SRW Radio Umasugi Wave translations

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Umasugi Wave is Super Robot Wars/Taisen’s web radio show. The current hosts are Sugita Tomokazu, Aizawa Mai, Endoh Masaki and Terada Takanobu, one of the producers of the SRT series. The show is more than ten years old and started on January 2007, a bit after the SRW Divine Wars anime aired.

This page is a compilation of non exhaustive summaries I make when listening to each episode, to remember some of the interesting or fun moments. I thought I’d share the fun instead of keeping it for myself. Most stuff isn’t proofread and written in a very crude way.
I have all episodes archived starting 526. Some episodes are also on Niconico, like the one when they talked about Mizutani Yuko after she passed away.

The show goes on like this: it start with the opening quizz, sent in by a listener. Most of the time it’s a question about SRT trivia or mecha anime trivia.
After that there’s 3 corners:
First they read mail from listeners. That’s when they talk about anecdotes on seiyuus, SRT’s games development, anime,etc.
Second corner is Nekketsu Robot Academy: News about events and gachas in Super Robot Wars Cross Omega, the SRT mobage. Aizawa Mai acts as “Newbie Robot Moimoi” who meets various people at school, all acted by Sugita. Sugita think up his sketches in advance for this corner. Sometimes he also imitates famous characters, like Char or Cell. Sugita is really good at imitating other voice actors. At the end of the segment, Sugita asks a question about Cross Omega to Aizawa Mai. She picks either easy or hard and try to answer. She gets reward points if she get it right, and penalty points if she’s wrong.
Third and last corner is Endoh Masaki’s Kaenson: Each month, a mecha anime song is picked along with a theme. Listeners send in lyrics for the song based around the theme, and Endoh sings the ones the staff picked.
Then it’s the end segment, with Aizawa Mai trying to figure out the answer to the opening quizz. She knows a lot about mecha anime and usually figures it out,sometimes thanks to hints given by the others.

At the end of this page, there’s also random things about Sugita or other seiyuus, mostly stuff I heard in other radio shows.

Morisoba=Aizawa Mai
Kamisama= Terada
Greenriver=Midorikawa Hikaru

578 30 January 2018

Was recorded right after they ate the nabe since they always record at least 2 eps together. Was fun but they haven’t said anything worth writing down.

577 23 January 2018

The opening quiz is “what does Wataru says at the end of each episode preview in the Wataru anime? “. Sugita says that the sentence is actually said by Kazuki in Kinpri2.  When he watched it in cinema it seems he’s the only one who got it. The phrase is “ハッキシいって、おもしろカッコいいぜ! / hakki shitte, omoshiro kakkoiizee!”. Morisoba watched Wataru so she said it right away when having to answer at the end.
During this episode they all prepared and ate a nabe pot together, that’s the reward Morisoba wanted.
JAM project will do the OP and ED for SRW X. The OP is called “hagane no warriors”.

576 16 January 2018

Nothing worth mentioning

575 9 January 2018
Morisoba haven’t seen Dendoh. Terada wishes there was a robot damashi of full armor dendoh.
Terada says “train robots are nice(referencing Shinkalion probably) it’d be nice if it appeared in a SRW with Might Gaine”
One of the mails was from korea, so they talk how it’s nice more and more people are enjoying the games outside Japan. Sugita says there’s a mobage with a Korean version he can’t say the name of since it’s a different company where he voices a char, and ofc in the Korean version it’s someone else voicing this char, and there’s someone who was telling him the Korean version voice was way cooler and sounds like Kamiya Hiroshi, and Kamiya was there too and comforted him while laughing.
One of the kaensong someone sent is how they thought Orguss 2 would be in Tengoku. Terada actually wanted to put Orguss 2 in Z3 but couldn’t. Sugita also says people need to stop thinking just because series X is in means Y will definitely be in too, and it’s not that simple. And that “thinking Orguss 2 would be in Z3 because Orguss was in is like thinking Gundam X will be in SRW X because of the name.”

574 2 January 2018
Outsuka Akio (Nemo) was very hyped when recording for X.
SRW X first stage is in a forest like place where Wataru “falls”. I never watched it so I dunno if he just means falling falling or sliding from Another Dimension. Probably just falling normally from some high place.

573 26 Dec 2017
Morisoba never watched Brain Powered. Sugita say it’s an amazing show “in various ways”. Terada says Jonathan is a pretty eccentric character and also has a pretty famous line including the word “mother”.
Terada says “I wonder if Wataru’s the last series included in SRW X”, surprising everyone
(I don’t think he’d joke about this. I don’t know if it’s actually possible there’s an additional series in the game that they didn’t show in the PV, because I don’t know if they have the right to not list it in the copyrights list. I don’t think they ever showed additional series in PV2 or 3 too. Best guess would be a series added through DLC? Really excited either way. Just imagine yourself playing X and Escaflowne suddenly appears.)
They each talk about their way of relieving stress. Terada says it’s mecha toys. Morisoba says she eats a lot of fried foods and like fried cooking a lot.
Sugita got a very big Card Captor Sakura figure from some people for his birthday. And a very big Scopedog from Nakamura. Not sure if he was talking about his 2017 bday or in the past though.
In Gundam VS Battle and Arena games there’s a kill count counter or something? Someone sent a mail asking Terada if it has any uses, he says no, its just something to look at and be happy how many kills your character has.
During that recording, the show’s director, someone called Nishihara, wasn’t there and someone else was replacing him.

On Jan7 2018, SRW official twitter said that Bellri is in the first stage of X. I think he’ll be in a Recten or something else than G-self though. Or else they would have said “Bellri in G-Self”. Maybe I’m thinking too much. The following day they also said the Coupling System in Buddy Complex’s main character’s mecha will be in the game.

Terada talking about SRT X on a 29th December 2017 blogpost

If I understood correctly Terada says “SRW X” was actually the temporary  codename for SRW X, they called it like that because of the X in X-Omega, but in the end they decided to not change it and keep the X. He says it’s similar to the “Daizengar phenomenon”, as in how they found the name daizengar, I dunno what he means though since i didn’t follow srw news back when alpha 3 released. He wrote there’s many reasons like that behind the X name, one reason is that it was easy to remember for the staff.  Another reason is that it’s the game after V, so while their stories will be unrelated and won’t necessarily be similar, it’s like a V2, and if you put in two V together, you get an X. Lastly, he says the world of Al-Warth/whatever you want to spell it, isn’t a 100% original world they made, but was made using elements from the series in the castlist. I guess this means some series will originally be from Al-Warth. Maybe Dunbine will be in Al-Warth instead of Byston Well.

The official SRW Twitter revealed the 31st that the first unit you get in SRW X is Wataru in Ryuujinmaru, so it’s possible Wataru setting is switched to Al-Warth.

Star Ocean Radio 104/27 December 2017
Nakamura says the new SRW finally got announced and got Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru in it. He’s a super big fan of Wataru, and thinks the second series especially is a masterpiece. He’s very sad even thought it finally got in a SRW, he’s not voicing any character in the game. Even though he was in the last 3 games. He also says while 00 movie was in the previous game, he didn’t do any recording for it and they reused lines (I haven’t played V but I guess this means all of Graham’s lines in it are recycled from Z3). They talk about how Nadia is in, Nakamura asks Kajita if it’s a good show to put in SRW as he’s never seen it. Kajita says that normally speaking it’s impossible,  and technically it’s not even a mecha anime. He explains Nadia doesn’t actually has a unit and it’s the submarine Nautilus fighting,  and then there’s the trio ‘s mecha that will probably become an ally unit. Also Kajita thinks it’s weird they didn’t put in eva together with it since they share a lot. Nakamura says King Gainer could go together too. He also says he thinks they can’t keep putting Eva while the last movie still isn’t out, they don’t have any material to work with. They used the 3 movies so much already it feels like they tried to see how many SRW they could do with them. Kajita tells him he should really watch Nadia. Nakamura says it aired when he just got in middle school but a lot of people were talking about it and it was pretty popular. This SRW X seems fun since you don’t know how they’ll handle these series. Wataru too technically is pretty peculiar. Nakamura hopes it’ll open the way for similar series, like Granzort. They think Granzort would fit more into SRW actually. Then he’d like more Yuusha series like Fighbird and Exkaiser. Nakamura jokes that if they get in they’ll have a hard time differentiating the side characters robots though, because they all look similar in each series. Kajita says there’s actually a novel of Raijinoh going on nowadays , he didn’t read it himself yet but apparently it’s about  the main character‘s future self from high school possessing him. So basically he’s an adult in a child’s body. Nakamura says it’s pretty impressive they’re doing new yuusha stuff now, Kajita says there’s also Gaogaigar vs Betterman that released recently. Nakamura says it’s because the people who grow up with these series have money now so they get to do stuff with them. Anyway Nakamura hopes Wataru series 2 will be in the next SRW along with a character he voices. Kajita asks him which Wataru char he’d like to talk with. He says the “wari wari brothers”(actual name is the “Hanbunburugu Kyoudai, googled it.) Kajita knows about them too, Nakamura is surprised he knows about it, and asks if he also remembers their song. Kajita doesn’t, so Nakamura is super surprised he doesn’t. Kajita asks him if he does remember, and so Nakamura starts singing it: WASSHU WARI WARI WASSHU WARI WARI WASSHU WARI WARI DUWAA~. And it was Shimada Bin doing it. And how the boss wanted to share everything in half, and when they had a fish, if the subordinates cut it between head and tail he’d go “that’s not half!!!” and get super angry.
They joke how the Star Ocean mobage became a Valkyrie Profile game because VP collab that started has so many chars and also the story is fully voiced and also written by VP1 writer. Kajita played either VP 1 or 2, he doesn’t remember much, 1 released when he was in middle school.
As of this episode’s recording, Nakamura was well into chapter 4 of Xenoblade 2 and with 60h of playtime.

572, 19 December 2017

1640 One day, Sugita heard Hayami (Saori) likes the TV series Aibou. Since he was planning to watch it anyway, he decided to get into it to get a conversation topic with her.  Then he wanted to ask her to go with him see one of the Aibou movie, but when he brought it up she started talking about it non stop and knew much more than him and said everything about the series, so much that he was at a loss for words and wasn’t able to invite her. He thinks that’s actually on purpose and her secret technique to avoid being invited over that. So then he went to watch it alone, was at Shinjuku Piccadilly and his premium seat felt very spacious as no one was sitting with him, and he felt he should’ve invited Kedouin(Makoto, Corpse Party author and his friend always on Anigera). Also there were only couples so it felt even more awkward and he felt like he was heavily judged for hoarding a premium seat alone.  The Aibo movies are super good btw and he bought the dvds.
Morisoba didn’t watch Rinne no Lagrange yet.
Sugita barely ever goes to karaoke and don’t like it much.

571, 12 December 2017, one day after SRW X announcement

When they added Idolmaster Xenoglossia in Cross Omega, Morisoba watched it. Sugita watched it when it aired.

They talk about SRW X just got announced. Since they record episodes at least 2 weeks in advance, this means Aizawa Mai, Endoh Masaki and Sugita already knew about SRW X for a while. Terada says they chose the name X for a particular meaning so please don’t say “it’s called X but this or that series in!!”. Terada goes over the series list, announcing it to them. When citing F91 he says Tobia and Seabook will both appear. Then he goes over the new series for SRW: G Reco, Buddycon, Nadia, Wataru. Sugita is happy about Buddy Complex, plus he appears in it. They’re pretty surprised when they hear about Nadia. Morisoba is pretty happy about Wataru. And he says they put in Cybuster because people were happy about Huckebein and Grungust in V. But its only Cybuster Masaki Kuro Shiro, Granzon or others won’t appear. And lastly he tells them how there’s the original Mazinkaiser made in SRW, not the OVA one. One of the ways to differentiate them is that OG Mazinkaizer has no spikes on its chest, there’s no sword coming out of it.
Sugita already voiced his character(s)’s lines for the game, so even before they recorded this episode he already knew for a while Buddy Complex would get in a future SRW. He’s Lee Conrad, a pilot in Buddy Complex. Terada says he’s not an unit though, so he’s not playable. I haven’t watched Buddy Complex but I guess this means he’s summoned as part of an attack. Sugita was pretty hyped when he heard Buddycon would get in, and is looking forward to how they’ll handle the difficult time travel story. Terada seems to say something important about the battleship in Buddycon but can’t understand what.
Ryuujinmaru and the Wataru units in SRW X aren’t in SD but real size since they’re already small. They already recorded all the lines for Wataru characters too, and it was nice working with so many veteran voice actors.
Likethey  said during the announcement stream, the game has a similar atmosphere to EX as all the series get thrown into another world.
When recording the Buddy Complex lines, Matsuoka Yoshitsugu(Aoba) was really hyped according to Sugita, he likes Suparobo a lot.
There’s at least 3 confirmed characters voiced by Greenriver: Masaki, Joe and Heero. And Akabane Kenji’s Kouji is riding OG Mazinkaizer. Terada says you’ll be able to see it in the PV. Well, normally, as they were actually still making the PV when they recorded this.
Lastly Terada says again that similar to V which didn’t have V things, please don’t say “yeah it‘s called X but there’s no “insert anime with X”, and that they actually have a lot of trouble choosing the names.

December 12, the day this episode aired, is Kuwashima Houko’s birthday. She’s one of the big senpai at Morisoba and Sugita’s company Aoni Production. Morisoba likes her a lot.

This is the first time they’re doing the info corner after the SRW X announcement, so part of it was live this time instead of a recording, with Morisoba advertising the game and Sugita randomly screaming EEEEKUSU and random comments.

530-570 placeholder

530, 28 feb 2017, The Morisoba Wave 2 that should have happened last week.: in which aizawa mai talks about what inspired her to become a voice actor, and kanda akemi speaks of her time training to become one)

Morisoba explains how two weeks ago she got 10 reward points, so now she gets to do what she wants with the show. Like last time, she’s alone in the recording booth and Endoh,Sugita and Terada are outside. She can call each one of them once for 3m max into the booth.
To help Morisoba, Kanda Akemi is there again. (so yeah they did actually record 528 and 529 at the same time)
Kanda says she remembers her producer told her she might have to do the radio show with Aizawa alone, she didn’t know it meant this.
First mail is from a girl who just turned 20:
She recently discovered Umasugi Wave and really likes it,wishing she heard about the show sooner. She asks what did they have in mind when they were 20, and if there’s something they’d like to tell their 20yo self.
Morisoba starts to feel really feels nostalgic. There was a time when she shut herself in for at least a month, and was playing Tokimeki Memorial 2. (Morisoba was worried whether it was ok or not to say another company’s game name, she says “tokimeki” then Kanda completes “memorial”. Tokimemo 2 was released in 1999, Aizawa Mai was 18-19 yo) Morisoba mentions how Kanda was in Tokimeki Memorial 3.(it was in 2001, one of her first main roles) Morisoba says she had few friends and stayed home a lot, and while it’s a dating sim game where the goal is to date a girl, it can also be took as a befriending game, and she thought the game was fun and as if she made friends. She was especially moved about the voice acting and thought about how it must be an amazing job. That’s how she decided to try becoming one. Kanda says at the time she was still in training at Aoni’s school, she was an uncute student and didn’t have much friends, she thinks she was hated. Whenever people said “let’s go hang out or practice after school” she would always decline as she had to go to a part time job. Kanda san is good at Japanese Traditional Dance so Morisoba thought she was an honor student  back at school. She did practice it a lot,  but was actually asocial. It wasn’t voluntarily though; she needed money to pay the tuition fees, so she was continuously training alone or working part time jobs. She would always decline invitations,without explaining why, so other students started thinking she was avoiding them. Morisoba says she actually was the same, she would never stay afterschool or train with others because she had very low endurance and her body would start hurting all over if she pushed herself just a bit.
Kanda got a cat called Ryo, Morisoba has one called Tabi.
Morisoba already watched Dunbine.
Morisoba is the one who thought up the opening quiz, and Sugita, Endoh and Terada had to answer at the end when they came back. Question was, what was the extremely rude thing she said to Kanda Akemi and Nonaka Ai when she was invited around ten years ago on a certain radio show they were hosting. They try out different things like “which one of you is the radio show’s barker?”. In the end, the answer was “you two are like two broken things put together to make them work again” (二個一 )

529, 21 february 2017 guest is Kanda Akemi

They talk about how SRT V is releasing in English at the same time as in Japan. Chitose’s seiyuu, Kanda Akemi, is this episode’s guest.  Sugita says maybe if they do a SRW V2 one day,  a mecha called MeKanda Robo will appear. Kanda runs with the joke and introduce herself as the voice of Mekanda Robo. It’s her 1st time on the show.
Each of the radios’ MCs talk about the first time they met her:
Sugita and Morisoba already met her multiple times for work. Sugita says he once met Kanda and (Yuki) “Kaji kun” multiple times in the same week and started mixing them up. Kanda herself thinks her face looks similar to Yuki Kaji’s.
Kanda says she actually met Endoh once when she was interviewing JAM Poject for a radio show she used to do in Nagoya. He answers when he’s working as part of JAM Project, there’s the others as well so he doesn’t talk much during interviews, so he’s sorry he doesn’t remember. Now that he thinks about it, she did seem familiar.
Morisoba first met Kanda during her debut role which was Natsume in Negima. Kanda, who voiced Negi, taught her&helped her a lot. Kanda says she was surprised when she first met Mai chan, because she has a beautiful adult face so she was imagining her like a tall mature lady but turns out she’s super small. Morisoba says she’s 1m45. Kanda also especially likes how unlike most of her characters, Morisoba has a gloomy, realistic side. Sugita says he likes that about Kanda too, how she voices a lot of characters who are always happy like Nanako in Persona 4 but then IRL she’s gloomy. Since Sugita sounded like an M saying this, Endoh asks Kanda if she’s more of an S or an M.  She says she’s a pretty gloomy person too. They all say they’re more or less like that actually; they don’t speak much outside work.
Terada says he actually met her already for Crush Gear Turbo on its radio show, as JAM Project did one of the OPs, hence how Kanda and Endoh met. Was soon after her debut. Sugita starts imitating Fujine Sadayoshi, Crush Gear Turbo’s sound director, and how he would always say “you need to CRUSH”, “things need to CRUSH fast” and how he’d always say “CRUSH”.
Endoh asks Kanda if she knew about Umasugi Wave before today, turns out she didn’t. It’s not like she asked her company to contact them to be a guest. She says she just got told she’ll participate in a radio show with Endoh Sugita Aizawa to promote SRW V. They say it’s kind of sad no one knows about this radio show despite it going on for more than ten years. Sugita says probably everyone thinks of Umasugi as “that weird boring long radio going on from years “ (most anime/game etc related radio shows nowadays are around 25min long, most Umasugi episodes are at least 40minutes)  Sugita mentions Kanda was in UX as SD Gundam Sangokuden’s Son Shoko.
Next, they talk about Chitose’s profile. Her full name is Kisaragi Chitose. Sugita says her name almost went past the limit by a few letters (implying she was almost called the same as Kisaragi Chihaya from idolmaster.) Sugita asks why Chitose’s dressed lightly like that. Terada says it’s the designer’s preferences. And she has knee protectors to prevent injuries when getting thrown around in the cockpit. It’s not something you see often, so they thought they’d do it. Morisoba makes a lot of mistakes reading Chitose’s profile, so they start teasing her about how she’s nervous because Kanda, her senpai from same company, is there. (Kanda, Sugita and Morisoba are all in Aoni)
They talk about the recording. Kanda says she already heard dubbing for SRW can be difficult, but she didn’t think it’d be this hard, it was the first time she felt dizzy because of voicing. To the point it felt as if it was summer when they dubbed, while it wasn’t, and studios usually feel breezy. You feel really hot if you shout too much. She’s usually always energetic and don’t care much about breaks but during Chitose dubbing she was the one asking for more breaks. Terada says she actually did a really good job though, and took less time than the others to record all her lines. He was also surprised how good she is for shouting lines. Kanda says she didn’t have much roles of fighting characters in the past, she mostly did characters who encourage the ones fighting. She thinks it was the first time she voiced a mecha pilot, though technically she was a robot in SD Gundam. She says one of the hardest things is as you shout a lot, sometimes you end up shouting for lines you were supposed to speak normally, she did that mistake a lot. It took her two days to record it all. Lastly, at times she didn’t know how to read proper nouns in katakana after seeing them too much.
Nekketsu Robot Academy is skipped for now. Morisoba is surpsised, Sugita is the one who did the transition, he skips straight to the info corner.
Kaen Song corner
They start asking Kanda how they should ask her. She says “kanda san”. They think it doesn’t feel friendly enough, so Sugita says “Kandata san”. This one isn’t good either. Then she says some people call her “Kanchi” so they go with that, Sugita says something that gets censored twice.(you can easily guess what it was if you’ve been a anime fan for a few years)
They explain to Kanda how this month’s Kaen Song is the radioshow theme song’s “Uma Project”, how it’s a song they all made together, etc. Sugita corrects Endoh, saying Endoh’s the one who handled everything and they just sang “aaaaaaaah” during the recording.
1st kaensong  was pretty funny. Turned out to be a lolicon saying how much he likes Shine. He wrote in his message “its nice seeing Shine live in peaceful times but please give her more screentime next game.”
Endoh song he sings this week is “on your mark get set go”. Morisoba actually asks what this means. Turns out both she and Kanda never got that’s what they say at the start of running races.
Sugita says she could have known it from Battle Athletes Daiundokai for example, and how he’d always look at Akari’s butt when they start a race.
(Kanda is leaving now, then Nekketsu Robot Academy  starts, seems they recorded it without her that’s why they skipped it earlier.)
Nekketsu Robot Academy: Sugita acts as “Mister Serval Tiger from Guchari Park”. He screams so loud at first Morisoba tells him he might damage the equipment. He starts screaming tanoshiiiiiii and sugoiiii to what morisoba says, doing jokes mixing Kemono Friends and Zoids, haven’t wachted both so didn’t get them all. They don’t name them directly for copyright reasons, so he always say a different thing-friends.not wearing panties-friends, easy to forget-friends, etc. At one point Sugita says “Strike Lazer Claw” (pobably a zoids thing) and that it’s ok to say that IP name since it did appear in SRW once(OE).
Sugita says “sugoiii”,”tanoshiii”, “kimi wa nari nari no friends” is the three rules of Kemono Friends (I guess serval says that every ep). And real reason why the corner got delayed is because Sugita usually think of the sketch beforehand, which character he’ll do(Leonidas san, Cell, etc etc)but today it was supposed to be Morisoba Wave, so he didn’t prepare a sketch. Morisoba says it’s amazing how it was this fun despite being improvisation. He always watch Kemono Friends on Niconico during his commuting time so that’s why he got the idea.
At the end, they advertise the live stream that was scheduled on fev22 2017, with Hiyama and Akabane Kenji(just a note for myself to remember). Terada says when Midorika was there last time, when they were leaving the studio he told him he really likes the show and how carefree it is.

528, 14 february 2017, Green River is still there:

1st mail is someone saying they’re currently speculating about SRW V’s plot as it gets released in a week. For example when Z2 Hakai hen was announced they were thinking about how they’ll handle TTGL, now they think how they’ll handle Might Gaine plot. They ask if the show’s MCs ever thought of stuff like that. Sugita says he thought Might Gaine would get in a SRW with Zegapain as their plot go well together so he’s curious how it’ll turn out in V. Terada says to look forward to it.

Terada thinks about the animations and about the character’s seiyuu.

Midorikawa says he often think of how units’ sizes will turn out and many other things. He also often think about what kind of troubles did the developers encounter, for example for balancing the game.
Morisoba says she’s curious about what’s written on Greenriver’s t shirt so he actually unbutton his vest to show them. Greenriver often wear t shirts with “green river” written on them, he has them custom made at events most of the time. The one he’s wearing during the show has green river in german written on it. He made it at an event in Nagoya. He says he has two other t shirt with the color different but with the same writing. He may be the seiyuu with the most customized made tshirts with his name.

Second mail is saying the interviews with Hakata Daichi san while playing SRW V were really fun and if they’ll do a cross interiew with him and Terada. Terada says his feedbck was nice, even though he didn’t play the game much, it was nice since he plays the series for years. Endoh says he sometimes see him at JAM project lives.
nekketsu robot academy: Setsuna and Graham gonna get voices in x-omega, they talk about how Setsuna and Heero were best “I am gundam you too become gundam, ok mission accepted” friends in Z series. Sugita says he hopes Orphens’s MC gonna get in soon to see what kind of dialogue it’ll bring.
They’re also gonna add a CC moving cut-in for when her Gawain Pilot card. Apparently she has a really weird unnatural pose just so it can show her chest bouncing. The official reason she bends weirdly is because Lelouch is below too so she doesn’t have much space.  They start talking about Xing Ke and Tenshi. Greenriver says Tenshi is cute and her seiyuu too, even though she’s a loli too. Sugita says he’s not a lolicon but he agrees. Morisoba gets the question right, and she has 10 reward points again, so next week they’ll let her do the radio show by herself again. She actually asks if it’s ok to do that since V gonna release next week so they need to advertize it properly. They say she should also thank Midorikawa, as it’s thanks to him she got the answer right last week. He asks her to do it in a whispering voice. When she starts doing it he says it’s not enough whispered and that she only did her “pro” voice, so she restarts. She says she’s very grateful for Midorikawa, because before sleeping she always listens to those CDs he did and that it helps her a lot. Midorikawa and Sugita ask just what kind of CDs she’s talking about, she says she can’t answer. Sugita says he’ll lend her a CD, can’t understand the name. They ask why he has this, he says he just like the anime, Midorikawa says thanks for liking it.

Greenriver says he doesn’t like hot springs much, they’re surprised saying he seems like the type of person who’d like them, Morisoba says she’d like to get in with him, then apologizes for thinking out loud. Sugita asks why she’s like that today, must be those CDs she’s listening.
End time: They go back to the opening quiz and try to make Morisoba guess the answer like always. Quizz was:”what’s the nickname of Joe in Might Gaine?” Like most of the time, it’s something she should actually know since she did watch the show, but she doesn’t’ remember as it’s been so long. The answer is  “?? no Joe”. Terada tells her hints: the first ultraman and Trump, as in cards, not the president. Midorikawa says that Joe’s father in Migh Gaine is professor Shishido, so isn’t Jo’s actual name, instead of Rival Joe or is nickname is Shishido Joe? Morisoba doesn’t get it so they add more hints, Terada says it’s a term in Tennis, she says “back”(as in back of the tennis court) and they all laugh. They start saying stuff like “back joe”, “back Ultraman”, etc. Terada tells her it’s like ??? no Nerae, that famous Tennis story for girls, similar to the likes of Attack Number One. Sugita jokes saying it’s “haigo wo nerae”/ Aim for the backcourt. She still doesn’t get it, so they tell her it’s the stuff in Trump cards, she finally gets it’s “ace”. Ace wo Nerae. The answer is “ace no Joe”.
They ask Midorikawa to say a message before leaving, so he says “I love you”. Morisoba asks him to stay on the show forever. He says it was fun,  it’s been 2 years since he was on the show and it was fun to see how things changed since then, he’s looking forward to what circumstances(which series will get in SRW) that’ll make him a guest again.

527, 7 February 2017, Guest is Greenriver Light:

They say ton of interesting and funny things. Both Sugita and Midorikawa are among my favorite seiyuus so I tried to write as much as possible for this episode, so this is quite long.  Didn’t write everything I understand as it would take too much time, and I didn’t understand everything either. If God wills one day I’ll be completely fluent in Japanese, and I’ll listen to this again and write everything down properly.

Terada says even right from the start when they introduce themselves, they don’t follow the script, especially Sugita who always say everything but his name.

Aizawa is a fan of Midorikawa so she dressed prettily today to try and be noticed by her sempai. Last time Midorikawa was a guest in the show was in 2015, everyone feels like it hasn’t been that long though, as they hear his voice everywhere in SRW.
Midorikawa says he actually plays Cross Omega from time to time. (I still remember the event when they first showed the game and they let him play and he didn’t seem interested at all)

They talk about how he voices Joe in Might Gaine & SRW V. About how they didn’t think Might Gaine would get in SRW one day, Midorikawa says there were occasions in the past when he thought the show might get in, but it never happened. He never even dreamed about it anymore. He definitely didn’t think it would get in now, in 2017.

Aizawa blatantly asks Terada just why they decided to put in Might Gaine in SRW now:
Terada says he was aiming to do so. Sugita says it’s similar to how Z series has dimension merging/separating as a main element of the plot, so they thought they definitely had to put Orguss in it, it was the best chance to do so. Terada says they wanted to do the same thing with Might Gaine. After GaoGaiGar first appeared in a SRW, they wanted to put in Might Gaine next. When they were planning Z1, they actually wanted to put it in but couldn’t.  And also Bandai released a chogokin of Might Gaine so they though they need to put it in soon.(I think that was released in 2009. Maybe there’s a new one that got released recently though) Terada says things didn’t go as planned and he wishes they managed to put it in faster. Sugita says Obari san always used to say “I wish Might Gaine appears in SRW”, imitating Obari’s voice.  Obari drew some cut-ins for Might Gaine in SRW V.

Aizawa says she wants to hear Midorikawa’s stories about Might Gaine, especially stuff about Joe. She watched Might Gaine when it aired, she was 12-13 years old.

Greenriver talks about Might Gaine, how it’s a series that left him with tons of good memories. He says it’s not an exaggeration to say that if he didn’t voice Joe he wouldn’t have got the opportunity to voice Heero. He took a raw tape at his agency Aoni, recorded himself for the audition for Joe, and sent it to Sunrise. Then he got accepted. When he went to the dubbing studio and met the staff for the first time, they told him to forget the way he voiced in the tape and just act in a monotone way.
(he says it’s someone called Chiba san who told him this, but I can’t find any Chiba in Might Gaine’s staff list,might be mishearing the name)
Greenriver was surprised and conflicted, since he always thought that’s what an amateur would do,he wasn’t used to doing things like this. So he went to see a dubbing session before his first one, to see how it turns out, and Chiba told him “See? This is how it should be, but if the dubbing always feels monotone like this it’s not good either.” Over the year during Might Gaine’s run, he trained a lot.
Hiyama (who is voicing Maito) is like BAM when voicing, but a bit more monotone when talking normally. The characters’ voices needed to sound a bit more dry and monotone, but to also convey the fact that they’re having a dialogue, it needs to sound like a realistic dialogue when Maito and Joe speak with each other while not fighting.  Midorikawa says he learned a lot from all this. He thinks it was a very good experience and thanks to that he was chosen to voice Heero later on.

After that I think he says that Might Gaine got voiced toys and one was Joe’s robot so it had his voice, and one day he went to Sunrise to check out that toy, and saw the design is a bit different than in the anime. In the anime the part around its eyes is black, but on the toy he got it was white. Sunrise told him it’s actually because they reused another old toy to make these, because the shoulders and some stuff is the same. He was really shocked about it and though the world of adults working in toy industry is terrifying.

After all that story, Midorikawa says that he and Hiyama met recently (I guess when recording for SRW V), and usually people get lower voices when they get older, but he feels as if Hiyama’s voice is getting higher as he ages. Everyone start laughing nonstop. Terada says that when Gaogaigar got in a voiced SRW for the first time (I think it would be Alpha 2), when Hiyama was recording Gai’s lines, Terada asked him if he could still do Maito’s voice, and he said yes. It’s been at least ten years since then, and Hiyama did Maito’s voice just fine for SRW V, showing he wasn’t lying. Midorikawa says Hiyama’s even higher in SRW V than in the original anime. Morisoba says she was super surprised when she first saw pv 1 for SRW V and heard Hiyama voicing Maito screaming, she thought Hiyama was a young man. Sugita says it’s the same person after all so she shouldn’t be surprised. Midorikawa also add that Hiyama is a really nice guy.

Morisoba asks Midorikawa how he felt voicing Joe after all these years. He says his voice is of course different now.

Nekketsu Robot Academy: Amanomiya Ayame in Cross Omega is getting a new card, and they talk about how her pilot suit exposes her butt and you can see it in her cut in. Sugita says that’s something the producer of the Mugen no Frontier games would do but Terada says while similar it actually wasn’t the same person. Morisoba keeps repeating how you can totally see her butt. They ask MIdorikawa what he thinks about and he says she wants to have more appeal so why not. He says he always wondered about something with women though, so he asks Morisoba about it: if she had a busty curvy figure, would she actually show off her curves wearing something like that? She answers she’d probably will, but she doesn’t have such a figure, so she doesn’t. But if she had a butt like that she’d probably show off.
Terada says the designer for cross omega always do stuff more erotic than what they ask him to.
Then they watch the animated cut-in together. Her butt actually jiggles in the cut in. Midorikawa  keeps repeating how her butt is jiggling and Aizawa says it’s weird hearing such a nice voice say that kind of thing. Sugita say they should make a voice part of Midorikawa saying that. Everyone laughs. Aizawa says she actually wants a pilot parts voice of it now.

526,  31 january 2017, Terui Haruka is the guest again. (I think they record 2 episodes the same day. That makes it pretty long though as every episode is almost one hour long. That’s around1h40 of recording.)

Everyone is congratulating Sugita on voicing Fawler in SRW V. Terada says there’s other FMP characters voiced for the first time in the game, implying they’ll have the same seiyuus in FMP Invisible Victory as in SRW V. This means Casper too. Dunno if Sabina is voiced and fightable as well, as I haven’t bought SRW V yet, don’t have a ps4.

Someone sending in a mail said they’re the person who some time ago sent a mail saying they played JAM project and SRW related songs to their wedding. Now they have a one year old daughter. At the end Terui says everyone was nice to her and it was fun.

525, January 24 2017, The guest is Terui Haruka, seiyuu of new OG character in SRW V: the Grungust pilot Charlotte.

She says she wanted to become a seiyuu starting elementary school and would watch TV and learn lines. Endoh and everyone say it’s amazing she wanted to become one for so long and actually managed to do it.  She was born and grew up in Iwate prefecture. Sugita says Iwate makes him think of Kuwashima Houko who is also from there. They talk about how Miss Kuwashima has 4 roles in V (Yurika in Nadesico, Stellar in Gundam Seed destiny, Yuki Mori in Yamato and Vivian in Cross Ange) Terada says only 2 are battle playable characters though. We already know Yurika and Vivian are pilots. I guess this means Stellar isn’t playable like in Z2 and Z3. Shin probably doesn’t want her to fight. I haven’t really followed the plot of V, and I haven’t played it yet, but maybe it starts with Gundam Seed Destiny’s story already finished.
Terada talks about how Charlotte,nicknamed Lottie, has a similar name with Chatte from Cross Omega. He says it’s a coincidence and it’s different people who made the characters, so they only realized it later they’re easily confusable.  Sugita says it’s like if 3 persons called Suzumura, Suzuki and Suzumoto were in the same room, it’ll be hard to not mix them up. He adds that he wouldn’t mess up himself though.
They talk about how preordering the game makes you able to use Charlotte/Grungust and Velt/Huckebein right from stage 1. You get them regardless; it’s just to get them from stage 1. Sugita says it’s rare they do a preorder bonus that gives you units faster.(it’s the first time they do it). Usually it’s just equippable parts or the like.
Sugita was bragging earlier, but then he actually calls Charlotte “Chatte” and messes up.
Then they talk about the recording, how Grungust has it’s promised final attack keitou rago ken!anken satsu! And how Terada told them before the 1st time they recorded that it’s not “ansatsuken” like you would often hear in anime, but “ankensatsu”. Terada says even though he warned them, a lot of people mixed it up and screamed ANSATSUKEN and Terada would be like sorry but it’s ankensatsu. When it was Terui’s turn to record, he made her really conscious of it to not mix it up and she didn’t,(not 100% sure of that aprt). Terui says the instructions were very precise and good so it was fun to record for the game.
Charlotte fights because the story is at the “one year before the earth perishes”Yamato thing, and she’s just one of the person who wants to avert that.
At the end Terui says she had a lot of fun today.

524, January 17 2017, Oozora Naomi was the guest again.
Didn’t have time to listen to all the episode before it was taken down. This is the last time this happened as I now download the episodes.

523, January 10 2017, This time’s guest is Oozora Naomi, she is voicing Honoka in Cross Omega. There was tons of fun moments in that ep. They talk about how it’s been 10 years since the show started.

It’s Oozora’s first role in SRW and her first time on Umasugi Wave. She’s in the same agency as Morisoba.
Oozora talks about when she was younger. She used to sing JAM project songs at karaoke. She likes Dragon Ball a lot. “Vegeta sama” is her first love. She says that there was a time she made and managed a Vegeta fan site. Reality wise, she likes Satou Takeru.
Quizz at the start was about Zeorymer, “what’s the name of the upgraded Zeorymer that only appears in SRW J?”. Answer is Great Zeorymer. Was really fun at the end, they were all giving hints to Morisoba so she guesses the answer. They say it’s a word that you put in front of the name, like “super” or “great” or “absolute” or “ultimate” etc. And she’s like: “it’s supposed to be the upgraded version of Zeorymer of the heavens /ten no Zeorymer, so it is uchuu no zeorymer? Because space is above the sky.” Everyone laugh. And they tell her again how it’s supposed to be an English word. And they tell her it’s like the upgrade of Might Gaine, or what comes after the “iron castle soaring the sky”, Endoh just blatantly say “and I mean Mazinger”.  She finally gets it and say “Great Zeorymer”.
Oozora san says she was a bit nervous participating in a show going on for 10 years as all the MCs’ teamwork is perfect etc, but everyone was nice with her.

520-522 didn’t have the time to listen before they got taken down.

519,  December 13 2016:
Last time Morisoba hit ten points during the nekketsu robot academy corner, so her “reward” is that they let her do an episode all by herself, called Morisoba Wave. But she’s lonely and it feels too weird. But the others are actually just outside the recording booth watching, and she got help cards that allow her to either summon one of them, Sugita Endoh or Terada once.
Saitou Rie who used to be an MC of the show as well comes back. Lotsof fun things happen but it would take too much time to write. Was definitely one of the funniest episode. Seems Morisoba doesn’t watch Yugioh, or at least didn’t watch 5D’s till the end, as she didn’t know the last OP of the show, which was sung by Endoh. Endoh was supposed to sing it at the end of his corner but left midway so Morisoba and Saitou had to sing it and didn’t know it.

518, December 6 2016:

Opening Quizz: In Supacro, what’s the nickname Shin chan uses to call Baron Ashura? Terada said he never thought shin chan of all things would get into SRT one day.
Couldn’t listen to all of it.

517, november 29 2016:

Endou says how tomorrow is November 30 and Matsumoto Rica’s bday. He jokes saying plz don’t invite her on the show because she’s too noisy. She already participated as a guest once, it was in Feb 2008, Umasugi number 57.
1st mail is from ““Katia-is-Coustwell’s-strengthening-parts san” again. They say they finally cleared EX Hard mode in  OGMD and almost threw the pad multiple times from rage. Sugita says he did, and hit his foot with it.
Starting next episode, the  song in the Endoh Masaki Kaenson segment will be Nageki no Rosario, Gravion OP1. So they start talking about Obari and how he got married, omedetou etc. Morisoba says she’s jealous. Sugita says it was funny how his wife tweeted “btw I don’t have a baby in my belly yet”,  don’t divulge stuff like that he said. Endou says it’d be nice if Obari joins the show with his wife as guests one of these times.

516, november 22:

Didn’t have the time to listen.

515 november 15 2016:

Opening quizz : in Macross, what is the nickname given to Hikaru by the three bridge operator girls? Quizz was sent in by “Tobia kun in suparobo V which is currently being told by Chidori Kaname to sit down” san .
Terada saying they’re currently doing the recording of the theme songs for V and he can’t get it out of his head.
1st mail person says they’re looking forward to V because of the MCs being voiced by Kirimoto Takuya and Kanda Akemi, and that seeing Kirimoto’s reactions to the mazin emperor G chogokin was more impressive than seeing the unit itself during the PV. The mails asks how F91 will be dealt with in V. Morisoba reads a second mail who says the same things.
Sugita says SRW V MC Souji looks kinda old compared to the average robot MC. Terada says that he actually isn’t that old. But well he is over thirty. Sugita asks how old Crowe was. Terada says Crowe is in his twenties. Sugita and Morisoba are both shocked. Terada says that Kirimoto already played a dev version of V to help with his voicing work, and that when Kirimoto san got to the “select your main character screen” and how it shows their profile, he was so shocked at Souji’s age he couldn’t speak anymore. Terada jokes saying “Sugita kun you’ll probably get that one, it was the same kind of shock as when you learn of the gold saint’s ages and you’re like what the hell?! they’re that young?!” Sugita cites Aldebaran as a fine example. They all laugh.
After that, Terada gives info about the F91&Crossbone plot in V. I never watched/read F91 and Crossbones so just dumbly repeating what he said:  Kinkaid normally appears and rides the Gundam F91.  The mass production type F91 has limiters on it, so it cannot bunshin while shooting the Vespa. But it can and does shoot the Vespa. The blue one which Harisson is riding on can remove its limiters, but in SRW V, it’s not the mass production type F91s from the F91 movie, but the mass production type F91s from the Crossbone mangas, so it’s the ones which other people can also ride on, so its limiters aren’t removed.
During the nekketsu robot academy corner: there’s a G Gundam event starting in supacro so they start talking about G Gundam. Sugita tells Morisoba to list 3 things she likes from it. 1 how it’s full of burning feelings. 2 rain san is eroi. She didn’t mention a 3rd thing as Sugita start saying he was excited from the cut scene when Rain puts on her pilot suit  in the “Sega Saturn version”(I guess he means F or F Final) and she says “makenai nai wa yo!” and he was like “kochi datte make nai wa yo”(as in a part of his body isn’t loosing either). They talk about Schwarz’s seiyuu Hori Hideyuki (remember he’s also penguin emperor and Touya’s dad) and how he was super funny  as Momotarou in Sakigake Otokojuku, especially when doing the jikai youkokus. Sugita says there’s a staff person of the Phi Brain anime who’s a big fan of Otokojuku, and there was a time when Hori san voiced a character in Phi Brain, and the staff person asked him to do a jikai youkoku of Phi Brain the same way he used to do Otokojuku’s jikais, and all the people there were like woooow so cool and getting heated up&glued to the screen, except some staff woman who was like “huh why are all getting amazed” because she didn’t know about otokojuku so they told her to watch it. Morisoba say it’s been 4 years since Sugita first told her to watch it but she haven’t watched it yet if I heard right.
Answer to the opening quizz was “mister lingerie”. They give hints to Morisoba to find it, saying it’s something every girl wears, and because she doesn’t get they mean lingeri, she’s like “eh? but I don’t wear those” and they’re all like EEH. So they tell her “just list all the things you’re wearing right now and you’ll find out”. After a lot of banter she ends up at first saying randery(laundry I guess?) Sugita starts joking, Ransberry, etc. Then she figures it out. Sugita says something about long ago when people went to karaoke and something about lingerie but he speaks too slowly and I don’t get it, plus the ending song is playing so it’s always hard to hear the ending segment.

514, november 8
Endoh talking about upcoming bdays: someone whose name I didn’t catch, komatsu mikako san, and terada(11/11). Everyone telling him omedetou and words of thanks. Morisoba even brought a present for him. (Some energy drinks called yunkeru if I got it right)
Terada is turning 47.
1st fan mail is from a 17 yo person, they’re all amazed by how young they are. It talks about how many times they cleared some SRW games. Says they cleared Z Z2s Z3s alpha 3 etc, multiple times and was playing alpha gaiden while writing the mail. The question asks which game did you clear the most and how many times.
Endoh and Sugita saying how that person must have developed weird playing styles in their new game pluses after clearing the games so many times.  Sugita&Terada says most SRW needs you to clear them 3 times at most to see everything and every secret. Not talking about SRW but games in general, Terada says he’s the kind of person who gets satisfied after clearing a game once, he’s satisfied once he’s seen the true end and rarely replays games. Sugita talking about old action/shootthemup games with endless loops.
Next mail is someone saying he recently had a dream where kitadani hiroshi appeared. Asks if you ever had a dream where famous people appear.
Endoh saying some time ago even though he wasn’t stressed or anything he had an awesome dream where yuki maomi san appeared then after that his heart would go doki doki whenever randomly seeing her on tv and such. Terada says something that sounds interesting from their reactions but can’t catch it. Sugita says he had a dream where he’s naked or something and plays drums and there’s someone who scolds him screaming “why are you nakled?! Why are you naked?!” , he says he can’t say who it is, and he had that same dream like 2 or 3 times over time, and he actually told the someone about it and they told him “shikatanai na” with a smile. The others ask him if all his dreams have him being naked or something. Aizawa Mai says she once had a scary dream where she runs away but no matter how much she runs, from the corner of her eye she can always see a giant fist chasing her or something.  Terada saying he’s currently watching Kamen Rider Ex Aid and Kageyama san is voicing the belt, and he had a dream where he had the belt and henshin’ed while hearing kageyama’s voice.
This episode‘s SRT Cross Omega event info corner/nekketsu robot academy corner was number 58. Seems they didn’t have events or stuff to talk about so they just talks about the game’s Original characters.
Morisoba:” Asahi(MC) is too dense and can’t see how Oozora chan likes him. How can he stay like that with boobs like that near him”
Sugita says something about Chatte and Yabuki Kentaro sensei but can’t catch it.
lotsof fun things but can’t sum up it all.
Kaen song corner.
Too long to explain,Sugita doing a joke with Jinki Extend OP. (iirc tsunashima tarou did some twitter poll around a year ago asking which jinki manga he should continue, everyone voted for the good one, but then he didn’t pick either choice and did a reboot again. It’s in champion red so he probably upped the lol rape even more and not in a good way, not sure if I’ll check it out. I probably will as I’m weak and really like Jinki.)

513 november 1 2016 One of the questions wasn’t that interesting, but was from a listener called “Katia-is-Coustwell’s-strengthening-parts san”.  Made me laugh a lot.
Another mail asks “what was the first event you participated to?”
Sugita says his 1st time was an event for Summon Night. He voiced a character in it. It was actually before voicing Bullet in SRW Alpha, which makes Summon Night his first game role. (Didn’t know about this, always thought his first game role was Bullet. Then again when I first played Alpha Dreamcast I didn’t know about Sugita. I probably only became a fan of him with Kyon in 2006, like many others.)
News about Cross Omega: They talk about the Majestic Prince movie getting in Cross Omega. Sugita cites Gargantia Valvrave and Majestic Prince, saying it was a rare time when 3 high quality mecha anime aired at the same time. ( I like Gargantia and Valvrave so I agree with him. Haven’t watched Majipri.) They talk about Shinobu finally getting voiced in the game. Morisoba and Sugita both YATTEYARUZE in synchro by reflex. (That was really cool). Sugita starts humming Shakunetsu no Ikari and everyone stars laughing a lot(I also lost my sides). Sugita says that long ago he watched the God Bless Dancougar OVA with Hosoya Yoshimasa kun, and it was fun how he was reacting to every single thing:
Sugita  “I know, I have eyes too”
And if I got it right, they watched stuff until late at night, Hosoya fell asleep and when he woke up he panicked asking where he was, forgetting he was at Sugita’s place.
According to Sugita, Matsuoka kun((I guess Matsuoka Yoshitsugu) once told him he likes pink panties. Endoh says he likes white panties. Terada likes white or black but doesn’t really care, and Sugita says so as well or something like that. Sugita says he’s jealous of how girls can have fun go buy underwear together. Terada says there’s bras for men now though. They keep talking about underwear for a while and Sugita says he finally found Endoh san’s present for this year, he’ll give him trunks with “hardcore” written on the back.
Sugita says he really likes the Love Live sunshine ED song and how it stays in his head.

512  Morisoba says the day this episode was released, 25 october,  is the bday of her agency’s big senpai: Nouzawa Masako san. She’s Goku and also voiced Ropet in Combattler V which is often in SRW. Morisoba jokingly says that maybe she’ll be a guest soon in this show.  Endoh says he doesn’t want to since he’ll be too nervous. Sugita says she is a huge personality after all, but it could be fun; For example one day at some event with seiyuus, Sugita improvised a Dragon Ball joke but no one got it including the veteran seiyuus there, except Nouzawa who explained it. Endoh and Morisoba  say Sugita is amazing as well for being able to just randomly throw a Dragon Ball joke like that. In the end they say Nouzawa is a very nice person.
Sugita says Imai Asami san is an extremely carefree and forgetful person, to a point she once told him she sometimes get in her bath with her clothes on.

511  Sugita, while imitating Jagi, said the current anime he recommends is Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku, it has Inoue Kikuko san. Also, he was feeling lonely when Naria Girls ended, seems at the party to celebrate the end of the show, they didn’t invite Sugita since he was only a random character in an episode or something like that. And seems they even showed the party live, like the rest of the show.
Opening quiz was: in Zegapain, the MC Sogoru Kyou participates in a swimming medley relay, what part of the relay did he do? At the end when Morisoba tries to guess the answer:  At one point to give her a hint, Sugita says something about  Nagare voiced by Miki san (Shinichiro Miki) in Justice Gakuen, saying he does the same swimming style in one of his attacks or something. Endoh says that’s a pretty nostalgic game. The answer was butterfly style. (I really like Moero Justice Gakuen and it’s where I got this blog’s name from)

510 Didn’t have time to listen

509 Morisoba, reading the questions sent in from listeners: “Question from shin san: ”because I’m playing “net saffia” (some mmo? not sure about the name), I recently learned that non japanese otaku call two girls hugging pressing their chest on each other “symmetrical docking”. If Yamada Shin san comes again as a guest, please tell him about it.“ (who’s that? ヤマダ少尉 aka Gai from Nadesico ?)
All of the umasugi MCs didn’t know about this piece of trivia.
Morisoba asks what the words mean in English in the first place, so they try to explain it, it’s using the word “symmetry”, so it’s “sayuu taishou gattai”/”左右対称合体”
Morisoba says the day this episode was released, 4 October, is the bday of Eureka Seven’s Talho and FMP’s Mao seiyuu:  Neya Michiko.
Sugita does some joke about the hurry up voice in bomberman. (Been a while since I played a Bomberman, was fun times. I still hope I’ll manage to actually train and win the Epitanime Saturn Bomberman tournament one day. Maybe go to the one at Stunfest too one day if I have the time and money if God wills.)

508 Didn’t listen to all of it.
A long time ago before PC portables and mobiles existed, Terada was looking for Daitarn 3 and Zambot 3 books that were released back when it aired to use as reference for SRW. And he went to tons of old book shops and lotsof shops. He was also looking for a chogokin of Zambot 3 and went to a “Tokyo docomo omocha”(not sure about the name) shop and they chased him out saying “just go get it at Bandai since you work for them”. Sure he could, but only as a last resort he didn’t want to use. Then he thought he should check the small toys shop near his house, thinking maybe it’ll be here since it’s a small shop. It was there.
During the Endoh Masaki Kaensong corner: One of the Rayearth OP kaenson lyrics someone sent were: “please release a SRW VR game and please include some bouncing breasts in it”
They all talk about how a SRW game in VR would be like. That it would be like you’re piloting, in the cockpit. But then that means you don’t see any breast bounce since you’re alone in cockpit. So then you need two people riding. Like in Daimidaler.
So then they start talking about how a VR Daimidaler game would work:
Terada: “you’ll have to play other games series than SRW to enjoy that kind of things.”
Sugita: “maybe you can make something like that with custom maid.”

507 Obari asked Sugita why  Moimoi Robot in Supacro, the one based on Morisoba’s segment where she’s the new robot moimoi at school, does the bari pose sometimes for no reason.

506 Terada says he’s currently working on the new Gundam Breaker game, deciding names for fictional plamo parts, and they need to find the names fast so they just throw out names that sounds mecha and gundam like. These days he’s doing it for Gundam IBO parts.
In part of the Supacro(SRW Cross Omega) related news they talk about Zegapain. Sugita says he played the Zegapain game on Xbox. Morisoba says she used to play a game where you just endlessly walk in a desert, Sugita says it reminds him of Romancing Saga 3’s endless looping desert area, Morisoba said it wasn’t that but maybe similar, and she found it fun because when you’d walk there was a footstep sfx going sha sha sha sha. Endoh is like ”why you’d play that game?” and she says  “I dunno, I just like sand. In 10 years of this radio program, I never said it but I like sand”. It’s a friend who recommended that game to her because they knew she might like it because of the sand.
Morisoba didn’t watch Zegapain until the end. She was watching it in one night then stopped, she watched until middle of the show and was like “ah so this is how it is” at one of the reveals. Endoh tells her to finish it since it’s interesting, Terada tells her too.
Around 15 years ago when Nakamura started living alone, Sugita went to stay with him in his new apartment for a week, until Nakamura got fed up and told him”go home already”.
Apparently Sarah used to be a fast food manager before joining the Titans, Sugita says Sarah was actually a very competent collected person and would have stayed like that if not for meeting Scirocco and getting her weird obsession with him. Morisoba says maybe Sirocco scouted her after eating hamburgers at her fast food. (I think that’s from a novel or something)

505 Sugita said he’s waiting for the Boondocks DVD box to release (just how much of a bro can Sugita be?)

504 didn’t listen.

503 didn’t listen (Try to find it on the net to see if Sugita funnily advertised P5 as it was when the game got released)

502 didn’t have time to listen to it all sadly.
There’s a PC engine game called飛装騎兵カイザード mentioned by Sugita, with designs by Obari san. One day Sugita asked him “do you know why there’s  a Dragonar-like mech in that one game?” and Obari was like” oh I’m the one who worked on that”. Sugita had no idea.
Morisoba saw CCA twice. As the the 1st time, she didn’t understand the story as she didn’t see anything Gundam before. So they talk about how to watch Gundam. Sugita says it’s not good to only watch the compilation movies of  the first Gundam, or something like that. Not sure. In summary, he  says you need to watch the first Gundam, Z, ZZ 0080, 0083, and then CCA. And you need to watch Igloo too. And he adds that the relationship between Char and Amuro is very deep.

501: Sugita talking about “that game app where you catch animals”  being ultra popular at his agency and how his private taxi driver, an old man, asked him what’s the deal with it. So Sugita, being Sugita, explained everything about it from the beginning. And the driver was like “you’re nice”. (I don’t know much about how seiyuu agencies work, nor how’s life and working as a seiyuu is, because I still haven’t finished shirobako and still haven’t read Sore Ga Seiyuu and Girlish Number. But I think old man driver is one of the private drivers for all the seiyuus in the agency, not just Sugita’s). Then Sugita showed him the “crab” creature that someoen caught, and nicknamed it “shrimp” and the old man taxi driver started laughing like crazy and Sugita was like “DRIVE PLZ PUT YOUR HANDS ON THE WHEEL” as the car was shaking.
Sugita recently saw some ex-Sega staff person who proceeded to thank him a lot because he voiced a character in Sangokushi Taisen.

500 nothing worth mentioning I think

499 nothing worth mentioning I think

498 guest is Okaiyu Ryotaro. It was fun, but I didn’t write anything down.

497:  guest is Hikasa Yoko(Katia in Moon Dwellers).
Sugita and her talk about anime they were in together.
Terada says it was decided around 4 years ago(2012) Hikasa Yoko would voice Katia. Then some years later they decided on Shimazaki Nobunaga san for Touya and they were like “huh, feels like we’ve already saw that combination before”. It really wasn’t on purpose that Katia Touya is Kyouko Kyouichi in Daimidaler. And Touya’s dad is voiced by Hori Hideyuki, who did the penguin emperor. And again it was a coincidence.
Sugita joking saying that when voicing Da Vinci in Nobufool he begged the staff so he gets a robot or else the show might not get in SRW.(definitly a joke as the story was already complete by Kawamori&the scriptwriters by the time the anime started, since they did the stage play first. But I guess they could have modified the story to get DaVinci a robot.)

491 about mizutani yuuko death.
Recording for Beach Dwellers was on april 2016.

Why the name Morisoba: (I think I copypasted this from /m/)

Week of 20 june 2016, Asano Masumi(Calvina) on Umasugi Wave

Asano: What’s “Morisoba”?
Sugita: My nickname for Aizawa Mai
Asano: What’s Endoh’s then?
Sugita: Endoh-san *everyone laughs*
Asano: What’s your’s then?
Sugita: Umm, Sugita-kun
Asano: What’s Mai’s?
Sugita: Morisoba
Asano: WHY IS THAT?! She’s the one that gets singled out?!
Aizawa: Sugita called me that right from the start of this radio show. *everyone laughs*

In Anigera 228, 9feb2017, Sugita says a lot of people, even anime industry people, thinks that he really wants to voice a Gundam pilot character, but he actually never ever said that.

In Anigera 232, 9March2017, at the beginning, Sugita does a version of the  セクシーを愛しセクシーに愛された男 No-Laughing Science Laboratory joke while imitating Geese Howard. Made me laugh a lot.

Anigera 254: 1750 seiyuu Hamada Youhei saying his girlfriend is Tsubame Minami from Memories Off.

In Star Radio Ocean ANamnesis 92, 4Oct2017, Near the end, Nakamura and Kajita are talking about the times in their lives they got into misunderstandings because of their appearance,N says he once got mistakenly taken for a high schooler when he was still in middle school, Kajita says he met Koshiro Yuzo for the 1st time recently,and Koshiro san thought he was around the same age as him,while Kajita is like around 20 years younger than Koshiro Yuzo,Kajita was also surprised how young Koshiro san looks. Koshiro Yuzo tweeted about their meeting.

Nakamura and Kajita talking about Xenoblade 2