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Pretty Rhythm News April 2016 Part 1

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Pretty Rhythm News March 2016

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Jin and Hijiri getting valentine chocolate. The poster is from Animage March 2016 released 10th February 2016. One side is Gundam IBO, other is Pretty Rhythm. Director tweeted “I wonder what the people at sunrise will think when seeing this”.

Mainly thanks to word to mouth on twitter, the Kinpri movie got more and more popular and by half of February there was more than 47 theaters showing it, at least one in each prefecture, so the movie is currently shown in “all of Japan” like the official twitter says. Except Okinawa because no one cares. Right now the movie is in 53 different theaters and earned more than 250 million yen.

I don’t know how the movie screenings business works, but I think Kinpri’s situation is very unnatural due to how popular it turned out. The movie started with only 14 theaters showing it, then some theaters stopped showing it while others started. Then during it’s third week there was only around 7 theaters left, but then they started the screening events. As the staff explained during the live event on March 9th I wrote of below, a virtuous circle began with people going to the screening events, tweeting about how fun it is, and more and more people went to see the movie and in turn say how good it is. So there was more demand and more cinemas started showing it.  As a comparison the Accel World movie that got announced will debut right from the start in 24 different theaters, and then that number will probably drop until the movie stops being shown completely.

Some of the new screenings added in February were planned from the start though, and not only added due to popularity. But if it went like originally planned, the overall numbers of screenings wouldn’t have went up as whenever a theater started showing it, one would stop. That list of planned theaters was always on the website, but starting February it got longer and longer. Right now there’s even theaters planning screenings in April, a month from now.

I think the biggest reason it’s getting popular is thanks to fans campaigning on social media so Kinpri gets a sequel. The staff stressed this out a lot during the event on March 9th. They kept saying it’s thanks to people on Twitter. There’s tons of fanart. Tons of one page manga with jokes related to PR in general. A lot of these are stuff with Wakana, Kazuki, Taiga and Alexander since Taiga and Alec are the two most popular new character. And especially there’s tons of people making reaction manga of their own experience with the movie, tweeting it to their friends telling them to go watch it too. There’s even popular seiyuus or authors who are tweeting about Kinpri telling people to go watch it and Pretty Rhythm. Maybe we’re witnessing the start of Japan and the world realizing Pretty Rhythm is anime of the decade.

Usually in the “random” section of these news posts, I always try to post every funny fanart, manga, cosplay etc I see, but there’s so much now I can’t keep up, I only put in a handful of them. Even as writing this post my “things to put next PR news post” bookmark folder got longer and longer. Then again I started writing this on March 5th and it took me a week to go over the folder. This isn’t the longest PR post I did, but I think I haven’t spent that much time on one post since the After Party event post. Something like 20 hours. For comparison sake the Juné interview I posted recently took me 5 hours to translate. Then again I’m mostly doing it for myself, In the 1st place I researched all the info in this post because I wanted to know them myself. I’m not complaining or anything. I’m having fun.

prad6 an double handles houjitya_teaprad6 ito 82kichi

Source left         Source right
In case you’re wondering, fanart like these that has started popping up have the girls with the new hairstyles they have in their Kinpri cameos.

Remainder: What I always call “screening event” are the “ouenjoueikai”, the screenings where people are allowed to come cosplayed, the lyrics are displayed to karaoke,etc. What you see in the video above. Some are one hour long like the movie. Some are hours long screenings, where they show BD versions of RL episodes, route 4 of the PR&PP movie, and then Kinpri. ( The RL episodes shown are different each time, except some they always show like the finale.)

Most of the time if there’s no source link then the author’s name is in the filename.

I remember back at those Ryukishi07 conferences, the french translator said at one point “I’m autospoiling myself”, beacuse he was translating what Ryukishi san said while he didn’t finish Umineko himself. I know that feeling now. I pretty much spoiled myself all of Kinpri and it’s details now because of all the stuff I read or translated. But I’m sure the movie is so awesome you can still enjoy it after getting spoiled.

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Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Anime Official Guide Book: Shishido Rumi Juné interview

prad3 artist irua juné hijiri wedding dress

Fanart by Irua

Remainder this book was released 31st of July 2014.

Juné’s official name spelling is June. But I don’t really care because there’s better things in life to do than being bothered by how an anime character’s name is spelled. I always wrote it Juné because it confuses my brain to say June, since there’s already the word June in English. While there’s no “Rinne” word in French/English, so I don’t have to spell Rinne’s name Rinné. Anyway I hope you’re not triggered by name spelling because I’m gonna Juné Juné Juné.And I’m not gonna Juné about whether you Juné or not.

prad3 juné figure shishido rumi

The 14th February 2016 Shishido Rumi posted on her blog a photo of her holding a doll of Juné she got from a fan. That’s currently her twitter avatar as well. She really likes Juné and Pretty Rhythm.

prad3 juné doll figure made by sekigucheap

It looks a lot like a figure made by this twitter user I posted a long time ago, so I think this person is the one who gave her the figure.

If you’re looking for a game to play you should try out Tales of Innocence on DS or Vita. Vita version is an enhanced port with 4 characters in battle instead of 3, and 2 new characters. The Vita version is Japanese only though. I’m talking about it now because there’s a character voiced by Shishido Rumi in the game whose story is a bit similar to Juné. It’s also one of the best Tales of games. There’s a pretty original story, and there’s one of the funniest and best “crazy I kill people for fun” archetype villain ever in it.

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PriPara – 84

prad5 8441

I feel horrible.
Laala is hugging me while she stole my role all this time.
I finally got to be the main character of my own arc, but it only lasted one episode.
The staff took 82 episodes to make me a song.
I hate this show so much.
I wish I was at home playing Gyakuten Saiban with my parents.

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PriPara – 78-83

prad5 ed laala sd

SD Laala dancing in the new ED is currently the most entertaining thing in PP. And even then it’s not even half as good as the ones in Mondaiji’s ED. Or RL ED3.

I’m even more irritated that s2 turned out so bad because it was so much better than s1. There’s so much wasted potential. It’s been a while I saw a show with such a good story and ideas wasted in such a horribly bad manner.

Remainder of everything currently wrong with PP s2 so far:

1/ The fact that the hard work vs talent arc shouldn’t have existed in the first place. It’s completely stupid that Laala, who got Main Character powers, wasn’t in the genius team. It’s completely stupid that Mireille suddenly can’t keep up with Sophie, because “Sophie’s a genius” while they never brought up this problem for 70 episodes. It’s stupid that Mireille never noticed this until now, even though she’s supposed to have a brain, unlike everyone else in PP.

2/ Removing Fuwari and Ajimi for a few episode for no reason. They’re actually the two characters who are linked to Hibiki, so they did that to stall resolving Hibiki’s story, until episode 83 when they come back. Fuwari is literately the only character who interacted with Hibiki for at least 10 episodes during the start of s2. And yet when the focus finally switches to Hibiki, because of Hibiki revealing she’s a girl, she literally gets “Maybe I’m actually gay” cancer, is bedridden for two episodes, then decides to leave the show. Then, Ajimi who’s revealed to have some connection with Hibiki, suddenly leaves for literally no reason. She just comes see everyone and says “I’m going back to Versailles”, and we have to wait until episode 81 for that connection to be revealed.

3/ Making it seem as if it’s impossible to be friends and rivals at the same time. Concepts like moderation don’t exist in PriPara.  No wonder there’s people as nuts as Ajimi. This is especially stupid as for example, in episode 80 Mireille spend most her time home. Normally her parents should have asked her what’s wrong. Then, as Mireille’s parents fight at court every day, they could explain it to her and Laala and co.

4/In episode 78, Hibiki takes power and changes the catchphrase to everyone is a rival blabla. However, as I feared, the staff forced really hard to make Hibiki into an imbecile tyrant. Making her do stuff like cancelling tournaments or prohibit other people from doing lives unless they’re at least top idol class. Where the other idols prohibited from doing live back in the “golden era” with Saints? How are you supposed to have rivals if there’s no one competing in the first place? How are you supposed to have rivals if there’s no tournaments? Why is suddenly Hibiki so stupid and do things that will obviously alienate Shion and Sophie ?

5/Episode 82, which is probably the worst thing I watched in a while. Who in their right mind thought this episode was a good idea?

Upcoming s3 doesn’t seem any better with the introduction of a stupid magic baby that cries and make things happen.

I genuinely like the show and always hoped it gets better, so I bothered pointing out its flaws until now, but I’m really fed up with it for now.

prad5 7923 akaii meganee live

I’ll keep watching, but I’ll tone down the episodic blogging, making smaller posts. Taking time to blog this isn’t really worth it. It’s actually not the 1st time I felt like that with PP, s1 was especially severe. One of the reason I kept writing “logical” posts instead of just complaining of how bad the show is, was because the show don’t have subs, so new readers may think I think it’s bad because I don’t actually get the story. Same reason why sometimes I randomly translate dialogue. But I don’t care anymore. I don’t even care anymore that people may think it’s actually true when I write stuff like “Hibiki and Faruru love each other and spend every night together”.

I feel like an idiot for overanalysing Hibiki in previous posts, about whether she represents the flaw of PP or not, and whether she represents PR fans or not, because in the end the staff didn’t care, as usual.

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HibikiPara – 68-76

prad5 7345

The King of Prism Queen 2016.
I love Hibiki and this arc is genuinely good, but I think there’s some serious issues as well which I wrote extensively about at the end. That’s what kids on the net call being autistic. Haven’t wrote that much on episodes since when RL was airing.  Also put in some random news I found that wasn’t already on ANN.

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Aroma and Mikan’s funeral – 55-67

prad5 6708 shion mireille

Mikan and Aroma got shot dead by Israeli police while on their way to Prism Stone in East Jeruparaem. GreenWind got shot as well when her arc ended, which is why she never appears anymore either.

It’s always funny how some medias take the side of Israel and talk about the recent spike in stabbing like if Palestinians are the aggressors. Or how they never say Israel police “killed” a Palestinian man after he attacked/stabbed someone,who didn’t die, and just say they “neutralized” him.

Not even taking into account their occupation of Palestine, and it makes me sick saying this, there’s ton of evil things Israel leaders does. Like how they always treated Ethiopians Jews like trash and sterilize their women. Or that time when they attacked a USA military ship for fun.

Israel makes me so salty I wouldn’t lick notNagisa’s salty eyebrows.

I believe in the end that “Don’t Worry, everything is gonna Happy <3” about Palestine and the world in general  so it’s why I’m not sad/mad and can still watch children cartoons.

PriPara finally got it’s act together after 55+ eps. Most of these episodes were really good. It’s the first time two or more episodes in a row were actually funny.

I was planning to catch up since September, but I also have internet problems since September so it considerably slowed me down.

Enjoy 5000 words of badly written episodic blogging.

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Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection Anime Official Guide Book: Itou Kanae interview

prad prad2 kaname akai meganee hye in same va joke


She voices Akaii Meganee, Kaname, Hye In, Sonata before she goes russian femme fatale,  Stan(Juné’s penguin) and the notKaname girl at the beginning of RL episode 44. Lastly she’s also the narrator in AD, the one doing the jikai youkoku narration in AD, and the “the girls shine” etc narration at the beginning of episodes 1-10 of AD. Without counting transformations or plot related clones etc, I wonder if that’s the record of most characters voiced by a same person in the same show. Or at least record of most main characters voiced in the same show. (4 with Akaii Meganee, Sonata, Kaname and Hye In)

She seems like a nice person, would be friends with her. And she has nice taste and understands how good Pretty Rhythm is. Or maybe she just knows how to make herself seem nice during interviews without sounding fake.

This book was released the 31st of July 2014, so a bit after PriPara started.

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Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Anime Official Guide Book: Okama, Matsuura Mai, Otobe Yoshihiro interviews

Opening picture
Oscar because Matsuura Mai is a fan of Versailles no Bara.
Contain spoilers

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