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Pri Para starts in a few days now (5th of July)

prad5 akaii meganee


Long note: Pretty Rhythm and now Pri Para were never too popular in the English speaking community (though in Pri Para’s case it’s normal for now as the show hasn’t started yet), so sites like ANN sometimes take really long to relay news related to it.
For example, when the official sites opened and the characters’ profiles were revealed, ANN took something like 2 weeks to post about it. ANN is a good site, it’s just that they take really long to report on things that aren’t popular (that won’t generate clicks). The 8th of June, they reported about the new Strike Witches OVA 4 hours or so after it’s announcement, which is super fast in my opinion. The site definitely does its job, but only when it comes to decently popular things. No one really cares about Pretty Rhythm news in the English speaking anime community, and I want to know these news, so I started looking for them myself and that’s why I started reporting them myself. I’m now doing the same for Pri Para, but to a lesser extant as I’m not as enthusiastic about it.
(I like the first Strike Witches LN but I never watched the anime series)
Pri Para gonna start soon now, so there’s way more info coming out compared to 2-3 months ago. ANN is now doing a good job at regurgitating the news but I’ll try to post about what they missed here.
I also don’t wanna make a post about every single Pri para thing revealed, so starting now till the show starts, I think I’ll just update this post for new things, adding a date.
If I can manage to watch the Pri Para school things the 21st and the 28th June and if they show interesting stuff I’ll try to post it here too.

4th July update:

I actually really did watch the two Pri Para School today. Thanks to the participation of Hamaguchi Masaru, the studio sequences are actually pretty funny. His jokes at the i☆Ris girls too, saying they react like old women when he said they’re cute. The Prizmmy girls are funny too.
Kuma narrates the show. I don’t particularly like his voice but I appreciate it’s not the super acute kind of voice some mascots in little girls show often have. Think Rabbitchi and co in Aurora Dream. Though I ended up liking them after a while.
Sophie sounds cool like I expected. I think she’ll be my favorite like I already said.

As expected I didn’t like much the part with Karin and Miya chatting with LaalaMireilleSophie in the recording studio. I can stand Japanese variety programs to a certain extent, but I don’t like it much when it involve idols. They always talk with their fake acute voices and over overact everything. I say over overacting because everything is already over acted in Japanese shows like these. Karin and Miya are funny though.

They didn’t really say new or interesting things. Not even gonna bother mentioning them since we should see it when the show airs anyway. Stuff like how Mireille adds “puri” at the end of her sentences when she plays her idol character. I don’t really care either about seiyuus anecdotes like how Kubota Miyu/Sophie gets hungry when recording and always bring dried fruits, so this is the only story I’ll bring up.

Dance part at the end of the first one was pretty funny. It’s nice they say pri para in the song too. OP songs made particularly for an anime are cool.

prad5 school 01

They also announced who won the Laala dress design contest.  Totally forgot about it.
Apparently boys sent designs too. Two of the last twenty are by boys. I found it pretty funny. And one of them is called Hibiki kun hahahaha. So cute. The pudding like design he did isn’t bad at all. like they pointed out.

prad5 school 02

That’s the winner. Looking forward to seeing it in the anime.

Part 2 with the visit to Tatsunoko was the most interesting of the two by far. It’s always great to see things like this as you don’t see it often.

prad5 school 03

I can’t figure out the drawing at Tatsunoko’s entrance. Seems it’s a mix up of different shows Tatsunoko did. I think the red one with the cape at the bottom is Polymar. Can’t see well for the others.

Watching Reina and the new Prizmmy girl Hina tour a bit the studio was pretty fun. Too bad it was all acted.

prad5 school 04

For a few quarter of seconds here, You can see a sheet of paper with something written. The sentences are the next two sentences they say a few seconds later. It would have been cool to see Reina’s natural reactions of visiting the studio where they made DMF, a show that starred her and her group. Reina is the funniest in IRL Prizmmy too, from what I remember at least.

Sadly they didn’t actually say anything interesting about the CG, only stuff everyone already knows. That visit to Tatsunoko was kinda wasted. It was more like of an introduction for the kids who never seen Pretty Rhythm before, explaining PriPara will have a hand animated part and dance scenes done with CG. Then as it might be weird to suddenly switch from hand to CG and vice versa, they try to make the CG look as much as possible to the hand drawings. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh… I feel like I take the few people who’ll actually read this like idiots but it’s to show that it’s pretty much what they did in that part.
(As a side note, I also think the perfect CG would be one so close to the hand drawings you wouldn’t notice it’s actually CG. Pretty Rhythm is doing a really good job with that since Rainbow Live. PriPara is even better.
Side note 2: I say hand drawing but as you know they use computers for some parts of it too. Hand only animation doesn’t exist anymore on tv.)
Not gonna take pics of the horror Reina did with the Laala 3D model. Still getting shivers from it. Typically the type of things I’m really not good with.

I already knew from the PRRL guidebook they use motion capture but seeing it in movement like that was cool.

prad5 school 05

Laala’s sign contest winner which will appear in the anime.

They also said Hamaguchi Masaru will voice a side character in the show.That part was actually interesting because when he asked him about it, the producer of PriPara Takabayashi Yosuke implied that there won’t be any main male character in the show. Then they went to the recording studio and recorded the scene you can see in episode 1. He voices the middle aged guy who’s a regular customer at Laala’s family pizza restaurant.
I guess they did a good job with theese two specials to hype the show up.

Older updates are after the read more.

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