best way I could think of, but I’m not a very good writer, so I apologize as some parts may be confusing. It’s also very long as I have a lot of things to say about the game as it was really interesting. Similar to what I say about Pretty Rhythm, Persona 5 made me hit the maximum amount of happiness I can be regarding my hobbies. Persona 4 is one of the best games I aver played, but Persona 5 is much better, one of the best games I ever played and the best I played in years. Along with SRW games it was the biggest reason why I initially bought a ps3 in 2014. It feels weird that I finally finished the game now after waiting for it so long. I still vividly remember how excited I was when the teaser and PV1 got released, and now I actually finished the game. It feels weird. If you’re patient things go your way one day.

Since the end of September 2016, I’ve completely shut myself from Persona related things to avoid spoilers while playing the game, and only started checking some things around when I was nearly done with writing this post, as I didn’t want to get influenced by other’s impressions. The only background info about the game I know is how 123 could have been a main character. So it’s possible there’s some things I mention in this post that already got confirmed or denied in the artbook or other interviews. For now I only discussed the game with a very nice Italian online friend I recently made.

I didn’t spend time to read the artbook myself and only skimmed through it for now. Persona 5 is popular so people will translate things in it, so I don’t feel like doing it. Back in August I didn’t wait for someone to do it and checked the demo impressions myself, as I really wanted to read them, being impatient about the game getting out. Now it’s not the case anymore.

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Sugita Tomokazu voices Takadanobaba George, new Schwarz Rose character in KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO-


News Source








Character profile: The strongest idol in Schwarz Rose. He owns tremendous abilities, and was raised by Jin to the seat of Top Star.

Sugita Tomokazu’s comment: “If Prism Shows are a miracle, then their feelings should be answered. And the rainbow’s chains are coiling around my neck, urging me to go to the other side. You’re annoying, let me do this the way I want.
Congratulations on the sequel’s announcement. Even now I am already looking forward to it.”


He actually wasn’t the masked man in the jacuzzi in the new PV. This means there’s actually another new character besides George. I’m not sure about how his name is read, 高田馬場. Takadababa? Takadanobaba? To choose a fun name like this, as expected of PR’s staff and director.
I remember how this past year Sugita praised the seiyuus in the movie like Takeuchi san and how he liked the movie so much and advertised Kinpri and Pretty Rhythm so much on everything he’s in from the Persona 5 radio to the Super Robot Wars radio(Which I try to translate from time to time) so I’m really happy. I remember how PR producer Nishi Hiroko even thanked him during one of the streamed events too. Really awesome he got a role. This is the best thing ever.

Director said the next spoon 2Di magazine will have more info on Geroge and his idol unit “The Shuffle”.


Long time Pretty Rhythm fan Siokya posted this from a magazine, it says George is part of a idol units Jin made with Schwarz Rose called The Shuffle. All their names are puns on card symbols: spades, hearts, diamonds, clubs. It lists 4 members who have names based on these, plus George, who should be their leader.

prad6 notcallings

They may be the notCallings we see training in Kinpri 1??

A lot of fans on twitter pointed out how there’s a train station called 高田馬場. George being named after a train station might be a reference to that joke Director once did with Ueno-Hirokouji station. Forgot at which event that was but it was a long time ago. Maybe the Rainbow Live After Party.
Some fans said it may also be a reference to Miracle Train since Miracle Train has both Sugita and Maeno.


高田馬場ジョージ is trending on twitter

Sugita’s reactions on twitter:

Huh? I got a role?


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Idol Time PriPara announced


You can read about it on ANN

As expected they’re only keeping Laala and removing the other characters, it was obvious since when they announced the new season on December that it would turn out this way. Not gonna translate other things that aren’t in the the ANN article because I’m not interested in this for now. Not that I won’t watch it when it’s out or that I think it’ll be bad, it’s just I still haven’t watched s3 anyway so It’s not in my priorities to use time to learn more about Idol Time PriPara/AiPara or translate stuff about it. I’m not in a hurry or hyped about it.


The reason why I made this post is because I saw something interesting, PR director tweeted a report about the press conference when the series was announced. Takara Tommy executive(or whatever his position is)Toshihiro Morioka said they’re planning to keep the franchise going for at least ten years, as it’s been 7 years since the Pretty Rhythm arcade launched, and 6 years since the anime launched.  So in 2020 it’s scheduled to be the arcade game 10th anniversary, and in 2021 the anime 10th anniversary.

So in my opinion this means:

AiPP is at least 3 years long like Pretty Rhythm and PP. Laala will probably stay all the seasons too. If they didn’t remove her it’s possible they won’t remove her when they possibly reboot AiPP as well in 2020-2021, and will keep Laala as long as PP is going.

If they ever do a ADMF x RLKinpri crossover or a ADMF + RLKinpri + PP + AiPP crossover, it’ll be then. I think Kinpri will be done by 2020. PR director said the storyboard for Kinpri 2 is three times bigger than the one for Kinpri 1, so it should finish Hijiri and Jin’s story. At most we’ll get the Kinpri TV anime they always wanted to do in 2018, but I don’t think they’ll milk Kinpri once the story is done.


aipp-salami-smile aipp-dressing-pafe

EDIT: On Jan 25th they revealed the Iris voiced characters are returning as well. Seems the PriParapocalypse din’t happen, I was wrong. I wonder if the others will return as well or will they be put on a boat.
Because they redesign the dresses every season, and the ones in S3 were particularly ugly with their yellow tones, I used to joke on how S4 would be a reset because they can’t make the dresses any uglier. Turns out I was wrong on even that. Oh God just what did they did to Shion.

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I’m looking forward to the game though I don’t have a ps4 or vita. I still remember how disappointed when they initially revealed it with the castlist having half stuff already in Z3 but then PV1 had Huckebein and Grungust and Mazin Emperor G and other cool things and then they showed they’re putting in tons of new ideas and systems to try and make the games better. Looking forward to how it’ll turn out.I hope they’re good ideas.

At least series that were already in Z3 are getting what they should have got in Z3, like Athrun and Lunamaria actually being playable or Fowler being in this time.

Shiki Doji said he’s the one who drew the portrait for Fowler. He probably did new ones for the other characters that don’t have an anime design yet compared to the ones he already did for Z3 too.

Seems the FMP units attack animations are still utlra weird and stiff but a bit better. Fowler is in so this means you’ll probably actually fight Leonard’s team unlike in Z3. There will probably be a stage with Leonard+Fowler+Sabina+Casper. Crousseau is my favorite character in FMP so I’m looking forward to his art battle with Fowler. Maybe there will be a way to make Leonard stop being crazy and join too.

I’m also really interested in the scenario too. Similar to how Z used Orguss as the base of everything, seems they’re using Yamato as the base of everything along with a bit of Gundam, which isn’t surprising considering the amount of gundam series in the cast. I wonder if Kaworu will be the same one from Z3.
Looking forward to how the Cross Ange plot will play out too. Looking forward Ersha and Vivian being cool and Rosalie doing dumb stuff. And looking forward to the double Voltekka combo attack between Ange and Salamandisney.

I have a dream of a SRW with tons of series I like including Pretty Rhythm and Cross Ange, and with people thinking Hijiri is automatically evil because all the blond men with his voice are. And Ange bullying him or something and ending in a fight with Juné protecting him.


And of course this.

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KING OF PRISM -PRIDE the HERO- release June 10, new PV

My hype is maximum.

Official site also got updated with a new key visual. The 404 page is fun too.劇場版「KING OF PRISM –PRIDE the HERO-」特報 - YouTube [720p].mp4_snapshot_00.53_[2017.01.14_00.09.32].jpg

Thanks to /ai/: “This is probably 高田馬場ジョージ who was mentioned by PR director in a magazine, Schwartz Rose’s assassin”.
If that’s him and he’s called George, if they make him voiced by Nakata Jouji, saying this is movie of the decade won’t even be enough praise.

Movie probably starts right where Kinpri1 ended, in Jin’s giant open door Jacuzzi. They probably introduce this guy at the start.


This is a loan contract, saying Jin is lending money to Hijiri. Can’t really read it all.


I wanted to try translating this but there’s too many kanjis I don’t know, and it’s an image so I can’t just copypaste them in a dictionary to check fast. And the text is too small for <text in an image> -> <normal text> converters to work properly. Here’s what I got:
Title:” The disturbing facts about Yamada Ryou(Kanrinin)’s past are being exposed”
“The picture above was taken a certain day on April two years ago. At the time, Yamada was a rookie  everyone had their eyes on as he colored the stage of Prism Shows. He had an unique presence which  allowed him to appealed to both long time fans and keep expending his popularity. ”
I can’t read the rest. It says something happened because he did an “obscene” show in a high class hotel, and that hotel being used for secrete meetings. And maybe something about a masked man.

I remember in one of the stream events, they greatly hinted at Yamada getting a Prism Show in Kinpri 2, or at least doing something very important.

劇場版「KING OF PRISM –PRIDE the HERO-」特報 - YouTube [720p].mp4_snapshot_00.41_[2017.01.14_00.09.15].jpg

This seems to be documents investigating Kouji’s family? The part about Kouji is how he’s a member of the “idol group Over The Rainbow” and the son of general manager of the fashion brand Dear Crown and deceased member of the popular rock band Lucky Star.  I think the part about JO talks about what he was doing before joining Lucky Star and how he met Natsuko but can’t read it all. The last part is about how Kouji’s DNA matches 99.9999% with them, proving he’s their son. The water seems to suggest the scene is taking place in Jin’s giant jacuzzi, maybe it’s the new Schwarz Rose character investigating his enemies?

Someone with better Japanese than mine please try to translate.

So now the prism shows we know that happen are Louis doing Pride, probably at the very beginning of the movie, and Kouji, either fighting someone or alone.

Then other things that will in my opinion definitely happen are
Shin vs Louis
Jin vs Hijiri
Kazuki who got trained by Rei vs Alec

Then the other new Edel Rose boys need to do something too, and Taiga need to get a show during Prism King Cup too because he won the poll.
Then I still think Kakeru will betray Edel Rose at some point, then come back, and like Yamada they hinted during streams he’ll get a show so there’s that as well.

It’ll depend of how long the movie is.

Matsuura Mai launched a poll, group who wins will get something special for Valentine, last placing group will get something for White Day.
Hiro Kouji  Kazuki
Shin Leo Yukiinojou Yuu
Taiga Kakeru Minato
Louis Alec Jin

Voted for Schwarz Rose team because Jin

Director said the title is long so you could call it Kinpra instead, to differentiate from Kinpri, while still using the Kinpri hashtag for everything on twitter. I think I’ll just keep calling it Kinpri 2.

He also joked that maybe someday there will be something you could call Kinpro.

On January 16 he tweeted Kinpri 2’s storyboard is 3 times bigger than Kinpri 1’s.

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Persona 5 spoiler free review


I’m currently writing another post about my impressions on the story as this is a spoiler free review. There may be gameplay ideas spoilers though.

It was really fun, one of the best games I played. When I played Persona 4, I thought it was one of the best game I ever played, and this is much better than 4 on all points. Similarly to Pretty Rhythm, Persona 5 made me hit the maximum amount of happiness I can be regarding my hobbies. I also think Persona 5 is one of the coolest game ever, and it doesn’t even have mechs. Imagine if there was some. I hope Persona 6 has mechas.

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Iuchi Shuji, one of the writers for Pretty Rhythm, passed away



It was announced by his nephew:

This feels weird as I was reading his interviews and stuff just some months ago. Once again it remains me death comes unannounced. This is very sad news. I pray his family will be able to recover from this trial. According to fans on twitter it seems Iuchi san’s last job was Rilu Rilu Fairiru episode 35. Fairilu’s director is Pretty Rhythm’s director Hishida Masakazu, so it seems they worked together until the end.

On December 21th words of condolences have been published on the Pretty Rhythm pages of TV Tokyo and Avex.

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Obari got married

I’m really super happy for him, it’s pretty funny how his wife tweeted the same two pics except a pic of her and where they got married in Okinawa, while he tweeted a pic of the rings and another of Daizengar instead.

Hopefully one day him and all his family will reconvert to islam so hopefully we all manage to go to paradise and do some mecha races together. That’s the best thing I can wish him after getting married.

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SRW stream 31 october 2016, new SRW V info

Release date is 23 feb 2017






Obari tweeted he’s happy Huckebeins got resurrected.

When they first announced the game I was very disappointed about the cast list, a lot of stuff was in Z3 already and they’ll definitely recycle animations so it feels really redundant. But the cast list turns out to be the only disappointing thing now.  I’m really hyped about the game now. I don’t have a ps4 nor a vita though.

Stuff they said during the event:

Protagonist 1: Murakumo Souji, seiyuu is Kirimoto Takuya.

His seiyuu’s first involvement in SRW was a SRWOG drama CD more than 10 years ago, voicing dr Robert  (Rob). Then he voiced him in the anime.  When voicing stufff Okaiyu was having fun voicing and Kirimoto used to be like “one day I want to voice a pilot too, this looks so fun…” Then in Masoukishin he voices “chika aidoru” aka Gido aka notCraig Daniel James Bond.

Protagonist 2: Kisaragi chitose, seiyuu is Kanda Akemi.

1st time she voiced something related was SD Gundam Sangokuden, but it’s her 1st time voicing a human. As she was a robot in SD Gundam (Sun Shang Xiang)

She’s really happy to be voicing a main character in SRW.

Both chars designed by Watanabe Wataru, Masoukishin F& Cross Omega’s chara designer. His designs are really good especially the guys. I really hope more Masoukishin characters get in OG now that the series is over. Especially the characters he designed for F like Circuit kun, Elisha and Lionel. I definitely think Circuit will get in one day as he was considered the main character of the game until Masaki gets rescued and got to be put on the same level as Masaki Shu Eran.
Like with Chitose here, sometimes Watanabe Wataru make the girls’ outfit too much sexual fanservice  oriented. Her outfit is one thing, since there’s already tons of SRW OG characters with revealing outfits, but that outfit PLUS that pose makes it seems they’re trying way too hard to pander. Why couldn’t he have just drawn her standing up normally. At least they’re self aware of it and Kirimoto was joking about it and taking her pose.

OG mecha design by Linebarell co-mangaka Shimizu Eiichi,  1st time he does a OG  for a SRW  if I heard correctly.

srw-v-huckebeinsrw-v-text-kun srw-v-grungust srw-v-charlotte-westing

Then there’s the Grungust pilot and the Huckebein pilot that wear the same pilot outfits as the OG characters in 4/F/F Final, which is a great fanservice move. This makes me really hyped. I really like these pilots suits.

They’re both designed by 糸井美帆/Itoi Miho who already did lotof previous OG characters designs like the SRW D or J characters.

Huckebein pilot/Bert is voiced by Kanemoto Ryousuke. (It’s worth noting he was voicing one of Advent’s subordinate, Red in Z3 Rengoku)

Grungust pilot/Charlotte/Lottie is voiced by Terui Haruka. I’m looking forward to her KEITOU RADOU KEN! ANKENSATSU! ZAN!! The two of them don’t have lotsof previous roles, I’m happy SRW always gives some new OG roles to less popular seiyuus.


One of the things about SRW OG chars these days I’m sick of is the theme of two seaters of a guy and a girl so I’m happy it’s not like that in V. Gonna sound like tumblr but I’m getting really tired of “heroines” who’re just there for the MC. While Suzune and others recent OGs chars were great characters, I’m really sick of two seaters OG one girl one boy OGs. Plus they pretty much did every relation possible by now. Teacher student duo. Brohter sister. etc. So I’m happy this isn’t the case with V.

It’s not choose between 4 or more characters + their personalities like in 4 or Alpha 1 but the fact that you can choose  protags again+ Huckebeins and Grungusts really makes it feel closer to older games and more anniversary like.

The other protagonist you didn’t choose will appear as well. I like Souji he looks cool and almost black skinned gonna sound like tumblr but that makes me happy.

Random stuff Terada said:

Bamco asked Terada and the others producers what they could do to make the game feel more anniversary like, and putting in Huckebeins and Grungusts was one of the suggestions, as they’re the first ever OG mecha with Gespensts and Cybuster and Granzon and Valsione. Forgot who came first right now.


The Grungusts and Huckebeins in V have absolutely no connection to the ones in OG games, they will even be made by new scientists and a new laboratory which isn’t Tesla labs. In the PV is says they’re made by Nikola Vilhelm laboratories.

There’s a preoerder code that gets you the Grungust and Huckebein earlier in the game. However they’re in the game anyway, you’ll just get them normally later. You get bonus BGMs if you preorder too.

Terada said to look forward to the story of how Kouji will get in Shin Mazinger Zero, as people who read the manga know this can’t end well. And it’s the Kouji from Z hen/anime that’s in, not from the manga. He also said something about why Tetsuya pilots the Majin Emperor G and something about him screaming his lines a lot but didn’t catch it.

Crossbone appears pretty early in the game but the 1st mech is the OG.

Majin Emperor G isn’t related to Getter Emperor in any way. (It’s understandable some people could think that as Mazinkaiser which was the first original Mazinger specifically made for SRW was a product of Getter Rays)

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Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Anime Official Guide Book: Hishida Masakazu, Iuchi Shuji, Tsubota Fumi interview


Previous translations (These past weeks I reread my older translations a bit. IIRC the only thing I corrected is in Itou Kanae’s interview, I didn’t get at first that she says she was told Akaii Meganee is an AI. Not sure if it was about Pretty Rhythm’s Akaii Meganee or PriPara’s Akaii Meganee though, as the one in Pretty Rhythm doesn’t feel like an AI. While it’s true she never gets out of Prism World, she makes her own decisions like purposely avoiding telling Shou and Yun Su things about Symphonia designs in DMF, or getting angry at Momo for forgetting things in RL)

My one month late Eid present for everyone. I finished translating this some weeks ago, but I’m really busy these days so I didn’t have the time to finish proofreading and editing till now.

(It took me 10h40minutes to translate this interview. Plus 7h30 of editing,proofreading, googling information and watching episodes again to better remember what they’re talking about and take screenshots. It’s 8 pages and around 13 700 characters. I did a quick comparison with an example: Madan no Ou volume 13 got an average of 297 characters per page and is around 480 pages without counting the illustrations and titles. This means it has around 142 560 characters. Meaning it’d take me 104 hours to translate it all. Let’s say 70 hours because it won’t be as complicated as translating a dialogue between 3 people. I don’t feel like getting money by picking a new LN that’s popular and ask donations to translate it, but even if I wanted to, it’d still take me too much time. I still have a long way to go. I’m not saying all this to complain btw, the main reason I do these translations is for myself.)You should read Madan no Ou it’s very good.

This time Iuchi san is here too compared to the interview in the Rainbow Live Guidebook. So it’s a dialogue with 4 people if you count the interviewer. I had to reformulate a lot so it makes sense in English, as the Japanese way of speaking is different. And I needed to be careful to keep the original nuances, and to not make confusing sentences.

I wouldn’t have this problem if I just summarized things instead of translating the dialogue itself, but I think it’s much more fun reading a dialogue. And it has it’s advantages too, when they have fun chatting, I can just show it directly, instead of writing things like “then, when they talked about Rinne at this point, they laughed because xx said that, and xx answered that, and xx also said that”

I tried putting colors, thinking it may be easier to read that way. If it isn’t, I’m genuinely sorry. Copypaste it on word and remove formatting. I won’t spend time removing the colors now that I’ve added them. (I edited in colors in some of the old interviews posts too)
I put red for Tsubota Fumi because she’s the one who wrote most of Bell, and purple for Iuchi Shuji because he’s the one who wrote most of Ito and Kouji.

The big titles are the titles of each part of the interview. Those are in every interviews, but I usually don’t include them because they just paraphrase what they say. Here, I included them to indicate they will change subjects. Unlike other interviews, they change topics without the interviewer prompting them.

Staff presentation: (I’ve never been good with staff titles and such so sorry if I got something wrong. I checked multiple times so it should be alright though.)

Hishida Masakazu is Pretty Rhythm’s director.

Iuchi Shuji worked as scriptwriter on all three seasons, and on series composition in DMF and RL. Meaning he wrote the core of the story/scripts with the director, Akao Deko and Tsubota Fumi. Akao Deko was the main series compositor above Iuchi Shuji on Aurora Dream and Dear My Future. But for Rainbow Live, she only wrote the songs’ lyrics, and Tsubota Fumi did series composition with him instead.

Tsubota Fumi worked as scriptwriter on Aurora Dream and Dear My Future and as series composition on Rainbow Live. Tsubota Fumi used to be in a theater troupe, writing theater pieces before starting to work as an anime script writer. It’s thanks to her they got the idea to make Grateful Symphonia into a theater piece, and she wrote all the scripts of Dear My Future from episode 47 to 51. She still works on theater pieces, drama and live action shows from time to time.

I also included the small storyboard excerpts present in the interview, the photos of the trio, and the same episode screenshots as the ones in the interview,+ a few more. I tried to put them in the same locations as in the book too.

My own comments are under parenthesis.

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