Star Raji-Ocean

Star Ocean mobage’s radio, they barely talk about it though. Hence why I listen to it as I don’t play the game. And I like Nakamura and Mafia Kajita. Similar to Anigera it’s on A&G net radio. It doesn’t have an official youtube publishing past episodes, though you can find it there or other places.

Note: these are some very crude, un-proofread quicknotes. I make these for myself first and decided I might as well share. If episodes are skipped, which rarely happens, it means there was nothing worth mentioning in my opinion. Or that I couldn’t find it. 

Episodes interesting enough to get their own separate article:

Nakamura Yuuichi and Mafia Kajita talking about Xenoblade 2 and video game dubbing in Japan (102-103/dec 2017)



132 11th July 2018
Kajita started a movie shoot. It’s super hot this summer so it’s really hard, they’re doing it around Hiroshima. He’s not sure if his character actually speaks though, he saw his setting and costume, but no script.He plays a soldier.
1st mail is from someone saying their father really love udon so somtimes they leave for a whole day together and go to different restaurants. Mail asks if there’s something they like to eat so much they don’t min eating this all day. Nakamura says herring roe. For Kajita is ramen and curry. Nakamura doesn’t like ramen that uch, but for cup ramen yeah he could too. Gundam online had faster reaction time when playing with yuusen. Nakamura makes a funny joke with how most of the time yuusen(wired) is yuusen(reccomended).

131 4th July 2018

Kajita says how he finally started driving lessons, but it was really annoying to do so, because you need a certificate of residence to register, and he didn’t have the time to get one. And even if you already have an old one you’re forced to get a new recent one. Then when he finally did, he didn’t have the time to go register. And now he finally did just a few days ago. Also how a lot of cars, light motor ones, are small and he pretty much can’t get in them, this actually troubles him a lot whenever working and he needs to take a taxi because it’s super uncomfortable cause too small. Nakamura remembers that once in middle school he went somewhere with 3 other midschooler friends in his mom’s car, which is a light motor, and it could barely handle uphill anymore despite his friends and himself being like only 40kg in total.
First mail is someone telling a story of how when they were at school it was in vogue to make nicknames by adding “chin”, and his name starts by “yoko” so people would call him “yokochin”(basically bent dick) and would laugh at him. Asks what kind of nicknames Kajita and Nakamura had at school. They say how cruel kids can be. Kajita says pokemon was popular and he’s big, so people called him Kajigon(Kajita plus Kabegon/Snorlax). He didn’t care much though and there was much worse. There was a guy called “Crater Demon” as a joke with “Greater Demon” because of the scars he had with his acne.
Nakamura says he actually never had nicknames ever. People would just call him Nakamura kun. Older people would call him Nakamura and younger people Nakamura san or senpai. Also, they both had/have friends that everyone call with a nickname so they started doing it too even though they don’t know where the nickname came from. Kajita has a guy he knows he calls “Iketani” because everyone does but his real name isn’t even close to Iketani.
2nd mail is from a girl saying back when she was 16 her dad gave her his old tablet but didn’t wipe it properly so she found pron he had saved on it. She deleted it quickly so her little sister doesn’t see it and never told her dad about it either. Kajita already talked about finding his dad’s pron in some earlier episode. Nakamura says he never found any, though dunno if his dad never had any or was good at hiding it. For some reason, though in his house there always was a vid of a girl running topless on a beach, he saw it as a kid and never really understood if it was actually supposed to be a pron video or not. Apparently, it was a vhs his father got from a friend. Kajita said there was a video labeled as “Pinochio” at his home that was actually pron, Nakamura says his dad isn’t very clever since that would actually attract kids. Kajita denies, saying that now that he thinks about it, his dad probably did that as a joke like “pinochio’s nose grows larger when he lies, but another part grows larger when watching this video”. Nakamura says Kajita’s family is super weird, Kajita is like “nonono my father was great”.

130 June 27 2018

Chat about E3, now that it actually happened by when they recorded. Bio2 was shown at E3, they really liked it. Both of them think 2 was really the apex of resident evil back then. 1 was good but you didn’t get to have a lot of shooting action because of scarce resources. 2 has the horror, the action and everything, so they’re really hyped. Kajita says he’s as hype as for FF7R, Nakamura calls him an idiot for bringing it up. Kajita won the “bet” they did about FF7 R not being at E3 at all, he brought it up just to rub it in(Nakamura actually also betted on no FF7R info and it wasn’t much of a bet). Both of them say they’re the type to search & destroy everything before moving to another room because it’s scary if you go back to a previous area and forgot there are monsters you didn’t kill. But then there are hunters, and lickers in 2 too that appear. They also mention how Capcom started using the name Resident Evil in Japan too instead of Biohazard, and how they call the remake “Resident Evil 2” in Japan too, and the abbreviation is Re like Remake. They also talk about how it must be really hard and really needs talent to make those kind of game trailers that shows the game and makes you want to play it but at the same time doesn’t show much. Nakamura mentions how Kojima used to direct himself the Metal Gear trailers and how cool they are, so they start chatting about Death Stranding, saying we still don’t know what the game is about besides carrying things. And how you can hold your breath to avoid invisible things. Kajita says it reminds him of Enemy Zero, Nakamura says he actually thought the exact same thing. It’s pretty scary too, and we don’t know if it’s supposed to be a horror game. Next, they talk more about FF7R. Nakamura says he’d really like to see more of it soon as a Square games fan. He’s also interested in Left Alive, but they didn’t show it at E3 either, he thinks they’ll probably show more at TGS 2018(and they did).
Kajita really likes the 2018 Kitaro anime, he says it’s darker than the past series and deals with a lot of societal problems and even criticizes politicians. They also made a new female character, inuneko. And Kitaro this time is cool and cold, like Cloud. Nakamura laughs a lot when Kajita did that comparison. And while he still uses letters he has a smartphone this time. Nakamura jokes how maybe there’s a QR code on the mailbox now to get his address.

129 June 20 2018

Nakamura likes Mirai Akari so he wishes they’d do a collab with her and invite her. Kajita likes Dennou Shoujo Shiro and Mirai Akari. And another one, who’s at the top, whose name is censored, so probably kizuna ai.
They chat about anthropomorphization and how while it exists for decades it got extremely popular since early 2010. Kajita tells Nakamura in 2100 there will probably be a “seiyuu collection” thing with a genderbent version of him. They talk about how it doesn’t always work though, there was a game or whatever with girl cars that closed down apparently. Kajita thinks it needs to be something that’s deeply ingrained in the culture where the anthro product is released, or else it won’t work. Famous cars aren’t Japanese, so the cars things didn’t work. Meanwhile, Japanese ships, katanas based works are popular. Nakamura mentions how a lot of non japanese people like japanese culture stuff like katanas. Someone once told him that a lot of non japanese like samurais and katanas because unlike guns if you get hit there’s fewer chances of dying. In a western, if someone gets shot they die. But in a samurai movie, you can do dramatic battles with the samurai exchanging blows, so it’s cooler. That’s why samurais are cooler. And that’s why westerns aren’t popular anymore and are barely made anymore, either in Japan or outside.
mail: “DO you have a favorite scene in an unvoiced work you’d love to see voiced? ”
Nakamura says there’s some, but maybe it wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing. When you watch/play/read something without voices, you can imagine the voices that’d fit best according to your tastes. Putting voice on something like that might make worry if it will still be as good as what you imagined. Nakamura says seiyuu think about this all the time when doing adaptations, remakes etc. Kajita says he doesn’t really understands that feeling because as he grew up most games and stuff were at least partially voiced already. Maybe he’d like to see some Gameboy games voiced. There’s some manga and stuff where he liked the voice he imagined in his head better too. Sometimes you can get too used to an anime voice and then dislike the others or lack of too. Kajita says he doesn’t like any Cobra voice other than Nozawa Nachi, Cobra’s seiyuu in the 1982 TV anime (which is great and that you should watch if you haven’t . I need to rewatch it all in Japanese one day). Kajita says he doesn’t like the 1982 movie much because of that, because Cobra in it is voiced by Matsuzaki Shigeru. Nakamura says he used to read Slam Dunk on Shonen Jump as it was published, and back when the anime started, there’s some voices he really liked, while there’s some others he thought they didn’t fit at all. He wonders if people who used to read Dragon Ball as the manga was published were bothered by the fact they kept Nozawa san in the anime when Goku grew up, because maybe they were imagining that his voice changed. He didn’t watch it back then so he doesn’t know himself. They talk about how it’s pretty funny and impressive she ended up voicing everyone up to goku’s grandson. And his dad , and the goku black character they made in Super. Kajita says he doesn’t like it actually when people say “I don’t like the voice because it’s not like what I imagined” when an anime adaptation happens, and think you should only judge based on the seiyuu’s acting. Nakamura says he also already heard people saying “the voice doesn’t match” about a character even when it’s an original anime with no previous work. Kajita says it’s nonsense to do that and you should wait before the anime airs and see how the seiyuu does. Nakamura says he often sees people on the net complaining when it’s announced he’ll voice a character in an original anime and they think he doesn’t fit the character. (To be honest, I already did that many times with original anime, but only in cases where it’s obvious the staff, production committee etc only picked based on the seiyuu’s followers on Twitter, rather than what seems to fit the char’s design and official description.). Kajita think seiyuu is a really amazing job. Nakamura says it can be quite difficult sometimes.
Mail: “I want to ask you something. My dad is 66 years old and he loves RPG, so every year for his bday I gift him one. Dragon Quest, Arc the Lad, Wild Arms. Suikoden, Eiyuu Densetsu. I’ve listed most RPG series I know and running out of ideas. My dad is a bit old so he doesn’t like stuff like action RPGs or stuff that goes out now that focuses on graphics. I know you’re both knowledgeable so please help me”
They mention how it’s probably a fan of Nakamura, as he’s older and knows a lot about stuff like that. Nakamura says he should try Tales of, Star Ocean, and stuff other than JRPGs. They laugh and joke it’s really dumb they mentioned Star Ocean since this is litteraly the Star Ocena Radio so the person must at least know about it.Then there’s Mother. Nakamura jokes how Mother sounds like Souther from Hokuto no Ken. Then there’s Megami Tensei.
Ending. Nakamura mentions how recently he wants to buy OST of old games he played, but a lot of them became ultra expensive now. For now he asks Sugita to lent him some, since he has a lot and is a OST maniac. Nakamura esp wants the one for Machi, the game he talked about some episodes ago, and the OST for the PS1 version of Kamaitachi no Yoru. Kajita says he’s currently looking for the OST of A Better Tomorrow but it actually doesn’t exist. Nakamura confirms. There’s an unofficial version but even that is very hard to find now. Nakamura says the film’s right holders should release one. (I didn’t know A Better Tomorrow is named “男たちの挽歌 “/”A funeral song for men” in Japanese. It’s one of my favorite movies as well. I’m really not a non anime movies person. I don’t know much HK movies besides this one and a few others. For american movies, I have no interest in them nowadas (I especially don’t watch any of the latest comics superhero movies). The only ones I like are those I’ve first seen as a kid like Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, etc. There are some Bollywood movies I like too.)

128 June 13 2018

Talking about E3. They recorded before it happened but they guessed right that there was a fallout and elders scrolls announcement. They say there prolly will be a new PV for Desu sto(death stranding). Also maybe FF7 remake info. Nakamura says maybe they’ll announce the release date. Kajita says wanna bet, so Nakamua bets that they won’t. But Kajita bets that they won’t either, so it’s not a bet. They say it’ll probably release in 2019 or 2020 winter. its hard to guess since we have zero info. When the 1st pv reveal was out, the way everyone was excited at E3 venue motivated squeenix too. And how stuff like that is important because it gives the game developers motivation too. The Tekken staff was supper happy too when they saw the crowd’s reaction of Geese in Tekken surprise reveal.  Usually when there’s surprise announcement like that in Japanese events, japanese fans are less responsive than non-japanese. Like, they go wooo waaah but not as much as americans. It’s like how a lot of non japanese people tend to do handshake patterns, americans do that a lot too. For exemple, the classic handshake >brofist> hug. They’d like to do that too but in Japan people will say you’re inconsiderate.
Kajita asks Nakamura if he’d like to go to E3 together next year. Nakamura:”yeah, except if it’s for work”.

127 June 6 2018

Kajita bought Dallas become Homosapiens & P35 dance but haven’t got to play them yet. Nakamura played Dallas, he said it’s interesting how you can’t redo choices you did. Kajita says he should just enjoy his first play through and not worry too much. its like Transcend Two Spirits which they both played as well. Nakamura says in his playthrough he managed to save everyone but the old man, and how there’s actually an ending where you can save everyone. THey both say how it’s really hard to save the old man because he gets attacked at a point where you’re too busy.  (Really surprised and kinda disappointed they like the Great Hokage’s games. It’s the first time my taste differ so much from them).
Nakamura says he recently replayed Machi too.Because he wanted to see some of the  endings. He had saves left so he just loaded them. He likes Takamie’s ending a lot , it’s really something. There’s a lot of seiyuu too. Seems Kajita played the game but haven’t seen that ending.
Nakamura hopes he’ll be in Game Center CX one day.
Nakamura says he’d like Bamco to make a new SRW once without announcing the series in so you can play it completely in the dark. Kajita says he’d like to try that too. You could try to do it artificially but not watching the PVs etc, but then they put all the robots on the package etc anyway… Also if they really did that, Nakamura says they ‘d have literally nothing to about to promote, so maybe they’d just keep talking about the OGs in extreme detail as filler during the PVs. Like “look, it has vulcans,!!! it does 2000 damage, has 4-5 range, has 20 ammo” and stuff Kajita says it’d be ultra boring.
They talk about what songs they’d like to hear while driving. Cobra’s OP. Also Cat Eye’s ending. Wingman.
Nakamura says he bought the BOTW OST, there’s a lot of peaceful songs. First time he drove, Nakamura listened to Hayami san stuff. And Yuuma kun.

SRO 126 May 30 2018

It’s episode 100(if you count from when the show was renamed to Anamnesis to fit the mobage I think)

They talk about how even Grandad Delusion did a Conan collab so maybe Star Ocean mobage should too. If they put in AmuP the game will get even more poplar since he’s super poplar ever since the 2018 movie came out.

SRO 125 May 23 2018

They talk about how there was a Star Ocean even IRL (Star Ocean Fes) but they record episodes in advance so when this episode released the event already happened, but for now they only got papers with a quick summary. They talk about how there’s often producers at these type of events who end up talking too much and say stuff they weren’t supposed to reveal yet. And it’s funny because 99% of the time the fans don’t realize/care but from a company side viewpoint it’s a huge problem and people already got into problems because of that.
Nakamura brought a Camaro designed coin case for Kajita. Because they were talking about that car the other day. He thought it was an ashtray at first. They start talking about cars again, and how Kajita will end up never buying one because the car with all the specifications he wants doesn’t exist. Nakamura mocks him saying he keeps using the radio show to talk about this and forever do entry level car driving discussion since he actually never tried driving. Actually Kajita used to have a bike, he has his bike license, but he broke the bike because he kept doing emergency brakes with the accel pedal or something . I dunno how bike works but basically he was told when learning that there’s no meaning to quick brake if you don’t accel enough so he was always focusing on accelerating instead of braking and one day he just accelerated and there was a wall and he forgot to brake & crashed in. The bike broke. He was unharmed though. Nakamura says he imagines it went like in a manga with the bike exploding but Kajita slowly walking out unscathed like Kenshiro walking at the start of hnk op1. Nakamura tells him to be careful when he learns how to drive and explain to him in the first place when driving if you do emergency braking without confirming behind or for no reason you fail the driving exam. When driing a car you need to drive in a way you don’t get into situations requiring emergency braking in the first place. Kajita says he’ll end up forgetting again, Nakamura doesn’t understand (me too) why he keeps thinking if you accel you’ll automatically forget about braking . Nakamura tells him you need to release the brake when pushing the accel, it’s not like bikes where you do everything with one pedal thing or whatever how bike works I dunno.

Talked about Twin Eclipse too and the Nakamura Kajita SD collab chars drawn by Bkub and the person who draw Kajita’s manga.

SRO 124 May 16 2018

Nakamura went to see avengers, it was fun. He dubbed one of the chars btw. he has a seiyuu friend who avoided scripts he’s not in on purpose so he doesn’t get spoiled. The security was pretty tight during the dubbing too so there’s no scripts etc that get leaked. the drama this time was was good, not just the action. Nakamura thinks avengers story wasn’t really good till then.If you compare to DC stuff, there’s always joker in batman, he’s a good villain, everyone likes Batman because of Joker, not because of Batman, and how Joker is the kind of villain that makes everyone think he’s bad and want to defeat him. This avenger movie is like that. And how Thanos has shitennou like villains helping him. one of the guys is from guardians of the galaxy, which was already a good villain in that. For the first time this avengers movie actually felt like SRW. Kajita and the staff laugh on how he didn’t think of it before, but Nakamura says there wasn’t that much chars before so that’s why. And for the first time it was as fun as a SRW like crossover.

This week’s update of SOA adds a “young” version of Meracle from SO4, she wears a school uniform. Kajita says how it makes her look like she’s from an eroge. Nakamura: “wow you read my mind”. Kajita says she might look like a character in something nakamura was in,probably a “kagi game” but then Nakamura actually says “kuranado”, so much for not saying other companies’names, but it’s not it. They remember its from a game Sugita was in instead. It’s “the one that’s not Air”, so they finally figure out it’s Kanon. It looks a lot like Kanon’s school uniform, especially the shoulder cape thing.

There’s a mail from somone saying they bought the wild guns remake on switch, asking if they know about the game, it was on snes. Mail sender  likes the remake a lot, so they ask what game would Nakamura and Kajita would like to see remade. Nakamura says this person doesn’t watch tokyo encounter as he did play that with sugita, the ps4 remake port. Kajita didn’t know about the game (wow really, 4Gamer should really hire me) so Nakamura explains to him how it was an action game with a lot of enemies. And you’d aim at them with a target while moving your character. And sometimes some would jump from the background with a 3D like effect like you’d often see in some old games.

Nakamura says Wild Gun is a Premier Game (In Japanese, that’s how they call games that are rare and which the price has flared up, didn’t know) like Metal Slader Glory. But then Metal Slader Glory got released on the Wii Virtual Console so if you’re not a collectionist and just wanna play the game, you could easily do so. So remakes are good for this. (I want to play Metal Slader Glory in Japanese while streaming one day.)  Kajita says he’s kinda young so most games he played when he was a kid are still easily accessible hardware wise. But he’d really like a remake of Bushido Blade (me too). It’s not the first time he talks about it too. They say technically the parent company of Bushido Blade is listening to them(Squaresoft is the one who publishedeBushido Blade) so they hope talking about it may make it happen. And then Kajita would like a remake/new Justice Gakuen too, especially the VN parts. He’d even like it if it was only a VN. (me too!!).

They start talking about stories in fighting games, and Nakamura mentions how recently he saw a niconico vid that talked about how Virtua Fighter’s Akira is the only fighting game main character that doesn’t really have a story. Nakamura really likes Virtua Fighter so he remembers it well(me too), and indeed, Akira’s story is “just wanna fight strong people”. Technically Ryu was that too at first but they added more and more story to him with the games, but Akira has always been just a guy who wanna fight, and he actually never won the virtua fighter tournament too. if he remembers correctly, Nakamura says Lau won the 1st game. 2 was one by Kage. Nakamura talks about how Dural is actually Kagemaru’s mom that was kidnapped and made into a killing machine (I remember this, was pretty shocked when I first heard it when I was a kid) and Kajita is shocked and says Kage is pretty much the MC instead. And in the next game his mom who now has a half mechanical body needs part of something so Kage attacks the Judgment 6 corporation who made her to get them, meanwhile Akira is “I wanna get stronger!!” while punching trees. that’s it. They all laugh a lot. Or how Jacky, the character Nakamura used all the time, his story in that game is how Sarah got kidnapped& brainwashed by the organization, so he’s like “im the only one who can save my sister” and he travels to find her. Meanwhile Akira is still punching tress saying ” I wanna get stronger!!!”. They ask what the hell the staff was thinking making Akira. In the end Nakamura says a lot of fighting games actually have really fun or interesting stories(I agree a lot) he says he likes Samurai Spirits ‘s story the most, most of SNK fighting games stories too, and how Mark of the Wolves ends in the middle of its story because SNK had problems in the 2000s so he’d like to see a sequel one day.

SRO 123 9 May 2018

Golden week is over. Kajita:”yeah serves you right guys!!”, they were both working.
Nakamura asks Kajita if during summer he ever had events like going to the pool with friends, going to the beach etc. He answers no, Nakamura says he almost never did either, his memory of it is reaching the point when it’s been so long he went to the beach he can’t remember when. Nakamura says he actually pretty much never saw girls in swimsuits, even now when he gets in stuff like best seiyuu rankings. Like for example you can go to an event with seiyuu, reporters, cosplayers etc, it’s rare there will be people actually in swimsuit. Kajita adds that even if there’s girls in swimsuits usually you’d just think it’s cosplay so he wouldn’t get excited. Kajita asks Nakamura if he wants to go to the beach together to see girls in swimsuits.
Some guy sent in a mail saying he likes Bumblebee in Transformer and bought the same car and painted it yellow, and how a lot of people recognize it going “wow it’s bumblebee!!!”. Nakamura mentions Aoi Yuuki likes Bumblebee a lot so she’d definitly like it, Kajita didn’t know about it and says he’s gonna do the same thing to try to make her notice him. Nakamura says maybe she will. But it’s gonna be hard for Kajita because he doesn’t like yellow cars that much.

SRO 122 2 May 2018

The dya this episode will air should be around golden week, so they start talking about it. Nakamura says he doesn’t actually know what celebration each day does fot golden week, and he works every time since subculture people like him work when other people rest, to entertain them. first mail is someone saying it’s been a while since they got the sensation a game is so good they can’t stop playing, but they think its not the game but themselves, maybe their stamina dropped, wondering if other people are like that too. they’re 31 now, and lat time they playeda game for long hours was when in uni, 22hours.  they’re sad about it. Nakamura and Kajita say they can’t really play continously anymore, only game Nakamura does play long hours is FF11. HE says everyone’s limit is probably 24h, since you’l get way too sleepy after that. Nakamura never did it though.
Nakamura saw a trailer for Rampage recently, and is really interested and really wanan see it, but he gets the feeling it’ll be one of those movies that actually turn to be bad, but good anyway.
someone sent in a mail saying they want a gash bell collab. SO they start talking about it, they both like it.

SRO 121

Nakamura ultra surprised saying he discovered in Google Map you can now see inside buildings. Like he accidentally clicked on top fo an izakaya and it actually showed the inside, could even see how the toilets look like too. They talk about how it’s maybe so people can plan their date and act cool as if they already know the restaurant they go to.
As they added Vashyron and Zephyr in the Star Ocean mobage, as Reanbell was already there, all the Resonance of Fate main characters are now in. THey joke how the game is more and more like a Tri Ace all star game.
Kajita who wants an auto car, gets scared of them because how they will go forward if you don’t brake at a red light, even not on a slide.
They talk about how Sugita snores when sleepin and how they both don’t. Kajita says recently he’s insomniac so even if he knows it’s not good he drinks alcohol right before sleeping, he really should stop though because its the kind of thing if you start you’ll never be able to sleep withtout. The previous night he slt chugging Strong Zero Plus he reeks of alcaohol when he wakes up and feels bad.
nakamura says it’s not rude if osmeone randomly at a restaurant or something recognize him and say he has a nice voice and thins its the same for most seiyuu.(unles they bother them obviously) but sometimes its weird because you can get said that without realizing the other person recognized you. unlike singers where it can feel rude if you tell them” your voice is nice” since they’re supposed to sound nice, nakamura says it’s not necessarily the case with seiyuu, plus each person has different tastes.

SRO 120 18 April 2018

When Kajita saw Nakamura drive he thought “Even I can get my license then”, Nakamura gets angry. The day he got his licence he gave Kajita a ride. The week he got it he did a lot of pointless travels to drive, did 600km in total. Kajita can’t get his license because he needs a car he wants to get motivated, and there’s noone. He wants something old fashioned but with nowadays convenience, and unlike with bikes, there’s nothing like that with cars.
Kajita doesn’t get why people don’t stop using manual. They ask one of the staff who says he likes to feel he’s in control. Nakamura says most people say that. Kajita says but yeah if you make 1 mistake you die. Nakamura explains you only stall when you stop or restart so its not dangerous.
Nakamura still had in mind that discussion from the other time: “sakurai san, kajita kun, ishikawa kaito kun, souma kun, if you call them that then why won’t you call me nakamura san too !!!!”. He says he actually doesn’t mind reading his name just written “Nakamura” but doesn’t want people to call him like that IRL. He says people also call Shimono Sugita and Namikawa without san too. Actually he did that too with Namikawa once, even though he’s an older seiyuu. He went “Hey it’s Namikawa” and Namikawa without getting angry was like “you mean Namikawa san right”, he’s really nice. Kajita says he teends to always call people with san just in case. There’s no one who gets angry when you use san anyway, except americans like Lotus.
Nakamura says there’s younger male seiyuu at his agency who call him Yuuichi san, probably to get mroe friendly with him, no one ever calls him that so it feels weird though. For example Nishiyama Koutaro does. Nakamura calls him Kouchan. Eguchi calls him Yuuichi san too. Suzaki too. Tatsumi too. Kajita never called Sugita “Tomokazu san”.  Nakamura says how they call Sugita “Jack” too. Kajita tells him that’s Takeuchi, his official singer name is Jack Westwood. But thinking about it Nakamura remembers it’s true they use to call Sugita “Jack” sometimes too, because he’s “amanojaku”. Sugita and Takeuchi are both Jack but in a different way. Kajita doesn’t care much about his name, like Nakamura, so he doesn’t mind being called either Mafia san, Kajita san, or Mafia Kajita san. But just don’t call him Mafia outside Japan. Once he was at USA Disneyland with someone and they asked to get their mickey hat signed with “Mafia” written on it. It became a situation and the staff went to ask the upper ups if it was possible, and they said no because having mafia written on a mickey thing could be bad. They probably thought he was playing a prank on them. In other places it went fine though, his hotel card was “mafia kajita” too. But at least Kajita is his real name. To be honest he never thought he would be a big game journalist enough to do overseas work one day, if he knew he may have picked a different pen name.
Someone sent in a mail on how they work at a printing company, they had just finished printing tons of pamphlets for a client to be delivered the next day and they got a call from the client saying there was an error and something needs to be changed, they had to work frantically. Nakamura Kajita say there must be al ot of stories like that, and it’s thanks to people working super hard like that there’s manga etc. Nakamura says how recently games don’t have notices anymore(was pretty disappointed when I received my copy of P5 JP and saw there was none) but that sometimes there where small paper slips saying “there’s an error at page xx”, there were many cases where they realized there’s an error too late.
Another mail is someone who almost got a home fire because of the eletrical heater. Nakamura says something similar happened to him in middle school, he went to sleep near the heater then woke up wondering there’s a weird smell and lot of white smoke. At first he thought it was his grandma’s ghost.  his futon was burning. His parents were in the room over so they noticed. They opened the window (2nd floor) and threw out the futon. Then they went otuside and put water in it to put it ouf. Kajita says Nakamura and his family are all quick witted people. They talk about how heaters are dangerous and you should never put inflammable stuff near. Kajita says Cats tends to almost burn too you shouldn’t let them near.
Nakamura started playing SRW X since he’s a huge fan of Wataru. It’s funny Wataru fits completly since SRW has its units in SD and Wataru is already SD. He syas he likes how Wataru has a lot of importance in the game. He says Nadia anime too. He hasn’t watched it yet though. Kajita says it’s funny to hear peiople’s impressions playing the game because a lot didn’t remember Nadia the girl was an annoying girl(I don’t find her annoying). Nakamura says when it was airing though he remembers his friends had anime magazines and Nadia was always first in mostpopular character, Kajita says it’s one of the mysteries of the show how people like her even though they find her annoying. Kajita says it’s probably because her design is sexy and perverts who only care about her body vote for her. Kajita says in suparobo too she says stuff like “i hate soldiers etc” Nakamura says he hasn’t reached that point yet. Nakamura says Nadia doesn’t do much for now, the nadia anime pilots are teh yatterman trio,  so nadia herself is like air. Kajita says she’ll probably do more later, he still haven’t finished the game either it seems though.

SRO 119

Nakamura got his driving license

SRO 116

Nakamura says he’s angry because he heard some people talk about seiyuu and they say “sakurai san”, “ono d” but when talking about him or sugita they just say “nakamura” or “sugita” without san. And they start talking about the different way of calling seiyuu people have.  And how you can’t call mafia kajita “mafia” in the street or something as it’ll be awkward. Also he talks how he was meeting up with someone once, and got there early so he went to a nearby shop to sit down. And turned out there was some otome related event near, so all the girls going there were at the café too, and he quickly realized he was a sheep in a den of wolves. He stayed calm though and was working on his notebook. It was some otome thing he didn’t have a role on too so he was lucky. He thought he shouldn’t get out immediately as it’ll seem weird and stand out.
Kajita says he doesn’t change key bidding when playing games. Usually nowadays its already configured to be the most convenient. For FPS it may be different though. Nakamura says he always change the camera settings, he always disable reverse camera control. Kajita does too. They say they can understand the logic behind it kinda, but dunno why it’s so popular and the default setting.
Nakmura says it’s actually mostly female fans who don’t add san or call people weirdly, male fans add san. Also some joke about how no one calls uchida maaya “maaya” but has a different nickname for her(dunno what). Also how a lot of older veteran  seiyuu, people just call them with their full names. No one calls ginga banjou san “ginga” or “ginga san”. Not “banjo” or “banjo san” either.

SRO 115

Nakamura talks about how nowadays when he takes an audition and looks up what the thing is, it often turns out to be an isekai, kajita explains to him how it’s super popular nowadays, all following the same base pattern, nakamura asks if it’s so popular because people want to escape reality, kajita says he thinks its more like a creative fad like samurai movies. Nakamura didn’t know rezero, which he played a role in, is an isekai too. kajita says its normal since it doesn’t follow the same pattern as the others, and it’s a “top class” isekai.  And pretty different.(Never watched/read rezero but I wonder if it’s as good everyone says.) Kajita asks him what’s the show he auditioned, nakamura says he can’t since it didn’t even get announced yet. He’ll tell him when it gets announced.

SRO 112 Kajita had no tv around 15 years ago, “watched” school rumble and gundam seed with only sound,he’d use a radio to catch tv waves. Of course he didn’t get anything, but it was fun.
About Ie Naki Ko, Kajita bought all the dvd of it when he was in elementary, Nakamura  watched it in elem too. That’s some great taste.

SRO 111
Nakamura recorded for pop team epic a long time ago so doesn’t remember much about it. Kajita asks why nakamura did one and sugita the other but nakumura counter asks if there’s supposed to be a logic behind it, insinuating there’s none anyway.
Nakamura recently realized the only way to get more time would be to stop playing games. He thinks there’s probably a lot of people who stopped playing games who thought like this. Like, someone tells them “play the new draque” and they’re like “yeah after after”, and end up never playing. But Nakamura says his heart will die if he stops playing games.

Forgot which ep
Nakamura talks about how he never really went to Disneyland, but 1st time he went, he thought the castle looked at lot like Sandoria’s in FF11, it was when he was just getting into the game. he would often tell people about this but no one ever agree so he haven’t for over ten years recently he told kato emiri and asakawa yuu, the other day when they were doing another ff11 anniversary stream, and they understood, 1st time someone ever agreed

Star Ocean Radio 105 (3Jan 2018)
Nakamura tells the tale of how he recently met Namikawa Daisuke, who told him he finally reached the true end in DQ11, except that he got spoiled about it right after the game got out, by Onosaka Masaya. And Namikawa, almost crying, was saying that the game was tons of fun anyway, but he wishes he didn’t get spoiled.
They also talk about a PC Engine game called Sadakichi Seven Hideyoshi no Ougon which Nakamura likes a lot so added it to my to do list. and the drama Code Name Mirage which a listener recommended in a mail. Both Nakamura and Kajita only knew it by name, it’s written by Sakura Taisen’s Hiroi Ouji so added it to my watchlist too

The artist posted the original pics on their twitter but too lazy to refind it. It might be on boorus.

On Dec 31 2017 there was another FF11 10th anniversary stream, with Nakamura Yuuchi , Kato Emiri and Asakawa Yuu. was a lot of fun. I forgot what but Nakamura also said something about Kojima Production so my guess is he voices a character in Death Stranding.

Star Ocean Radio 104/27 December 2017 (this is also in Umasugi Wave’s page)
Nakamura says the new SRW finally got announced and got Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru in it. He’s a super big fan of Wataru, and thinks the second season especially is a masterpiece. He’s very sad even though it finally got in a SRW, he’s not voicing any character in the game. Even though he was in the last 3 games. He also says while 00 movie was in the previous game, he didn’t do any recording for it and they reused lines (I haven’t played V but I guess this means all of Graham’s lines in it are recycled from Z3). They talk about how Nadia is in, Nakamura asks Kajita if it’s a good show to put in SRW as he’s never seen it. Kajita says that normally speaking it’s impossible,  and technically it’s not even a mecha anime. He explains Nadia doesn’t actually has a unit and it’s the submarine Nautilus fighting, and then there’s the trio ‘s mecha that will probably become an ally unit. Also, Kajita thinks it’s weird they didn’t put in eva together with it since they share a lot. Nakamura says King Gainer could go together too. He also says he thinks they can’t keep putting Eva while the last movie still isn’t out, they don’t have any material to work with. They used the 3 movies so much already it feels like they tried to see how many SRW they could do with them. Kajita tells him he should really watch Nadia. Nakamura says it aired when he just got in middle school but a lot of people were talking about it and it was pretty popular. This SRW X seems fun since you don’t know how they’ll handle these series. Wataru too technically is pretty peculiar. Nakamura hopes it’ll open the way for similar series, like Granzort. They think Granzort would fit more into SRW actually. Then he’d like more Yuusha series like Fighbird and Exkaiser. Nakamura jokes that if they get in they’ll have a hard time differentiating the side characters robots though, because they all look similar in each series. Kajita says there’s actually a novel of Raijinoh going on nowadays, he didn’t read it himself yet but apparently it’s about the main character‘s future self from high school possessing him. So basically he’s an adult in a child’s body. Nakamura says it’s pretty impressive they’re doing new yuusha stuff now, Kajita says there’s also Gaogaigar vs Betterman that released recently. Nakamura says it’s because the people who grow up with these series have money now so they get to do stuff with them. Anyway Nakamura hopes Wataru series 2 will be in the next SRW along with a character he voices. Kajita asks him which Wataru char he’d like to talk with. He says the “wari wari brothers”(actual name is the “Hanbunburugu Kyoudai, googled it.) Kajita knows about them too, Nakamura is surprised he knows about it, and asks if he also remembers their song. Kajita doesn’t, so Nakamura is super surprised he doesn’t. Kajita asks him if he does remember, and so Nakamura starts singing it: WASSHU WARI WARI WASSHU WARI WARI WASSHU WARI WARI DUWAA~. And it was Shimada Bin doing it. And how the boss wanted to share everything in half, and when they had a fish, if the subordinates cut it between head and tail he’d go “that’s not half!!!” and get super angry.
They joke how the Star Ocean mobage became a Valkyrie Profile game because VP collab that started has so many chars and also the story is fully voiced and also written by VP1 writer. Kajita played either VP 1 or 2, he doesn’t remember much, 1 released when he was in middle school.
As of this episode’s recording, Nakamura was well into chapter 4 of Xenoblade 2 and with 60h of playtime.

Star Ocean Radio 101, December 6th 2017
They end up talking about their dorm lives. Kajita was in a dorm in high school, it sucked. Nakamura was in a dorm during his time in a vocational school, when he was 18. Nakamura used to go to his classmate friend’s room all the time and play games till morning then go to classes, they were young and never felt tired. He had a 21 yo friend too, he was the only one who would drink during those nights, Nakamura wouldn’t drink back then since he doesn’t like it and since it’s not legal till your 20 anyway. Speaking of that they didn’t have the right to go to other rooms too, they were always hiding from the dorm chief. It was 2 people rooms, and checks were at 2200, so as soon as the check was over they’d go to other rooms. Sometimes it was students assuming the role of chief too, so if they got along with that person they could have him overlook stuff they did. Kajita says his dorm life was hell. And the people in charge actually checked the beds too to be sure it’s not dummies inside. And they couldn’t bring in stuff like games. And they were called by numbers instead of family names. Nakamura started wondering if Kajita isn’t pulling his leg, but he really insists it’s the truth, and how he stills remember his number: 000893 (893 also means yakuza). Nakamura thinks he was in a laboratory and experimented on instead. Also in Nakamura’s dorm, each room had a veranda/balcony like thing, but they were connected with no walls so everyone would use them to move between rooms. Also, everyone always ended up knowing it if someone brought a girl. Nakamura actually was alone in his room for a while because his roommate quit the school. Then when they were supposed to change rooms, there was another guy he got along with that also was alone in his room so the two of them got together.

?? November 2017, forgot which ep
Nakamura and Kajita in star ocean mobage radio were talking about how in fighting games especially as you get older you tend to get worse. Talking about that made them end up talking about marriage and family making etc, kajita asked nakamura why he doesn’t marry and he said he’s too engrossed in games. And how it can feel tough sometimes comparing yourself with others the same age. at the end nakamura said other working people around their age like salarymen are usually alreayd married, and having discussions like “what kinda house we’re gonna buy since we’ll have kids soon”, while him and kajita’s discussions are like “wow symphogear so cool!!”.  but there’s a few who aren’t married or having discussions like that too. He said most seiyuu managers, including his, aren’t married so by comparing himself to him he thinks he’s still ok.

??November 2017, forgot which ep

Question someone sent in,  a 3rd year of high school: “I’m about to pass an interview in november to get in university. please tell me your experiences about part time jobs interviews and such.”
Nakamura: “whoops isn’t it too late to answer? ”
kajita: “they do interviews to get into uni now?”
nakamura”I dunno, the sender said so, so I guess so. I never went to uni”
kajita:”me neither”
kajita says he did two interviews when he was starting out that he remembers well. He definitely can’t talk about one of them though. Nakamura starts being super curious about it but Kajita doesn’t say what it was. The other one was when he applied to become a writer at At the time of that interview kajita was 19, it was like one of his first interviews, plus it was for a game site so he thought like whatever and went there wearing a jersey. He did get hired though.
As for Nakamura, when he was younger he wasn’t living in Tokyo, and there are almost no part-time job offers outside Tokyo. so when he was looking for one back then, he just called the company asking “can your hire me plz”. was a supermarket.
Supermarket: “Sure we’ll give you an interview, oh but we only hire people in university”
Nakamura, still in high school: “Yes sure I’m a university student no problem” and he went to the interview with a fake resume. He was in 1st year of high school. He actually passed the interview and got called back they told him ” you’ll need to bring your student ID” and Nakamura panicked and he ended up explaining it to his dad. His dad called the supermarket to explain, talking with the boss “my son lied to you I am sorry, he’s actually still in hs “etc and supermarket boss went like”hmm well whatever, it’s ok we’ll take him anyway. it looked fine in the interview too, im sure he’ll do well”
Nakamura kept working there until when he moved to tokyo and was starting to be a seiyuu. When he told them he’s gonna quit as he’s moving to Tokyo, boss was very sad and asked him if he wants to become full time&on a higher position.
Nakamura: “if I stayed there maybe I’d be the boss now”.

SRO96 nov 2017

Lately Kajita is playing the PSVR version of “Yuusha no kuse ni namaika da”. He likes it a lot, especially the demon lord’s daughter. when he tells Nakamura she’s voiced by Koshimizu, he panics haha. iirc They talk about how sometimes it’s better to not know who voiced a char so you don’t think about their past chars (I agree it can be good, especially with the typecasting going on nowadays)

Forgot which episode:
Sugita really likes the glasses uniform Reimi they added in the SO mobage and was asking Nakamura when will she come to his house to comfort him.

SRO95 october 25 2017

Nakamura saying he’s rereading HnK. he finds it really fun how a lot of manga back then like HnK and Saint Seiya had sudden changes in background I don’t mind it either, and while I don’t like all of these, most of the time its fun and imo not really bad writing, they just didn’t care.  and he cites like how Mamiya at first didn’t have Yudas’ slave tattoo but then later she does, and how fast Yuda changes heart but then again he actually liked Rei from the start etc and how fun it is but actually good. He also mentions how the story was supposed to end after Raoh hence why lot of things after that are weird. The usual stuff in an otaku discussion about hnk. And despite all the weird stuff and changes, in the end its actually still good. I wish I was friends with Nakamura. He doesnt drink too afaik.

Star Radio Ocean Anamnesis 92, 4Oct2017
a woman sent in a mail saying her name is tomoki so a lot of people mistake her for a man before meeting her, and she asked if nakamura and kajita ever got into misunderstandings because of their appearance. nakamura said when he was in middle school some high school kids he got into a argument him asked him”which high school are you from bastard?” thinking he was a hs student. Kajita says he met Koshiro Yuzo for the 1st time recently,and Koshiro san thought he was around the same age as him,while Kajita is like around 20 years younger than Koshiro Yuzo,Kajita was also surprised how young Koshiro san looks. Koshiro Yuzo tweeted about their meeting.

one of the mails in this week’s ep “when in middle school I used to play FF7 and really loved Cloud, so I named Yuffie after me, I’d replay the game tons of time to redo the raid and the date, because Yufie is the only girl where in the event she kisses Cloud”.  she replayed the game at least 7 times because it was always tifa during the event, and the 7th time she played it she managed to get yuffi/her and she cried. nakamura and kajita saying it was hard to raise yufiie’s points depending on when you got her, and also how she and vincent are the chars you can never recruit and how they’re not in the ending lol. and she wrote she once said it to a friend, she looked at her with cold eyes replying”its the 1st time i hear someone enjoyed ff7 like that so now she avoids telling this story to others and she still likes cloud nakamura says it happened often to him too to fall in love with a game chara kajita too. after thinking a lot about it kajita says one of the first game chars he liked is yufie actually, nakamura starts teasing him, asking if he called cloud “kajita strife”. nakamura says when he 1st started be conscious of girls he was only playing games without characters so it didn’t happen much at 1st, and that he played figthing games a bit t oo and says the first one he liked is shiranui mai.

I think it was in 90 or in the ones between 90-87. Nakamura said how he likes kekkon dekinai otoko and Abe Hiroshi. Abe Hiroshi is my fav japanese actor and I really like that drama as well.
Nakamura talked about ff14(he still plays ff11 too), that he feels as a 37 years old still playing mmos, the time he can stay concentrated is decreasing. he thinksits the same for a lot of players he knows too, though he doesn’t know their age. It’s players he knows since “ff14 end content started around 3 years ago”.  also he was using the same controller for years so things like left stick didn’t work properly anymore(ps2 one I think). one day while waiting with other players in front of a boss or something, he said “brb going to toilet”. when he came back everyone was fighting the boss beacuse his char moved by itself toward the boss and if 1 person triggers the boss fight everyone needs to join in anyway so then he bought a new one also he often fall asleep while playing.

?? one of the eps in sept 2017. Talking about the Death Note Netflix, Nakamura said it was fun.  Kajita didn’t watch it yet. Nakamura said the guy doing Ryuk looks more like a shinigami IRL than with the CG to make him look like Ryuk.

87 August 30 2017
Nakamura and Kajita talked about DQ11, said a lot of interesting things regarding the game’s story and ending relation with past games. I never played DQ so I didn’t get it. I wanna resliten to this one day. You should definitly listen tot his ep if you’re a DQ fan.

SRO 83
Nakamura saying he’s really bad at taped auditions. As in when seiyuu agencies receive a script for a future work and any seiyuu can pick it up, record and sent it back.

SRO 82 July 26 2017
Nakamura is playing FF12 HD port and Splatoon 2 these days, likes them a lot.He actually didn’t play Splatoon 1.

SRO 77
As of June 21 2017, Nakamura hasn’t seen Kemono Friends, (me neither)

SRO 74
at the end of this ep Nakamura says he’s working on something new with Sugita and some producer and it should be announced soon. It’s probably out by now, dunno what it was though.

SRO 73 (May 24 2017)

around 22:50 Nakamura talks about how he was at some event/recording during GBF with Mitsuishi san and other seiyuus. And since she’s a big veteran everyone was intimidated and didn’t talk to her, so he felt bad for her and went to chat with her. They chatted for a long time because it’s been a while since they voiced some main characters in the same show and haven’t seen each other in a while. Then they randomly started talking about Eva, and Nakamura blurted out “oh yeah I was 15 when I watched that”. and he thinks he accidentally “damaged” Mitsuishi a little bit as that was indirectly saying “wow you’re old” so then he decided to retreat. And like a boomerang, the same thing happened to Nakamura later: he’s currently in Atom the Beginning, and the guy voicing Atom(Inoue Yuuki) is 22. One day when eating together, he told Nakamura he’s a fan of him and Oreimo, saying he saw the show when he was in middle school. even if he said that without any weird meaning, it slightly damaged him too, and now he know how Mitsuishi san must’ve felt back then. Yeah, the Oreimo anime was 7 years ago… (I didn’t watch it though. Also I’m starting to feel the same when I see otaku who don’t know about shows I consider recent like Code Geass (which is actually ten years old) or how French otakus nowadays don’t know the “Cyril merci pour Nadia” meme anymore.
Forgot if it was in that ep or not, Nakamura was also talking how there’s people who are adults now who saw Macross Frontier when they were middle schoolers at most, and one such female seiyuu talked to him about it.

forgot which ep 
it was but Nakamura was saying it’s hard for him to go out with Sugita & others friends because his face is too recognizable. they can’t go incognito with him in the group. There’s also how he has a really busy schedule.

On May 13 2017
there was a live stream for FF11’s anniversary with Nakamura, Asakawa Yuu and Kato Emiri. Watched it as all 3 are among my favorite seiyuu. For some reason everyone laughed in the chat when Nakamura said he used to go on 2ch threads for FF11 info and how it was the best source at some point. Some said “I knew it!!” too . Maybe you’re not supposed to admit you go there if you’re someone in showbiz?

In some old radio show episode (I think between 2010-2015) Nakamura once said he never saw ccs or nadia, I hope he fixed that since then.

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