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French blog Al Kanz threathened by French-Israeli diplomat Elad Ratson


On Friday 27th February, Elad Ratson, the director of public relations of the Israel embassy in France, tweeted this, threatening the French blog Al Kanz because of it’s criticism of the Israeli government, and false-fully called the blog antisemitic.
Moreover, Elad Ratson purposely put Al Kanz’s logo with logos of other blogs, some of which are infamous for actually being antisemitic, unlike Al Kanz.
Elad Ratson deleted the tweet a few minutes later in a backpedaling attempt. The official twitter of the Israel embassy in France retweeted the tweet too.


You could think this is some random, small incident, but it’s another thing clearly showing the huge hypocrisy in France. It’s been more than a week now, and not a single French media or politician condemned this. Everyone condemned the attack against Charlie Hebdo, summoning forth freedom of speech, but no one’s there anymore now. As always in this country, there’s two scales for one weight. You can criticize everything, except Israel’s government and it’s evil acts.

In similar fashion, you probably already heard the story from last week, about English Chelsea hooligans in the Parisian subway violently preventing a black man from getting in, and chasing the other black people out. When the subway company’s security agents went to the scene, instead of taking care of the hooligans, they actually got mad at how the subway was late because of the incident, and left the subway go with the hooligans still inside. French prime minister Manuel Valls haven’t said anything about the incident. He said recently in a speech there’s Apartheid in France, but when Apartheid literally happens against black people or Muslims, he doesn’t say anything.

Elad Ratson often boasts on twitter about how everything he says reflect his government. So he did a good job showing how childish and lawless they are.
You can use the #JeSuisAlKanz tag on twitter to tweet about it.